Cicada Emerges From Its Exoskeleton After 7 Years

COMM: Photographer Brad Leue has filmed this incredible footage of a cicada shedding its
exoskeleton in Western Australia. COMM: Using time-lapse photography, the shedding took almost 2 hours to complete, taking roughly
three and a half thousand photos to capture. COMM: This species of cicada is called cyclochila australasiae, also known as a green grocer.
It lives underground for 7 years, feeding on plant sap before finally emerging above
ground to shed its skin. COMM: In the lead-up to the wet season in Australia, the air becomes filled with the
song of the cicadas, and discarded exoskeletons can be found everywhere, from tree trunks
to brick walls and even car tyres. This particular cicada was discovered on Brad’s veranda. COMM: After emerging from its exoskeleton, the cicada’s wings, which can measure up
to 13 centimetres, expand to dry before it’s able to take its first flight. The insect
will then only live for a further 6 weeks, giving it enough time to mate, breed and create
a new generation of cicadas that will not take flight for another 7 years.

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16 thoughts on “Cicada Emerges From Its Exoskeleton After 7 Years

  1. Aww thats great! Surviving for 7 years by just eating plants must be hard in the wild. So this is kinda like a reward haha.

  2. Lives 7 years underground to die 6 weeks later above ground. It spends only around .016% of its lifespan above ground.

  3. Get out of here. How do you know it was 7 years? I think it took a couple of months, maybe. What seven years??? That thing will dry up within 8 months without food to survive on. The junk science some people believe in, beats the hell out of me. Some wackos believe the earth is billions of years old whilst we Christians believe it's only 6000 years old. Hey, you have a fundamental right to be stupid and irredeemable. Isn't that the essence of what make us different? Behold the beauty of life.

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