Cimexa Dust: Using Hand Duster for Application – Rockwell Labs Ltd.

Cimexa Dust is a very light airy dust and
that is a great thing for killing bed bugs and other pests but it can be
difficult to apply so one great tip for applying Cimexa so with a Bellow’s duster
or any other type of duster on the market as to make sure that you only
fill it about a quarter of the way and you specifically pump it very very
slowly with the nozzle close to your target now that will help
you avoid getting Cimex Dust into the air and that those floating particles
that you might see otherwise other dusters on the market are the same way
so you want to squeeze gently and make sure that you don’t over fill the
container because that would put a lot more dust into the air then it will be
required from your application you

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