Demi Sneaks Into Colton’s Bedroom But Things End BAD! | The Bachelor US

What’s up are you I’m good how are you
and you want come on in yeah sneaking over to see Colton tonight without
having to worry about any girls being around perfect for me I’m ready to take
that next step with him who is this really
yes race is it I have been feeling so many things for Colton and I’m falling
for him you look nice thank you so yeah I am
interested in a life with him I feel like if you were to know how serious I
felt about him it would really be a breakthrough again in our relationship
what’s up and I’ve been missing you mm-hmm wanted to see you I know like
last night was really hard for you so I wanted to check in and see how you were
doing yeah it was tough but you know I had a great night tonight so that’s
pretty good yeah yeah me too you know I feel like you give me so much and every
moment that I spend with you like it leaves me wanting more yeah and you know
Singapore was like such a breakthrough for us and then Thailand we had another
amazing moment together yeah and I didn’t think I would ever feel the way
that I felt about you the way that I do now and I never thought that it would be
this real for me yeah um it’s really scary for me to even say that because
you know like what I’ve been through but I feel so confident and so happy with
what’s going on between us and like I now feel like I am falling in love with
you I just want time to be able to like
enjoy each other and to just like let myself fall I appreciate you saying that
to me and I I really do yeah it means a lot
and you continue to make me feel special you know with you saying that you’re
falling in love with me like you know brings up some emotion to me because I
do think about you a lot and I do think about us but there’s a
part of me that just that just doesn’t know if we can get there I just I don’t
know right now if I can see myself with you at the end of this I can’t sit here
and after hearing that tonight and put you through a rose ceremony I wanted you to know that thank you for
being honest I don’t want to say right now you’re incredible you’re gonna make
somebody so happy there’s certain girls here who seem like a safe choice but at
the end of that it’s not actually gonna be safe because you’re not going to end
up happy in the long run shit your work here it hurts this is why I haven’t wanted to be in a
relationship for a really long time because of this feeling I’m leaving being hurt is just the story of my life
nobody has ever left me back you just didn’t feel the same way I just feel like I’m not good enough
I hate that feeling does they know that I am you

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71 thoughts on “Demi Sneaks Into Colton’s Bedroom But Things End BAD! | The Bachelor US

  1. It's kinda weird that they become friends then talk to each other ab the boy problems & stuff but there talking ab the same boy

  2. Every girl in the house: i am falling in love with you..
    Colton: i appreciate it.😂
    He keeps pretending every girl that he is interested and falling in love with her and then plan a beautiful date, hug and kiss that every and at the end reject that girl.I think colton don't even deserve a girl in this stage of his life..

  3. You could tell that wasn’t real when she said she was falling in love… you can see there is no energy between them, the way you see with real connections… her tears are real but not because he really wanted HIm specifically, just because she wanted someone to want her.

  4. All of these women are the same. Blonde, preppy, high maintenance, and selfish. This whole season takes me back to high school. Lord have mercy. It's pretty accurate considering Colton played football and all these women probably have dated mostly jocks so that's why they appeal to each other so much.

  5. Honestly… Does she not have parents. Like what!!?
    Where is the self respect?!

  6. Thats what you get when u be sneaky and rude and calling ur self ( savage ) hahaha ! I hope she grow up and change herself to find happiness at the end

  7. I think men that are virgins into their thirties aren’t really virgins by choice. It’s the penis or the sexual pleasure… something is lacking…

  8. Girls when a man tells you no it DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. EVERY NO IS A STEP FORWARD TO YOUR YES. I know it’s hard tho to be rejected.

  9. She is obviously thirsty and an opportunist… She's a little questionable. And by a little, I mean a LOT!! Humiliating though.. she thought she would just whisk in, strip down and take his virginity. BYE, girl

  10. It's sad that these beautiful women turn to "I just don't feel good enough". They are all worthy of love, but chemistry and personality matching is so important that has nothing to do with being good enough. People can love easy, but finding a perfect match is what most of us really want. That is why love is so hard.

  11. She's gorgeous, I don't understand. She must have been picking the wrong men.

    I just can't understand why anybody would embarrass themselves by going on this show?!

  12. Girl if you don't stop lying talking about you are "falling for him." Every man with a $1 and a smile you done "fell for" talking about is this where you sleep? And why are you leading a grown behind man? Shouldn't he be leading you. She is way too fast. lol.

  13. Yo she's soo beautiful, look at her eyes , her hair , she's perfect, I would love be with a shortie like her …. dat mami is fire 🔥 🤤

  14. so glad she got rejected. I laughed so hard shouting Karma, karma. she deserved it after how she treated the black girl. So glad she got hurt n felt she wasn't good enough cuz its true

  15. She looks dead in the eyes when she talks about him. This seems like she just wants to "win" and not actually fall in love and get engaged

  16. No one loved you back so don't love them in the first place. When a man chooses you then you choose him or not, not the other way around in this way you avoid so much pain , this world contains enough of pain so don't bring to yourself another pain that can be avoided in the first place.

  17. I don’t know why everyone seems to like her, she seems like one of those insecure, childish mean girls and it feels like she was trying to force out tears LOL

  18. She has a lazy eye but dsmn she is adorable. Beautiful personality to the degree that the eye doesnt even matter lol

  19. She'd get booted just for that annoying voice. No way I could commit myself to a life with that shrill, mouse talk. It'll get even worse with time. Buh bye…

  20. Guarantee production boosted her up to go to his room knowing he was going to make her leave. Because she was so shocked at his response.

  21. Demi is a SNEAK and that adenoid nasal voice makes me want to puke. 🤮 TRAMP Lol God now we have to put up with this piece of trash on BIP.

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