“Dogs” – Bee and PuppyCat – Ep. 8 – Cartoon Hangover – Full Episode

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100 thoughts on ““Dogs” – Bee and PuppyCat – Ep. 8 – Cartoon Hangover – Full Episode

  1. Cardemons life is kinda sad,like he is probably worn out by taking care of his mother.(also this is off topic but just make a crossover between bravest warriors and bee and puppycat thx)

  2. "So cold puppycat like a monster" by the story he told in the pilot he could be the prince that was betrayed by a princess and became a monster.

  3. Does anyone know any stories similar to this one. Like how animals are created or how something came to be of this world. This story really touched me

  4. This came out just before my mother's death. I really didn't expect that twist and it hit so hard because of how familiar it was. After 5 months I keep coming back to remember such a beautiful piece of art and how it reminds me of my mother. I don't cry much, but I know that this episode can give me some emotional relief when I'm feeling down.

  5. I just found out there's lots of trash bag in Cardamon's house. Those things kinda look like pillows or stuffed toys so I didn't notice that at the first time. It's so sad to watch him have to take care of the house and his mom on his own.

  6. Is it just me or is the mom's hair length is the same as the long haired princesss and she had jellyfish coming out her eyes

  7. 0:56 Y'all noticed a silhouette of a man in Cardamom's room that looks like Bee's dad?
    Wait, if there was a photo of Bee and baby Cardamon and non-comatose Cardamom, and they have a photo of Bee's dad, does that mean they're related?
    Maybe that's why BDad left, because Cardamom went comatose

  8. I just saw a video about a little girl who was always sick and her father thought that what the mentor told him was true and that it would heal his daughter. When really it was the daughter that was making origami flowers to heal herself.(because there was a story that the father read to the girl) When I saw the kid with his mom in the bed with the origami papers it reminded me of that.

  9. puppycat the worst attributes of both a cat and a dog
    the wrath and heartlessness of a cat the aggressive nature of the dog

  10. This was put on YouTube just a couple of weeks before my mum passed away. She was still in hospital at the time it was released and I had no idea that they would throw something like that into the series when I watched it for the first time. It hit me really hard when he walked into the room with the hospital beeping sound and now it reminds me about when she was still around and I appreciate that immensely. I keep coming back to watch this clip with the beautiful song that follows it and I'm so grateful for this series. ❤️

  11. She was away from home and lost in the night
    Her place was far, too far away, to find
    He was alone and happy to see someone new
    He said "It's nice to spend the night with you."
    Nobody told me
    It would be lonely
    Maybe we're going were we're supposed to be
    He said: Come with me, I'll take you back
    Even though it will surely make me sad
    She said: Maybe we'll be together soon
    Remember me, and take all this with you
    Nobody told me
    It would be lonely
    Were are we going?
    Feels like I'm frozen
    He wasn't scare
    He wasn't terrified
    He was alone
    He was sure
    He was gonna die alone
    He felt a tear, and he multiplied
    He let go
    And it felt
    Kinda like he was going home


    we get to see a younger version of cardamon’s mom next season together with the Space Outlaw and what’s theorised as Bee’s dad.

  13. I'm sO-

    Just kidding, I don't like asking for likes.

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