Cody’s Bees April 5th 12017; Feeding Sugar

Hi everyone, welcome back to Cody’s Lab So as you can tell spring has sprung and my bees are fully busy, and are very hungry You might be able to see that occasionally a bee comes in with some pollen So they are bringing in food from outside sources and they’re actually visiting flowers and bringing back nectar and pollen Pollen of course is their protein and nectar is their carbohydrate source Now I’ve been keeping bees here for quite a while and I know that most of this pollen is actually coming off of some aspen trees And so they don’t really produce a lot of nectar, but they’ve got plenty of pollen So I need to supplement their carbohydrate source, their energy And to do that I’m just going to give them a little bit of sugar to get them going for this year And as you can see, I’ve got pretty much a truck load of sugar to feed them You see I’ve actually found a pretty good deal at one of the local stores See that 99 cents for a 4 pound bag of sugar, and so I brought everything they had And, the bees will eat everything I give them so I’d say “Why not?” So I’ve got a bucket of warm water here, let’s mix up some sugar syrup for them This is basically artificial honey So I’m just gonna rip open these sugar packets, and dump this sugar into the warm water I’m gonna be adding approximately 50% sugar to water by volume It doesn’t have to be super exact it just seems to be easiest mixture that I could make So I’m essentially going to fill the rest of this half full bucket with sugar And there’s the last one by the looks of it I’m just gonna stick my arm in here and give this a little stir to dissolve all the sugar I might’ve filled the bucket a little too high, but it’ll work Now that the sugar’s all dissolved, I’m gonna be adding some chemicals to the mixture Now two years ago I would’ve never done this, you know adding chemicals to your bees seems so blasphemous! But you know what? It works, two years ago I lost all of my bees and then I started using a little bit of chemicals, and here we go So, by chemicals I of course mean vitamins So this is essentially going to replace the vitamins that would normally be in honey So what would naturally be in nectar So really, it’s not so much adding chemicals to them as it’s really replacing the chemicals that they need to have I could probably make these “Honey B Healthy” stuff myself, but I mostly bought the bottles to get the recipe And when I run out of these, I’ll probably start making it myself The recipe, the ingredients on these doesn’t seem all that complicated And this stuff is your essential oils, this wouldn’t really be in honey, at least not a lot of it But this is mostly… I guess I can describe it as cannabis for bees, it makes them want to eat it more It also has a nice smell to it, which is very recognizable in the hive, so I know if they got this stuff in their honey supers I’ll know about it because I can smell it And the actual most important thing about this, is the fact that the oils actually help with the mites Mites are a really big problem for the bees So there we go, let’s get this mixed up That looks very nice, smells exactly like Froot Loops And is very tasty And the bees will love it as well Look at that, the bees already found my bucket The honey bees, their sense of smell is probably as good as a dog’s And when you’ve got something that yummy smelling, out in the yard, especially when it’s a windy day, the bees find it almost immediately So here is where I’m gonna be feeding them, I’m gonna be doing some open feeding again this year It seems to work really well I’m just going to be doing this trailer here, with these hydraulic rams That’s just because this location happens to be in roughly the center of where all my bee hives are Now the reason why I’m doing open feeding, is because, well, I can My bee hives are the only bee hives within, I think, 9 or 10 miles I’m not gonna have a problem with the neighbor’s bees coming and stealing all of my nectar Because there are no neighbor’s bees close enough to come get it Bees will fly maybe three miles So 10 miles is definitely outside of their range Now these are actually in-hive feeders, normally I would actually put these inside the hives Especially if I had a little weak colony, and I was just wanting to feed that one hive, I would definitely put it inside The major problem with that, is that unless you get that hive sealed up really well, that very few bees can come in and out Other colonies around in the area will come and steal that nectar Now if I was down in town where there’s other bee hives in the area, or like I said, was trying to feed that one hive, then I would do it And I would bundle them up and make sure one hive had the best chances of getting the nectar But today, I wanna feed all of my hives, and not all my hives will actually have these feeders fit So I figured if the other bees in the area come and steal nectar, may as well let them So I made a little fake hive here, where I’m going to be storing that nectar I have a lid to keep the weather out of it, but the bees will still be able to get in I imagine in hours from when I load this in, there’ll be bees all over this, and they’ll packing it away This five gallons of sugar I’m gonna be putting here, by this time tomorrow this will be empty So it’s also a really easy way to do it, I don’t have to lug it around to all my hives I can just feed them in one spot Ok, so looks like the flies are gonna want the nectar too, but the bees will out compete them in just a little while Let’s pour this in, I do have a funnel this time, but I don’t have to worry too much about spilling it Because spilling the nectar all over the place isn’t gonna cause the other bees to rob more Because it’s not really robbing, because I want them to come get it Ok, let’s see how long it takes them to find this My guess is the wind is going to mess them up a little bit, but they’ll be swarming this within the hour Now that she’s found it, she’s gonna get a bunch, take it back to the hive Then she’ll do a little dance, tell them exactly where it is That’s another reason why the bees are going to out compete all the other insects They’re just so much better at telling each other where the food is Ok, so the wind is not getting any better, in fact it is getting quite a lot worse There must be a storm coming But as long as the bees are still flying, it’s still ok to open them It is a fairly warm day, so I’m not too worried about chilling the brood Now, since it is inclement weather and I haven’t opened these guys in a while, I’m going to have to smoke them I usually try to avoid smoking the bees, but sometimes it’s smart to do so I know better than opening a hive that I haven’t opened in months without some smoke Usually I get away with the bees, because they’re very gentle, but this is a good idea Just give them a little bit, just to let them know I’m here Alright, that will help immensely Let’s open it up There are two main things I need to check on today, are whether they are honey bound I need to make sure the queen has enough room to lay eggs And also whether or not they are making swarm cells Since this is my strongest hive, I’ll be most likely to see either of those here Alright, let’s get rid of some of those dead bees that they couldn’t move Looks like they’ve got some room to build combs So they’re not that cramped Lets move the camera over a little closer, so you can see what’s going on You see, they’re very calm Any time when you can wave your hand over top of a hive and not have them come attack you You know you’re doing pretty good Alright, so, let me pull out some of these edge frames here See, there’s nothing on them, so they’ve got plenty of room to build comb later on Two of them are like that Probably means that once they’ve got these filled in with honey, they’re gonna be super producing Or what I’m actually gonna do is split the hive, I don’t think I’ll do that today But it’s definitely something I need to do fairly soon Yeah, see, this frame here is built onto it, but all the cells are empty That’s good, they’re ready to start making honey and making bees They’ll have room to put all the honey and nectar they collect this spring Oh my gosh, as soon as I get the hive open, of course, is when the hurricane force winds start Great This might be the only hive I can get into today Ok, I can see some drones, and there’s the queen What luck that I’ve just found her on the third frame See her right there? Making sure the camera’s focused Yeah, she’s right there Nice and long, good sized queen Yeah, she’s working Good Ok, let’s see what we’ve got over here Let me push these bees aside, there’s some capped brood And some larva So they’re coming along just fine And, I see a queen cup, but it’s made into a queen cell That means I’ve got at least another week or so before they start thinking of swarming This is all full of eggs, it’s all going to be drones They’ll probably make quite a few drones here, early on Let me check if that queen cup has an egg inside of it And it does not Excellent! That’s really all I needed to know, to be honest I can tell that they’ve ate through most of their honey reserves this winter So they’re not honey bound, and they don’t have queen cells that are developed quite yet Since it’s so windy, i’m gonna stop there, going to close up the hive And, I think in about one week, I’m going to take a swarm or a total split from this hive So, I’m probably going to make a video then But, right now that’s pretty much all I can do Maybe I’ll go move that tree off that other hive Here we are at the orange feeder box, about one hour later And as you can tell, the bees are definitely here in force You can see in there, lets actually pull the lid off, so you guys can see just how many bees are in there right now Yeah, so still not a huge amount of bees, but they’re definitely coming to get the nectar Looks like some of them got wet They’ll be alright The other bees will clean them off Oh come on! I clear one tree and another one falls At least that one’s small enough to move by hand Ok, that’s better, at least the trees isn’t right on top of the hive I’m sure the bees will enjoy not having to run into that on the way out As you can tell, it’s very windy The bees are still alive and well in there Look at that, there’s a cow’s hoof print right where my little tree used to be Man, they’ll won’t let anything grow The weight of the tree actually shoved the hive’s leg down into the ground a little bit You see there? So, right about there is where the hive is about level I’m just going to stick this can under there for now There, I figure I’ll pour some cement down there to help hold it up I think I’ll have to call it a day, the wind is getting way too strong to do much of anything out here And tomorrow and the next day is supposed to be stormy, so that’s it for me this week Hopefully the wind didn’t cause too much sound on the camera, my little mic should’ve blocked most of it Anyway, until next time, I’ll see you then

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100 thoughts on “Cody’s Bees April 5th 12017; Feeding Sugar

  1. you are supposed to recycle some honey for food. processed sugar is terrible for their overall health, as it is for our health to. grow wildflowers bro and don't be so greedy with the honey. 🙂

  2. Water is chemical. Sugar is chemical. Don't do that again chucklehead! BTW, I like your video. Use the word chemical one more time and I'll…

  3. 99c for a pound? That is the cost for a kilogram (2.2 pounds) in Europe. We are fucked with the gas price but also with the sugar, Japaneese cars, guns, computer hardware. SHIT!

  4. Hey Cody I was wondering what would happen if bees gathered nectar from stevia flowers. Would the honey contain both stevia compounds and sugar. It'd be cool if you tried this since i couldn't find answers on the internet. That'd be a super sweet honey for sure though.

  5. I'm picturing someone checking out at the grocery store and they just see Cody rolling past with an entire cart full of sugar

  6. Hey Cody if you haven't already can you give us an update on how your hive is doing; and also maybe show us how you check for parasites, and if so, do you freeze the brood frames or use other methods to control them? I hear that tracheal mites are easier to deal with – a eucalyptus mist or some such. Thanks for this post! I learned a lot.

  7. can't ya still get the mite strips try adding Apple juice and grape juice to your false nectar not a bunch because it would ferment but a half gallon to five gallon of sugar water shouldnt cook off into alcohol of course only put out enough to feed so that's it's consumed quickly and refrigerate what ya don't feed so it won't spoil

  8. against mites…vaporizing formic acid after summer honeycrop…and dribling oxalicacid solution in broodfree period in winter..proven to be effective…

  9. How do you sit right in front of your hive.
    My hive will sting me if im 5 feet away!
    It is un believable!

  10. Anyone remembering Homer defending the pile of sugar with a baseball bat and being stung by the swarm of bees shortly after?

  11. How do decide when to wear protective equipment? Not beeing 🐝😉 sarcastic, legitimate question lol love these videos 👍🏻

  12. "Its like cannabis for bees" lol our boy Cody loves the devils lettuce 😂🤣 just goes to show cannabis doest make you dumb. Dumb people are born that way.

  13. CODY, You need to wake up, if you're feeding your bees sugar, you're obviously doing something wrong, sugar is considered junk food for bees do your research. You're Expecting way too much given your environment to sustain that large of a population. You don't have enough flowers in the area for that large the population. When the bees do not eat natural pollen and nectar, they become unhealthy and cannot fight off mites. They need minerals and amino acids from the nectar and pollen. Become more organized, focus on quality not quantity.

  14. Organic food fadists: "chemicals are evil and should never be used for anything, science is on our side"
    Science: "a chemical is any form of matter and it's impossible for anything to exist without them, especially life which relies on chemical reactions to survive"

  15. If the honey bee healthy smells(so much that you can recognise it when you open the super), have that set off any robbing problems?(sry for my awful spelling)

  16. Adding chems to bees sounds a lot like adding immunizations to children. I am sure your bees are showing sign of autism. This video sponsored by Monsanto.

  17. What nutrient are you using our can you recommend? I've always used 2:1 with no nutrient but keen to give it a try

  18. Yes, domesticated bees are also livestock. We need to feed them and supplement them when needed. Also help them with pests and diseases, very important. When we don't do these things properly we run into hive collapse situations, wish most people would realize that.

  19. You gave them bleached sugar to start with. I don't understand why it preferable to use chlorine when making sugar water for hummingbirds and bees. Wouldn't natural, unbleached sugar be better for them? My neighbors are all old folks. It is likely they won't want me to put in a hive so I'm thinking about doing your flower pot hive in my back yard.

  20. "I don't like using chemicals, but you know without it they die."
    Makes sense.

    "Okay so now we're going to add the Bee-nip."

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