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what did I do I did my job i slashed benefits to the bone I saved this company money was I too harsh maybe I don’t believe in coddling people and the wild there is no health care and the wild health care is how I hurt my leg I can’t run a lion eats me and I’m dead well I’m not dead I’m the lion you’re dead all right who did this I’m not mad I just want to know who did it so I can punish them what are you talking about ah someone forged medical information and that is a felony okay whoa all right cuz that’s a pretty intense accusation how do you know that they’re fake ah leprosy flesh-eating bacteria hot dog fingers government-created killer nano robot infection you did this didn’t you absolutely not yes you did no I didn’t I know it was you okay fine you know what I’m gonna have to interview each and every one of you until the perpetrator makes him or herself known and until that time there will be no health care coverage for anyone the problem Jim mm-hmm is that people who are really suffering from a medical condition won’t receive the care they need because someone in this office is coming up with all this ridiculous stuff Count Chocula dose sounds tough why did you write that down Jim is it because you know I love Count Chocula do you I think you need to confess the fact yep what are you doing what those are my keys good luck Jim damn it no Jim let me up Jim lick Jim Halpert let me out who is this let me out of you’re fired no differently yes I can I’m manager for the day not your desk okay can you hold on one second I’m getting the beep Jim Halpert hey hey Pam how are you Jim good how are you I’m doing okay Jen excited for the weekend oh yeah yeah what do you um I’m not bothering you am i you know not if anything you’re doing I have nothing great Jim um yeah no this weekend nothing I’m not really doing anything oh yeah might go to the mall no I need new shoes Oh interesting hello hello this is Dwight Schrute calling for jan levinson-gould hi Dwight Schrute calling acting manager Scranton branch listen I need your permission to fire Jim Halpert Oh Dwight Schrute from sales well where’s Michael Scott he is not here right now he put me in charge of the office all right listen to me very carefully you are not a manager of anything understand that’s not entirely true because he put me in charge of picking a healthcare plan [Music]

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100 thoughts on “Dwight Schrute Does Healthcare – The Office US

  1. As long as paper cuts, computer eye strain, indoor allergies, and upset tummy from conference room snacks are covered. Sign me up

  2. Something I don't understand: How is it the door to the conference room can be locked by a key on the outside, but not unlocked on the inside? The confusion stems from the episode where Dwight locks Andy out of the conference room in that episode where they compete doing favors for each other. Dwight pushes Andy out of the conference room and locked it from the inside, without keys, so I don't really get that.

  3. Love how Stanley just completely disregards Jim tossing the keys into the shelf and leaving Dwight in the room.

    Just, “yeah, okay”

  4. Oh, so when Jim traps people in the break room, it's funny, but when Michael does it, it's suddenly not okay? Make up your minds people!

  5. Fun fact:


    laughing and


    pointing at her when Dwight says "hot dog fingers" in "The Office" episode about healthcare was not in the script 😂

  6. 1:24 -The problem Jim…
    I dont know why but Dwight being so serious makes me laugh like an idiot.

  7. I like this Dwight's clothes and looks, and not the caricature of the season 8 and 9 with the mustard color shirt and brown suite

  8. Does anyone else think Jim is a bully? 8 times into reruns and I'm seeing Jim in a different light

  9. This is one of the first episodes, and it is such a perfect introduction to Dwight.

    I didn't like that in the series finale, Dwight became the regional manager. Despite always wanting to become it, people like him just are not capable of being the The Big Pie.

    They would end up doing things just like Dwight did, after they lost Angelo as Regional Manager.

    Discouragingly enough, people who often come in after getting fired and shoot up the place are usually like Dwight;
    They've convinced themselves they are in charge, or should be in charge, or that everyone disrespects them by not obeying them as the master, like they think they deserve!

    I was concerned Dwight would shoot someone like Andy one day, but I though it would be on purpose!

  10. If any one thinks Dwight.K.Schrute is dumb, let’s see the two of you compete in a Mule Deer skinning contest and we’ll see who’s the dumb one.

  11. "Government created killer nanorobot infection."

    All I kept hearing in my head was "Snake? Snake…SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAKEEEEE!!!!!"

  12. Yep
    What are you doing
    Does are my keys
    Good luck
    throw the keys

  13. “The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.”- Unknown.

  14. Who’s here after watching the Indian office remake? It was so cringe I had to rewatch this scene just to make myself feel better.

  15. 2:00 "the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits" – I LOVE THE OFFICE AND HIDDEN GEMS WITH IT.

  16. I like how he says “Dammit, Jim!” when he sees the information, yet still bothers to ask who did it.

  17. Honestly the first few episodes of this show were awful. But they did have quite a few funny moments such as this one

  18. It’s funny how he so vehemently declares its Jim yet goes outside and asks who was responsible for doing it.

  19. Excuse my language but what the fuck is wrong with Jim's hair. He looks like he has a freaking little girls haircut. Lol 😂.

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