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64 thoughts on “Christmas in Hitler’s Bunker: Episode I

  1. "Mein furhur, how will you get what we need for Christmas? I will buy what we need from Reichazon. They sell the decorations, presents and food we need. Reichazon will deliver everything we need in time for Chistmas." God i love all the nazi-prefixes

  2. This is why I never order anything from Reich Corp. they get everything wrong!
    and btw I'm back with a new body and ammo 🙂

  3. Note the anti-Reichazon antics afoot at 1:27. In a parallel bunker, anti-ReichKEA antics are planned… FEGEL YÛLE – wishing you a Fegelly Merry Christmas!

  4. Hitler always runs into problems during the Holidays, I told him about the fish and how reliable they were, and now he overpaid for a slow delivery.
    Next year Coelacanth industries is delivering.

  5. Never trust Göring`s supervision when something regarding lots of food is is being delivered to you.
    And both Fegelein and Himmler being deliverers of it as well, as you never know what kind of antic had they hidden inside it. 😉

    Aka … Merry early Christmas!

  6. You should do one where either Goebbels realizes that Fegelein and Himmler have kidnapped Hitler, or one where Hitler gets John Wilkes Booth to kill Fegelein at Ford's Theatre, saying that Steiner will drive him to a play. 

  7. I wish I could be at Hitler's bunker for Christmas this year that way I can have good times with him and everybody… and maybe help Fegelein with his shenanigans… holy wow has it really been 5 years by the way? … Man time does fly.. great editing as well and haha… Dorkberg and Reichazon… that's a joke about Amazon.

  8. I've seen a lot of DAS WAR EIN BEFEHL! funny videos but this made me crack. Extra credits to the most exploitable angry film role in history delivered by Bruno Ganz the Great

  9. "Perhaps next time you will listen to me, instead of telling me to piss off."
    "Piss off."
    I don't know why I like that exchange so much.

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