Doctor Dreadful Zombies Parasite Lab

Hi! What we are going to be doing today is… this I’m so excited! So and what it says Doctor Dreadful Zombies Parasite Lab It says it looks gross and it tastes great so we are going to get into this Whoa! So what we have is our molds there is packets this is the green packet and that’s the purple packet There is some instructions Lara, I think the spider can actually get out! So now we are putting it together We got this much done I’m going to screw in the top first and then I’m going to click it in to this part Ok, is there anything else we need to add? So now what we need to do is take 4 level scoops of this green powder you can do the purple too So that’s what we are going to do there is four that’s the last one So now what you need is you are going to add 4 scoops of warm water we got right here so now we need to mix it It’s mixed, we got green gooey mixture Eww, it’s gross We did it! It worked guys! Yeah, we filled it up! We had to add 5 scoops So now it’s going to go in the fridge for 10 minutes It smells like freezie or something Can I smell guys? It smells so good It said 4 on the instructions but it didn’t quite fill it up so we added 5 scoops of powder and 5 scoops of water Kind of looks like slime That’s going to be a big mess Yeah, it’s a big mess I can’t wait, it’s our last bug Can’t wait! Can’t wait! You can’t copy me Jazlyn Stop it! I’m going to try this now it’s dry I want some too! So now we are going to just take them out of the mold That happens and look at mine! it broke I’m flying in the sky guys! Me too! So good Hi guys! I’m crawling on the ground Birds eat me cause I am a chompy worm It’s my name, chomp worm Oh no, my head it popped off! Chomp, chomp, chomp Chomp! I hope you had fun making these bugs with me Bye guys! And please subscribe! Bye! Bye guys!

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