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I’m Thomas Ballantyne with Bulwark
Exterminating. This is A.J. Richards with K-9 Bed Bug Inspectors. Yes. And it s
We have in front of us live bed bugs. inspected yesterday.
A.J. actually does inspections for bed bugs with his dogs. His dogs have been trained
to sniff out bed bugs. He hasn’t been fed for two or three
weeks, and you’ve got to keep him alive so you can continue to train your dogs. Yep.
Yep. That’s what all these little vials are for. So, at any rate, I know when you go into
these houses, you’ve got to be a little freaked out, you know, thinking you might be able
to pick some of these up with your shoes Yeah. or what not. Yeah, always, always. So, I mean,
I’ve got to be very careful, not only myself, but my dogs Right. because they hide in their
fur, that kind of thing. So, we’ve got to be real cautious that we don’t take them
home. I’m, I’m, I can tell you that my wife wouldn’t
be satisfied with living conditions if I brought these guys to the house. *Laughs.*
You don t want to do a video on how fast a home gets infested. Right. So, in my infinite
wisdom, I decided to recommend to A.J. that he protect himself. And I believe this will
do it. This is bug repellent. Nothing fancy, but Over the counter, typical stuff. This one
doesn’t have any DEET in it. This is a fragrance-free, Picaridin is the active ingredient. So, what
We’re going to do, since this guyís ready to feed, typically if you put him on your
arm, he’d immediately begin to feed, Iím going
to spray my arm down with this, let it dry, and then we’re going to put it on my arm
and see if he actually will try to feed.
so we re going to put him right there, and he should go right to it. So, if he keeps
moving, then he’s probably trying to avoid the spray, I would say, because anytime I’ve
done it, instantly. And we’ll see on your other arm if that holds true. Yeah, he’s
not biting. Oh, oh! Oh, just kidding. *Laughs*
Nothing. Actually, when he bites, you can’t even feel it, right? Because they inject
their Right, the saliva on the tip of their little sucker has a little anticoagulant,
so the blood flows freely and an anesthetic so you don t feel it. Oooh, it kind of tickles
actually. Yeah. But, uh, yeah, it looks like he s trying to avoid, avoid your arm. Shall
we see what happens on the other one? Yeah. I, I’m pretty happy with not being bitten
right now, so speculation would be that they’re just avoiding it. Okay.
I really don’t want to do this right now. I really don’t want a little vampire stuck
in my arm. Look at that, dude. There you go. Ah! Seriously. Oh! Straight to eating. Straight
to eating. Uh! Okay, you can take him off now. Ah! You can’t even feel him. You got
I know! I know! Man, I just don’t like him sitting there. Thomas, you’ve got to let
him fill up.
No, look at that dude, this is gross! You Can’t, just think, its like a mosquito,
No! Yeah. You’ve got to let it I don’t like
mosquitoes. I’ll squash it right now. Can I slap it real
quick? No, I need him. Are you done? Okay. Yeah, I’m done. Dude, I was done five seconds
ago. Ah, come on! Thanks. That was pretty nasty. I didn’t like having that on my arm
one bit. I noticed. Alright, at any rate, I’m a happy camper. Go buy some
today. I think that’s a wrap. See you guys. That’s a wrap.
Check back in sometime.

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34 thoughts on “Does Bug Repellent Work on Bed Bugs – Bulwark Exterminating

  1. Sweet. Never know where you'll encounter those lil bastards. Note to self: buy insect repellant for the next road trip!

  2. I really liked the part where you feed the poor starving bed bug lunch — with your own blood! How did resist not smashing it?

  3. @pestsites Love this video! Insect repellants do work, and though we don't know what's in that one , the more natural the better. I make an all natural & organic repellant that's simply awesome. I tried to get some bedbugs to test like you just did. So Thanks! I don't have them, and one got in a few weeks ago, it didn't last long, I made a video out of it! 🙂 Check it out! There is a way to be Bug Free!

  4. @frank0067 We have not tested Off deep wood, but we did test Repel 100 DEET. It actually killed the bed bug, most likely due to the DEET being still fresh and wet on the first attempt.

  5. @lifeflamzavis Picaridin is the active ingredient in that repellent. We also tested DEET. We tested some 100% natural sprays, they worked immediately after spray, but they didn't seem to have a lasting repel.

  6. OFF deepwoods works too, I'm a big fan of cedar oil! It will kill bed bugs on contact, however it really doesn't leave much, if any residual effect. It smells like being out in the woods. The bad thing is I cannot wear it while I'm using a canine to inspector for bed bugs because the smell is so strong it can throw off the dog.

  7. I applied this quite generously last night without watching this. Ive been having bug bites and it actually worked! Not a single bite.

  8. I enjoyed the video guys. Thanks. I think it is important to let the viewers know that this spray may keep bed bugs from biting, but you are still at risk for transporting them back into your home. No bed bug spray is going to get rid of an infestation without following other important steps to go along with it. I understood the point of the video, I just didn't want anyone else to get the wrong idea. Keep up the good work guys!

  9. I like when AJ told his bud that he had to let the bed bug fill up, once it began to drink his vein juice.

  10. Thank you very much for this video I will always have this on me and spry myself down and my travel bag when I say in hotels.

  11. I pulled a bb off me while in the middle of drinking . Its beak still filled while I was pulling, his beak grew long , they are not short as one would think. As it disconnected my blood shot up in the air. They have a powerful vacuum in that beak. The bb played dead. I'm sure he was angry for me pulling him off mid meal. To pull the bb off, I used flea comb or nit comb with a metal head. Have to use extra very fine tooth or one won't see whats going on. To pull one off mid feed is hard , not unless a person doesn't care if beak is left in them. In my case I wanted a whole bb. For evidence with my blood in him..

  12. This is a good spray for killing bed bugs!

    Zepol Labs Bed Bug Killer 16oz, Natural Organic Formula

  13. I sprayed this one guy's room and he had like 50 bed bugs on his pillow and another 50 on his mattress that were alive. I actually took a video of it if you want to see it.

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