Colton Takes Cassie To A Private Island For First Date | The Bachelor US

I’m really excited I’m waiting a long
time for this only five full weeks that’s a long time how are you you look
amazing how are you good on a scale of one to hot Colton is hot I feel like we
do have some chemistry and I’m looking forward to just diving right in oh my
gosh I’m here oh yeah I’m so excited what do you say we go explore on this
boat and we spend the day out at sea kill water one thing that I’m certain of
today is that Cassie and I are gonna have a great time we are just very
natural when it comes to our chemistry it is so easy to be with her and this just like this banner idea let’s go Barry
I feel so lucky to have the state like every time we hang out I leave like so
sad and sometimes speechless and I think that says a lot about how I feel kind of
like butterflies in my stomach and they’re good butterflies right now I’m definitely smitten by
Cassie and today I’m really hoping that Cassie and I can really take our
relationship to the next level so today I have a surprise Cassie and I have our
very own private island in the middle of the ocean this is our oh my gosh I love this Wow Wow we’re literally said nightly this is
ours this place is amazing yeah this is an amazing first date Cassie and
I fit really well together today is exactly what I needed right now I am
insanely attracted to Cassie it feels pretty crazy how well it’s
going I did not expect anything like this at
all today’s been amazing and I’m really
looking for it to stay The Bachelor

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100 thoughts on “Colton Takes Cassie To A Private Island For First Date | The Bachelor US

  1. He said right now, I am insanely attracted to Cassie Hmm! Until he meets the other women, then he is in love with them. Men

  2. Aaah the honeymoon stage so to speak .. then the real love is shown when difficulties arrive, until then this is just pure lusting 😉

  3. Y’all are dumb. You know they edit these shows right? I’m sure they talked and didn’t just make out, Cassie even said so. But if you wanna believe otherwise you’re very naive

  4. I was so disappointed by this date. I was really excited to see this supposed amazing connection they have (especially since so many people have hyped her up as their pick for winning this) and then we just get shown them making out non stop. Wtf.

  5. Just because they're intensely kissing and are all over each other, doesn't mean they have a real connection. There's a difference between lust and love. The best relationships start out as solid friendships, then work their way up from there. 

    I remember Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe's relationship was full of kissing, touching, and lust. They are no longer together. Relationships need substance, it's not all about the physical. 

    I don't see Colton proposing to Cassie. She'll probably finish in the top 3, though. I think he's going to pick Hannah G. They have real conversations, a friendship, and he even said that she reminds him of home. Now, that's substance!

  6. She's a such a big lier inmature, and a drama woman she did not came to the bachelor for love only to play, and to have fame maybe money and broke Colton heart cassey Karma will get to you

  7. “I’m hoping we can’t take it to the next level”…. uh what’s next Colton y’all have already made out🤣

  8. Most of the gymer man wife's have no breast
    Anyhow they deserve more beautiful body women ☺️🤗😄😃🤣😂😁😀😀
    How open r they

  9. for the life of me, I can't figure out why he didn't just "do her" on the beach and get it over with for crying out loud….., that was his shot before she cut him loose……..

  10. If this guy is a vegan I’ll eat my shorts. There is no way way he could be making out with these beauties and not have the biggest chubby going ! I don’t believe he was saving his veginity just to lose it with a girl he hardly knows on a tv show like this , this doesn’t add up . I’m only watching this because my wife makes me . Honest !

  11. Is that all they did on their first date? And that boat, oh geez they were lucky they made it back it was so noisey! 😂…..Oh boy! 🙄👎

  12. In a interview Cassie says that during this date they weren't miked while in the water so she asked Colton "How do you not know by now who you're going to pick?" 😂 And Colton had already decided it was going to be her a week prior and I just think that's cute♥️

  13. I thought it was so cringe when they walked onto the island and awkwardly just kept kissing hahaha he looked so bad at it

  14. It was on this date that I felt this was going to be the girl Colton picked. You could see and feel their great connection 🙂 I am so glad I was right !!! 🙂 🙂 They are so beautiful I wish them love and happiness always . God Bless them always

  15. Cassie is TRASH! – Colton just got confused by her wanting to leave – men like the chase and he got blinded by it. He literally ruined his life! Leaving someone who loves you a MILLION times more for someone who is ify about you is just insane. Hannah G. is a MILLION times more of a woman than that little Cassie surfer chick! Hope they BREAK UP so Hannah can get back with Colton and marry someone who actually wants to MARRY!

  16. Would've been nice if he had a picnic or something set up on the island. And not just nothin! 😭🤣

  17. I love how beautiful she is even though she’s not skinny as an effing rail like some of those other girls. I feel like that makes her even more beautiful. Perfectly imperfect and definitely just a normal girl instead of some kind of swimsuit model. Those others just don’t seem so real. That’s why she was always my favorite contestant.

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