Cutest Baby Sloth EVER!

– What’s going on Coyote Pack? Right now we’re in Costa
Rica filming episodes at a location called Kids
Saving the Rainforest and today I met an animal that I absolutely
must introduce you to. Get ready to meet the most
adorable animal in the world. Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls, say hello to B-rad. This creature is just
unbelievably adorable. That’s a hat. (Coyote) Oh, goodness… Suppin’ with the sloth. Hi… (safari theme) Now, B-rad is a baby
Three-Toed Sloth. Yeah, you want to
give me a high-three? High-three, there you go. What’s really interesting
about these creatures is they’re called
three-toed sloths, but actually the front
feet are the fingers. Now, they use these three claws to help them climb
around in the tree tops. This is an arboreal species. – (off camera) He looks
like a little yeti. – That’s a hat. You’ve probably never
seen a cowboy hat before. He’s like, “Hmmm, maybe
I should climb up here.” But I don’t think we’re
going to let you go up there, little buddy, why don’t
you stay down here on your stuffed sloth. – (off camera) Is that
a sloth teddy bear? – Yeah, this is a stuffed sloth, a plush sloth and a real sloth. I love the gray and whitish
coloration of the fur and that very distinct raccoon
looking mask on the face. And you know what I love
about the hair of the sloth? It all kind of grows
from the sides backwards and that’s so when they’re
hanging upside down from tree limbs, if it rains the water runs
right off of them. You see that? It’s like… It all grows up towards the
spine instead of the spine down. Now, B-rad is smaller
than most baby sloths and the staff here at
the sanctuary believes that he many have
been malnourished
when he was out there in the wild and it could
be part of the reason that he fell out of a tree. Fortunately, he was brought
here to the sanctuary and they’re going to provide
him with all the nourishment that he needs so he can
grow bigger and stronger and eventually be released
back out into the wild. Now, baby sloths make a
really interesting noise and B-rad’s not making
it, but they do go… (mimics high pitched noise) I’m talking to you,
I can speak sloth. (continues to mimic) That right there
is a cecropia leaf. Let’s see if B-rad is hungry. Oh, he’s going for it. Oh, goodness. Do you see that? I don’t know what’s cuter, the baby sloth itself or the
baby sloth eating a leaf. Now, sloths have a
very specific diet. As you can imagine being
up in the tree top canopy, they’re consuming
leaves, mainly leaves. These are cecropia
leaves right here. And the sloth has a very
slow digestive system. All that plant matter builds
up in their digestive tract and every seven days they
climb down from the tree tops to the forest floor,
find a nice little spot, dig a hole with their tail. Yeah, the tail, this
little tiny nubbin. It kind of looks like a shovel. They dig a hole, they
do their business, and then, as long as predator
doesn’t catch and eat it, the sloth climbs
back up its tree and goes about its
business eating leaves and waits another seven days before it makes its
next number two. B-rad, is it almost time
for you to go number two? He’s like, “Don’t bug
me, I’m eating my salad.” B-rad I’m going to just… – (off camera) Save
that for later. – You know what, I think I
could spend my entire afternoon hanging out with a sloth. Just you and me B-rad, we could
go on little walks together. I bet you’d fit in my pocket. I don’t think they’d want
me to put you in my pocket, but you would look really
cute in my front shirt pocket. Would you like that?
Do you like that idea? I think he’s signing
to me right now. He’s saying, “Man, I
would love to hang out.” You could come on adventures,
you could meet the crew. You could meet Mario,
you could meet Mark. We could all be buddies,
what do you think? Now, here at the
sanctuary they oftentimes have sloths come in
almost on a daily basis, especially during
the time of year when baby sloths are being born. And it is sad that sometimes these babies fall
out of the tree and a lot of times they
become victim to predators, but every once in a while you
have a human that comes along and finds a sloth first and
then ends up here at a place like Kids Saving the
Rainforest where they can be rehabilitated, taken care
of, given lots of love and nourishment, and eventually
released back out into the wild. And that eventually will
be the story for B-rad. Another incredible success story here at Kids Saving
the Rainforest and in just probably a few
months, you’ll be back out there in the rainforest
living the sloth life. Well, how cool was this,
spending just a few moments getting up close with B-rad,
the adorable three-toed sloth. I’m Coyote Peterson and
be brave, stay wild, we’ll see you on
the next location. (lighthearted music) Oh, look at that yawn. Who’s ready for a nap? (Coyote) If you thought
B-rad was adorable, make sure to go back for a
double dose of sloth cuteness as I compared the three-toed
and two-toed sloths. And don’t forget, subscribe
so you can join me and the crew on
the next location!

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100 thoughts on “Cutest Baby Sloth EVER!

  1. That's awesome! Last October when we went to Denver zoo my daughter and I spent like 45 minutes looking for the baby sloth it was bigger than b rad but it was still awesome!

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  4. I’ve seen this video so many times but I keep coming back. I love b-rad so much, he just makes me smile but also want to cry at the same time. I just wish we got to see how big he got. 😭😭❤️❤️❤️ I can’t cope with how cute he is.

  5. How fricken adorable. Gotta love them. Love it when he scratches his head. Maybe contemplating the great escape. Then he thinks I'm too slow they'd catch me. Ok I'll just stay here and eat leaves

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