Cruise Ship WiFi, Hangers & Hampers Sea Day Vlog

Hey cruisers, welcome to our onboard the
Grand Princess weekly vlog. Today’s vlog episode is brought to you by where you can find reviews tips and photos from real everyday cruisers. we
had a blast reading the tips from before we came on this Cruise
and that is where I found out about a secret viewing deck for glacier day up
on deck 8 if you continue from deck 7 which is the promenade deck and you go
up the steps and around the front one of the forum tips was that
you can have basically the whole front of the ship all to yourself. And that is
exactly what I did the other day. So gotta love the tips on
they are awesome! So we’re having a wonderful cruise you
guys. Excuse me, I do still have a little bit of a cough please pardon me. I
get a little bit hoarse here and there. We are on day 8 of our cruise. So by the
time you see this we will be disembarking and heading home to share
all of the fun experiences with you and start editing all of our vlogs and all
that good stuff. We have a ton of questions that we want to answer this
week from viewers. I logged into my Wi-Fi real quick got some so my free Princess
internet minutes from being platinum, got into YouTube check to see what was on
your mind this week, and we would like to answer those for you. Make sure that you
join us this Saturday September 9th for our live stream at noon pacific time. As
long as everything goes well, we will be right here on this channel doing a 1
hour livestream at noon pacific time so that’s kind of all we have in
housekeeping today. And i’m gonna go ahead and check out my little phone here
which is where i’m saving all the comments that i want to read today and
questions that i want to answer that first we’re gonna help someone out. We’re
gonna help Shaina Ray Vincent out. They’re going on a cruise and want to know if we
have any excursion or resort suggestions for Grand Turk Curacao La Romana and the
Dominican Republic and Aruba so if anybody has any suggestions for Shaina Ray Vincent let us know in the comments below. Next up Carla B who’s coming on this very ship Grand Princess right after we
disembark said do cruise ships supply enough hangers? My family is leaving from
San Francisco on Grand Princess on September 5th
that your cruise too? – okay Carla so there’s about 10 to 15 maybe hangers in our
stateroom here I think about maybe seven or eight have the pant clips on them
and maybe five or six of them are just regular wooden hangers they’re very high
quality so they’re not the type that clip into a the hanging rack they
actually are normal hangers they’re beautiful high quality wood I’m sure
that you could ask for more. We actually had to use more but I brought some
hangers with me and we just kind of doubled things up. So I think 10 to 15
would be a good a good safe bet Evelynn Ceballos has a question about
our pop-up hamper that she knows that we take on a cruise Evelyn said do you put
your pop-up hamper as it is back in the suitcase or do you transfer all the
dirty clothes into a plastic bag or duffel bag so Evelyn no we don’t put the
hamper into our suitcase we take everything out of a hamper fold it put
all the dirties in kind of a dirty packing cube and then we fold the pop-up
hamper back up put it in our suitcase and bring the dirties home separate from
the cleans so that we don’t have to wash everything I hope that that answers your
question Cynthia says I’m traveling in September
on the Breeze, but it’s coming out of Galveston because of the rain and the
flooding what should I be worrying about what should I bring to carnivals
attention I’m leaving two days before I think what she means is she’s going to
Galveston two days before the cruise and wants to know what happens if they
cancel the cruise while she’s down there and they leave out of a different port
so Cynthia, I’m so sorry for that you guys a little bit a little bit raspy
here Cynthia I think what’s going to happen is that the Cruise Line is going
to be an excellent excellent communication with you if they’re
planning to change that that port of disembarkation or embarkation either one
of those things they’re gonna tell you when they know with that said though
they may not know until the day before I’m hoping that the weather clears up by
then and that you don’t have to worry about it but what I would recommend that
you do is call the cruise line if it’s Carnival call them and tell them that
you want to make sure that they have your cell phone number on file for text
notifications email notifications whatever it may be so that you get
notified of any changes right away they will do their best to fly you into a
different port if they have to but they probably can’t guarantee doing that for
all passengers on board they might give you
the option to cancel your cruise and get your money back if the change that they
make is so drastic that it affects your travel so I’m not sure exactly how
they’ll handle it but I wouldn’t worry too much call Carnival talk to them a
little bit about it and get some peace of mind there our next question from is
from Brandy no gaming who says what happens if you use the cruises Wi-Fi but
don’t turn on airplane mode so Brandy no gaming I think what would happen is
you’d still be in danger of incurring roaming charges and going into roaming
mode my husband is over there shaking his head yes so I wouldn’t try to do
that I would go into airplane mode and then turn on the ship’s Wi-Fi which is
entirely possible that’s exactly what we do every time there’s really no reason
why you wouldn’t go into airplane mode if you plan to use the ship’s Wi-Fi so
play it safe my friend all right Alyssa Schultz says I have a few questions for
you what are the websites you use to book excursions off the cruise line
how many cruises have you been on like we’ve lost count of how many cruises but
we’re in the 20s it’s not really a dramatic huge amount of cruises but
we’ll try to count for you soon and let you know on a vlog one day the other
part of your question was the websites that we use to book our own excursions
there’s really really tons a lot of times we’re gonna book our excursions
directly with whatever tour provider we’re working with so we’ll probably do
our research on cruise line calm looking at the excursion sections there but then
we may book directly through that provider for example when we were in
Puerta Vallarta and we went ziplining we booked directly for through Los
Verano’s canopy when we were in Skagway and we went on the White Pass rail we
booked directly through the White Pass rail so usually that’s how we handled
okay if you um want to use other sites you definitely can to gather your
information look at pictures read reviews and things like that but when
all is said and done I think it’s probably always best to book with the
the provider if you can Kim T says since you’ve stayed in many hotels and cruises
have you ever had an issue with bed bugs Kim T the answer is no we have not
not in hotels and not on cruises either Carolyn B says just curious why would
you need to pack your drinks in your carry-on why not put them in your
checked bag Carolyn was watching our most recent packing video when we were
packing for Alaska and packing things into our embarkation
Day bag so Kim the answer is you have to that’s the Cruise Lines policy any
beverages wine soda water whatever your cruise line allows every single cruise
line that I know of requires that you put them in your carry-on bag so they
can inspect them at the time of embarkation if you put them in your
checked baggage they’re just gonna get flagged and sent to what we call the
naughty room and you’re gonna have to go down there while they open your bags and
inspect them later so it’s a lot easier just to take them with you and your
carry-on but it is heavy that kind of sucks but oh well all right next
question haha this is so cute Toni O’Hara was
watching our packing for Alaska video and had just kind of a comment which i
think is really sweet she said my husband would just look at me and say
just wear the same thing twice nobody will notice am I alone Tony you are so
not alone as you will see in our in our episode following this Cruise in my
outfit of the day videos you will see absolutely that I repeated things I
repeated my dresses you saw this dress that I’m wearing now and one of the
earlier dinner nights and I wore my jeans several times I wore my sportswear
many many times of course we do laundry and wash things in between but you can
absolutely rewear things and I highly recommend you do especially clothes that
you wear to dinner right if you’re dressing for dinner right before you go
to dinner you’re not in your clothes for very long they don’t get dirty so
definitely rewear them all right hmm I love this Julie Ann hall says I love
your packing vlogs but seriously I think your son needs more shoes again she’s
referring to what I was packing for my son for Alaska in our last packing video
I could never keep my son out of puddles puddles puddles puddles two sometimes
three pairs of sneakers a day and we all know Alaska can be very wet how do you
manage have an awesome Cruise well Julianne you must be reading my mind
because guess who decided at Mendenhall Glacier that he was gonna jump in
puddles in the morning when we had a full day of excursions ahead of us yes
my little boy and he was wearing sneakers that were like really well
ventilated which is great but not great for the range so I totally blew it I
should have bought that little guy comfortable rain boots or some kind of a
waterproof boot like I did for myself I got myself Sperry duck boots and I only
bought him tennis shoes hello bad mom so anyway I blew it you were right next
time he’s getting waterproof shoes because we were so stressed out about
him getting wet in the morning and then being cold and soggy the whole day with
no extra socks or shoes so I thought it was really funny
I saw your comment and I read it to my husband right away because I was like oh
my gosh you have to hear what Julianne said after we had our little experience
the other day so that’s all the questions that you guys had for us so
far if I’ve missed you keep in mind that I was checking YouTube from from the
high seas and I may have very well missed your comment but I would love to
answer your question so just ping me again send me another message on YouTube
just let me know if I have missed you thank you guys so much for tuning in we
have so much awesome content from this Cruise we have daily vlogs we have my
outfit of the day series we have on our CruiseGear channel an episode that we’re
putting out called get ready with me where I do my hair and makeup so make
sure you’re subscribed on our CruiseGear channel and be sure to join us in our
live stream this Saturday the 9th at noon Pacific time thank you all so much
for watching our little onboard vlog today from Grand Princess from our cozy
little inside cabin and until next time we’ll see you on the high seas bye Hey click me to subscribe Is this is alright for formal night? Will I get
kicked out at the dining room? Nah

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