Cleaning Vinegar or White Vinegar What’s the Difference

white vinegar cleaning vinegar what is the difference hi it’s AlaskaGranny if you enjoy cleaning
with white vinegar you may have noticed in the store lately that not only is there
regular white vinegar but now they’re marketing something called cleaning
vinegar what’s the difference the cleaning vinegar is more expensive is it
really going to do anything differently well if you look carefully on the label
regular white vinegar is 5% acidity if you look at the cleaning vinegar it is 6% acidity but it also says not for use for cooking cleaning vinegar cannot be used for cooking what would be the difference well if you look at your thinking from
five to six percent is only 1% actually the ratio of going up from 5% to
6% means its 20% more acidic lots of people put white vinegar into a spray bottle we use it
for cleaning around the house for cleaning and even pour white vinegar over baking soda to clean if you’re using white vinegar to clean and
you’re putting in a bottle and you’re adding water to it then there really is
no reason to pay extra for a cleaning vinegar vinegar if you don’t dilute your regular
vinegar it’s going to be stronger than if you dilute it cleaning vinegar i’s more expensive
it’s still white vinegar and I have lots of luck using the regular white
vinegar for cleaning which is also available for all of my cooking needs I don’t need to
store two kinds of vinegar the cleaning vinegar says fresh scent it says fresh scent on the cleaning vinegar but fresh scent and white vinegar
smell exactly the same to me so I’ve been using a little of each cleaning vinegar and white vinegar and
testing each vinegar for how well they clean t and seeing if it makes any difference if I use white vinegar or cleaning vinegar for cleaning and I don’t see any difference in how the white vinegar cleans better than cleaning vinegar I find no difference in white vinegar and cleaning vinegar so for
me the extra expense for cleaning vinegar instead of white vinegar is just not warranted not worth the extra money to buy cleaning vinegar don’t need to have 2 kinds of white vinegar if you have had a different experience using cleaning
vinegar leave a comment so that we can all learn from your experience what is the difference between white vinegar and cleaning vinegar learn
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58 thoughts on “Cleaning Vinegar or White Vinegar What’s the Difference

  1. expensive? vinegar is so cheap, i get my cleaning vinegar for 1 dollar. not sure where anywhere else is but this was interesting 🙂

  2. I too just get white vinegar. Like you noted I found that cleaning vinegar does not clean any better than normal white vinegar.

  3. I have never tried cleaning with vinegar because I cannot stand the smell. and I was this close to buying the cleaning vinegar today. the "fresh scent" is what almost got me. Thanks for sharing:)

  4. Hello. Does regular vinegar work in bathroom toilets and showers with extremely difficult stains?  Does it leave a smell?  Would not this attract ants because of the vinegar?  What is the ratio of vinegar to water or baking soda?

  5. Thanks for the video. Can we use cleaning vinegar + water in dishwasher. I want to clean my dishwasher, but everyone says use white vinegar.

  6. I'm guessing that "cleaning" vinegar with the extra 20% increase in acidity might be more effective in cleaning coffee makers and as a dishwasher rinse agent where the vinegar is used full strength instead of mixed with water. The brands labeled "not for use in cooking" have not been refined or purified for food use. Heinz cleaning vinegar is labeled "safe for cooking, perfect for cleaning".

  7. Thanks for the info & great job making this video. As someone who uses YouTube every single day to find anything from info on DIY stuff to listening to music while working, I have to say I really wish more videos were made like this one. Easy to see that You did your own research on the products first & didnt have to bs your way through. Explained things well and made it easy to trust your advice.😀 Sorry for the way long message. Just wanted to give a compliment & share my honest opinion for once.
    Keep up the great work 😀

  8. Thankyou very much.I used ordinary white vinegar to clean our toilets yesterday..wonderful! I then went shopping and there on the shelf was vinegar spray…I didn't buy.This must be one of the best kept cleaning secrets.Keep up the good work!!!

  9. I have emphysema and cannot tolerate bleach or harsh perfume smells, so I've been using vinegar as a cleaning solution for years. I put a tbs of Dawn dish washing liquid, 2 tbs vinegar (white or apple cider) and 2 cups of water in a 32 oz spray bottle ( in that order and do not shake). I was considering buying the cleaning vinegar, but I was a little skeptical. Thank you very much for your video, I appreciate you clarifying the difference.

    Btw, to those of you that don't like the smell of vinegar, if you will dilute it properly, it won't be overwhelming and the smell fades quickly. When I first starting using it as a cleaning solution, I used entirely too much (50% water 50% vinegar) and my husband would COMPLAIN endlessly. Just a couple of tablespoons will do.

  10. I dropped a jug of cleaning vinegar in the store and it stripped the wax off of the floor and left a big white spot on the floor. Be careful what surfaces you use this on.

  11. I am going to make my own vinegar…will use it to clean. Just water and lemons….that's it. Thanks for the distinction.

  12. but still the 20% stronger in cleaning vinegar than the cooking vinegar even mix with water I think. As cooking vinegar mix with water is not as strong as cleaning vinegar mix with water.

  13. first off, I have found that cleaning vinegar seems to be less expensive than regular vinegar. I also think the math should be re-evaluated, yes the difference between 5% and 6% is 20%, but that has nothing to do with the different contents of the vinegars, look at it this way, 5% of a dollar is 5 cents, 6% percent of a dollar is 6 cents, I still only have a difference of 1 cent, it does not matter that the difference between the percentages is 20%. that does not change the difference of a "1%" increase in acidity, so yes, that is why you hardly notice any difference between the two types a very slight increase in acidity.

  14. Hi tx for the info! The food grade vinegar I use for after rinse after washing of my hair and scalp. Do you think cleaning vinegar can be used for this also?

  15. You didn't test to see how much bacteria is left after using both, yet you are telling people to buy one over the other because of how it makes your sink look.

  16. I have a room that has cat urine in the sub floor (wood) upstairs and I have used bleach, vinegar, vinegar and baking soda, soap and water and just used cleaning vinegar and baking soda. I definitely noticed that the cleaning vinegar worked way better. It took more smell away then any other chemical I've used

  17. I have a 30% vinegar for going after Extreme purpose use reasons killing cleaning mold much easier. And I'm sure far more that I don't even know about as this is the first bottle I've ever gotten and I think you can reduce it down to the 5% or 20% whatever that you want to believe it's just distilled water you need to do so. Same thing goes with hydrogen peroxide I have food grade 36% which you put a couple drops in your glass of water and helps clean you out from the inside. and it's not poison like the brown stuff at the pharmacy. But thank you for your heads up on that 6% I've never seen that before.

  18. I use NORMAL distilled vinegar and it's fantastic my home is sparkling clean ..Also use baking soda and steam home has never felt this clean and fresh . . BYE BYE CHEMICALS.

  19. I am so glad someone finally exposed this scam by Heinz. White Vinegar (the kind your parents bought, is FOOD GRADE and is already acidic. So depending one what you are using for you might dilute a 1/4 or 1/2 cup in a gallon of water. So if you want s higher acidity, just dilute it less. 6% (supposed “Cleaning”) Vinegar is NOT FOOD GRADE. The standards for FOOD GRADE ARE REGULATED. GOD ONLY KNOWS WTF CONDITIONS ARE USED TO PRODUCE “Not for food use” is. IMHO A TOTAL SCAM!!!

  20. I feel rediculously embarassed… My Grandma and Mom both have told me to quit buying expensive cleaners and use Vinegar… Well tried it today and I am 100% on board. Love your videos.

  21. I mixed 1/3 blue Dawn, 2/3 cleaning vinegar. Best cleaning product ever! Sprayed it in my plastic bathtub and let it soak. Years of scum and dirt were gone with just a little scrubbing.

  22. The cleaning vinegar at a store near me also had alcohol as an additive. I agree with you and am sticking to my plain, white vinegar.

  23. I use vinegar and Dawn as a weed killer. The cleaning vinegar is definitely a better weed killer than the food grade. I buy it at Dollar Tree

  24. They now carry cleaning vinegar st our dollar tree store..1.00 for 64:oz…and yes it does clean the ice maker trays better..and you use it full strength..for All types of cleaning

  25. They now have a cleaning vinegar available at most dollar trees or 99 cent only stores. I cant wait to try mine later today

  26. this lady is such an idiot,Some of the cleaning vinegar is a tiny bit stronger and it might not be food safe. she does not do proper research and knows nothing what she's talking about, even her math skills are terrible. white vinegar is 5% and if you ad 1% you then have 6%, very slight difference as stated above just not quite as recommended for consumption, only because of food regulations.

  27. Vinegar and baking soda neutralize each other. Make sodium acetate, which is not a cleaning agent. Stupid idea.

    You are correct. 1% makes no difference. Most users dilute it anyway, as you say.

  28. Cleaning vinegar actually “costs less” per volume than white vinegar does at my local Dollar General. I can get 64 oz of cleaning vinegar for the same price as only 32 oz of white vinegar.

  29. You can use cleaning vinegar for cooking purposes but paying more for it is foolish. What Is Different About Cleaning Vinegar?Heinz Cleaning Vinegar is made from grain just like their distilled white vinegar. The difference is that the cleaning vinegar has been reduced to 6% acidity instead of the 5% acidity of the standard white vinegar. This may not seem like much of a difference, but understand that this means that it is 20% stronger than the regular vinegar.
    The extra strength comes in handy when you need to remove some really tough stains. And even though it is stronger, it is still safe. It actually says on the bottle “safe for cooking, perfect for cleaning

  30. you are so full of shit, please go back to school moron, what an idiot, it is not a ratio of 20%, you are fkn clueless you stupid b…. look at the bottle and it even tells you the other difference in the acidity is the 1% relpeat 1% difference are fn moron, please like you disgust me

  31. if you research you will fine there are other reasons why they tell you to not use cleaning vinegar for cooking, it is not as purified

  32. my cleaning vinegar is 10% and it is big different it works better in my opinion and is easier to remove dirt etc.

  33. Some have added chemicals, but Heinz all-natural cleaning vinegar says it's fine for cooking, although I assume it needs a little dilution to taste right. It may also kill a few more germs (and apparently weeds), but tests show it doesn't clean noticeably better–even if you use it at full strength.

  34. Vinegar as a cleaner is an old myth. Ive been doing research on cleaning vinegar that brought me to this video, but it's all the same. Vinegar is by no means classified as a disinfectant (it would need to be 100x stronger as a disinfectant to be considered health grade.) And what's cutting away at anything is the acid, which is terrible for most surfaces and usually the water and your scrubbing is doing most of the work. On top of that . . . vinegar is a chemical; anyone saying "No more chemicals!!!!" Is using chemicals. 😅

  35. My bottle says not for cooking but ok to consume. Not confusing at all but thats fine, I'm not consuming anything.

  36. I agree with you girl, I keep it old school and use the regular white vinegar for cleaning, cooking, disinfecting, and detoxing.❤️

  37. Cleaning vinegar is cheaper in the US. Esp if you buy it from a janitorial supply store. Heck, it's even cheaper at WalMart.

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