Do Vegans Kill Bugs? | Gary Yourofsky Interview

Emily: Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan
and welcome to another vegan nugget. Today I’m honored to be joined by my friend and
mentor Gary Yourofsky who has graciously agreed to be here and answer questions that you,
the Bite Size Vegan audience, have sent to me. I’m going to be releasing this interview
in a series of videos so be sure to stay tuned to the channel. Gary I just wanted to thank
you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to be here and answer some of these
questions. Gary: Anything for you Emily. Emily: Thank you. Emily: Where do you draw the line with harming
other beings? People will often bring up well what about bacteria or ants or other bugs?
Are all beings equal to each other in that sense? Gary: All the insects, not the bacteria. Let’s
not be ridiculous, we all wash our hands and single celled organisms are insentient beings
as far as my research shows. But listen, if you are being attacked, and that’s what bacteria
9 times out of 10 do, you have a right to defend yourself. As for insects, I dig most
insects. I don’t kill any, but I’m starting to appreciate more and more of them as the
years go by. In fact our backyard right now is filled with grasshoppers and crickets.
In fact this morning when I left Detroit, there was a grasshopper I swear this big,
on the garage and Erica and I were out there and we were just face-to-face in awe for about
15 minutes looking at this beautiful creature. Butterflies obviously all that stuff. In fact
the bees, the bees and I get along really well because I’ve now added, not that I’ve
ever excluded bee’s from my circle of compassion, but I’m now saying honey eaters in the current
speech, I’m pointing that out. Because I’m tired of the vegan community now allowing
honey in. So I think the bees know what I’m doing, and I get along. I actually had about
12 bees living out back. We had a little bird feeder with raisins and seeds in there, but
none of the birds would come. All of a sudden 12 bees would show up every day and we could
walk right by and look at them, and they just ignored us so I think insects are some of
the coolest creatures on the planet. Spiders and I, for those that know me well, they terrify
me more than anything. I think there’s only two things in hell, fire and spiders. But
that doesn’t mean that I kill them, I do not kill spiders. They get caught in my house
immediately, in a cup, and you’ve got to go outside. The other insects, I actually don’t
mind if they stay in the house sometimes. I rescued a stink bug once, never even knew
what a stink bug was until we took a picture of it and looked it up online. Instead of
putting him outside I put him in the flower pot. And then one night Erica said I’m being
dive bombed by some creature in here. And I’m like, it could be that stink bug I put
in the plant. She goes you left him in the house? I think they’re pretty cool. But include
insects in your circle of compassion, they’re animals too, they’re creatures. Check out
my animal intelligence essay by the way on my website. Some of the coolest creatures,
in fact I can tell you a quick story, and you can punch this up on YouTube anytime.
Ants, some of the most amazing beings on this planet. If there is a flood, ants will actually
get together and lock arms and legs and form a raft. And then a few of the higher up ants
in the community will go get the queen ant and bring her on top of the ant raft. And
then the raft will float down until the flood has ended, all this to save the queen ant.
That’s how altruistic ants and other insects and all animals can be if you just pay attention
and start to notice what’s going on. So include insects. Bacteria, spare me the nonsense.
Somebody asked me that in the Georgia Tech speech that’s online and I made a joke that
what are you, with people for the ethical treatment of bacteria? And the whole thing
is stupid. I love how people bring up issues or things that they are not even involved
in. It’s not like there’s a group out there fighting to save bacteria. So all people want
to do when they bring that up to a vegan is try to catch us in a contradiction. We are
doing just fine, there are no contradictions here. You guys are walking contradictions,
you guys are walking graveyards of murdered animals. You claim that you are holy and compassionate,
and then you commit atrocities and commit evil acts every single day. So everybody who
is not vegan needs to look in the mirror and start analyzing themselves instead of the
vegans in the world. Emily: Gary I just want to thank you so much
for giving us your time and I’ve been asked on behalf of so many of my viewers to just
thank you for everything that you do. So thank you so much. Gary: Thank you, keep on. Everybody pass her
stuff around, it’s tight stuff, honestly., share it. Emily: Stay tuned to the Bitesizevegan channel
for more installations of Gary’s interview. I’ll also be posting bonus footage of questions
that don’t make it to the channel, into the VIP section of, which you
can access for free by signing up for the nugget newsletter. Give the video a thumbs
up if you enjoyed it, and be sure to subscribe so that you never miss a nugget. Now go live
vegan and I’ll see you soon.

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59 thoughts on “Do Vegans Kill Bugs? | Gary Yourofsky Interview

  1. Great conversation! It is important to extend your compassion to even the smallest insects. They have a right to live their lives like any other being.

  2. Is it okay to kill mosquitoes…? Because I'm allergic to them… And what about mice and rats you get in your house…?

  3. I think vegans are missing the point: INSECTS could be a revolutionary and more ethical alternative against animal suffering, world hunger and environmental problems related to the meat industry. Insects don't have such a complex nervous system as higher animals, don't have the parts of the brain that allow emotions and consciousness, can react to attacks, but don't seem to suffer or bother about past injuries. Vegans should help promote insects as the world future diet.

  4. I'm a vegan having a terrible time dealing with roaches have figured out I don't kill them and now have no fear. Gotta figure out something to trap them humainely every trap I've made they ignore or escape. I hope this cedar stuff I just got will repel them

  5. What if your house is infested with roaches or bed bugs? Or you have wasps getting into your house? I'm all for saving insects but…. There's no way you could gather up and save all of those insects. Any thoughts on this?

  6. So if your home was about go get infestated by flies, cockroaches and/or rats you would not call pest control? And just leave your home be dominated by such insects?

    If you kill THESE insects because they are a threat to your home, than I really hope you are okay with hog hunting in the US sine the logic is the same. So there you have it, a clear contradiction from you vegans. There is no contradiction in killing animals on quick and painless ways because those who do that do not deny it, now you extremist vegans act like if no animals were killed to protect crops. RIDICULOUS PATHETIC

  7. Well, to get a good vegetable for vegans to eat, you have to kill the pest with chemical substances being sprayed at the gardens, which pretty much killed the bugs too.

  8. If I see a cockroach or something like that in my house, I kill it. I especially despise ant infestations, they make me go full hitler mode. If it's in my house, all bets are off. I mean shit, some say you can shoot people who trespass on your property. Surely the same would apply to insects. Besides, something tells me their underdeveloped brains can't experience pain in nearly as much a degree other animals, like chickens cows humans etc

  9. Bugs are amazing creatures, I admire them more that any other kind of animal. I am a vegan myself but I would smash the hell out of a mosquito to be honest.

  10. I'm a vegan and this is my take: if it's a spider in my house it's getting squashed no question about it! Insects are okay… I will never kill a bug or spider though if it's outside

  11. I'm a vegan and I kill bugs, even mice, I live in NYC… that's WAY different than killing wild bugs outside of your home, or taking out individual bugs, it effects my health and wellbeing and maybe even my lease, if I risk letting them stay.

  12. It’s all in your mind. I see a mosquito on my arm and just say “take what you need and leave me the rest”

  13. Watch David Attenboroughs series Micro Monsters, delve into the fascinating life of insects close up and personal ! You will not regret it !

  14. I HATED bugs before I went Vegan. I was that girl who would scream, run and beg someone to kill them. But as I've researched more and developed love for ALL beings, I'm completely changed. I can't stand to kill them even if they scare me.

  15. Vegans do kill insects! Do you think every time you walk on grass your not killing ants & other bugs? Any product you buy has been transported so all the bugs that died on the windscreen of that vehicle indirectly died because of you! And what about fleas on your dog? Would you just leave them there? What about mosquitos that are sucking your blood? What about a red back or funnel web spider in your childs toy box? Cockroaches in your kitchen cupboards? Termites eating the foundations of your house? Or lice in your kids hair? What about pubic lice? What about mice that are shitting everywhere in your storage shed and eating your photos? What about flies? What Vegans must realise is death is not a bad thing. Heaven is much better than being on Earth! but I agree creatures should not be intentionally harmed for no good reason. Peace ✌

  16. I'm vegan and I'll still kill some of the insects (like bed bugs, tickles and other bugs that can spread dangerous diseases). We must kill insects that can attack our crops and leave us without food. It's natural.
    As a vegan you choose not to kill animal you don't have to, but there are some animals that you have to kill.
    Gary Yourosfky is just a hipocrite and is lying. This is making bad opinion about vegans.

  17. Do vegans drive?
    Are vegans against modern transport like trains/buses?
    I’m saying this because of the millions of flying bugs killed in windshields and bumpers every day.

  18. But what if your house is tortured by ants or cockroaches? My house is clean and tidy. Sorry, but they are not in my circle of compassion.

  19. I am a level 2 vegan. I put the spiders in a cup and have the roommates take it outside.

    The Unofficial Levels of Veganism
    Topic: Bugs in the House
    Level 1- Kill the bugs that get in the house
    Level 2 -Won’t kill the bugs but will trap them and ask someone else to deal with them
    Level 3 – Show the bugs outside with a 10ft pole
    Level 4 – Transfer the bugs via a cup or container to the outdoors
    Level 5 – Pick up the bugs with bare hands and don’t let them go until the bug has a proper home and/or feed the insects to your pet spider.

    Working my way up to level 3. I will be content in my life at level 3.

  20. My dad has 12 cans of spider spray in the pool chemical storage in the back yard. We have a black widow nest in the tree above the HVAC unit outside and they crawl inside. My mom rescues some bugs and let's em outside. Great video!!! 😃

  21. One time my ex brought bed bugs back with him from the country. I found different ones crawling on my NEWBORN baby multiple times. I killed the mess outta those bugs tbh. I wasn’t going to play Pokémon and catch them all. Seeing it happen while I was breastfeeding even was not my favorite time.

  22. I checked with my city pounds .. We have a few hundred pets dog cats many others , all over and even more next week that will be put down for no reason at all ….. if they are not adopted. , they are free pets !! All vegans need to go get every Single one of them out . … I my self can not support them im very sorry i have to except this as reality very sad That they will die.. But u guys have all the answers so u should be good and able to deal with them all ….. When all the pounds are shut down . then we will. Start seeing the big change .. Of. Stop of killing of animals for no reason . so u sit there and call us killers. Very interesting .. Takes one to know one u sitting there doing nothing a dog and cat are also being killed ….

  23. There is much more doubt as to whether insects experience suffering than other animals among the scientific community. That being said, it is irrational to completely disregard the possibility. Although I don't think it is unreasonable to assume that if bugs do experience suffering, it is to a comparatively lower degree than animals used for food and clothing production. Until more definitive evidence for bug suffering can come to light, I will continue to use a motor vehicle, live in my wooden house, and use paper on a daily basis; with slight guilt, as these actions could be depriving bugs of worthwhile positive experiences during their very short existences.

  24. There is a contradiction. When you till the earth you kill. Plain and simple. I'm a permaculture culture gardener At a farm to table restaurant. I see this everyday. There is death and destruction involved in all levels of food growing. Worms, beetles, pillbugs, centipedes etc – where's the concern for them?

  25. Watching again as Gary Yourofsky is a vegan legend. I had the biggest dragonfly fly around my swimming pool and I just watched it all afternoon.Always getting Bees Ladybugs spiders Moths Flies Ants in my swimming pool and always take them out and its so sweet watching them dry their wings in the sun and fly away.

  26. Thank you, good stuff. But please, please address mosquitoes and roaches. (Side note: camera angle makes me a little dizzy.)

  27. Since becoming Vegan and meditating out in nature more and more, I do have new found respect for insects. I truly do admire them and do not harm them unless I have one attacking me that won't leave me alone. Again, it's all about not doing unnecessary harm.

  28. How about all the insects that are often killed by people driving? What about living in my wooden home, and using paper constantly? (many bugs live in trees, and chopping said trees down to make paper and wood products can often result in their deaths) Is there any scientific evidence to suggest that bugs appreciate their lives as much as a human, (or a pig, a cow, or a chicken for that matter), which would make it as wrong to kill a bug as is it to kill an animal, including a human? Peter Singer, the famous animal rights activist and moral philosopher, has claimed that it is generally more morally acceptable to kill bugs than it is to kill other kinds of animals. (see these links) ,, but I try to keep an open mind to the possibility that it isn't. I don't kill bugs intentionally, but attempting to lead a life free of motor vehicles, let alone of using paper and wood products, would make my life significantly more difficult, especially considering how no other vegans besides myself, including yourself and Mr. Yourofsky, seem to think about these kinds of things. I can clearly see you using paper in this video, and I'm sure Mr. Yourofsky needs to use motor vehicles in order to get around and spread the message of veganism. I'm not sure if I could live with myself if killing bugs is as wrong as killing humans if I'm completely alone, and forced to refrain from taking any and all actions that could result in the deaths of bugs. If you could take these things into consideration and reply on whether you think science supports the idea that insect lives or worth as much as human lives, I'd really appreciate it. I've been struggling with cognitive dissonance living in my wooden home and using a bus to get to school every day, but if I don't have to feel so bad about it, I don't want to. I want to love and appreciate my life as much as I did before I considered the possibility that killing animals was as wrong as killing mentally disabled humans.

  29. If you eat meat from a cow, don't fucking pretend you care about fucking bacteria or insects! Gimme a break…

  30. You people are denying yourselves. Humans have always eaten meat. Our physiology is built around it. Our teeth's morphology is based around it. We are violent creatures. We kill to survive. While I might want to change from the consumption of cows to other animals like insects and fish to help reduce emissions, I would never risk getting my body chemically imbalanced over this nonsense.

  31. Angels, messengers, cherubs,gods, archangels, and now we call them aliens..Our brothers and sisters have a message from our Father..RESPECT LIFE THE WAY HE HAS CREATED IT.No more hate,wars, criticism,lies, sarcasm,no more killing and eating innocent beings (animals) they're saying that a planet without animals wouldn't survive.The angels don't have wings..they have spaceships..they don't play trumpets..the spaceships are making the noises in the sky "THE HUM".Our teacher Jesus Christ is coming back and he doesn't want divisions among us.We are only months away from see them above us.Lets welcome them.

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