Crypto Blogger Reviews (Volume One)–The F.U.D. is OVER!!!

An original Muddy Mo’s World of Crypto
series “Crypto Shenanigans” presents… The F.U.D. is Over!!! Crypto blogger reviews, volume one.
The Craigory Chapter. “When crypto floods, Muddy Mo discusses the mud it leaves! Y’all wanna hear more? Stay Tuned… AYYYEE!!! So what’s to come in “The F.U.D. is over,
volume one”. First up, we’re gonna talk about why the F.U.D. is over is needed, and how
Muddy Mo is the bloggers blogger. Next, we’ll be discussing the crowd. Talking
about general things about crypto bloggers. Also, we will have “Let me talk to you” Muddy Mo talks to the crypto bloggers directly, each one by one. Then we’ll have “The F.U.D. is over Craigory”. Breaking him (Craig Grant) down a little bit We’ll end up with the Muddy Mo list. That’s the most entertaining
crypto bloggers. Y’all wanna hear more? Stay tuned… AYYYEE!!! Why “The F.U.D. is Over” is needed. First up, were going to talk about truth. Were going to talk about the truth. Now these crypto bloggers, don’t hear the truth. That’s what Muddy Mo is going to bring. These guys need to hear the truth about the content that they are putting out. The perceptions, and what they’re seen as in the crypto world. Not only just that, but what they bring that’s “special” to the crypto world That’s important and the only way to give that to them is through the truth. Also, Muddy Mo is the bloggers, blogger. *Claps* What do I mean by that? That means the blogger is gonna watch Muddy Mo (if they don’t already). They gonna want to hear that truth, change up how do I make this thing work for me
alright so muddy most of bloggers bloggers also the foot is over is needed
because it’s gonna be given constructive criticism now let’s break down
constructive criticism and baggage cryptolocker
alright constructive that means I want you to do better
all right no and the only people I talk about in these videos are those that I
want to see do better just bleed it alright so its destructive criticism
alright but you also need to hear about the station either fix or get better and
that’s what Moneyball is gonna be doing it’s gonna be giving constructive
criticism another reason the F.U.D. is over is neat is because it’s gonna be
helping the common people be hurt some of these bloggers don’t listen I’m gonna
be honest with you Hollywood they got a couple thousand viewers subscribers it’s
all about the people that’s whose view you the foot is always gonna help the
common people be heard alright this is what the comment people want to say to
y’all and muddy Mo’s don’t be that also the foot is over is needed because it’s
what the people want to know all right they tune in and watching crypto
bloggers they really want to know where you coming from
and sometimes you got a sporadic and all over the place right they come to your
channels for specific reasons so muddy malls gonna be giving them what the
people want to know about you crypto bloggers and last but not least the
flood is over is needed because there’s nothing in this this person who is just
facts all right
straight objectivity nothing else all right so don’t get offended some people
can’t take constructive criticism that’s all this is
all right nothing personal I like you with you on here all right just just
know that y’all wanna hear more stay tuned right so we’re gonna be discussing
the crowd crypto bloggers that is so we’re gonna discuss the crowd as a whole
all right we’re gonna get some updates on them in general just talk about the
mezack whoo all right this is all the crypto bloggers first up one good is is
that they all have something unique to bring the crypto all right and the game
is about standing out it’s not about being the uniform but being the same it
gets boring all right so all these guys have something unique to bring the
crypto they’re almost superpowers that make them great at what they do one
negative is that they all have a lack of creativity to a certain degree this
thing can be added upon there’s a lot of stuff does not be in touched in crypto
all right and it’s specifically due to a lack of
creativity all right crypto has a stigma of having a certain type of person
that’s in it and even though that might be the case in order for it to grow you
have to show some creativity bring people in all right snatcher gotta go
get them all right and it all starts with creativity so add some creativity
to what y’all do a good thing is that most of them are working hard and they
bring you new content that’s a good look it’s a real good look all right you can
tell hard work cuz it pays off over time that’s one of the portables yes that’s
one portables there it is all right and they also give new content they keep up
today pretty much every day on what’s going on at crypto is so volatile it
changes daily they usually do a good job of keeping up with so let’s talk about
one of the negatives and that some of them are not
looking out for the people all right nobody wants to hear about how many
calls you sold and what you’re gonna do with your massive amount of coins nobody
wants to hear about what you did in early 2016 that made you great now that
does not make you a great crypto blogger and the people want to hear how they can
be helped it’s not being selfish all right nobody wants to hear that help the
people they don’t starting right now what can I do to get in crypto that’s
what you guys in to focus on the people a good is that they’re pretty
experienced in crypto for the most part everyone you see or everyone is involved
in crypto blogging is experienced at what they do to a certain degree so they
know what they’re talking about and that’s good especially coming out of
nowhere trying to learn crypto these guys can really help you with that
another thing is looking down on people what are y’all doing stop looking down
on people and that just goes back to me saying it you talking about your big
stacks and how much marketing you get marketing money you’re getting and all
this sponsor money all of these Khoisan you can just quit stuff at any time
because you got all this Ethan all this big stop it stop it I can’t whistle good
but you know what I mean flag on the play stop
I look down on people everybody don’t have a lot of eat to get in everybody
don’t have a lotta big corn and you guys gotta understand that most of the people
that’s gonna be looking at you coming in or gonna be looking to you to see what
they should do not you they don’t care about you I’m sorry
it is alright a good thing is that most of these guys are interactive with the
fans all right and the subscribers that’s in their niche they usually are
very good at getting back with people some up now somebody’s Hollywood guys in
that but for the most part all of them usually will interact with the fans
especially if you’re inquisitive about what they’re talking about or what
they’re into they usually will get back with you so that’s good
and the last negative is that Bitcoin only bloggers are played how be creative
again nobody wants to hear you just talking about Bitcoin
that’s wack it’s boring you know make it boil nobody just wants to talk about
what bitcoins 1 for today all right it’s a lot of different
aspects to this stuff we got a touch all right coming up next we have let me talk
to you money Mo’s we’ll be talking directly to
your top crypto bloggers yeah yeah I’m one of him more stay tuned all right so let me talk to you this is
some game for the crypto bloggers now when I say game that means I’m
getting them in the note all right I’m getting them a little bit of knowledge
about themselves so who will money mole be talking about let’s get right into it
first up we got data – mr. Nicolas and muddy nose amass tricky Nikki followers
about 291,000 – some more and his super power is that he gives good crypto news
strong crypto news next we got oh corn buzz Jeff mka
blockchain chipping followers about two hundred five thousand plus by now
and this super powers all corn discussions alright next we have snipers
tool naive MK 819 that a bit a it spawns about 44,000 plus by now and his
superpowers is price predictions that’s his thing all right also we be talking
about crypto Jedi mk8 no I’m saying followers he got about
ten thousand plus by now his superpower is controversy he might not know that
but it’s controversy next up we have not trip on James or Trayvon James okay a
little tray all right his father was right now is about nine and a half
thousand plus and his super power is that he has
mainstream crossover appeal if you only knew it
next up we got Daisy crypto update jerk crypto Jackson
m’kay a way back because I’m a poor thousand followers his superpower is has
a purple income all right so basically crypto games that’s his thing
next up we have Mac money Steve Stevie m’kay a dirty Jers all right he has
about nine hundred ninety plus followers right now and his super power is that he
is a crypto cynic he’s very cynical all right that’s the sting next up we
got crypto yadi boom Johnny mka freakily his followers he got about 400 plus
followers right now and his super power is that he does really good crypto music
and he has a very unique perk no sound alright next up we got kitty Pacheco
Kimmy from cool m’kay a poohbear all right his files right now you got about
two hundred plus followers and his superpower is that to be honest he just
runs pope and he’s a nice guy that’s in superpowers alright next up we got
crypto safe in ka the pine sir alright this follows right now unknown but his
super power is that he was super super powers is that he’s a crypto troll
researcher and scam fine alright that’s crypto say and finally we’re
gonna be talking about Craig Greg Gary gives heart Intel
m’kay a craigory all right right now his father was about 41,000 plus and Craig
superpower is that he is noticeable and familiar in crypto I stay tuned alright
so let muddy mow talk to you day 2 – and muddy nose mash frickin Nicki
alright David as Nicolas let’s talk has right now over two
hundred and ninety one thousand followers since July 2017 my ten eleven
months all right so let’s talk about them stress and super powers of data –
Trickey Mickey first up he delivers reliable crypto updates alright
it says a lot to have someone who can give you updates on what’s going on in
crypto especially if you don’t follow it off it’s all tricky Nicki does a good
job of giving you crypto updates next up yes late night live streams
that’s genius that’s smart all right after you get off
work we can listen to him to see what the market has been doing checking for
not my needs not our money our corners that’s what we’re doing good tricky Nick
he does a good job of giving late night live streams
next up Trickey Mickey has in-depth knowledgeable crypto chart analysis sis
but no he uh he’s very in-depth and knowledgeable about charts and he does a
good job recognize especially big former breaking charts down daily all right
and another strengths of tricky Nicky is that he has a mainstream personality
he’s well-spoken and he could possibly be a staple in crypto going forward if
he plays his cards right all right so that’s some of the strengths about Ricky
and Nicky well let’s talk about some other things
alright so tricky Nicky don’t be mad but acne is fixable
alright you make it bread you got enough coins that could be
fixed man get it together especially if you gonna be a staple in
crypto man you can you can clean that up man this is the pub daddy yeah
also don’t be mad but you do the same exact thing every show what is it is
it’s a snorefest bro get it together man it’s kind of boring
change it up add a little some action to what you do all right now let’s talk
about some suggested a justice miss for tricky Nikki first up your show is not
daily so it’s really no need to imply to it now no yes you know you got the daily
crypto updates and all that stuff but you don’t have to use daily all right
it’s just not a big deal don’t say that another thing is you need to spice up
your show put a little salt let’s stop pepper in there something
some seasoning do some notes and you can bring in more crops even at over a
quarter million followers you can do more than so I would suggest you just
spice it up a little bit and add some also a good thing for you to do chicken
icky it’s you to show your versatility and that would increase your base even
more all right so some versatility you know you talk about the same thing and
that’s good to be consistent but you also gotta be a little bit more
versatile man show us your versatility pull it out bring bring bring that Swiss
Army knife out man that’s we want to see all right make sure y’all check out day
two – all right go check his channel up because good work over there all right
coming up next we have all coin buzz specifically Jeff right column black
change ethic y’all wanna hear more stay tuned alright so let muddy mow talk to
you coin buzz more specifically Jeff MK a
blockchain get it all right so our point buzz has over two hundred
five thousand followers since September of 2017 about the eight or nine months
all right so let’s talk about some stress or superpowers a blockchain get
there I’ll point buzz first up you cover the vast majority of
all coins all right popular and unpopular that’s a good thing that’s
unique specific and it can it can pass the test of time so that’s a really good
thing next you keep up on up corner I see oh
noes that’s good cuz sometimes you want to track our coins will attract our I
see oh and I’m coin buzz does a really good job of keeping up to date on what’s
going on with our coins and I see oats all right next up girls are generally
trusted by the people and that means a lot
all right to be willing to say when something’s going good bad like I
remember in before that was that was awkward but other than that the videos
have been trusted by the people and that was really that’s really good about them
next up chef it blockchain jet there you have a very good voice alright your
sound is your own you have a really really good voice man and it’s specific
and to be honest if I hear your voice I know what I’m listening to too so that’s
a very good thing now that brings me to my next point
all right so block change if it don’t be mad but you have a face for radio bro
you ever faced a radio sorry but it’s true look at this picture look at the
other picture so the fall-off is real bro stick to your stress man do the
voiceovers only man that’s good for you next up
you must lead your team Jeffy you’ve been too nice and you seem indecisive
and your team needs to add inches mandated straight-up board all right
your team is boring every time they come on it’s like man I wish I knew Jeff what
Jeff all right don’t be mad but you were not ready for success when it came Jeffy
like change me you wasn’t ready man and they could you could tell man some
people are ready to have a lot of followers like that and he’s saying that
you weren’t prepared for that so here’s what it is don’t be mad but your content
seems light at times and what do I mean about it that means that it seems like
their content is like go to a website read a little bit sentence what is going
on I mean this that’s cool but we need a little bit more man like we need
something more in-depth man like talk to the developers at these coins man see
what they’re actually doing keep up with them like it’s not enough to just give
us the content and go to a website to read all right so some suggested
adjustments for our core buzz lock Jane Jeffy in the crook all right blockchain
Jeff if you need to trim the fat bro and let the Bears help and what I mean by
that is you need to narrow down some of these people you got on the channel man
they need to go all right so let the fans actually vote on which bloggers are
best for the channel magaz all I’m not gonna work it’s not gonna help all right
next focus only got other brands you know as though coin buzz ladies that’s
the old man you need to focus on things like that man and focus on what you’re
doing under doing just a coin talk all right
that’s good next up you need to get some channel clarity on different genres of
your art corner coverages my what do I mean by that if I go to your channel it
just look like a smorgasbord of random all corn talk man like we need to have
some some direction when we come to the channel
another thing stay here lay man is goal for you man this all coin talk you’re
doing it’s gonna stand the test of time trust me man that’s a good thing
stay with it block change ft all right don’t bitch her off stay with the Ark
Horn coverage man that’s dope all right so y’all make sure y’all off corn buds
all right coming up next we have snipers 2 & 9 that I’m in it yeah yeah y’all
wanna hear more stay tuned all right let me talk to you
snipers to more specifically and money knows am as naive that I better all
right snipers to name right now has over forty four thousand or more followers
since about October 2017 approximately eight months so let’s talk about some
stresses and superpowers of nineteen attababy first up name is an expert at
price predictions and chart analysis and he’s very consistent at it alright
possibilities is his thing every day this is what bitcoin is going so we
think and this is what uh aetherium and other things are going to that’s pretty
dope next up now Ange trading experience and his story is inspiring man very
inspired started from the bottom now hey that’s what that feels like man so
that’s good we like to hear that people need to know you can come from nothing
because a lot of us have nothing so that’s dope next up Lanie not a baby
your video shoutouts in your live interaction is a very very good look man
it’s a good look to be shutting people out man
especially those that donate to you that’s good man your live interaction
man that’s Bar None I like that man that’s a good thing
keep that up that’s dope also I am NOT a baby you creatively generate viewer
interaction what do I mean by that man you
things like bets with your viewers so if I get 500 likes I’ll shave my head not
less stuff you’ve actually followed through on some of those bets man that’s
a good thing and that’s a creative way to get people into our crypto space 19
now you don’t want nobody like muddy mo over there man I give you a bed like if
you get 300 likes shave off your eyebrows or something like that man but
that’s good how you generate that viewer interaction now 19 that a baby don’t be
mad but you need to stop blocking and kicking people so much man the point is
to actually grow the community and it’s just a straight-up punk move unless it’s
absolutely necessary man grow your community you keep talking about oh I
want to cut it down no you don’t need to do that man grow also don’t be mad but
your patreon price straight sucks though similar to current Fiat systems it’s
like the rich get richer man like don’t you make enough off trading aren’t you a
trained guru like why do you need $120 for itself for people to get tips from
you man that’s stupid don’t do that that’s dumb change that next up your
co-stars especially your dad have to go man they hold you down and they kill the
vibe of the channel and usually they’re complete snoozefest man the bar guy your
dad I call him your dad I think that’s your dad for real man you can just say
that they got a go man it’s boring man also we don’t care about your resources
of your mentors unless you say they are say who they are
we don’t wanna oh I got some good advice from my mentor and he told me this oh I
have someone who’s been in stocks for years he needs nah man stop doing it man
it make you sound like you making up stuff I’m learning a lot be honest with
you it makes it seem like you’re just making it up for reaction man say who
they are if they good at trading today they probably don’t care if you say
their name say who they are go now some suggested adjustments for snipers too
let’s talk man out of bed first up you need to figure out how to
cater your content for a larger audience as well as your private community I mean
you do good on the disc or you do good on patreon but you need to figure out
how to grow your channel and and still keep touch with your private people you
see them saying also you need to think bigger man and plan forward alright
right now I think your vision is skewed of what your channel could be your
channel could be huge man price predictions people love that especially
day traders so why not take advantage of that man you need to think bigger also
have some more planned formatted shows like give more to the Petrie’s beyond
that you do that’s kind of lame you can do more formatted shows and not
obviously think you got the personality to do it man think you’d be good at it
so think about that also you need to just be more professional and empathetic
of people of other cultures to your channel and you can possibly grow
exponentially by doing that and what do I mean you don’t understand that people
are not day traders so you need to be more inclusive now you add your charge
which is good you give that freely your discard you you add different things
that are free which is good however you don’t reach a crowd like muddy mola
reach you know what I’m saying so just think about that all right so
y’all go check out your boy nyeeehhh not a baby and snipers too yeah yeah one
anymore stay tuned let muddy moe talk to you
crypto Jedi MK a Phil Jenna all right you’re an over 10,000 followers since
August 2017 proximately eight months it’s not too bad all right so let’s talk
about some your strengths and superpowers crypto Jenna first though
you’re intricate in your video of man can’t say that I mean you do a good job
of editing and giving up the – so you’re very intricate in your videos in the
show and that’s a very good thing I think that’s a strength also you’re a
great source of crypto information when we get it and you can tell you do your
research to a certain extent that’s very good to be a source of Krypton info it’s
a lot of people that’s gonna be coming in and out so that’s a great great great
part of what you do get a good Krypton information also you gonna put a kill
shot on your opposition cutthroat you add a video you talk a
little bit extra we talk about what you do go put a killer shot on your
opposition’s and I think your viewers like that I think that’s good because
you go keep on people so it is what it is don’t be mad but you seem to go extra
hard on black hole patient Martin’s alleged scammers and your highest views
have come from those black alleged scammers all right I don’t know if it’s
racially motivated but it’s some don’t feel right you don’t itch the heart man
so watch out for that that’s crazy next nobody wants to hear you talking
about Genesis money of face they generally soak and you get no views
from Genesis has not offered contracts in years for life
stop it roll nobody wanted about too much money let that go all right don’t
be mad but you can be very harsh and you have overkill your videos alright
it almost seems a little distasteful at times you go extra extra hard like I
said it already you kind of go extra extra hard on the
blacks game let’s play you go extra hard man another thing don’t be mad but you
just need to stop exaggerating now the people looking to your videos
some of your things have been said for extra shock value you’ve exaggerated
Trayvon incredibly you’ve talked a little bit about film and while doing it
you give us some information so make sure you don’t exaggerate your video now
some suggested adjustments for Forever Young first though you need to ask
something what you do man you’re getting very very forgettable and evil to get
editing it doesn’t matter man like you need to add something else like your
channel is like almost it’s not needed almost so you need to make sure it is
neat next is your niche you should use it keep talking about how he can’t stand
all that closet block those are your most viewed videos well a view being
negative I’m just saying so you need to use that to your advantage also last but
not least you need to change your background like his lame seriously and
the reason I call you Forever Young is because it’s stuff like that man like
nobody wants to see me to gamer um you look too old I know you’re too old to be
doing it I don’t know if you got a wife at home no whatever it is no judgment
well whatever it is I mean they don’t want you to grow up at a certain point
so change that up man and make me see him up a question alright so that was
your boy forever young crypto Jedi don’t check his channel out
crypto Jedi yeah y’all wanna hear more stay tuned let mud emo talk to you
Trevon tanks and buddy knows maths look Trey came into the craigory you’ve
always been little tray to me so you go out of that we’ll talk about that well
Trey Tron j-channel not Trayvon James son of Trayvon Jax has 128 thousand
followers all right nacho Vaughn has over ninety
four hundred for 2016 that’s about two and a half years so still going strong
check on the beds again all right so a little tray this country box we stress
the superpowers first up the trade smart and wicked
people gravitate today and that’s a good thing man he’s real witty and get off
the top of the head so that’s good man oh and that’s one of the qualities that
that’s really strong about also he’s very entertaining when he wants to be
with crossover appeal and would like me about that I mean he cross over and
bring other people into crypto like this personality type is very inviting and
you can bring a lot of different people that’s not in there now so that’s the
strength of his all souls he knows what he’s talking about for the most part it
has in-depth knowledge due to this experience so his experience in the game
is being around so long he knows what he’s talking about so if you try to come
from that’s kind of tough because he at least knows generally what everything is
that we could be talking about to make some money so that’s good next up
he made a Power Move with poof with your mind James we got the Patrol got the
most toke man that was strong and at the time I loved it was excited because I’m
IRA he figured it out even though that wasn’t his his game that he create he
wasn’t them that he wasn’t a developer for
it still is a very good look man when you can do things like get the truth
when you can do things like hit complete control over what you do so little tray
that was dope man he made a Power Bars any for you so alright nice little tray
don’t be mad but you generally have selfish intentions like right now like
you’re bored and you don’t know where you want to go on trip though because
you have pretty much selfish intentions like you need a bigger car some
motivation boat like when you first get the bag that’s cool but after that you
got to have something bigger to keep your boiler all right next up don’t be
mad but your beard you need to cut that is both is not
connected macro really like I get it or just not happening cut that off huh next
up don’t be mad but the try you should be living better than you do bugs by
doing a little normal apartment probably stand with your BM sending Florida right
I don’t know if you make a good decision but you make it enough where though you
have met enough bread but little bit better bad so you figure that out also
don’t be bad but you bought your followers on Trayvon James
yep back in the big connect days we know and now you intimidated to put videos on
it because your creativity is limited you scared you can’t hold up to those
standards man that’s a lot of viewers and I feel like right now you a little
bit intimidating to go back over there you want to stay here decision and
decisive and you’ll know what you want to do right now alright so let’s talk
about some suggested adjustments for Trayvon a little tray first off and I’m
gonna talk to you like this because I feel like you have a higher ceiling than
most man you should be the guy in crypto you can help a lot of people if you
purify your eggs make it about the people man or just
people that wouldn’t normally be encrypted next up I think you need to
sit down and write down what you want for being a youtuber like you’re unsure
of yourself right now in the show and then that brings the confidence down
acknowledges you but your viewers we feed off that confidence to kids also
you’ve never worked a job um apparently but you need to study worker structures
as you can benefit more for planning they’re like get deep into it understand
the logistics of what you want to do business-wise and I think some other
things in your life will go a little bit better not not even this dilma crypto
but just in general thank you a smart dude I know you
figured it out all right last but not least the Train nobody wants to give you
freestyle a lot of time nobody’s off the top waters oh wow don’t wear that fly on
your video they will do video so not Javon James go check the channel out
also Javon change check the channel out yeah young one anymore
stay tuned alright so let muddy boat talk to you daily crypto update MK way
back all right Danny crypto update Jared crypto Jackson right now he has over
4,000 followers for 4,000 any been around since October 2017 about 8 months
8 9 months that’s not bad alright so let’s talk
about some stress that’s super power of words he’s the master of crypto games
especially the obscure games all right so he’s the master at a not knowing when
they’re coming out but also knowing how to present that to the people I think he
does a good job of presenting gains to the people he has a firm
understanding of trends and alternative parts of Christo
so again crypto games especially dab games he understands the trends of them
he pretty much can see when they’re going up and going down or when people’s
gonna be getting in again now and that’s a good thing he understands what’s going
on well it’s games to come let’s go also he
has original perspectives of what he does and is usually the first to report
the opportunities and that’s keep being first to the punch usually drops him
first he’s in the discards and I understand he knows a lot of people in
the crypto game space and then another strength is that he’s very talented a
predicting what will happen alright this is due to experience and it is for but
he’s very very talented at predicting what will happen in the East game due to
his experience he’s very talented at predicting with what happened again and
as he knock that makes people a lot of money all right now
Jerry day the crypto update way back don’t be mad but nobody wants to hear
you talk about anything but crypto games period it’s gotta be honest with you bro
be real all right that’s all we want to hear from you and that’s okay that’s
enough you do a good job then just keep going with that
next up h3d was an absolute disaster bro you take the brunt of life flashes and
gas wars who is that benefit it’s a view and a couple other people are you
serious horrible man like way back you know better than that man that’s whole
denon help the people you I think you’re a better person than that all right next
up don’t be mad but you shouldn’t make light of people losing the games I truly
believe this you a jolly dude like you laughing and smiling probably making
jokes all the time but there are times where you have to get serious man like
you got to be real about people losing their eat and that’s not cool another
thing don’t be mad but gasps boys shall never been to a
date it should never exist all right on the unit developer one each
and that means you purposely stole from the people not 20 Jared not cool
wait back that’s not cool at all man you knew that long ago working people you
know people look upon opportunity you know that then I’m just gonna leave it
there you go that was better I don’t want to call you
in scanner but that was whole alright so that’s nice um suggested
adjustments for Daisy crypto update the first off you need to embrace the hate
and keep improving a having forward thinking alright
yo inside will make somebody rich one day all right so this embrace date let
it be what it is look this is what I do whatever I’m all I know that’s why next
up you need just 6 mins of guys what you doing eat games like this Chulainn it’s
almost undeniable but you can grow exponentially if you focus on what works
for you alright focus on exactly what works for
you and it it can just grow man you’ll grow exponentially then also you need to
probably do more live videos or something to include your audience your
subject matter is very specific and you gotta understand that this Court is just
not gonna be enough alright also your channel name kind of
sucks maybe need to change that to be more specific to you man oh I think you
can do better than that alright way back last thing I think you
need to add more in-depth research and aspects of crypto games alright
these assurance by contract holes and the developers behind them okay let me
let me tell you a bone one thing you can do is like you can put a numerical value
on the risk of the ether game or other crypto games whatever you’re doing
ceiling fan but you have a lot of free reign and covering crypto game and I
think you need to use it man like you got all night you’re not even using one
percent of I we used like a small percent of our brains like crypto games
are so huge gaming in general you know that with the game and chair
you know that you can even go this thing expedition man I want to see you better
man like to be honest to 4,000 followers is not enough you need 40 easy you need
to adapt to new audiences and and find ways to bring other communities in do
what you do and be specific with what you do and be intentional about check
out daily crypto update or you – yeah yeah yeah yeah won’t anymore
stay tuned Hey so let me talk to you black money
sees as dirty Jers so black money Steve easy before I cannot before I jump in
he’ll make sure y’all hit that subscribe slap that bill right next to a man for
new content I make sure you hate that over dog – all right check black money
Steve all right over nine hundred and something fathers alright you’ve been
around for about eight to nine months alright so let’s talk about some stress
and some powers of black money Steve aka m’kay a dirty Jers alright you’re
extremely cynical sees but that works for you and you need to stick with that
now think that shit like you shouldn’t go about everything man it just it you
figured it out I think that’s your life all right next up you definitely try to
brand yourself and sell other items that’s though you got to look who do you
look a little cheap but say you can work on it you can build that over time but
you look like your brand you got your coloring book the other stuff you lose
branding something so that’s good also you have a decent understanding of
developers and programs all right so you have a decent understanding of looking
at contracts from what it seems and you also understand what it means to program
and have a of the program game or blockchain or whatever the case may be
so that’s does enough to be a good thing now dirty Jers don’t be mad but a
coloring book to this for real to this audience are you serious but just not
the line for them that’s pretty a grown man coloring book
like I’m not donating to to get no cover just you say alright also don’t be mad
but you are lazy with giving in-depth information to your viewers saying oh do
it yourself Lee research that’s not enough you’re not showing people
anything alright nobody wanna wake up and hear
that don’t do the research no that’s why we watching you do research for us of us
wanna hear that next thing like there’s something that’s
disingenuous about you minimally like people can fill it I don’t know if you
just I’ll put the money or what you’re even doing this form but it’s just
something that feels disingenuous about you man I think you need to work on that
all right next up themselves they come through like you thought this Quan
yeah don’t be mad but I think you spoke too soon against the BJ’s right I’m
still getting their dividend I don’t know about y’all but I’m getting a
couple days so you might expect to soon earning and also don’t be mad but you
come off as Eric and the way you live does not match what you say you have and
you seem good desperate before you get out here boot camp like I understand
people got ran out on you got your own or what happened but you should be
living living better than you do and quite quick question what you doing
military this late night and one of your blog’s you said I’m not as young as you
guys think so why are you said you at the college so I’m putting the numbers
two or two together it’s kind of kind of older people to the military I
understand if it’s work you can’t find a job I get it wait you talk big money
crypto and that’s the one thing you need to watch out for man don’t talk big
money crypto it is that’s not what it is man you got to go in and make a way for
yourself in the military it is what it is all right
social suggested adjustments for Steve aka dirty Jers
first off enjoy basic training and come back and just start over get a fresh
perspective on target and star your highest news to come when you never
show your face just say so you might not need to show your face but you’re saying
also your channel suffers because people have to like your personalities to watch
you rather than your content alright so you need to plan your videos better so
people can watch your video is not just for liking you because that’s gonna
create a limited market for what you can do all right thanks suggested adjustment
keep being cynical grow that’s your lane but you need to be careful about
speaking too soon against things you spoke against all eight games and that’s
a little strong man you know by this point you got to understand then
everything’s building on everything so when you say eat games are dead like
that’s a bold-faced lie or this could be a long rod for a very long time that’s
when always make you look bad you gotta understand these things you looking at
he’s not just looking at the cold now you guys looking at the games that exist
now you look beyond that you look in five to ten years about how people can
keep attaching things onto these codes and making them better and better for
people but you didn’t you didn’t catch that but yeah do your research also you
need to provide more quantitative facts man again as and some to your videos I
stopped telling your audience do the research that’s lazy on your part not
them are you due to research that’s why people tune in is is to see you do it
you see what I’m saying like you have this have something to offer the people
that’s going to determine whether they will or will not check you out
hi hi dirty Jers so y’all gonna check down black money Steve whenever you post
another video yeah yeah I’m gonna hear more all right so let me talk to you okay
a freakily all right right now has over 550 followers it’s been around what this
patient has been about about a month but this is a second hey let’s talk about
some stuff alright so some stress the super powers of crypto yardie obviously
you hear the music yes very good crypto music and he can if
he wants to be the pioneer of crypto beauty and really good sounds
professional sounds good smooth man that I should say alright
next stop crypto yardie has an excellent radio voice
it’s very distinctive or the crypto space is different alright it makes them
stand out so you know just you have an accelerated voice it’s very very good
type of videos you go also he has a very likable personality he just seemed like
a good dude you seem like you don’t play bleep that’s good
I think his viewers and followers were late today hey are they actually
gravitate to that and that’s a good thing you lose that it’s good also yarda
you seem to be fair when assessing father’s game 7 we have a lawyer field
that’s good the followers can really bond with that like think you’re really
Rahman somebody who they feel like for you to giving them the children’s or
giving them things how they are that’s good now crypto yarded don’t be mad but
your material is very very raunchy I counted in the music videos in you
tonight you can hurt your overall growth in the long term like we know you get it
in just keep it crypto all right we know you get it
July also you need to upgrade your internet service your Wi-Fi your Robin its upgrade like your video quality is
horrible get that together man that’s some I hope
that you can fix I don’t know where you are
but yeah get that together matter that needs to work also let me shade it you
do a good orbit and chill with the sex-talk sartatia chill bro like you’re not so if people
see a skills outside sex Tong I get it you got a hot driver I get him and talk
about your junk about that man chill out all right so let’s talk about some
suggestion adjustments for freakily crypto y’all did first off get your
video quality here lived under control I think you would agree
no you probably not on video they should we should put some out there is out
there also made me extremely focused on your music like for real like serious
now you can be a catalyst to a broader market for crypto and like they think
crypt are gonna think yard you really think that big man has some clean music
alternatives to your repertoire and it can only help you give me good what I’m
saying like this could be huge right I want to see you grow with that now I’m
gonna follow you with that also other than I really do slow in your channel
shouldn’t go sp3 to go you don’t wanna tell you some entire like
I think you could be a lot broader if you really really talking like Johnny okay y’all check out crypto yardie
that’s his music in the background check his music out super checked out crystal
yard I don’t want to hear more so let muddy mold talk to you Kimi Pacheco
Katie from poop m’kay a Pooh Bear alright so let’s talk about Kenny so
right now Kenny has just over 200 followers and
he’s been doing this for about a month alright so Kenny’s been kidding this is
Kitty for pool by the way so let’s talk about some stress superpowers of Kenny
Pooh Bear first off they’re our first contract maker to show your face Congrats
did you set a new precedent for what divine check owners own or contract
stars will have to do going forward that’s a good thing Kenny thanks for
that muscle you have a very welcome and by going off pause but you just seem
like a real cool dude and that people can gravitate to that and that’s good
you know it’s good to have a welcoming back so that’s good
also you have very good at listening to the people for the most part you’re very
active at responding to the people in the disco Lords and on the video so you
know that’s a good thing listening can only get you better okay
my mom used to always say teach yourself that’s a very good thing Kenny
so now don’t be mad but look alive Kenny you’re a soldier but to be honest you
come off as a little salt I don’t be so Jim I am I like a nice guy
but you’re too nice it’s a little gentle man also don’t be
mad but messing with the master nor destroys your brand you know what I’m
talking about it’s all about getting the word out Manning you are not a viable
YouTube for that you messed up losing a major bloggers man that was a bad move
for pull and far Oh kitty put man don’t be mad but are you
chipping people on purpose like do the genius Oh your idiot king is knowing
between like what is it I don’t know you don’t know what to make of you yet also
kitty don’t be mad but you’re getting sauced a lot of day for a lot of people
you’re gonna always hold that man like one question who is actually winning
your games especially fuck on to my next point
don’t be mad Pooh Bear but the charity molded part was hole thought horrible
don’t use charity to justify us losing eating your game that’s not cool we want
to get to a charity we will give on our own alright that Eve would have been
better served back in the game or even two though all those who lost in farm
I’d have been better off well it’s better spit and what you spend their
fight against helping people well we can’t teach the world until you fix our
crypto space first Kenny you gotta understand it all right so so suggest
adjustments Kimmy from poop okay Toby all right you need to apologize to mr.
Park then focus on one game and one game oh all right
then bring your name out the mud yeah pun intended
also you need chucking pot and get whatever blog as you can to help show
your one game all right I think you’d best abate you’re gonna have success is
doing one game and doing it well man to put your all into alright so make sure
you get some bloggers on deck man cuz I don’t think you got about yourself
alright also your one game should be of the people let the people vote that’s
gonna bring more transparency can let me say this no advantages to you and
the dance can be done and make that clear to the people man that’s the only
way it’s going to work and the last thing you need to be more humble all
right you got your come up you know make the videos and think of the person who
lost the most playing in your games all right this will make your content more
sincere and come across better to the people right pull man Kenny for both
y’all running hear more stay tuned all right so let’s muddy moe talk to you
crypto sang and muddy nose a masturbation crypto Saint unknown
followers been around since unknown alright so let’s talk about some stress
of crypto st. first up YouTube also crypto bro people look to you for
insight on scammers and scams and as we know that’s very important to crypto
world that’s dope alright keeping the people abreast of what’s going on in
this crypto world was really was not real fight next up you come for
everybody to no fear man that’s rare in crypto bloggers face and it shows that
you here to help somebody hopefully it’s the people that help somebody with no
fear it’s a good look also you’re good at stating how and why platforms and
people are scams and scammers proof is everything in your lane and you give
reasonable amounts of proof and everything that you talk about so that’s
good without proof that your word would be
worth nothing so that leads a lot that you have proof also you’re expert and
following the money all right so even following Eve contracts are
following whereas everything started from a following and developers whatever
the case may be figuring out what’s going on behind the scenes and that’s
important people need that now bouncer crypto st. don’t be mad but at times you
get a little too emotional and you feel is a little too much like
there’s a thin line between keeping people in line and sounded bitter then
you need to find that good balance in between there between your emotions and
your guests appear fast all right find the balance also your visuals need some
major work bro don’t be mad yeah it seemed like you use
your visuals just as a space saver rather than a – all right so visuals are
borderline whack and you just need to have them upgrade all right put a little
bit more thought into it I know you got the funny stuff up with change that up
now don’t say don’t be mad but you will moderate the program an oxymoronic bro
what are you like what you thinking about like he was certainly Wario Grande
and whatever you trying to build on your own eyeball off you craigory and be your
own man you better than that man yo I think you have more potential than
craigory for real you have more personality all right also don’t be mad
but don’t bring up that there’s better ways of game and game crypto but I’ll
telling people what or how how to do it what are you talking about you got to
get better details in it trading is not enough for people you got to understand
that are you talking about what you’ve done and how you rock you’re not telling
people how they can do the same to get better off in this game all right so
let’s talk about some suggested adjustments for the bouncer mk8 rip
those same first off you need to do more work on your visual alright your visuals
lead people when you go on rants that should thank you drew your lorentz for
the people to keep track of where you are you need to do better
visions also look man get yourself out of anything involving Craig grant all
right do your research he will absolutely destroy your brand in the
long term you don’t care about nobody with himself especially with you
represent on your own channel it’s not worth the risk to mix yourself in with
them right like it just makes no sense unless you wit it unless you with the
same stuffy on I don’t know but that’s a bad look for you and like you can’t
comment people and then side with somebody like Craig man that’s too much
also you need to show people your positive side man like you talk about
all those who are doing wrong it not on the right path maybe you need to show
some people some other size you you know I’m saying like maybe talk about those
who have done better in their crypto game or those who need a second chance
deserve a second chance all right also you need to plan your
videos out a little bit better all right and when you freestyle to come off the
top of your head with your material like it can run on then you start to repeat
what you say a lot like not only that like your audience feels like there
could be more than which to what you say like you might have more to say but you
forget it and get sidetracked but if your videos had just a little bit more
organization you can keep that in control and evening are your thoughts on
cuz you go walk like you go and you delete but at the same time you might
lose checking something it’s a vital facts on that too people need to hear
all right hey y’all check out the bouncer and muddy nose amass crypto safe
yeah y’all wanna hear more stay tuned muddy you know what uh all right so let’s do a quick recap of
volume 1 the foot is over first off we talked about wild I thought it’s over is
needed we had some constructive criticism for crypto bloggers he was
talking about what the people wanna hear then we talked about discussing the
crowd all right crypto bloggers that means some good quality crypto bloggers
maybe talked about some not so good qualities in crypto borders
then we went on the mud emo their money more talk to him alright so I talked to
the crypto bloggers first off we started off with a – – we call him tricky and
Nicky then we talked about all coin hoods
we blocked change if it did we had snipers to it ie not a bit it then we
talked about crypto Jedi then we talked about Trayvon James little tray then we
went on to talk about the daily crypto update mr. way back then we have black
money STIs dirty Jers then we talked about crypto y’all did boom freakily
alright then we talked about candy from pool pool there then we ended up talking
about crypto st. the crip don’t bounce it alright subscribe make sure I hit
that like make sure I hit that bill next to the SUBSCRIBE right make sure y’all
check me out in the description for my disk or man i’ma hop on the discord I’m
gonna get it going alright y’all y’all want to hear more
coming up next we have to pass the present in the future of your boy
craigory the Claude is over craigory want any more stay tuned all right so let’s talk about the past
the present and the future of craigory that’s Craig grant RT Intel gary games
but muddy knows them as craigory i who has multiple channels and multiple
deleted videos alright so let’s start off with the pastor Craig grant all
right so let’s talk about how he started off he started off scamming doing
African Prince Cain with the send me $500 I sent you a hundred thousand back
he started off deal with Nigerians and what he specifically did is he sent his
girlfriend slash baby mama slash all the above pictures to Nigerians and let them
troll her picture all over the Internet all right duping men out of thousands
and thousands of dollars all right now you see that’s her gonna cover the day
the New York Daily News there I mean what happened was the her picture got
all on these different sites beneath Nigerians and she ended up one in the
Chumash calm for that which is crazy for 1.5 billion all right now comes to turn
out the Craig was behind the whole thing and I was just that she has stuff on the
side that she does anyway all right so she basically trolls guys she acts like
she’s in love with him and they send her money and money she sent some pictures
all right most likely the ones that Craig takes
and allegedly in 2011 this guy killed itself for her I think was living for
2011 but it was it was on 20/20 it was a whole story about it alright so this is
what Craig and his girl his being his wifey whatever is behind all right as
you see he outlined how he started all right so he even talks about the
Nigerian scammers making 5,000 a month that’s crazy so he went on from there
and he began a big connect that was the next connection right now think she was
– connection to him to get in the big connect however he got in there and he
became became the leading face of big connect all right so he was all over
YouTube by promotional time on YouTube just just pumping beaconing all over the
place all right and after that he started you know what I’m an American
ambassador I’m gonna start bringing people in so he brought the likes of
crypto Nick the likes of Trayvon James into big connect all right so he was the
guy who was on top of that pyramid solitaire so all of their referrals he
got a piece of all of that which is the same thing he’s trying to do with this
thing now and as you guys see in this picture this is one of the the the many
videos that have come up in your as promotional videos during other youtubes
I remember my who is this dude seeing him all over the place like just doing
too much alright so he was paying for this space he was the Americans motor
then he moved on the data point out the big connects cam down all right and
obviously we know the data points came out too all right so let’s talk about
the president let’s bring it to the present time all right
so most recently Gregory has been pumping p3d got into it with the devs
there jumped out of that all right like two days later he found poo he actually
found Keaney I can give him that he found Kimi
he jumped onto that it was big can he change the master no he jumped out of
that then he’s like you know what I quit I’m not gonna do it to you more so he he
supposedly quit the game that’s all right so right after that some
developers like you know what mr. craigory since you wanna quit the game
we’re gonna use your name and we’re gonna make our own eath game and that’s
exactly what they did the proof of great Craig and corn Craig had nothing to do
with the development of this coin all right so these guys went behind his back
and use it and it was a lot of people saw the developers as being scammed me
and they were trying to put a lot of money out all right so after that
Craig’s like you know what I’m also do my own so he then he comes up with a
clone called fun face which soon after a developer stole that name
and that was his scam alright so essentially this camera got scammed
all right funk face was out and a poof Craig a coin scammed up alright so right
after that Craig actually ended up probably paying some developers to make
his own eath game make his own pqt clock alright and he caught it Craig grant now
so getting into it the evil is rising at first everything is looking good for
Craig Craig’s father looking good sitting at the top owner
and most of the tokens he’s got the very top and he’s selling to trying to look
like he didn’t have a lot of stake in it but he did hey this is his own words
cause CG now his tip jar right so what happened it pumped and then it heavily
doped Craig dumped his own coins alright and one thing that really sucked
about that game it wasn’t made for people to spray it I mean you needed 333
tokens to be a Massimo and I was like a dollar fifty when it at the time
so that’s crazy like you know it was specifically made just for Craig arena
game and his ambassadors to gang all right so let’s move it along
alright so now he’s on something just caught not all right that’s his new
contract now and this is new p30 clone and to me is just another MLM scam
superior me a very very clear pure beard he’s using youtubers to promote the
scheme that he’s on top of alright so you know you add on that picture there
you can see some of the names that’s in it which is it’s very surprising to see
some of those names on that list but the pre mind is horrible and we’ll talk
about that in a second and Craig and crew will have the vast majority of
Craig and his ambassadors who has a vast majority of the coins in nine just so
you guys know up front this is the plan alright so now literally means now to
this dude like seriously he literally means not so pray let me let me talk to
you a little bit about you leak I know Sarah name but you know I’m talking
about look look Greg I’m gonna tell you man
I’m a tape player player bro you ain’t put a ring on her finger I get it you
know she’s free to go I think she will dough I really do
she looked like the type that’s available
like to the highest bidder for real that’s a fact I’ve seen here y’all in
the bedroom sheet you just you taping right and she just comes in it just
wants to be in front of the camera she just wants that attention so you know
what that tells me quackery I know you ain’t have you had a little
bit I know you got Shorty’s Barnard out are you kind of little business make
sure you handle the business but she she’s available bro she liked it she
liked to be seen I ain’t gonna talk about all the scary stuff she’s done but
she liked that so just better watch out my job you Nina I mean you leave you
know I been do that spin for us on the camera Moochie we’re gonna watch the
Julianne now that’s actually a channel we’re gonna watch that you Liana now and
I hate the fact that y’all can’t even they’re not good enough to even change
the name another everything is now for y’all right yeah but you Lee’s available
I know that yep I’m good so let’s talk about the future all right
so where did word is craigory go from here all right so the p 3d clone that
you’re making now which is ironically car now we’re most like you fail and
most people especially those with not a lot of ethan air will be losing or get
out an ambassador you will be losing all right you basically paying craigory who
has a piece off of everyone who joins the game he made sure i’m sure of it
that he’s getting a piece of everything he’s at the very top of a pyramid scheme
of MLM school alright another thing his craigory will always
be a scammer man yeah y’all gotta understand it and he will always look
for the next get-rich-quick scheme that’s who he is
alright so here take advantage of weak-minded people when he can and he
just won’t stop this this is not he can’t stop it like y’all have to
understand the this is not gonna ever stop right he’s a selfish person he says
it right he’s he says I’m selfish all I’m all about me all right he’s all
about scamming and lines of whomever he needs to to get ahead all right so
that’s who he is yeah I want to hear more that was a body shot here
come stay tuned the foot is over craigory we back a shot so let’s talk
Craig grant already in tell Gary Gibbs also known as craigory let’s talk all
right so first let’s talk about feet let’s talk about fear look alright so
the first thing is is that you spread fear that people are missing out if they
don’t join you and you’re not right and all your other activities you’re
spreading that fear that they’re gonna be broke if they don’t follow you Craig
that’s not right also the people have a fear that you
will take their coins Craig that’s why you knock the head an unmanned you’re
not gonna be ever be good at the head of anything because your intentions aren’t
right man you’re not a leader you’re not built to be a leader
so people have fears that you’re gonna take their coins and whatever you do
Craig also they have a fear that you haven’t changed at all
from all these scams that you’ve been doing you haven’t changed
you trying to scam the people why it’s a lot of rich people to scam craigory
well you’re harder why you’re scamming poor people also there’s a fear that you
will delete your videos and now that people have a voice on your platforms
that’s another thing you try to censor people right so how do you get a new
game if games you have now you get this game and you have a discord but nobody
can leave a comment or something your people sorry Craig your people and I
want just that you delete videos so much nobody even knows how to keep up with
you that’s why your subscribers is going down or your Craig grant challenge right
you see it happening you get your views are going down and down because nobody
want to hear that Craig nobody has time for that no more man so stop spread net
fear Priory stops dear let’s talk a little bit about uncertainty all right
so let me tell you why we uncertain craigory so the people are uncertain
that you’re suffering from bipolar disease disorder Craig seriously Craig
you need to take care of yourself with something like that Craig that’s serious
take your medicine mood swings a real bro you shouldn’t be telling people what
to do with their crypto when your mood can change from it at any second
no wonder you change your mind every day literally all right there’s also
uncertainty about your state of mind look man this is on a serious I’m not
even playing right now like you just went through a lot and we all empathize
with your family man it just might not be time for you to take on this kind of
venture man like slow down a little bit man life is more important your family’s
important all right some more uncertainty you got
uncertainty about now craigory like honestly I just think you like the hide
and open and that’s what I think it is because you just telling people what
you’re about man you’re about right now all right
and it’s also uncertainty about you being trustworthy ever right I don’t
know how anyone could ever believe a word that you say you know you you need
to take yourself serious half the time Craig you set another pool to take you
serious do you care do you care are you trying to get a little covered
islands get a couple coins and get out of here that’s that’s what I think get
it together craigory game all right so let’s talk about doubt a little bit all
right so I’m gonna tell you We the People We strongly doubt now all
right and here’s why and this is not only the fact that we’ve lost a lot of
people have lost a lot of each of these other games well let’s talk about now
all right so problem number one with now is you have inflated tokens right
there’s a ridiculously high pre mine on it all right so your ambassadors can buy
up to three eat the piece of tokens before it even comes out so let me just
say you have a hundred ambassador right including yourself that could be 300 eat
that the contract starts at before TV it’s going
are you serious Craig the vast majority of people whatever would never be able
to buy this coin as a reasonable pricing you know that
and you setting this up so you can hold all the power in the contract quickly
like are you planning on dumping on everybody craigory even your
ambassador’s preggers eat well are you ambassador’s smart enough
to dump on you cuz that’s what’s gonna happen this is not this is not gonna
stay up and not I will guarantee that guys that’s all down guarantee but this
contract is not gonna succeed alright problem number two is that the
cell limit in now is 100 tokens that’s treacherous are you serious Craig
you you know what miles are go to Bank of America go to all these other banks
pncb miles ago to these banks and just say you know what screw crypto if this
is what we got to deal with a hundred tokens is not always alright and
basically if you want to sell you have to have a lot of eat dinner alright
nobody ever gonna want to drop you have 100 tokens minimum that’s crazy
and what it’s doing is knocking little guys out Craig not cool at all man
problem number three to become an ambassador you have to refer three
youtubers stop it you really trying to spread this thing huh it’s not growing
like you thought it would grow you see some people that just greedy want to get
in and we talk about them but that’s it man that’s all crazy let’s talk about
another problem problem number four you have super wack youtubers that sign up
period I’m just gonna say it I don’t care
Martie Beaumont talking to heart I’ll shoot him it is what it is they whack
alright some of them have videos on less than twenty dudes come on Craig are you
serious so this is the money this is straight a
money play for you you’re just trying to get the bagman then these people these
these youtubers they okay with scamming people in the name of Gregory in the
name of Craig alright you two should have free will to shield your trash
without having any stipulations put on how they shit right you’re making sure
that you get with people involved with this contract Craig you making sure that
so Craig the foot is oh we see you trying to do it now you seem truck
chuckles you know I think now stands for no others winning that’s what it’s
terrible no others winning Craig and his no others winning he’s gonna be at the
very tippy top of a pyramid scheme and that’s his dream guys so go ahead you
like it you wanna lose you eat throw your money this is the craigory at the
top of this and this is you feel his lifelong dream all right yeah y’all want
to hear more stay tuned so muddy mojo spicing things up a little bit y’all
know I’m different I’ve come with different angles all
right so muddy Moe’s gonna talk about the most entertaining bloggers in the
game the most entertaining crypto bloggers the muddy mold list
y’all y’all ready let’s go let’s start with the honorable mentions first we
start with Kidd a kidney from poof she’s honorable mention all right and I’m only
covering the ones that I’ve already talked about all right so be more to
come but Kenny’s superpowers that he runs pool and he’s a nice guy all right
and number 10 we got black money Steve all right Stevie slide in and up at
Enright and his superpowers that he’s the crypto cynic all right very sinister
all right and number now we got crypto Jedi all right he jumps in at number
nine all right and crypto Jedi superpower is time troll
bird see that’s him all right number eight
most entertaining crypto bloggers data – all right power is simply crypto news
all right consistent crypto news but you’re entertaining though number seven
we got daily crypto update with jared crypto Jackson seventh most entertaining
blogger right now and this superpower is he’s the crypto game Kate Oh
next up we got Craig grant critter number six most entertaining bloggers
right now all right and Craig superpower is simply his
familiarity people know who he is all right number five coming in at most
entertaining buggers is crypto yadi boom you crypto you already coming in number
five most entertaining block all right his super powers his crypto music and
his unique sound all right number felt most entertaining cloggers crypto Saint
bit that up his superpower is that he is a crypto troll research and scam finder
we got the top three coming in at number three we got all calling buzz Jeff from
up buzz good job Jeff made the top three better all right just superpowers this
channel does good Aucoin discussions all right
number two we got naive from snipers two very interactive with the people’s very
very entertaining he lets the people lead him in that that’s dope alright
history power is price predictions and that number one you better do some work
to stay there at all we got Trayvon James the most entertaining blog in the
game if you only know it all right and his superpower is that he’s
bankstream and has also repealed all right yeah y’all want to know more stay
tuned make sure that you guys go and throw in
the comment sections below if you want to see one of your favorite crypto
bloggers over here money mode look over the tapes and we’ll review that alright
so make sure you put in the comments if you want to see your crypto blog or if
your crypto Barbie or soap you want muddy motor to discuss you and see where
you end up on this list gonna throw that in the comments alright and why y’all at
it go ahead smack that upper thumb go ahead smack that subscribe alright the
muddy mole is the most entertaining vloggers yes y’all wanna hear more stay
tuned Oh y’all made it to the you haven’t made
it to the grand muddy mold finale the foot is over volume one so let’s talk
about it right so first we talked about why the foot is over his needed alright
no constructive criticism for crypto bloggers and it’s just what the people
wanna hear all right then we talked about discussing the crowd discussing
the crypto blogs as a mole all right we start off with some good qualities on
the bloggers and then we talked about some not so good quality some of the
bloggers right then we went in to let muddy mo talk to you all right so we
covered off loggers we talked about Dana – all coin buzz snipers – then we talked
about crypto Jedi then we went on the tread bond James then daily crypto
update black money Steve’s crypto erd then we talked about kidney from pool
and we ended it up with crypto sank right then we jump into some most that
we won done there then we talked about the past the present and the future of
thuggery Frank right in the past the Nigerian scam in a big connect and the
present p3 and now in the future just gamma K style else topic ready then we
talked about the flood is over craigory the fear certainty it out alright we’ve
done Mike the fear that Craig expressed the uncertainty about craigory state of
mind and adult the trigger but ever change all right till we ended it up
with the muddy molas alright this is the most entertaining
crypto bloggers in the game today alright first off we had the honorable
mention here Kenny from poop all right then we have black money stays then we
had crypto Jedi number nine and number a we had day two – number seven comes in
davie crypto update we had number six Craig grant number five we had crypto
yardie boom at number five most entertaining
number four we had crypto Sam alright number three most attorney we had all
coin buzz Jeff alright number two now from snipers – all right in the most
entertaining crypto bloggers latreille Trayvon James I look man I
thank y’all for rocking out with me look check me out make sure I hit that
subscribe and should I hit that like me should hit that bale alright also check
my description for all my links check my description for anything that you need
regarding my demos but uh whoa money oh yeah I wanna hear more tuning in to the
next video y’all have just watched the foot is over
volume one done y’all made it with crypto floods muddy mow discusses
the mud it leaves all right y’all could have went anywhere in the crypto world
but you’re here with me and that’s what’s up man Muddy Moe loves you all
y’all real cool rocking out with me alright did y’all like that make sure
you leave comments make sure you subscribe make sure you like make sure
you’re interactive alright I want to talk to y’all let’s interact with the
people man let me know how y’all feel good and bad it’s all good man love
y’all man muddy most would agree though whoa hey
money mo what the referral whisperer is back muddy
motor referral whisperer check me on the description for all my
links drop some like or no money moe Wow drop some Ethier mo money mo drop some
dollars for non money mo Wow help me out jobs come that time I want to share more
of my world with you come check me out on all my social media links hit me on
twitter at muddy underscore mold find me on youtube and muddy Moe’s world
of crypto last but not least catch me on instagram at muddy underscore MOU come
check me out like follow comment retweet share do all the above guys I appreciate
the love and I want to hear from

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