Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite

(voice over) Now Andrea, You’re a big girl. You need to sleep in your own room by yourself. Just stay under the blankets and you’ll be fine. Nothing bad is in your room. promise… Good night… Don’t let the bed bugs bite… Andrea: Bed bugs? No. It’s just an expression. Andrea: I’ll be safe as long as I’m under my blanket. There’s nothing in my room. It’s the same with the lights on. Yeah… I have nothing to fear…I can just go to bed… just sleep… (bang) What was that? No. No, it’s nothing. Just go back to sleep… (bang) Okay! Okay, I need my flashlight! I can’t do this. No…no way. Are you serious? It’s my umbrella. You are such a wimp Andrea. It’s just your umbrella. It fell So just go back to sleep. You have nothing to fear…at all… (child laughing) Oh hell no! Who the hell is in my room? YOU! I don’t have time right now to run a town! I need to get some sleep! See Andrea? There’s nothing in your room. It’s all in your head! And you know what? I’m not afraid. And I don’t need this blanket to protect me! I’m not afraid of anything in this room… Especially not bed bugs… (scary music playing) huh? What’s there? Oh my god! A bed bug!!

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