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Hello Ashwini.. Hello Ashwini.. Hello. Hello. Hello, Ashwini, Banslal speaking. Hello daddy, Ashwini here, Ashwini. Ashu, I’ve found the lost
civilization of Nangla Valley.. .. but son there are no chances
of me surviving this storm. No daddy this can’t happen,
I’ll help you. I’ll help you. Tell me your location. Location. I won’t survive but
please look for my corpse. I’ve written in my diary
in code language that.. ..where you must dig
and where you will reach. But, you are the only one
who can decode the language. Daddy, hello. Hello. Hello. Hello. Santos. Sir, take a look at this. – Okay. Nurse. Bloody awful weather. Yeah. It’s so cold here and you are aloof. I’m your father’s
nurse and nothing more. Dear, what will you charge
for becoming something else? Dear, I’m ready to marry to. Come on have sweets. – Move aside. Father, it’s been two months. Let’s go away from here before we
die here and get buried under snow. There is no gold here. There is gold here, Bahadur.
The gold is here. Such a renowned Indian
historian can’t be wrong. Prof Harbanslal has written
this book after extensive research. There are thousands of tons of gold
buried somewhere here under snow. Forget it, father. The professor was mad
and we are running after it. We may be mad but the
Indian government can’t be mad. It has given 50000 rupees
as grant to Prof Harbanslal.. search the civilization. Help! Prof. Harbanslal? Prof. Harbanslal. There is gold.
Bahadur! There is gold. There is gold. Yes! Speak up what you’ve
written in this diary. Where is the gold? I’ll die but I won’t tell you. Why won’t you speak up? Speak up. Where is the gold? Have you read this news about Prof.
Harbanslal? – No. The poor fellow has gone missing
with his entire team in the snow. There are no chances of finding him. I don’t know if the poor fellow has
succeeded in finding Nangla Valley. Nangla Valley?
– Haven’t you read his book? According to Prof. Harbanslal’s
book about 3000-4000 years ago.. ..there was a civilization
living in the hills. This civilization can be termed
as Golden civilization. – Okay. There was stone age, bronze age
similarly there was this gold age. Oh I see! Gold was so much in abundance
that people used gold the way.. ..we use iron. There were gold temples,
gold palaces, It appears that there
were gold mines nearby. It may be present even now. A volcanic eruption led to the
civilization being trapped under lava. Accumulation of snow for the past
3000 years hid it from the world. Where is Nangla Valley? – Far away. On the other side of the Himalayas. Near the borders
of Indian territory. Himalayas are the
border of our country. Beyond this is the area which is not
under the governance of any country. Why are foreign soldiers
guarding this place? Is the rail track going towards
India through the mountains? Is any secret illegal work
going on underground in our country? There is something wrong somewhere,
Williams. I’ve lost 5 lakh rupees,
William sir. You lost 5 lakhs
but I lost 50 lakhs. What about it? That was a Kenya. I give you one more month, Williams. If then I don’t see gold
I shall cut your throat. You cut my throat,
you cut my nose, you cut my head. But for heaven’s sake
live in peace till death. Roger, take the rascals from here. The meeting is over. Let’s go. Come on. Come on. I’m fed up. Vikram Singh, Harbanslal’s
book has led me into problem. What happened, brother? Do you see all this stuff? Come here, brother. Can you see the underground tunnels? They’ve reached miles inside
the Indian territory but.. ..we have seen no sign of gold yet. The richest men from ten different
countries of the world have spent.. ..billions for this
because they believed me. When they’ll find out the truth
they’ll cut me into pieces and.. ..divide it among themselves. Now tell me, how do I save myself? My dear Williams,
this is the reason why I am here. Tell me quickly. What’s this? What’s this? What’s this? Gold. Gold. From Nangla valley? It means that Harbanslal’s
book is right. Will you speak something brother
or just keep nodding your head? It’s gold, brother. It’s gold. But the search for
it is yet not over. It’s foolish to take the underground
route to search the gold. It is expensive to search in this
manner and it takes up a lot of time. Actually, the search should
be carried out on the ground. Why will the Indian government
allow us to search it? We’ll get caught. That’s why an Indian
should carry out the search. A renowned Indian. A billionaire. Businessman Rajinder Jain. I’ve kidnapped his wife and son. We are trying that my son
gets married to his daughter.. that he keeps dancing
to my tunes throughout his life. Mr. Malhotra, you secret
police force suspect ministers.. ..and higher authorities
too if you are allowed to do it. It’s not without any reason. You are saying that Rajinder
Jain who is being awarded.. ..Padma Bhushan by
the Indian government.. .. actually fooling the government. The government had given 50000
rupees as grant to Prof Harbanslal. The professor got lost
in the Nangla valley.. ..after completing his search. Business Jain has bought
this valley from the government. Jain has paid 7 crore rupees
to the Indian government for it. He is going to spend 100
crore rupees on the valley and.. ..wants to build a tourist resort
equivalent to those in Switzerland. Do you know how much foreign
exchange we’ll earn from this? Prof Harbsanslal had claimed
that gold worth several crores.. buried in this valley. We can buy all the
foreign exchange with it. His claim has not been proved. If the gold is found then Mr.
Jain will be the first person.. hand over the valley
to the Indian government. You may say anything
but I feel something is wrong. You may not order an enquiry
but we can’t keep quiet. Excuse me, ma’am, I want
to meet businessman Rajinder Jain. Sorry sir, he is not in town. He has gone to Shimla. Rajinder Jain,
think before you talk. If you want your wife
and son to be safe.. ..then this is the
only option you have. Get your daughter married
to my son. – Never. Till now I’ve followed
all your orders. But this demand of
yours cannot be fulfilled. ‘If you want your wife
and son to be safe then.. ..this is the only option you have.’ ‘Get your daughter
married to my son.’ What’s wrong with
the head office, sir? Our business is running at loss. This is the second month during which
we’ve got no instructions from you. There are chances that the textile
mills in Ahmedabad may shut down. ‘If you want your
wife and son to be safe.. ..then this is the
only option you have.’ ‘Get your daughter
married to my son.’ The bill of 25 crore
rupees hasn’t been paid yet. The matter should be
taken to the High Court now. Refrigerators,
sewing machines, ceiling fans.. ‘If you want your
wife and son to be safe.. ..then this is the
only option you have.’ ‘Get your daughter
married to my son.’ ‘If you want your wife
and son to be safe then.. ..this is the only option you have.’ Sir, you must give an answer. Gentlemen, I’m not well. Take decisions in the
matters you can handle. We’ll hold the board
meeting next month. Thank you and good day. What are you doing? Leave me. I’ll tell you right now.
– Leave me. Leave me. What are you staring at? Come on. Sir, someone has left
this cigar box for you. Daddy. – Daughter, water. Water. I am not able to sleep for
the past 2-3 night so I feel unwell. Have you eaten? You sent me to Europe for higher
studies yet you want me to be foolish. You are not able to eat,
sleep, think anything. You’ve left behind all your
work and you are staying in Shimla. Tell me, what the problem
that’s disturbing you so much is. Nothing, daughter. Businessman Rajinder Jain.. ..who became a millionaire
and then billionaire.. ..within a span of 30
years is so helpless today. No, nothing is wrong. The world used to dance
to my father’s tunes. This weak person doesn’t
seem to be even his shadow. How do I explain it to you? Daddy, what’s this thing
going on about Nangla valley? Tell me the truth. Where is mother? Where is Tony? Ritu, Ritu, my dear.. I wouldn’t have been
so worried even if.. ..anyone snatched
away my entire wealth. But, I can’t bear
what’s going on. – Daddy. They’ve looted everything
from me. – Who? They want to snatch
whatever is left. Who is it, daddy? How can I bear to lose you?
– What are you saying? The ruthless men have
sent this token of your mother. Hey you.. Hi Sweet boy. Good morning, mother. Your days of exile are over now. Take a look at this.
Do you like this sari? Your daughter is stubborn that
she won’t sit down to marry unless.. ..she gets her mother’s blessings. Marriage? As soon as the wedding is
complete the news will spread that.. ..Mrs. Rajinder Jain
has returned from Switzerland. You’ll get down all
decked up from the car and.. ..your son-in-law will
touch your feet. – Butcher! Maulana.. – Yes, tell me, Ustad. If you were the daughter
of the richest man of India.. Ustad, have a betel
leaf for such nice words. If your father organized the
grandest wedding for you.. – Yes. ..wouldn’t you be stubborn that your
sweet mother and younger brother.. ..remain present during the wedding. Yes Ustad,
I would’ve been stubborn about it. If it would’ve been my first marriage
then I would’ve refused to marry. That is the reason why I feel that
something is wrong in this wedding. If you refuse even now
then I’ll send the groom back. Then he’ll send another finger.. then her hands and then Tony.. No. no, dear. No. What about you? What can be wrong with me, daddy? Daughters must get married. After the marriage
I’ve my own plans. Nice eyes. Ritu, I’ll free you from
the trap of illusion and deception. “Friends ask who I am.” “Who are you?’ “I’m Chupa Rustam (dark horse).” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “I’m Chupa Rustam, I’ve sharp eyes.” “Forget about the world..” “Forget about the world I’ve
information f what goes on in heaven.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “No one can hide the truth from me.” “No one can act smart before me.” “He breaks..” “He breaks..” “Even the king breaks
down before me.” “Fate bows down before me.” “I can make the going tough.” “I can win over the skies.” “If I get aggressive..” “If I get aggressive
I can set fire on water.” “You set the water on fire.” “The world functions
according to my wishes.” “There is liquor
and parties for me.” “Wherever I bow my head down..” “ my Holy shrine
and my place of worship.” “Is your my Holy shrine
and my place of worship.” “For humans..” “For humans..” “For humans I can place
my head on the guillotine.” “Forget about the world..” “Forget about the world..” “..I’ve information of
what goes on in heaven.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “Your eyes are that
of the beautiful damsel.” “Your eyes are that
of the beautiful damsel.” “It appears as if river
of sweet nectar flows.” “If one gets downed
in them once then..” “Every moment..” “Every moment..” “..I drown every moment, Lord Ram.” “I drown every moment.” “Your eyes appear very sharp.” “There is acceptance as
well as denial in your eyes.” “The eyes are both
flowers and thorns.” “They are clouds and rainfall.” “But heart has its language.” “They are the house of
beautiful pearls (tears).” “They put love to test.” “Sky comes down on earth.” “Sky comes down on earth.” “It’s a blessing when
you lift your eyes.” “When you lower them
it denotes your modesty.” “When you look slyly..” “When you look slyly..” “When you look slyly
it shows your attitude.” “When you look straight
and hard it’s a punishment.” “When you look straight
and hard it’s a punishment.” “When you look straight
and hard it’s a punishment.” “Your expression
may mean anything..’ “Your expression
may mean anything..’ “Your expression may mean anything
I keep an eye one everyone.’ “Forget about the world..” “Forget about the world..” “..I’ve information of
what goes on in heaven.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “In your search beloved..” “In your search,
beloved I changed my ways.” “I became like lovers Kaiss,
Farhad, Khaiyyam and Masur.” “I changed myself many times for you
but I did everything from heart.” “I felt good when
I became your husband.” “In your search beloved..” “I am a naughty soul Natwar
who wandered in forests for you.” “I faced all problems and
tolerated the blows of fate.” “My eyes caught your
eyes hidden within the veil.” “Come on meet me quickly, I’m
eager to see your black tresses.” “In your search beloved..” “My desire..” “ to get you.” “I want to talk to you..” “..come face to face with me.” “Come face to face,
face to face, face to face.” “I’ll take you away,
I’ll take you away..” “I’ll take you away
from this crowed gathering.” “I’ve that talent.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” “You are Chupa Rustam.” Don’t dare to move from your places. Forgive me Mr. Jain. This man is not the renowned
qawal singer Rustam but.. ..he is the infamous
criminal Natwarlal. The police have been
after him for many years. Natwar, you may change
your appearances but.. can’t escape from my eyes.. If anyone dares to
move from their places.. ..then they’ll meet
with the same fate. Stop over there. Mr. Jain, if you value
your daughter’s life then.. ..ask the police to drop their guns. No, son. Please move aside. It’ll be best for you
to quietly come with me. He is dead. Hey stop! Stop! They want to catch Natwar. For god’s sake drive slowly. Beloved, I’m crazy for you.
If we die, we’ll die together. They want to catch Natwar. It’s not so easy. I’m Natwar but I’m
called Chupa Rustam. The police will search
for us in Chandigarh but.. ..they won’t have any clue that
we are going back towards Shimla. By walking? Take lift from the
first car that passes by. Why me? – People in India
give lift to girls more easily. In America people make
girls sit in the center. But, in India wives
sit left to their husbands. Wretched fellow!
– What? – Of course. Of course. You’ve come out to spend
your marital night in the jungle. Are there lots of people
in your house, Mrs.. My name is Ritu.
– Ritu. – Ritu Jain. Jain? – I’m Jain, Makhanlal Jain.
– Oh I see! You must’ve heard the name
of businessman Rajinder Jain. Rajinder Jain..of course.
Of course. – I am.. She is his niece. It seems that you’ve
eloped and got married. I haven’t eloped. He has kidnapped me. I’m a Rajput by birth. It’s our tradition to elope with
the bride from her wedding altar. So, you are modern Prithviraj
and Sanyukta. Oh I see! But Sanyukta had eloped willingly. What?! I see!
I see! Wait a minute. I see. Cannot wait.
The car should keep moving. What’s this? – It’s a pistol. Keep moving. – Okay. I will. Sorry madam, I can’t help you.
– Look ahead. As it is you are
wearing dark glasses. It doesn’t matter if
the glasses are dark or clear. There are creatures that
can see better in the dark. What creature are you? Owl or bat? I like your sense of humor. Please keep the pistol inside.. ..and then we can have
an enjoyable journey. Thank you. Thank you very much. My name is Jimmy, Jimmy Fernandez. If I got you before your
wedding then I would’ve taken you.. ..for a ride to the
skies on my helicopter. People appear like
insects from the sky. Some people appear like
insects even from the ground. I like your sense of humor. Stop the car. – Why? Stop the car. Now I understand your
intentions very well. You can’t succeed. What’s this? – Poison which
will put me to sleep forever. Ritu, stop!
I don’t have any such intentions. Then why have you brought me here? If I didn’t bring you with me then
the police would’ve arrested me. There is no police here,
let me go now. Let me make some arrangement or
myself and then I’ll let you go. Yes. Right now all the
roads are closed for me. If he has escaped on feet
then he hasn’t reached Chandigarh. He must be hiding
somewhere in the jungle. Search properly. Tell me the truth Ms. Ritu,
was your father doing some deal in.. ..the name of marriage? Don’t speak a word
against my father. Just one thing. Is your father setting up a city
in Nangla Valley or searching gold? Have you brought me here for
your safety or for investigation? I was just asking you casually. How will we spend the
night if we don’t talk? I’m feeling sleepy. I’ll make sleeping
arrangements for you. I’ve hurt you. You are not humane,
you are a savage. You only thought of your safety. You didn’t think what my
father must be going through. And what my mother and
brother must be going through. If you had planned to commit
suicide by having poison after.. ..your marriage then your
father must be very happy that.. ..Natwar has saved his daughter. Come on, the mat is ready. – Mat? Who will sleep on the bed? – I will And the mat is for me? – Yes. You can occupy the bed,
you can occupy the bed but.. – But? Forget everything.
– Forget everything. “Blackbee,
enter the garden stealthily.” “Enter the garden stealthily,
blackbee.” “Enter the garden stealthily.” Is it necessary to create noise? Music helps one fall asleep. It’s such an old song. Okay, I’ll stop it. What’s making you dance? – Bed bugs. If there aren’t bed bugs then will
there be tigers and leopards here? No. no. I can’t sleep here.
– Wait. Nothing is wrong. Let me ask them go away. Beg bugs? – They are my pets. They listen to me. Bed bugs,
please show some mercy today. We’ll settle the matter
within ourselves later on. Have you become mad? Can they understand you?
– Yes, they do. Look, look at them.
They are going away. They aren’t going away.
They are coming. They are musical beg bugs. I have to sing to them
to make them understand. By singing? Please pay attention. Hey, be careful,
hold on to the melody. “Go stealthily..go stealthily
inside the bed, hey bed bugs.” “Go stealthily inside the bed.” “Go stealthily inside the bed,
hey bed bugs.” “Go stealthily inside the bed.” “The princess is sleeping.” “She is asleep.” “The princess is sleeping.” “She is enjoying sweet dreams.” “Go, go hide..” “Go, go and hide in the pillows,
bed bugs.” “Go stealthily inside the bed.” “My life was lonely
and my house was deserted.” “Oh no! My poor fate.” “After much difficulty
I got this guest here.” “She would’ve been benevolent.” “After much difficulty
I got this guest.” “She would’ve been benevolent.” “But you ruined my joys.” “Beg bugs,
stealthily go inside the bed.” “Go stealthily inside the bed,
bed bugs.” “Go stealthily inside the bed.” “Her body is soft.” “Your bites prick her like thorns.” “Her body is soft.” “Your bites prick her like thorns.” “You disturb her sleep.” “Beg bugs,
stealthily go inside the bed.” “Where are you going? Beware!” “Stealthily..” “Why do you stealthily love her?” “You are a Chupa
Rustam (sly person).” “Why do you stealthily love her?” “You are a Chupa Rustam.” “Take me under your shelter.” “Take me under your shelter.” “Beg bugs,
stealthily go inside the bed.” “Go stealthily inside the bed,
bed bugs.” “Go stealthily inside the bed.” “Go stealthily..” “Go stealthily..” “Go stealthily to the garden,
black bee.” “Go stealthily to the garden.” You’ve this very good habit
of running early in the morning. It improves your appetite. I’m hungry. Shall we go back?
-Yes. Yes. – Let’s go. Well, shall you make
the breakfast or shall I? Let anyone of you make
the breakfast but make.. ..two half fried eggs for me.
– You?! Yes madam,
Jimmy Fernandez at your service. I couldn’t help you in the
dark so I’m here in broad day light. What have you come here for? At night you were Makhanlal
aka Rustamlal Qawal aka Natwarlal. The police are searching you. Prize money of 25000 has
been declared in your name. Read today’s breaking news. Notorious criminal kidnapped
millionaire’s daughter. Inspector dies in an encounter. You killed the inspector? – Shut up! I don’t know who
else has to die now. If your words are hinted at me.. ..then be careful before
you take your next step. Will you quietly go away from
here if I give you 25000 rupees? I’m interested in the money and
nothing else. It must be hard cash. Rustam, you’ve encountered
Shorab (Shorab was..) (..Rustam’s brave son
as per legend) this time. Shorab, you are an amateur. What will you get
from the police? 25000? The girl’s father is a billionaire. My eyes are actually on her. Come on dear, call your father. Hello. – Daddy. Ritu? Ritu, my dear, where are you? From where are you speaking? Good morning, sir. – Who are you? Relax, sir.
There is no cause for tension. I’m your servant. My name is Jimmy Fernandez. I want to know if there is any reward
for bringing your daughter back. I’ll give you whatever you say. Who are you? Your daughter is under Natwarlal
and Natwarlal is under my control. How much money do you want? If I ask for just 100,000
from the billions you own then.. you have any objection? We are ready. Where shall we bring the money? Who is this new person speaking? I’m Ritu’s would be father-in-law.
– Oh! Welcome. Welcome. I’ve heard that you are
getting Nangla valley as dowry. How does it make
any difference to you? Talk of your benefit. The louder you speak father-in-law,
the ransom will increase. I’m sorry brother,
how much do you want? That’s better. That’s better. Keeping your soft voice in mind
I can’t demand more than 100000. One plus one that
is 200000 rupees only. We are ready. Why did you speak loudly again? We are ready to give
you the amount, brother. Where shall we bring the money? Beware. If you try to
act smart with Jimmy then.. won’t get Ritu
but her dead body. Write down the address. Is there anyone inside? Ritu. Ritu. Bahadur, this diary matches
the diary of Harbanslal. The same language, the
same code language has been used. Harabanslal’s book, his photo. These are the maps of Nangla valley.
It means.. This person will have
the solutions to our problems. My daughter’s life is in danger
and you are going crazy after gold. Relax. Relax. Where is the man who called us here?
– Over here. Hands up. Move aside. Hey kid, why do you roam
about with a pistol in your pockets? Here are some bullets
if you want them. Where is Ritu? Where is the money? – Over here. Yours? – In this.
– Father and father-in-law together? There is 200,000 rupees in this,
count it. No need to count it. I trust you. Where is Ritu? – Ritu! Come on. Come on. Rustom! Hey! Beware! Don’t act smart. Children, it’s not a child’s
play to play with gunpowder. Natwar, come on let’s
go to the police station.. ..and get 25000
for handing you over. Listen friend, is this his house?
– No, it’s your father’s house. Don’t get angry. If we give you 25000 rupees
then will you hand him over to us? Right now. Which idiot wants
to go to the police station? But on one condition. We want to talk to him
alone for a couple of minutes. Go and talk to him
behind the curtain. Have you written this diary?
– How does it matter to you? If you can help us then we’ll
give you a new lease of life. Okay, tell me. Who are you? What was your real motive behind
kidnapping the businessman’s daughter? I think the businessman
is not aware of the fact.. ..that Nangla valley which.. ..he has bought to
build a city here has.. ..crores and crores
of gold hidden here. How do you know? I was a student of Prof Banslal. Professor never spoke or wrote of
anything without any strong evidence. From where did you learn
this code language? – From him. He has invented this language. Only 3-4 of his students
in India know this language. Listen brother,
will you search gold for us? – Why? What will I benefit from it? What do you want? We can give you the passport
of any country and.. ..amount of money which
will help you live.. ..the rest of your life comfortably. I need time to think. Yes. Yes.
Think of it throughout the day. We’ll meet again at night. You’ll have to wait to get 25000
rupees, but you’ll get it at night. What if he escaped before that? What are you for? If any relative of his
comes here then what can I do. Brother, we’ll take you to a place.. ..where none of his
relatives will come. Oh I see! I see. Take your daughter home.. ..but hide her from the
world for the time being. I don’t want the
police to question her. Come on, brother. Come on. Jimmy! – Santos! Santos! Hi! Jimmy, how come you are out of jail? You are out so how
can I be inside the prison. But you were punished
for three years. Is there no other option
to come out of jail.. ..instead of completing
the sentence? I appreciate you. Boss, he is a very useful chap. He was an Air Force pilot. He used to use
helicopters for smuggling. He was finally caught. How did you catch him? How can he catch me? He is under my control. If you are in problem
who will help you? Help! Hey catch him. Natwar, Jimmy is not an amateur. Come on shoot, shoot. The pistol is empty. Come on, give it to me. This isn’t a toy. Where is the captive’s room? Come on.
– Okay, I’ll see you. Fine. See me. Sorry chief,
I hope I haven’t hurt you. We keep getting hurt in our games. When did you go to jail?
– Last year. I was sent there
form thee department. I had to stay there as
a prisoner with few prisoners.. get out their secrets. – I see. Which place is this? – Let’s study. It’s a deep trench. Listen Jimmy, the suspicion
of our department is true. Rajinder Jain is trapped
in the Nangla valley racket. But chief, who are the rest? They are not what they appear to be. Ritu was not getting
married as per her wishes. Her mother and brother are
not in Switzerland, they are here. If they are held captive.. ..then they too must
be kept in a similar place.. ..where captives are kept. Take advantage of your
friendship with Santos. You never listen to me properly
and are ready for takeoff. After all I’m a pilot, chief.
– Let’s keep jokes apart. Go to the city first. Write a telegram
and send it to Delhi. Write that we’ve
taken the right step. Santos. – Yes. Do you keep guard an empty house? The captive has come today. I’m there to keep an eye on him. Well, there is an old woman. I need to take food for every night. When do you go? – At eight. I’ll come back before eight. – Okay. Hello. – Boss,
Jimmy has locked up the captive.. ..and has gone to the city. Okay. Follow Jimmy. Lift? Have you come on your
own or have you been sent? I’ve dropped down from the sky.
– Exactly! God has sent you for me. I hope He hasn’t
sent anything wrong. He has sent a beautiful lady for me. Where shall you take me? Wherever you wish to go. Look, don’t speak to me like this. I’m a Casanova. Just try losing your heart to me,
I’m no less. I had warned you. You’ve played such tune
sin my mind that I wish to dance. Then come on dance. Okay. Then take a look. “If I was a shooting star
of your nights, of your nights..” “..then what would’ve happened?” “If I was a stray spark of light
from that star, from that star..” “..then what would’ve happened?” “We would’ve been created together.” “We would’ve been
destroyed together.” “We would’ve lived together.” “We would’ve died together.” “If I were the sleep of your eyes,
of your eyes..” “..then what would’ve happened?” ‘If I were the sweet dreams
of your slumber, of your slumber..” “..then what would’ve happened?” “We would’ve been created together.” “We would’ve been
destroyed together.” “We would’ve lived together.” “We would’ve died together.” “If I were the lines of fate
on your hands, on your hands..” “..then what would’ve happened?” “If I were the hidden meaning
of your words, of your words..” “..then what would’ve happened?” “We would’ve been created together.” “We would’ve been
destroyed together.” “We would’ve lived together.” “We would’ve died together.” “We would’ve been created together.” “We would’ve been
destroyed together.” “We would’ve lived together.” “We would’ve died together.” “We would’ve been created together.” “We would’ve been
destroyed together.” “We would’ve lived together.” “We would’ve died together.” Okay madam,
if God wishes we’ll meet again. Have you brought the goods?
– Yes, sir. Take out the notes. Is there any way out
from the backside? – Yes, sir. Towards the post office? – Yes, sir. Listen. Listen. A girl is following me. Keep an eye on her. – Yes, sir. Bahadur, he went inside
the bank and didn’t come out. You are a useless girl. Yes, now you think I’m
useless as you’ve got Ritu now.. Don’t compare yourself with Ritu. No girl will give you
as much as I’ve given you. Okay. Stop your nonsense and
come back immediately with the car. Hello. – Hello, Santos. Has Jimmy come back?
– A long time back. Have you sent the telegram? Sir, a telegram for you.
– Thank you. Good boy. Sinha, make an
announcement on the radio. The constable who was injured
by Natwarlal’s bullet has died. Listen, announce a reward of 50000
on anyone who helps to nab Natwarlal. This wrong news will
help the drama of our boys. Take it easy. Take it easy. Take it easy. Brother, listen to me. – What’s it? I’ve been waiting for long. No one came to take me. Who will come to take you? My daughter was supposed to get
married. – I don’t know anything. Don’t cry, mother.
I’ll shoot all of them. Have food. – I already ate. Hands up. Are you Tony? – Yes. Is your father’s name,
Rajinder Jain? – Yes. Who are you? I know your sister. Has Ritu got married?
– No, she is safe. Was she forcibly getting married? How can you say so? We’ve been imprisoned
here for the past two months. I was returning home from Mussorie
with him from vacations when.. ..goons kidnapped us. I think my daughter
couldn’t bear the pain.. ..her mother and brother were in.. she decided
to sacrifice her life. How many guards are here? – Three. They’ve guns. Is there just one door? – Yes. Why? Natwarlal?! I can’t kill you. Perhaps your life is valuable to us. You are very smart. Let’s be friends. Help! I’ll come again to free you. Give a token for your daughter. Come on, chief. Come on. “Come on smoke..” “All your pains will be gone.” Come. Come.
You’ve come at the right time. I’ve got a special one for you.
– Okay. Okay. Come on open the door. We want to meet Natwar. Without ticket? – Ticket? The waiting ticket which costs 50000
rupees in the black market now. I think you don’t
listen to the radio. Natwar is now accused
of two murders. The prize money has doubled. If you want to meet Natwar
now then you must pay 50000. If we act cordially with him he
won’t understand, greedy dog. – What? Hey! Hey! Okay! Listen to me, my brother. My dear. Who is the dog here? It’s my son Bahadur. Bahadur, tell him that you are a dog.
– I’m not a dog, he is a dog. Bastard! Don’t shoot.
Someone will get shot. Now tell me, who is a dog? Tell him. Tell him. I’m a dog. I’m a dog. You are an obedient
fellow but a stupid fellow. Okay, now tell me
which breed are you. Are you the one who bites or barks?
I will.. – Stop. My dear, my dear, he is
of the breed you think him to be. Let us meet Natwar now. You can’t meet him until God wishes. God, what’s your wish? Shall they come upstairs or no? Jimmy, why are you shouting? Mister, you talk to him. Whatever they are
doing are my orders. Do you know that you’ll become.. ..the world’s richest
man after getting the gold? Of course. Of course. – Of course. It’s definite that you won’t
get the gold without my help. Why won’t we get it?
Of course we’ll get it.. ..but it’ll take some time. If you are delayed
then the government.. ..may get to know about your motive. We’ve come to you so that
the work gets done quickly. What’s the guarantee that you won’t
shoot me after getting the gold? Ask him what guarantee he needs. What guarantee do you want? Instead of him make
me your son-in-law. – What?! Hey! Beware! Who gave you the
permission to touch the prisoner? I’ll shoot you. Keep bargaining like decent men. You’ll benefit if you
make me your son-in-law. Do you want me to make a dangerous
criminal like you my son-in-law? Who isn’t a criminal amongst us? The difference is that the crimes
of some people are visible and.. ..that of others aren’t. Only time will tell
who is more dangerous. Agree to him. I’ve no objection. Papa! – Shut up, idiot! What do you think
of me and my daughter? Mister, you are like my own brother. Your wife is my sister-in-law. I love your son more than my son. How can you refuse me? This is the way he always says yes. Remember something Natwar.. the wedding will take
place after we get the gold. I must get the chance to
meet the girl before the wedding. Yes. Yes.
Why not? I’ve no objection. I’ve objection. Child, when elders are speaking
children shouldn’t interfere. Good boy! Get ready to go to Nangla Valley by
helicopter tomorrow morning. – Yes. Mr. Vikram,
how will the helicopter fly? I haven’t got any money yet. Jimmy.. – Yes. ..wait for one more night. – Okay. We’ll settle the accounts
with your tomorrow. – Okay. What do you say, Bahadur?
– Full and final. Chief, do you understand
the meaning of full and final? Understand it very well. But, I’ve control over them. If they are flying
without you then.. ..then what’s the use
of Jimmy being a pilot. I feel Jimmy is a policeman. He has sent this telegram
to the Delhi headquarters. Their suspicion is right. What happened, father? Daughter, the hands which
were about to receive Padma Bhusan.. ..will now be handcuffed. People will insult me and
say that Rajinder Jain is a traitor. He is a traitor. No daddy, this won’t happen. I won’t let this happen. Madam, he got down here. But I don’t know
which house he entered. Thanks a lot, brother. I’ll find him out. – Okay. “Listen to me.” “Listen,
listen, listen to my sad story.” “My sad story.” “Listen,
listen, listen to my sad story.” “My sad story.” “My house has been burnt down.” “What shall I do?” “Listen,
listen, listen to my sad story.” “My sad story.” “My mother is lost,
my brother is lost.” “My loving world is shattered.” “My mother is lost,
my brother is lost.” “My loving world is shattered.” “A princess has become a beggar.” “I’m ruined.” “My house has been burnt down.” “What shall I do?” “Listen,
listen, listen to my sad story.” “My sad story.” “The world is a tough place.” “I have to go to my village.” “The paths I must
travel are difficult.” “My lips are sealed.” “My feet are tied.” “My eyes are handcuffed by tears.” “My lips are sealed.” “My feet are tied.” “My eyes are handcuffed by tears.” “My enemies surround me.” “They watch me in helpless state.” “My house has been burnt down?” “What shall I do?” “Listen,
listen, listen to my sad story.” “My sad story.” “My house has been burnt down?” “What shall I do?” What are you doing? After giving 200,000 rupees do you
want to again come in the hands of.. ..the blackmailer? Mr. Jimmy, remove your mask. You are a police officer
but you are a bit careless. You’ve left impressions
of the telegram you sent. You already know about me,
come and know about Natwar too. Who came here? – I don’t know. I ask who came here. Shut up! I’m telling you the truth. I don’t know him, I don’t know him. You don’t know him?
But you’ll soon know him. You are hitting my mother?
I’ll kill you. You are hitting my mother? Scoundrel! Great! You are slapping a child. Idiots, what were you doing with
your guns when the person came here? Sir, I had fired. You’ll find blood
stains on the roof. Bahadur, someone must
have followed Santos here. Jimmy. Jimmy. I don’t know if I should
be happy or if I should shed tears. Your smile as well
as your tears is lovely. You kidnapped me from the
marriage altar just to save me. Now you’ve put the condition
that you want to marry me.. ..that too to save me. I can do anything for
a sweet girl like you. What about my father? Now I understand his helplessness. Chief, Bahadur. So, you are here again?
Welcome. Welcome. I was waiting for you. Ritu, you are here? I’ve something very important
to discuss with you. – Now? What kind of appearance is this? Ask your father. He had told me to remain
hidden from the world. But, how did you know
about his place? – From angels. Now, I want to ask you something. Do you have time or shall I leave? Why are you getting angry? Learn something from
experienced Jimmy. Girls become angry
so that you pacify them. What are you searching? Where are you hurt? – In my heart. Let it be a secret. What are you doing? Bahadur, I’m getting late. Come or else I’ll leave. Go dear, we’ll continue
our romance but if she goes away..’ll regret all your life.
Go. – Ritu! Yes, tell me. I’ve never seen a coward
like you in my life, Bahadur. Till yesterday you couldn’t
even look into my face and.. you are calling me coward. I had nor elation
with you in the past. I’m concerned our present relation. So, suddenly you’ve
fallen in love with me? No, I’m not in love with you. Nor will I ever fall in
love with a person like you. It’s unfortunate for me that.. ..for the world I’m
supposed to be your fiancée. There is no renowned Indian family.. ..where my wedding
invitation hasn’t been sent. Everyone will now know that Ritu’s
fiancée has sold her to a murderer. Listen to me carefully. You may b alive to witness
that day but not Ritu. If you get another chance
will you willfully marry me? An Indian woman chooses
her husband once. Ritu. Ritu, I’m not a bad man. Whatever has happened
is because of my father. I love you from my heart and soul. Then save me from Natwar. I promise you that I won’t
let you be married to Natwar. Really? – Yes. Will your father agree to it?
– Father? Ritu, if we get what we want then
what’s the big deal in spending.. ..some moments with this idiot. For my sake. For my sake. For you? – Yes. – Okay. Have sweets. Natwarlal is not a murderer. He is a responsible
police officer Ashwini. Jimmy is not a blackmailer. He is his aide. They need your help
to prove your innocence. Mister.. ..we made all the arrangements
to travel to Nangla valley. Mrs. Jain. Tony. Tony. We’ve lost this opportunity. I feel they’ve been transferred
to some other place. Chief, is this helicopter
coming or going? It is going to land. Perhaps they’ve been
taken in this one. Let’s go and check. – Come. Hey! Where have you left Mrs.
Jain and her son? – Nangla valley. Who else were with them? Mr. Jain, his daughter, Vikram
Singh, his nurse in the next trip. If you value your life.. ..en I should never see
your face near the helicopter. You won’t.
Please leave me. – Come on, go. Jimmy, who will fly the helicopter
for Bahadur? – Jimmy Fernandez. “If I was a shooting star..” Snow. Snow. What’s your problem? Hey! Come here. Go under me. You go from here to there. You go from here to there. Why are you attacking
a single person? Come one by one. Come one by one. Jimmy Fernandez. Mr. Bahadur, you proved that a
dog becomes a tiger in his locality. You rascal blackmailer. You were not satisfied
with 200,000 rupees. You want 50,000 for Natwar,
25000 for flying the helicopter. And that too in advance. You acted very smart. Now let’s see what you do. Wait, Bahadur.. If he dies, how will I seek revenge? Go a head. He thinks himself Shorab. Leave him. Rustam of 20th century.. you are destined to
dies at the hands of Shorab. Chief, I’m hurt. Get beaten a little
more and then lie down. Thankfully you snatched his gun. It’s useless to waste
a bullet on him. – Okay. Okay. Leave him. Leave him. This is for the Indian government. Never mind.
This is what you should deal with. These are the places where
mining is going on for gold. I’ve lost 1 crore rupees in this. I don’t know how much more.. Enough! It’ll be better if
you speak only as much is needed. Natwar, we’ve brought
you here because.. ..the secret of Nangla
valley is hidden here. It’s written in the same
language you’ve written your diary. From where did you get this diary? You don’t have to know it. We’ve very less time. You’ll stay in this
room until you find out.. ..the hidden meaning of the words.. ..written in this diary. You’ll get everything you need here. No, no one can suspect
anything wrong here. Send your men here without any fear. Make roads and complete the airport. If we were really
setting up a city.. ..then engineers and
architects would’ve come. They too would’ve been foreigners. Papa, tell them.. Listen what Bahadur
wants to tell you. William uncle, the entire valley
is closed down because of snowfall. Road? It’s impossible for
anyone to reach here. Natwar, you son of a gun.
Come out. You.. If you are a man then come out. Jimmy, you are drunk. Come with me. Tiger, you are my brother. I love you. These people have deceived
me and brought me here. They’ve snatched my gun. They’ve beaten me badly. – Come on. Hey Rustam, where are you hiding? Come out you scoundrel. Have you forgotten the
beating you got in the morning? Has alcohol given you the
power to think of something new? Yes, I have and that
is I want to break your head. You alcoholic,
I’ll deal with you later. Guard the place properly. Chief, their arrangements
are so strong that.. ..they’ll clean out all
the gold as soon as they get it. They are making airports. Underground explosions
are being heard. It seems underground
tunnels are being made. Foreign soldiers guard the place
so that if any patriot like us.. ..manages to get here by
mistake then they’ll kill them. It’s your duty to teach
these scoundrels a lesson. Will you keep standing? – Yes. Talk to the point. After spending so many
nights together do I need to.. ..explain everything again. – Yes. I was ready to spend nights with
you as you promised to marry me. But, now my eyes
have opened up to truth. Your eyes may b open or
shut but they are very beautiful. Did you call me here to say this? Leave my hand. – Kiss me. I just asked for a kiss. Don’t you understand
the answer you got? You savage man, leave me. You can play with my
corpse but not with me. You are too proud.
Get out, you bitch. I say, get out. Lift? Have you come on your
own or have you been sent? I’ve dropped down from heaven.
– Exactly. God has sent you for me. Come on, let’s sit beside the fire. Just logs burn in that fire. The fire you are standing
next to burns the entire world. Forget about the world. Let me see if I get burnt. “Logs burnt.” “Turned into coal.” “Coal turned into dust.” “Logs burnt.” “Turned into coal.” “Coal turned into dust.” “I’m a sinner who got
burnt in a manner that..” “..neither did I turn
into coal nor dust.” “You can’t see any smoke or fire,
it’s a strange burn.” “I burn,
I burn, my heart gets burnt.” “You burn,
you burn, your heart burns.” “You can’t see any smoke or fire,
it’s a strange burn.” “My beauty is like burning flames.” “My youth is like thunder.” “If anyone touches me,
they get burnt.” “Be it either stone or fire.” “You can’t see any smoke or fire,
it’s a strange burn.” “I burn,
I burn, my heart gets burnt.” “You burn,
you burn, your heart burns.” “You can’t see any smoke or fire,
it’s a strange burn.” “The stars are like
burning logs of my body.” “Snow melts as the night
burns with my movements.” “You can’t see any smoke or fire,
it’s a strange burn.” “I burn,
I burn, my heart gets burnt.” “You burn,
you burn, your heart burns.” “You can’t see any smoke or fire,
it’s a strange burn.” Once a dog always a dog. Did I spare you so that
you can snatch away my lady? What are you saying? If she is your property then
try to learn to keep her carefully. This is enough for me. Shameless girl! When you got thrown out
by one man you reached another. You are becoming so dirty day by day
that I don’t want to talk to you. How can you not be with me?
Let me see. Shameless girl! Are all
your tantrums reserved for me? Have you reserved all
your strength to use it on me? Touch the finger
of fiancée and show me. Don’t take Ritu’s name. She loves me. If Ritu loves you then
what are you doing here with me? Are you sacred of Natwar? – Natwar? I’m not scared of anyone. Do you want to see it? Then see. Don’t douse the fire that’s
burning you with your tears, Bambi. If you don’t come
out then I’ll get inside. Can’t you see that
father is sleeping inside? Let’s go somewhere else
so that he doesn’t wake up. Hey! Hey!
Where are you taking me to? What’s going on in your mind? Ritu are you mine? – leave my hand. I hope you are just
pretending with Natwar. Now you are holding both my hands. I hope you’ll marry only me. I won’t give any answer
until you leave my hands. Why shall I leave your hands?
Your hands are mine. – Hey! Your lips are mine.
– What are you doing? Your body is mine. You are drunk. Leave me or I shall shout.
– Why shall you shout, naughty girl? We are not yet married. What’s marriage? Leave me. Leave me. What are you doing? Shouting won’t help. Who will come here to help you?
– Your dad. Natwar, what’s going on? Listen to me. Natwar! Guards! Guards! What are you doing? Leave me, I’ll kill him. Whom shall you kill, you scoundrel? Do you forget your status? I’ll shoot you. Other may be afraid
of bullets, Vikram. We live and die for
the promise we make. We are not mean like you. You had promised to get me married
to Ritu in front of her father. Before shooting me ask your son
what he was doing with my fiancée. Bahadur.
– I’m sorry, father. – Idiot! To hell with your gold
and to hell with you all. I’m going way. You can shoot me if you wish to. Why are you talking of shooting? You are dearer to me than my life. I assure you that
it won’t happen again. I can stay here on one condition.
– Yes, yes, tell me. Ritu will stay before
my eyes 24 hours from tomorrow. Why not? Why not?
What objections can we have? After alls he is
going to be your wife. What happened, dear? What happened? What will you charge for coming out? Good evening, chief. – Good evening. What a romantic condition! What about Jimmy if Ritu
stays before you 24 hours? Jimmy has lot of work. What? Look Jimmy, the diary that they want
me to decode belongs to my father. Prof Harbanslal. Either they got this diary
near my father’s dead body or.. father is held
captive by them.. ..and is not disclosing the
truth where the gold is hidden. Perhaps Bambi maybe able
to disclose this secret. Enough! Who is it? – Jimmy. Jimmy Fernandez. I didn’t see anything. I swear upon God that
I didn’t see anything. Please get up. – I’m up. I want to test if
you saw anything or not. I didn’t see anything. Stand like this until
I change my clothes. Okay, I’ll stand like this. “If I was a shooting
star of your night..” No. No. No cheating. I’ve a very pure mind. Actually I came
here to take my coat. It’s very cold outside
but it’s very hot here. You can open your eyes now. This coat has become
a part of my life now. Will you take it back? The coat didn’t get
as close to me in a year.. it got to you in a day. Its warmth is the love of the
owner of the coat that touches me. Is it a deception? I don’t understand Bambi
how a sweet girl like you is.. …trapped in between these evil men. What can I say? Vikram Singh is
addicted to morphine. I was a poor nurse. I was so innocent that I didn’t
understand the plans of Bahadur. Will you support me? There is no chance to love
as life and death are at stake. What do I’ve to risk? Tell me. Just find out how they
got Prof Harbanslal’s diary. His last words were, ‘Son, I
may or may not live but search me.. get this diary.” This is that diary Ritu. You loved your father a lot.
Isn’t it? It’s like asking you if
you love your mother or not. Ashwini, what will happen to us? Just wait and watch. I’ll teach these traitors a lesson.. ..that even their angels
will shiver in fear. I just want to free
your mother and brother. The scoundrel is watching
us with a binocular. Pretend as if I’m
forcibly embracing you. Leave me. Scoundrel! Rascal. Is this
the reason you brought me here? No, I didn’t have any
such intentions. – Leave me. Listen to me.. You may change your
opinion about me. Don’t dare to talk to me. – Ritu. Idiot! – Ritu.
Please listen to me. Ritu. What’s it? – Nothing. I just came here to ask
if you got badly hurt last night. How does it matter to you? Go to the stupid Natwar.
– No. I’ll never go to him. Why? Why? – is he a man? He stares as if he
never saw a girl before. He talks as if he
never had good company. He thinks himself to be a
hero but he is actually a villain. What about me? You’ll feel proud if
I praise you in front of you. But Ritu, what was wrong
with you last night? – With me? Was I drunk? You are not even ashamed. At least apologize now
and say “I’m sorry, Ritu”. I’m sorry, Ritu. Did he beat you badly at night?
– No. its fine. It’s fine. What had you promised last night? In front of whose eyes will Ritu
stay for 24 hours? – Before you. Where is she? Your son is busy with her
in a closed room. – Impossible! Go. Go and see it with your eyes. I don’t know at what unlucky
time this worthless boy was born. Here too? – Yes. And..and.. Bahadur! – Father? Come out. I say come out. Yes, papa. Rascal, have you forgotten
last night’s thrashing so easily? Papa, you abuse me a lot. Shall I love you
instead of abusing you? Papa, this time I
didn’t go to meet her. She came to meet me. She loves me. If she loves you then tell her to
pretend to be in love with Natwar.. that this project progresses
fast and you get married soon. Can’t she sacrifice
even this much for you? You are right, papa. You are right. Ritu, did you hear
what father said? – Yes. Will you make this sacrifice for me? Will it make you happy? – Yes. Just see the pretence
Ritu will put up for you. Thank you, Ritu. Thank you. “Listen, tell me something.” “Yes, yes, ask me.” “What shall you give me? Tell me.” “What shall you give me, tell me..” “..since I happily gave you
my heart without you asking for it?” “What shall you give me? Tell me.” “What shall you give me, tell me..” “..since I happily gave you
my heart without you asking for it?” “What do you want from me? Ask me.” “Ask me.” “What do you want from me since
I accepted your heart happily..” “..without telling you?” “What do you want from me? Ask me.” “I get swayed in your arms.” “I get fragrant when with you.” “I get swayed in your arms.” “I get fragrant when with you.” “I’ll warm myself with your love.” “If I settle down in your eyes.” “What shall you give me?” “What shall you give me, Tell me..” “..since I happily
gave my heart to you.” “What shall you give me? Tell me.” “Our enemies will burn
with jealous when we meet.” “We will never be thirsty.” “Are they burning with jealousy?” “Yes, a lot.
– Let them burn.” “Our enemies will burn
with jealous when we meet.” “We will never be thirsty.” “We’ll bring down heaven on earth.” “There’ll only be joys and us.” “Ask what you want from me.” “Ask me.” “What do you want from me since
I accepted your heart happily..” “..without telling you?” “What do you want from me? Ask me.” “If I have the support
of your arms..” “..I’ll travel the darkest roads.” “If I have the support
of your arms..” “..I’ll travel the darkest roads.” “You are my destination.” “Whatever is good is yours.” “What shall you give me?” “What shall you give me, Tell me..” “..since I happily
gave my heart to you.” “What shall you give me? Tell me.” “What do you want from me? Ask me.” “What shall you give me? Tell me.” “Ask what do you want..” “Tell me what shall you..” “Ask..” “Tell..” “Ask..” “Tell..” “Ask me..” “Tell me..” “Ask me..” “Tell me, tell me..” “Ask..” You carry on, I’ll follow you. Did you blow the whistle?
– Yes, I did. Shall I blow the whistle again?
– Yes, do. Leave me. Leave me. If you love your life, leave me. If you whistle again
I’ll bury you alive. – Okay. Give my hat back. You love wearing hats. You’ll bury me alive? Yesterday you were
burying Bahadur alive and.. you want to bury me alive. I’ll deal with you later. – Yes, do. If you love the girl so much
then keep her locked in a box. Yes. What happened? Jimmy finds out new
ways to send messages to me. My father is alive, Ritu. But these savage men have beaten
him so badly to get the secret of.. ..the gold out of him
that he has become mad. He has become mad but he hasn’t
handed over the nation’s property.. the traitors. I’ll seek revenge for every torture
they’ve inflicted on my father.. ..and your mother. I swear on your love Ritu. Prof Harbanslal,
exert some pressure on your brain. This is your last chance. If this man decodes your
diary then you’ll become useless.. ..for these men. They’ll shoot you and won’t
even spare me alive because.. ..I couldn’t help
you get your memory back. I can’t remember anything. I can’t remember anything. Don’t beat me. Don’t beat me. Leave me. Ashwini! Ashwini! Vikram Singh,
world’s greatest treasure is.. buried underneath your feet. Great! Great, my friend. I pray that you are blessed
with my age and even my son’s. Well, tell me something,
how dig shall we dig. Dig 30-40 feet under the ground. Tiger, send some information. We can see a wall, boss. Hey! A wall! Shut up! Every day you
say that you’ll do it tomorrow. My partners are after me. Is there any hope or not? We are just 10 feet
away from the gold. The digging that I’ve
asked them to carry out.. ..will not yield gold but water. Water? Any moment, my friend. Any moment. Tiger, my friends
are getting impatient. Share some good news. The good news is that there
is no gold only water. Only water. Is this what you’ve
decoded from the diary? Idiot! Will you keep sipping
tea or will you say something? Speak up. I can speak only after
you both keep quiet. Bahadur, keep quiet. Okay, I won’t speak, now speak. Can you see this? I’ve studied the rest,
you go through this one. This professor turned
out to be too smart. Professor? Which professor? I hope you aren’t speaking of Prof.
Harbanslal. I too was wondering that
the handwriting looks familiar. Yes! It’s the
professor’s handwriting. But he is dead. He isn’t dead. The idiot is still alive. It would’ve been better if he died. He is mad and has made us mad too. The fact Natwar is that Prof.
Harbanslal has lost his memory. Why don’t you try
to get his memory back? We’ve tried whatever we could. Vikram Singh, give me a chance. I was his favorite student. He might recall the
past after seeing me. Professor, what’s written here?
– Ashu. – Ashu? – Yes. Who is Ashu? – Ashu is my son. Hello professor. Look who has come to meet you. Come, my dear friend. Doctor, you were asking ho is Ashu,
he is Ashu, my son. Who is Ashu, Vikram? He says that Ashu is his son. Aren’t you Ashu? Professor I’m Ashu. – Ashu, my son. They’ve made me mad. I don’t remember anything.
I don’t remember anything. Have patience, professor.
Have patience You’ll remember everything. Professor, do you remember Natwar? Natwar? – Nagpur University. You had two favorite students. One was Suraj.. – Suraj.
– ..and the other one was Natwar. Natwar? – Yes. It’s me. So, you are not Ashu? Look, you taught me this language. This is your diary. Why have you darkened these words?
– What? What had you written here? I don’t remember anything.
I remember nothing. Try to recall, old man. Is there no mention of the
route to the gold in the diary? There are two ways to reach it.
Two ways. One that we’ve dug.
This way from the well. The second one is from here. The first route will help us and.. ..and the second one
will be a death trap for them. What about Ritu? Ritu. Come. Come. Here is the engagement ring. I’ve no relation with you now. Ritu! Now I know what you must’ve
done to my mother and brother. It’s not true. – Yes, it’s true. Else you could’ve taken
me to them at least once. You can’t take me to them
because they aren’t alive. No. no. they are alive.
They are absolutely fine. I would’ve taken
you to them but father.. Okay, marry your father. Just a minute, Ritu. Okay, go and sit in my jeep. I’ll be back soon. I think the plan has worked. Is everything fine, Jimmy?
– I’ve changed the bullets. Who is it? Come in. Mummy. – Ritu! Ritu! Mummy! Mummy! I hope you are fine. Sister! Sister!
– Tony! How are you, Tony? Good evening. How did your each here? Me? Like this. Stop! Stop else I’ll shoot.
– I’ve stopped. I ask, how you reached here? I’ll tell you. Like this. Don’t shoot. Don’t shoot. Rascal, you are
pulling my leg? – Yes. Comb. You are pulling my leg? Your gun will now be mine. Leave me. – I’ll get it. Scoundrel! I won’t spare you. Daddy! – Tony! Daddy! Daddy! – Tony! My Tony! I’ve got my Tony back. Son, did you take care
of your mother? – Why won’t he? He always had a
pistol in his hands.. Gayatri, Gayatri.. Come with us, Ashwini.
– No, my work is not yet over. It’s such a big government mission. There are so many policemen. Are you the only one
who must risk his life? I’m fortunate that I got his chance.
– But, I’m unfortunate. If anything..happens to you then.. Nothing will happen to me now. A brave girl will be waiting for me. Promise that you won’t lead yourself
into unnecessary dangers and..’ll come back for me. It’s my profession
to play with danger. But, I promise that
I’ll come back for you. Come. Come. My jeep! Where are you taking my jeep? Hey! Where are you going? Leave me. – No, I won’t. I say leave me else I’ll shoot. My guru has taught me to
hold on to legs and not leave them. Okay, die. Scoundrel, he doesn’t leave
my legs even after dying. Leave me. My god! What has happened? Ritu, now you’ll know how
wrong it is to betray Bahadur. Hurry up, chief. Hurry up. Wow! Wow! Your father was right, chief. I don’t know if the poor
fellow is even destined to see this. Why not?
– You’ll free him tonight. Listen to me carefully,
Jimmy. – Yes. Can you see this way out? – Yes. We must close it again
as if it never existed. Right? Can you see the
water flowing inside? We’ll enlarge the way out
and make a way inside from.. ..the other side of the mountain.
– Oh I see! If necessary I’ll get Bahadur and
Vikram inside from that side and you.. What next? – Come out with me. I’ll explain everything to you. Daddy, what’s this
sound in the engine? What sound? Listen carefully. Daddy, helicopter. What’s it? Daddy. Daddy. Get up. Who is it?
– Me! Ashu! Ashu! I’ve come to take you with me.
– You’ve come to take me? Let’s go home.
– Home? Okay. Let’s go. Son, how shall we go? Come with me, daddy. Look at the sacrifice
of the father and son duo. Bahadur, we were fooled by them. Vikram Singh, I can lead you
to the gold but on one condition. Brother,
do you still have conditions now? Don’t beat my son. Tiger, catch him. Leave me. My dear, what conditions
do you have? Tell me now. Just look at the father and son. Bahadur, just watch them. Get up, my dear. If you become sad now how will
you tolerate the other tragedies? Vikram Singh, this was
the only way you could hurt me. I could’ve betrayed my
nation for my father’s life. But, a traitor like you
saved me from being a traitor. Now, listen to me carefully. The gold is in my hands
and you won’t get it. No power in this world
can get the secret from me. My dear,
you haven’t seen my powers yet. Guards! What do you say now, my dear? Will you keep it a secret or reveal? 16. 17. 18. It would’ve been appropriate
if your son burnt your body but.. ..think that I’m your son too. We are in problem, sir.
We need help. Where is Ashwini? Don’t ask me.
I feel his life is in danger. Don’t worry about him,
he is Chupa Rustam (dark horse). Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold! Gold! Natwar, what’s happening? It’s the result of
the noise made by you. Sometimes mountains fall
down due to sound especially.. ..when it’s the sound of a bomb. What have you done?
– Closed the way out. – Why? ‘The desire to sacrifice
our lives is in our hearts.’ ‘Let’s see how strong the
arms of our executioners are.’ Scoundrel! Think of it once again. If I die how will you get out? Yes Bahadur. There must be another way
else you wouldn’t close this one. Why don’t you find
it before killing me? Find it.. Tiger! Papa! ‘The desire to sacrifice
our lives is in our hearts.’ ‘Let’s see how strong the
arms of our executioners are.’ ‘The desire to
sacrifice our lives..’ Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! What happened, Tiger? There is a snake. – Snake? Papa. Papa. ‘The desire to sacrifice
our lives is in our hearts.’ Tell me. Tell me which
is the other way out from here? The pistol can kill
me but not save you. Rascal! – Bahadur, control yourself. What do you want? First throw the pistol away. – Okay. I’ve thrown it away. Now tell me what you want. I want a small favor. I want you both to
suffocate to death. – You! Listen o what the torches
want to tell you, Vikram. They want to say
that your life is short. The light of your life will
get doused with these torches. And..what about you? Don’t worry about me. I’ve oxygen supply. – Traitor! Papa. Papa. Bambi. Bambi.
Injection. – Injection. From where shall
I get injection, papa? You don’t need injection. Your father needs oxygen, Bahadur. Oxygen, Bahadur. Oxygen. – Oxygen. Pleas give me little oxygen. Stay away from me. Papa..Papa.. I beg of you. My father is dying. Show mercy. What’s mercy?
Did you show it on my father? Forgive me, Natwar. I’ll give you whatever you want. What do you have that
you can give me? – I’ve gold. I’m ready to give it to you. Does the gold belong to your father? The gold belongs to the nation. If any one person had
any right on this gold then.. was the man whom you shot dead. If you want your father’s life then
help me get my father’s life back. How is it possible? If it’s not possible then
try to save your father’s life. I can’t save him. Oxygen! Oxygen! Do you want the oxygen first or
your father wants it? – I want it. Yes! This is what is
expected from a son like you. You neither belong to your
father nor to your country. The punishment you are
going through is very less. Please, please let me breathe. Yes, you’ll get it. But first you must
tell me what’s going on. Who are your friends? How did you trap Rajinder Jain? Tell me everything.. I’ll tell you.
– So, will you tell me? I’ll tell you. There is a South African
Indian by the name of Williams. Where is bastard Vikram
and the stupid Bahadur? They haven’t come here
but they’ve sent join and family. What will I do with Jain and family? Keep them, there. Bloody idiots! Such a beauty! Sit over there. Hey mister, go and do your work. No! Leave him. Doll! – Get away from here. Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Leave me. Hi! – Hello! No! Don’t worry, lady.
I’ll look after you. She is my girl. Go away. This is not your property. No! Daddy! Leave me alone. Leave. Leave me. What the bloody
hell is going on here? Bunch of bustards. Out! out! Leave her alone. William sir, she is mine. Did you bring her along?
– No. I won’t leave her. Roger. Is anyone else crazy for her? Anybody else? Alright, get back. Get back. Get out. Guards! Mr. Jain, I’m Williams. You know what’ll be the outcome
if you try to escape from here. Guards, make arrangements
for their stay. Not you. Not you. Mr. Jain, didn’t you see that.. ..just one man can save
her from the savages? Jimmy? You? But you were dead? I was dead.. ..but your sweet voice has
forced me to come out of my grave. Rogers died without any reason. If I was in his place
I would’ve done the same. What do you wish to do now? I haven’t seen a girl for two years. Come closer. Come on. Come on. That’s a good girl.
That’s a good girl. Sit down. Sit down. Won’t you like to sit here, my dear? Won’t you like to sit here? Signal. Chief, you handle the men over
there; I’ll handle the ones here. There is no one here.
– Not even here. Where did he go? Let’s go. “Don’t touch me.” “I’ll die of shyness.” “I’m touch me not flower.” “Keep staring at
me but don’t touch me.” “I’ll die of shyness.” “I’m touch me not flower.” “Keep staring at
me but don’t touch me.” “I’ll die of shyness.” “I’m the delicate plant
of blossoming garden.” “You’ve kept me in your home.” “You loved me yet I wither.” “I’ll die..I’ll die of shyness.” “I’m touch me not flower.” “Keep staring at
me but don’t touch me.” “I’ll die of shyness.” “I’m the glass of wine.” “But a small one.” “You are very thirsty.” “I shiver and get scared.” “I’ll die..I’ll die of shyness.” “I’m touch me not flower.” “Keep staring at
me but don’t touch me.” “I’ll die of shyness.” “I’m touch me not flower.” “Keep staring at
me but don’t touch me.” Wake up, you baby. Wake up. You shouldn’t have taken it.. Scoundrel,
who asked you to come inside? I did. Who are you? This girl knows me as Rustam Qawal. Vikram thinks I’m Natwarlal. I’m renowned as Ashwini
Kumar in the Indian Police Force. But, if you ask Jimmy Fernandez
then he’ll say I’m Chupa Rustam. Remove it. Throw the revolver at me. How is my aim? – It’s good. Good. Very good. I’ve entered as an enemy
but I want to be friends with you. Why? – That’s because I’ve
the gold you are searching. Gold?! May I have a drink?
– Sure. Sure. Sure. Make three drinks. For whom is the third one? – For me. Thank you very much. Cheers! Who is this cartoon?
– My junior, Jimmy Fernandez. Nice meeting you. Nurse. – Are you hungry? – Yes. What shall you have?
– Sandwich. – Sandwich? Bambi. My sweetheart. Are you also hungry? What do you want to have?
– Potato fries. – Potato fries? Have this. So you wanted gold? You can betray the
Indian government. Vikram is your prisoner now. You’ve the gold. Then why do you
want to be my partner? If the gold comes out from the
Indian territory it’ll be India’s. That’s what I also
wanted as a patriot. But till I hadn’t seen the gold. But, now the gold has blinded me. It has made me forget patriotism. There is so much gold
that I can buy entire India. Then why shall I keep
doing an Indian job? I’ve the gold but you’ve
the means to mine it out. If you lend me the means for 24
hours, I can lead you to the gold. He is going to take us
to the gold in eight hours. Straight from here?
– I’ll check out. Will you take us straight from here? One of the tunnels dug
by you can lead us to the gold. We can open it up in eight hours. It can be opened in eight hours. Partner, we are equal partners. This is the place. The temple of gold is here. Now you start blasting from here.
This way. This way. Earthquake! – Fool, this
isn’t earthquake, it’s blasting. Firstly, we must get Ritu
and her family out of here. Secondly,
we must get these thieves caught. How? – It’s important that
we send all of them to India.. the underground path. Our Border Security
Force has reached there. Jimmy! – Jimmy Fernandez reporting. Good evening, madam. – Jimmy. This is gold. Look who is here. Williams, my dear, come here.
– Okay. So, both of you
were looking for gold. Both of you are tied to gold now. Father and his son. But Williams tell
me how you reached here. How did I reach? I reached the way you reached. The same person brought us here.
His name is Chupa Rustam. From where is this
light coming from? It’s coming from
the Indian territory. You mean there is a
way inside from here too? Vikram, come let’s go and see. Beware! The army is here. Let’s run, quick march. Where are you escaping, Williams? The way back will
lead to your death. I assure you that if you drop
your weapons bullets won’t be fired. Neither from this
side or from that side. Take your positions. None of the soldiers should enter. Get that bastard, Chupa Rustam. Thank you, Jimmy! Bahadur, there is gold here. I’m sorry, captain. Don’t get your men
unnecessarily killed. Call them back and don’t
send them unless I tell you. Jimmy, I’m going inside. Where are you going? Williams..drop your gun. Where are you going, Jimmy? Chief, the professor
had 18 bullets on his body. Thankfully you counted it. I’ll settle the scores. Three. Four. Five. Okay boys;
raise your hands and no mischief. Bahadur..’ve one bullet left. I’ve a stengun like the
one you used to kill my father. If you miss your aim this time
then assume yourself to be dead. I’m coming towards you. Daddy.. Chief, everything is fine. But, I couldn’t save my father. But you saved my father.. .. mother,
my brother, me and this gold. “You are Chupa Rustam.” “I’m a Chupa Rustam,
I’ve sharp eyes.” “Forget about the world..” “Forget about the world..” “..I’ve information of
what goes on in heaven.” “You are a Chupa Rustam.” “You are a Chupa Rustam.” “You are a Chupa Rustam.”

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