Eddie and She Venom Kiss Scene – VENOM (2018) Movie CLIP HD

What you’re gonna do you’re gonna walk me to death shut up That’s what’s up with that you’re trying Did your mama not love you I Guess it pays to be a specialist I know it doesn’t matter if you kill me anyway, because there’s something way bigger afoot in this world and you would be Much bigger than me And it’s much Much bigger than you Calm as a bitch, I don’t believe Hi No, I Just put that guy’s I know I know I saw I’ve been there too it’s not funny the one drink Is Wyatt who’s riot? Marit is what you would call a team leader He has an awesome of weaponers Drake Scott is not Cynthia. He’s unstoppable. Oh great We have got to go go where where we going. Well, I’m coming with you. No, it’s going to get ugly quite ugly Trust me. Yeah, I can fight ogly Today oh That’s bullshit You

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60 thoughts on “Eddie and She Venom Kiss Scene – VENOM (2018) Movie CLIP HD

  1. Movie info: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4154756/

    Buy it on Blu-ray: https://amzn.to/2tefkOs

    Buy it on 4K: https://amzn.to/2Gz2sKK

  2. Does that mean venoms gay since he kissed Eddie but then he can make baby's so is he like asexual or somethin

  3. WHOA WAIT!? I never saw this movie, but. . . she venom is just venom with woman parts!? Now I know why my NewGrounds page is littered with She Venom art, thanks movie.

  4. I hope they bring back Scream and the other 3 Foundation symbiotes for the next movie(s).

    And they bring them back officially in the comics. I was ticked off they killed off Scream. She was my 2nd favorite Symbiote.

    Plus Donna Diego is a redhead.

  5. I just love the fact that Venom could've simply gone back to Eddie without the kiss. But he wanted to kiss Ed. giggles

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