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65 thoughts on “Diamond & Silk on Samantha Bee’s vulgar remark to Ivanka Trump

  1. There is petition for removal of maxime waters from Congress if u go on instagram @corruptfornia page . Share and sign that despicable woman need to go out

  2. I have witnessed people act like raging dogs just after a few Red Bulls or certain medications. I believe Rosanne was treated unfairly, even though I can't believe she said what she said, but at least she felt bad about it, and she very deeply apologized, which is way more than what we have ever gotten from the luny left actors and comedians. There is a difference between doing something by mistake due to chemical reaction, and doing something hateful because of political bias without a chemical reaction.

  3. Diamond and Silk: “Trump is bringing us together!!”…Uh-o.k.
    I bet they loved Obama too but nobody paid attention to them…with Trump they’re on TV, “ooh-wee we’re FAMOUS”-only reason they’re doing this…Sad. California don’t want You, Boo-Boo(s)!!!!

  4. Canadians love Diamond and Silk, you go girls!!!! Samantha Bee could learn some class from these classy ladys….Patriots Love Diamond and Silk Worldwide…WWG1WGA

  5. I hate to break it to you ladies, but blacks are FAR more racist against whites (and other non blacks) that whites are against blacks. They especially hate and resent Jews.

  6. And the Demorats keep saying Trump is the one to blame. There is nothing worst than ignorance. Now we have this Democratic mayor in Florida who is going to start this division again to get votes. Heeeeelp!

  7. AMEN. D & S you two are so inspiring. Thank you! So true too. We are one race, the human race! One united nation under God.

  8. Definitely a double standard she should be fired immediately boycott everything she does is she so jealous of Ivana because she's hot as hell

  9. She's a Canadian and a poor representative of us.  We Canadians are known for being polite people.  Going into another country an trashing their politicians and using derogatory language in the process is not only un Canadian but harms our reputation.  I think left-wing Americans need to pause every time they hear people like her and John Oliver over here savaging their country.  Samantha Bee mars the good name of Canadians.  Liberals who tolerate foreigners trashing their fellow Americans are truly loathsome creatures.

  10. Samantha is not responsible for what she is saying because an African BEE stung her on her private part,. Do not compare yourself to IVANKA she is a thoroughbred while you are a cab horse.

  11. Does anyone notice this but me? Pay close attention to the news, and politicians when speaking to minorities. Specifically Democrats and Republicans that are white. I notice with left wing media and Democrats, they speak in an almost "oh poor you, you poor victim." They speak in an almost, "you are below me, and I pity you.", It's very subtle, but I notice this. Republicans tend to speak in a way that's more like " you're equal to me, I don't see you as less than or better than, I just see you as you." Take notice, you will start to see it if you look for it.

  12. Sorry you need to look into Ambien stories of side effects. People sleep drive, cook go for walks. They make phone calls speaking gibberish. So Barr has an argument

  13. This is to the thumb downs.Does the truth hurt or are you just so brainwashed that you don't know the truth when you hear it? There is just one race, but many cultures.GOD made us all and loves us all! The Democrats are Look At ME we are for the people, as long as everyone thinks like we do! You love to play the race card in your game as long as you think it will help you get elected .There is racism among all skin colors! We need to look inside our own hearts to eliminate bigotry .

  14. These folks control everything + the media, they have this small empire. Open your eyes America! Dems plantation, handouts, slave, food stamp & mindset mentality, sliding down the pole, playing sports, reality tv, comedians, fake media & talk show, entertainment, celebs controlling the money, poor gets poorer, rich get richer, stealing from the poor because you still buy their movie theater & sports tickets, entertainment tickets, the poor still buys their expensive merchandize in stores etc. They are all ITCH! They have controlled, manipulated, brainwashed the Minds of Americans, marriages, teenagers, churches, schools, government for too long. These nonsense, eating crumbs from under the rich man's table, race, color, women, kid, border, why me, etc CARD, Got To STOP. Period! Boycott entertainment, movie & sports industries, subscriptions, video games etc and see, if so call stupid Empire/Itch will not come crumbling & tumbling down Amen!

  15. I loved Roseanne so disappointed when that show was canceled floored me for the reason of misunderstanding crazy I say crazy cra.

  16. Some people are worse then children! President Trumps family’s is good people. And some people are just jealous and childish. God bless and protect President Trump and his family in Jesus amen

  17. Diamond & Silk is exactly right in her comments about Racist,racism can be started by either white or black people hihi .

  18. Don't know who she is, fortunately I don't care what she/he/it says, all i know is that the louder they bleat the more guilty they themselves are.. and yes these attacks by the brainless should stop.

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