Dining like Tim Burton – Beetle House LA

All right. What’s up coffee beans!? We’re
gonna be heading to a pop-up in Los Angeles called Beetle House LA and more
to come soon. See you there. Alright just kidding…
looks like we got held up at a few lights and we had to wait at the
stoplight for three lights to get out of here and as well as there’s been fire
trucks and police all over the place so we’re gonna be at Beetle house very soon
so hopefully this time we’ll see you there. A’ight let’s have some fun! ’twas a long time ago longer now than it
seems in a place that perhaps you’ve seen in your dreams for the story that
you are about to be told took place in the holiday world’s of old now you probably
wondered where holidays come from if you haven’t I’d say it’s time you begun.
Oh my gosh we got this place for you well I mean we beat the rush but everyone comes around six So we get to have pictures and stuff. Ah! How excited are you? 10 out of 10 so while there’s still a quiet period
the servers are really friendly and everyone is amazing here. Willy Wonka
literally surprised me in the face. and it’s quite interesting to see like what is in this atmosphere.
I just got the This is Halloween, which was a drink
recommended to me So let’s see how it is. It’s interesting because it’s like you
really taste the fireball and then it has like a pumpkin liquor.
So kind of makes it taste like pumpkin spice and it’s a lot fresher because it is bubbly and if
you’re not the biggest drinker, it’s actually really good So first introduce yourself.
Hi my name is Joel and I’m a server here at Beetle House. And what do you love most about
working here?
Working at Beetle House is very interesting not only because of the
space and everything that we can see and the food is also amazing but we’ve got
to see shows every day we got to work with really nice people and the
customers are amazing because they come they get so excited about the place and
it’s great working here it makes my nights better for sure And that’s all. That’s all!? Yea. Oh my God I feel so important. you have an amazing personality so
that’s why I wanted a interview Honestly, I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful evening. Oh it is your pleasure, my dear. and you are a wonderful performer I certainly am but I never tire of hearing it How long have you worked here? Since they opened. I don’t remember that timey wimey spacey rhyme-y. Thank you so much. Your pleasure. Thank you, my darling. It was a wonderful evening. And honestly, we had a lot of fun but now the fun is done and we’ll be heading on home Thank you all for watching. Have a good night. bye hello loves as you can see it’s the next
day and I’m back home mom decided to decorate early so that’s why there’s a
Christmas tree so let’s talk the most important thing about beetle house la
price this was a question I definitely got from a few friends. Is the 40 to
45 dollar price tag worth it? the answer is depends on your philosophy
do you want to pay for a show and a meal or is food the most important thing in
your price tag if going off of food alone the forty to forty five dollar
price tag I wouldn’t say is worth it not to say the food isn’t good but it’s also
very basic a lot of it are like noodle based dishes pasta salad steak burger
I had the Edward Burgerhand which was a burger with fried egg and peppers it
would come with avocado I had mine taken off because I’m not a big avocado eater
so it was a pretty good burger and well cooked and ginormous I did take that
home we had dr. pepper glazed wings we had duck fat fries with scallions my
friend had the Linguini Todd. I had the Edward Burgerhands. Both of which were
prepared really well.
My only complaint about the wings were they were slightly
underdone however the staff was really kind about it
the fries are all well done the only thing I’ll warn is if you get the duck
fat fries those will not reheat well and I’ve learned from experience so if you are
someone like me that eats smaller portions you may want to
consider what you get if you’re the type to reheat your food. The desserts are
pretty standard ice cream, sorbets, and flan type dishes. One thing to note
about the desserts though is they do rotate so the dessert I had will not be
the same as you have and they do rotate things on the menu as well as the shows.
Even if I’m a little harsher on the food remember this is a pop-up this is a
temporary place it’s also a place that I would go again
and in terms of alcohol the drinks range from 12 to like $15 and a lot of the
drinks on the menu cover for people that are heavy drinkers and they want that
taste of alcohol and casual drinkers like me that drink for like the sweeter
taste or a certain taste they have drinks that range
in candy sweet like chocolate bases and creme bases as well as fresher drinks
like I had the This is Halloween that was a drink with pumpkin liquor,
fireball, apple cider (which made it bubbly) as well as fresh as well as sour
apple pucker so that gave it a nice balance so it’s not completely sweet I’m
also pretty sure you can’t go wrong with anything on their drink menu all of it
seems pretty good what makes the price tag worth it; however is the show that
you do get. We were there for three hours so we got to watch three different shows
one of them being the Willy Wonka impersonator who brings the whole
experience together as well as freakshow deluxe for a very big thank you to them
they have their sword swallower as well as like a fire eater I’m not sure what
the formal term is so feel free to comment below if you’ve heard anything
else for that also what’s amazing is a lot of performers come to your tables
and do smaller shows in the meantime I got scared by Willy Wonka twice mainly
because I had to switch between my 50 millimeter lens and the lens I used for
vlogging right now once I leaned into my bag I go up and Boop there’s someone
literally in my face I’m the type that screams so that probably made the
impersonator aware that I’m easily frightened and more fun to deal with
yeah it’s a good and a bad thing but I always am up for fun and also a lot of
the performers never break character and that makes it even better my only
complaint about the atmosphere is the music is not scores from any of the Tim
Burton movies it’s pretty loud music so that’s why you don’t have a lot of
footage of me talking you could hear in some of the footage that you could hear
me but at the same time I did enhance my voice in some of the audio now another
question is is this a family place I would say use your best judgement if you
know your kids I wouldn’t recommend anything younger than 15 some of the
staff will have a little more of a have a little more of a cabaret or lewd type
humor if they notice it’s a dominantly adult audience I didn’t see any kids in
the crowd so I don’t have anything to go off of if there is children in the
audience however I have read reviews where parents have taken the child
by the hand down the stairs out of the restaurant so that’s up to you and your
best judgment also another question is can you go to this place if you’re under
21 the answer is yes because the bar is only one portion of it and there is the
restaurant and as soon as I went to the door they stopped my hand when they
check my ID so they do checked if you are 21 at the door now one last thing is
the biggest difference between the bar and lounge and the restaurant itself a
lot of the entertainers and even the person manning the giant jack
skellington they do come out to the lounge area so you do get some of the
entertainment however some aspects of freakshow deluxe will not be included in
a lounge experience so if you’re the type that goes for the Instagram the vlog or
even just the experience to have fun and not a big foodie this place is for you
all in all it was a lot of fun and I have something to remember as well it’s
a lot of photos so be sure to follow me on Instagram to see those so once again
I’d like to say a big thank you to freakshow deluxe the shows were amazing
and I appreciate the variety another thank you to the Willy Wonka
impersonator who made the experience very interactive as well as a lot of fun
and helped me engage with the environment and a huge thank you to our
server Joel for being an amazing server and adding to the experience feel free
to comment below if you have any questions I try to get back to as many
comments as I can if you enjoy your time with me be sure to subscribe and don’t
settle for less than what you deserve Bye I do it all because I’m evil.
And do it all for free. Your tears are all the pay I’ll ever need.

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