“Cats” – Bee and PuppyCat – Ep. 4 – Cartoon Hangover – Full Episode

Hello PuppyCat, hello Bee! My two chubby babies. How’re you both today? Are you ready for some temp work? Shhhhh! We just need you to be a TV for a few hours do you have a remote?? Oh. (hearty laugh) No. You gotta work. Waaaaiiit, but– WHEN DOES HE GET AN OUTFIT?! Transporting you to Cat-Head Planet! Aaaaahhhh Aaaaahhhh (gurgling noises) Have fun, little flapjacks! Cafe? I worked at a cat cafe before… Woooooowww, fancy fancy! PuppyCat, why is there so much fabric in the crotch? There’s a lot. But cats hate water though! Owwwwwww! Uh oh. OHHHHH! OOH! OHHHHH! A new cafe pet! Sooooo cute. Would you like a pastry? Oh, hell yeah! It’s made out of fish. Uhhh… (gasps) Wait…do…I GET TO BE A CAT?!? Yeah! Of course! Usually we have a bunch of different pets to fawn over, but you’re the only one today! Do you have a TV? Why yes, we do! YOU’RE ALL SO NICE C’mon PuppyCat, let’s go watch Pretty Patrick Lunchtime!!! (munching) Do you have everything you need? Yes, thanks. (giggles) I can’t see! (burps) (chortles) “We now return to the Pretty Patrick marathon! (howls)” “Oh. They forgot to leave out the tomatoes.” “Do you want it?” (gags) He’s so gross-looking. Your body…is terrible… You’re not cute enough to be a pet here!! (On TV) “And it’s like, hahaha, wow.” Shhh, PuppyCat, I’m trying to listen to Patrick. QUIT HARASSING OUR PET! “They’re winter pajamas, but: It’s also a dinosaur costume.” (TV) “Pumpkin pie, rhubarb pie, blueberry pie…” “…apple pie, pear pie? Raspberry pie, blackberry pie…” (gasps) Your coat! It’s ruined!! That’s okay. It’s no big deal. I’m always messy at home– Looks like we’re gonna have to clean you up. You’re gonna lick me?? AAAH WAIT! So who’s gonna lick me? We don’t clean with tongues here. Silly. We’re in a bathhouse! We’re gonna dump you in a bath! A WHAT??? (Bee) OH NO NO OH NO NO NO NO
(Cats) YEA YEA OH YEA YEA YEA NO! NOOO! NO WATER! JUST LICK ME YOU JERKS! We don’t do that anymore! NO WATER! AAAAHHH PUPPYCAT AAAAHHH THERE YOU ARE AAAAHHH C’MERE What? You didn’t see any of it?? I’m sorry, I was too busy eating to pay attention to you. I’m the worst pet owner ever. Huh? PuppyCat? (vomiting) Ewww, gross
Oh, god, we need baths. Get it off! (sighs) Our toilet is fixed. No…cleavage… Awwww, we just missed the new episode! Huh. Oh. Little giraffe? “Dear Bee, I taped that show you wanted to watch,” OH YESSS! DID YOU HEAR THAT PUPPYCAT?! Oh. (reading) “I don’t know why you’d want to watch a show where a guy just eats a pile of mashed potatoes, but I’m not one to judge.” Spoilers… Initiating payment…

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