Deadpool Pranks Spider-Man

Ok So In Pete’s Apartment As you can see Let’s have a little fun That’s awesome Alright there’s his spider suit What?! What is… Spider suit, Spider suit, Spider suit… JACKPOT! So I’m replacing spider man’s web fluid with silly string Ok I’ve gotta make sure this works first… (Scream) Perfect. Alright let’s get out of here I can’t wait.. What’s this? Aww that’s adorable (Vigorous Drawing) Alright, let’s go (Two Hours Later) (Spider man theme song in Background) Spidey should be coming out of one of those windows up there… How do you signal Spider man? (Sirens) Agh No no no! (Hit, Clank, Smack) You just got Pra- Oh *%$^& Ha ha ha ha

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