Centipede Attack! Nerf Battle with Wild Toy Bug Vs. Ethan and Cole in the Woods!

(door clicks) – We finally made it to the lake house! – Yeah, it was such a long trip. – Let’s go check out that view. We’re really high up. – This is a nice view. – I wanna go explore. – I’m gonna take a rest
for a little bit first. – Come on, let’s go explore. – Maybe later. – Come on, Cole. – Have fun exploring, I’m
gonna stay right here. – Whatever. Hey, Dad, I wanna go explore. – Alright, buddy, have fun,
just be careful out there. – Okay. Bye. (peaceful guitar music) – Let’s do this! (peaceful guitar music) Cool. I bet I could climb this. This is awesome! (centipede clicks) What was that? (centipede hisses) Oh well. Whoa, that’s huge pipe. Oh my god. Hello, hello? Hey, what’s that! It can’t be. Gold, there’s gold in this river? We’re gonna be rich! I have to go get Cole! Cole, Cole, Cole…! Cole, Cole, Cole, where are you Cole? Cole, Cole, Cole…look what I found! – Is that gold? – Yeah, there’s gold in that river. – We’re gonna be rich! – I know, let’s go find some more! – Let’s get our gear. – Let’s go, someone else
is gonna find the gold. – I’m just getting our gear ready. – We won’t need that, let’s just go! – There’s animals in the mountains. – I’m a tough mountain man,
I don’t need any weapons. – Are you sure? – I got weapons right here. – Mm. – I got water, let’s go. – I don’t know about this. – I heard something out there,
but I think we’ll be alright. – What you mean by that? – I may have heard something in the bushes by down by the small river. – What do you mean something? – Don’t worry about the little river. We’re gonna go to the big
river, where the big gold is. – Big gold? – Yeah, there’s big chunks
of gold in that big river. – I think we should
bring weapons, but okay. – Let’s go! This is where I found
the first gold nugget, in this little river. – Where’s the big river? – We need to follow this
little river to the big river. – Okay, but we should’ve brought weapons. – This way. We’re gonna be so rich
when we find all that gold. (centipede hissing) Well, we found the river. – Where’s the gold? – Let’s check over there. (animal caws) – What was that? – Probably nothing. – I’m gonna go check it out. – Whatever. (centipede hisses) Wait, no way! Gold! Look at the size of this one! (animal caws) (Cole gasps and screams) Cole! (Cole screams) – Cole, cole, ahh! Not my gold! – We gotta get out of here
there’s something in the bushes. – What about my gold? – Forget it, let’s go get your backpack. – I’m coming back for the gold. I can’t believe you made me
leave the gold in that river. – I saved your life, there
was something in the bushes. – Well, you know what,
I’m gonna go get my gold. (centipede hisses) – You’re gonna be sorry. – Not today I won’t. – Well, good luck. – You’re not coming? – No, there’s something big out there. – Ugh! – Watch out for Big Foot. – I’m not scared of Big Foot. I’m not scared of anything, I’m tough! (Ethan screams) (gun bangs) – Why are you screaming? – There’s a fat, huge,
like snake bug over there. – What? – Go get your weapon, he’s right there! (Cole screams) – Where’d it go? – I’m not sure, but I think
it’s in the kitchen, let’s go. (Mom screams) What is it? – There’s a giant centipede
over by that bed, good luck! (centipede hisses) – There! (guns bang) Where’d it go? (dramatic music) Where is it? – There! (centipede hisses) Get it! (guns bang) It’s going into the living room. – Don’t let it get away! Where’d it go? Look on the back porch, the door’s open. – Go. (centipede hisses) Do you see it? (centipede hisses) Ugh! Whoa! It just jumped over the edge. – It’s gone. – Good, now I can go get my gold. Now I’m gonna go get my
gold, with or without you. – Without me. – Fine, be that way. I told everyone I’d get my gold back. I wonder what Cole was so
scared about in these woods. (animal barks) Huh? (bear roars) (Ethan screams) – Hi guys, today’s comment of the week comes from Brian Payne. Hey guys, your videos rock,
I think a creepy clown video. How old are you, it’s hard to tell. I’m eight. – And I’m five. – And we’ve seen a lot of other YouTubers doing creepy clowns. Do you think we should do it? Let us know in the comments. – Give us a thumbs up. – Check out our Facebook page. – And our Instagram page. – Click on our faces to subscribe and look outside, a big fat crow. Oh well, he’s gone, I heard him though. Okay, bye guys, thanks for watching.

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