“Donut” – Bee and PuppyCat – Ep. 10 – Cartoon Hangover – Full Episode

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100 thoughts on ““Donut” – Bee and PuppyCat – Ep. 10 – Cartoon Hangover – Full Episode

  1. Hope you enjoyed the last episode of the first series of Bee and PuppyCat! We can't wait until 2019 for the new series, Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space! Watch the new teaser here: https://frdr.us/2q78UiM


  3. She’s never gonna grow up or change…..

    Maybe she was dying or died and her dad created a robot version so he would still have a daughter. Then she outlived him and left her that box to repair her and make it so she wasn’t lonely. You can see how much time has passed by the arcade.

    She hates water, has incredible strength, doesn’t age or grow up mentally, and weighs more than she should.

  4. I just realized that Bee might have been referring to meth when she said "Wait, wait, waaaaaait. Never mind"

  5. The What's Your Favorite Color scene has to be my favorite scene of a show in a while.. it implies so much without even saying it directly. Puppycat doesnt care what Bee is, what secrets she holds, he just cares about who she is.. and who she'll be.. it's really beautiful… and I love it so much.. I really excited for season 2.

  6. I love Donut Wish Cat. I love how sweet he is, I love his voice, his design. Then we went into the Black Wish Hole and now I am -1 Son. My heart is crushed. I'll never love again.

  7. Can I just say something? I'm guessing puppycat is her dad. I'm not very good at doing conspiracies but still. Because I know that puppycat was the prince and the princess betrayed the prince and bees mom was never mentioned sooo yeah

  8. aight but am i the only one who thinks cardamon shouldve eaten the donut and wished for his mom to wake up instead of giving it to her? cuz that shit's been making me sad for forever

  9. Questions for today:

    What caused the warp hole to malfunction like that? Is it because a human wasn't supposed to use it? Because Bee pocketed some of the dough?

    Is Bee fully a robot? Why did her dad program her (if he did) and where did he go?

    What was that thing that came out of the warp hole? Is anything allowed to use it, even if it's malevolent?

    What will make Cardamon's mom wake up? I assume that it HAS to be related to Puppycat's realm, but WHY?

  10. Her broken arm of the ribbons reminds me of her dream in the pilot episode where puppycat claws her and ribbons come out of her arm

  11. wait when bee's leg blink's she gets a boost of strength look because the ground starts coming up at least this is what I think

  12. Now the weird nightmare from the first episode and the fact she hates water makes sense. She's a robot. Or maybe just a cyborg…

  13. i was all "awwww cute" but also "wait what????!!" and also "you cant let me hanging here like that! WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME??? I NEED AN HUG!!!"

  14. also..i dont wanna be the bad guy here..but the lil landlord dosent actually understand JACK S**T! the note says : "make a wish and eat it" not, make someone else eat the damn thing! of course it didnt work you lil cute bastard, YOU were the one suppose to eat the magical donut! (cryng voice) 🙁

  15. “What’s your favorite color”

    “What’s your favorite animal”

    “What’s your favorite food”

    “What do you wanna be when you grow up”

  16. PuppyCat: "What is your favourite animal?"

    Bee: "Seals, they're so chubby. They're like dog-mermaids"


  17. Honestly I could see this show on Adult Swim, they wouldn’t even need to make it more mature, and they’d have more help. Since it’s more like maturer than like Adventure Time having words like cleavage and ass. If it were to go on cartoon network it’d become more kid like. The way it is now is perfect don’t get me wrong. It’s just I could see this show on Adult Swim.

  18. Deckard actually made the shot into the garbage can! I’m probably looking into this too much but maybe it’s symbolic of him moving on? Last time he missed because he didn’t want to leave. But now, he does and he succeeds.

  19. So here is basically a humanoid robot, Her dad box heals her every time her hand gets ripped off.

  20. The end inspired so much of my writing style since I watched it.
    Bee says there's a lot they don't know about each other and instead of asking about her arm or what she is he gets to know her for her. That's so beautiful I can't–

  21. I love this! So happy I caught it and even more ectatic to find I watched it right around the corner from its next premier!? Don't think I could've waited a whole year ;.; Yaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. I think the reason that Cardamon gave the donut to his mom is because he wanted her to make her wishes to come true. He was sad that his mom chose not to wake up.

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