ePest Solutions: Alpine Dust Insecticide

Hi, I am Jeff for ePest Solutions. Today we are going to talk about Apline Dust
Insecticide. This is a product that contains dinotefuran
which is a pretty new active ingredient and it is limited to just Alpine products. It also has diatomaceous earth inside it and
you would be familiar with that. This would be considered a green product;
not really in the same class as say dust like delta dust or tempo dust, but this will kill
exactly the same and as fast as those. The residual in diatomaceous earth will be
considered indefinite as long as it doesn’t get wet. This product will be applied with the Bellow’s
duster like this; you can also find this on our website. You just place the Alpine dust inside the
duster half way up, you would want to hold this upside down and shake it as you apply. This is going to be a crack and crevice application
and a void application. So this would be perfect for say voids underneath
bathtubs. If you have bath trap openings roaches and
earwigs and other bugs, beetles like to come in through the unfinished voids underneath
bathtubs, and you can fill up that void with this dust and it will settle down and give
you a nice long residual there. It stays dry underneath bathtubs so this should
last indefinitely. This would also be great to apply in all of
your weep holes, cracks and crevices inside the house. You could also take off the switch plate and
outlet covers inside the house along the walls and treat the wall voids like that; ants and
roaches definitely will come in the rooms around switch plates. You can also dust any cracks and crevices
in back splashes, moldings, trims; anywhere where there is a gap you can dust with this
product. And like we said, it is green so very low
impact. Order today; we’ll get it shipped out fast. Got pests? We have solutions at epestsolutions.com.

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