Day #23 – 71 VW Beetle – DIY $50 Paint Job w/t a Roller! classic restoration giveaway

alright guys so I didn’t feel much but
we busted it we get the whole thing kind of primered out get the bond of stuff
patched we’re ready to paint the top half in the bottom half I think on the
actual body of the car so tonight bondo front fenders get ready
to sand them paint the top half of this car it’s the bottom half of this body of
the car then hopefully tomorrow we can paint at least the front fenders get
them on and get lights and we’ll see how far we get from there to finish riveting
get the metal on getting all tacked down are working that tonight – it’s
definitely crunch time my mom is in the area down so we have a feeling we’re
stealthy over the next few days I’m trying to get this done till one of my
brothers and sisters get down here for the big reveal
hopefully we can get it more put together than it is and give it give it
the old college try try to get it there together for the seals and stuff in like
different gaskets and stuff on the body yet
we’re on temporary put stuff up just so we can give it to her so make sure you
stay tuned them for this episode painted and get it rock and roll from there all
right guys here we go all right guys it’s been an hour so plus
yet no take prep takes a long time I’m just trying to get
everything prepped up ready for the top half of the paint to get put on and
we’re just getting all the lines and all the junk taped off so we can try to get
it going tonight all right guys about go time starting it
late we gotta get paint we got the old paint there it is beautiful blue got
some enamel hardener in there it’s setting up we got it mixed in and then
we’re gonna get this whipped out whipped into shape that’s gonna be so slick it’s
gonna look so good right at them so yeah we’re gonna get this together we’re just
gonna start winging it I just wanna start painting I don’t start working on
the front fenders doing some bond of action and some sanding and rest
stopping all were stolen rest offer and so let’s get it alright guys there it is hours of
painting and we have this awesome blue on top so we are pretty impressed with
our 30 35 dollar hardware store paint setup we did use the enamel hardener and
mixed it in with it and it definitely helped and helped it like all smooth out
and flow better which is definitely a plus and then we use a superfine sponge
kind of roller so actually rolled the entire car and we give it this cool
texture on top which I really like and I’ve seen on the old interwebs and so
far I’m liking it so we’ve got a heater going right here we’re going to keep it
warmer in the shop let it do its thing and it dry overnight hopefully keep the
dust and junk out of it and then that’s it need another coat we’ll work on
another coat on that sooner than later maybe tomorrow night to see how that
goes but we have progress so that’s always good also got the front fenders
kind of bonded up and prepped for Sandy’s so we can get those painted blue
as well get the insides lined and then we can work on the ivory on the bottom
half of the car so it should be awesome it shouldn’t look really cool and we’re
liking the results so far so you guys liking what you see comment below if you
have any questions or concerns about our rolls on August or paint job and let me
hear your opinions about that some more to come from wide-open throttle thanks
for tuning in till next time you

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78 thoughts on “Day #23 – 71 VW Beetle – DIY $50 Paint Job w/t a Roller! classic restoration giveaway

  1. Almost would have been faster to remove the windshield than to mask it off. Certainly makes for a cleaner looking job with the glass out and only takes a few minutes to put it back in. BTW, if you do a second coat with the color there'd probably be enough thickness to wet sand then buff it smooth later.

  2. Why are you rolling the paint on? You should be spray painting the car! That's going to be a crapy paint job!

  3. New subscriber I'm excited to see how it turns out 71 Volkswagens are starting to be worth a lot of money

  4. That intro music is way too loud compared to the rest of the video. Had to turn the volume way down then couldn't hear you at all.

  5. To WOTG. On the idea of wallpaper for the headliner. GO FOR IT ! ! ! !
    But paisley is soooo 1960s. I vote for polkdots. Just a suggestion.
    Newly subscribed. Cheers

  6. Done the roller technique a couple of times.Works a treat. I made it super thin, did a ton of coats, flatted & buffed it & it looked great. good job.

  7. Yep , I also rolled a paint job on a Bug .   The Bug was orange an I painted Tan , well that turned out yellow when dry .  Then I painted it dark brown to hide the yellow , it turned out purple when dry .   I wish they had RinoLiner ( truck bed paint ) back in the day

  8. The trick to getting any brushed or rolled application to be easy to finish is to find the right dry time and viscosity so the coat can level out somewhat. I have seen lacquered articles that look far better than sprayed types. Spray painting can be learned in short order but hand applied finishes are potentially better but far more labor and learning is required. One thing for sure, spray finishing sure wastes paint. Anyone know the price of automotive paint today? Talk about environmental impact (the kind that makes a procedure ten time more expensive for very little gain) modern automotive painting is a poster child. Nice job so far. We are all holding our breath on this one (a two-toned baby blue beetle).

  9. My uncle used to buy old Navy trucks and vans . He paint them with a roller but grill and bumpers got can sprayed. He did this nearly 40 years he was one who did not want to spend much on his cars.

  10. I see many cars rolling down the road that I could make look twice as good with a dad had a 66 bug that it.

  11. If you mix "penetrol" or "flo-trol" into you paint, with a little bit of heat, the brush and roller marks almost all disappear!!! Read the lable for mixing formulas, use a heat gun if your not out in the sun.. do a little research on penetrol or flo-trol fellas, it's cheap and it works!!!!!

  12. It would be quicker and better to use a spray gun and compressor. That is why they invented them! If you don't have one, hire one.

  13. Saw a car painted with a roller in hot rod magazine in the 80s.

    Sanded and buffed you couldn't tell a difference

  14. Amazing job, congrats!!!
    Just wondering if you used regular or lacquer thinner to dilute the paint to the ideal viscosity.
    I'm doing a similar repair on a 67 Dodge Coronet trying to keep paint odors to a minimum. You know, neighbor lady complains if sprayed, je je

  15. It's more fun when you do it the way you want to.. There's a ton of pride to enjoy for years to come..
    They don't make cars as simple as the old VW's anymore, cuz they want you to pay them more.. The old VW Beetle still holds the record for " Most Cars sold " of any model ever built, for good reason..

  16. The first 3 mins is like getting your finger nails pulled out one by one with pliers. Better to start from the 3:05 mark.

  17. what kind of paint they used for such a beautiful finish. I want to paint my beetle in this way but it is not clear to me what kind of paint to buy?

  18. I've now become a sick old man, but when my father and grandfather were young they ran a mechanical shop. They bought and traded for old Model A Fords and other cars, they would fix them up and sell them for extra money. They got allot these old cars from customers that didn't have the money to spend for the needed repairs. My father told me they had a guy that would paint their cars for them but he would only use black paint. He laughed and told me that was OK with them because most of the cars back then were black anyway..LOL The kicker was this guy stocked up on black paint, brushes, lead, and sandpaper. This guy did brush paint jobs only and use lead for the body repairs. My father told me this guys works could be put in the custom car shows today and that his work lasted forever. I guess this guy would paint and sand, paint and sand, paint and sand until he was happy with the job and then high polished the finish to perfection, his work was all done by hand. My father told me after seeing that guys work he would never hire anyone else to do his paint jobs. He always said the reason others couldn't do work like that by hand was because they were to lazy to put in that kind of hard work. Again, he said this guys body work and paint jobs lasted forever.

  19. I know they're fully capable… but I would have stripped out those windows, more wiring, bolted on items, etc.
    I also would have painted the inside entirely BEFORE, I painted the outside. Then top to bottom using gravity to set the paint.

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