CGI Animated Shorts: “Brain Divided” – by Josiah Haworth, Joon Shik Song & Joon Soo Song | TheCGBros

Hmm? Hmm? Ahh… [Loud Snoring] [Loud Kissing] [Sigh] Hi…ahh… John? [Sexy Music Playing] Sorry I’m Late Ahhh [Boing/Spring Sound!] [Wolf Howl] [Panting] Um..Hi… you mus…you must be Scarlet… Yeah it’s…Uh… Nice to meet you The pleasure is all mine… Oh! Ahh.. here…Ah… Take a seat… Yeah sure… Yeah, I hope you’re hungry cuz I already ordered our food… Oh great I’m starving… I got us something that’s low in carbs and high in antioxidants… So you won’t get fat… Excuse me? Hmm…Looks like you don’t have that problem… Have you done some modeling? You’ve got amazing eyes… [Scarlet] Nervous Laughter [Garbled Words] Sweet as… Accent!! That’s French isn’t it? [John] Nervous chuckle Umm… No More like Wisconsin Pure born cheese-head here… Have you ever had any cheese from Wisconsin? Oh! Ah…No…cheese makes me gassy… [Biting sound] [Evil Laugh] Oh! Dinners here. Let’s Spice things up… I hope you’re excited for the main course… I know I am… Dinner is served. [Sexy Flute Playing] Oh my God are you okay? Hey my songs playing… [Scarlet] Chuckles [Angry Growl] Hah, hah… time for some real dancing… Olé… Spin move…Oooh… Jazz hands… What do you say? Time for some dessert? Arghh! Ah! What’s wrong with you?! [Scralet Mutters]…All the same [Alarm Sounds] [Nervous Worried Sounds] Wa, wa, wait Scarlet! What do you want? Scarlet look…I’m sorry I was an idiot back there… Yeah…You were… What was all that? Look… I, I… know I seem crazy… but, but…my
mind was all over the place trying to be someone I thought you’d like… but I’d
like to show you the real me… Uh…I don’t know… We could go dancing… I like the sound of that… Did you have anything… else In mind? [Ding Sound] So… how about that second date? [Screams of Joy] Forget dating… Let’s start a family! [Alert Alarm Sounds]

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100 thoughts on “CGI Animated Shorts: “Brain Divided” – by Josiah Haworth, Joon Shik Song & Joon Soo Song | TheCGBros

  1. I'm surprised to see so many comments saying it's a personality disorder when the subject matter is so obvious. It's left brain/right brain. Creativity vs intelligence. Imagination vs rationality. Inside Out was emotion.

    It's visually similar, but quite different. One is a concept of how our halves process things differently, but in conjunction. The other is regarding human emotion and how they motivate actions.

    This is redundant for most, but apparently not all. Haha XD

  2. Okay, I have a question! Does on John have this ability? Because Scarlett wasn't doing this.. Edit: Sorry, I didn't see the whole thing when I commented this… Ehehe 😅

  3. Does this mean that the guy has someone in his then what if those little guys have little guys inside their brains then that means those little guys inside those little guys have little guys on it. Wait blue guy have something wrong with its eye so that means the people inside of that blue guy have an eye problem?

  4. 0:11 Person:"Hey honey, what's on the menu?"
    Another person: "Let's see here… Brain divided? wait."

  5. Vengo por Deimoss.
    PD: Lo que hiciste sobre este video, Disney saco la idea lo que creaste y sacaron la película Intensamente, y ahí hablo Deimosss sobre que tenía algunas cosas parecidas como el control de mesa y las dos emociones: rabia y miedo. Y Intensamente agregaron los restos que era parte que todos sentimos de verdad.

  6. #TheStrugTug … no one else here can relate, but me… if we're really honest this is what goes on when we meet someone we are attracted to… even if their not dressed like a ho… and she was playing the good girl in a bmoafm cat dress, so yeah the end crowned the whole story. They acted their part…. now for the tragic heart rending saga…. breakup after breakup, counseling (that rarely helps) children, divorce, rinse and repeate….. let's dance!!!

  7. This is the First Video (2013) before inside out — maybe disney make of this video the rip of (2015) and copy this idea – its very simler

  8. Hey, please tell me that these guys that made this animation ended up working with Inside out. When I saw that inside out was I taught that they the people that made this video where hired by Pixar…

  9. ¿De qué sirve que pongáis subtítulos si al poco tiempo desaparecen? Anda que menudo informático tenéis…🤯😖

  10. No Offense to ADHDers but this actually represents people who have ADHD in a way right?
    The crazy but funny side, and the smarts and good

  11. Makes sense, if she gets mad that you try to kiss her, tell her you were confused, offer to go dancing and then she'll kiss you.

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