Erky Perky S2E24 – “Bug in Baby’s Clothes”

* Life was good on Hot Dog Stand * For two bugs with food demands * Had a last meal one sunny day * They got caught
up and swept away * In to Kitchen’s
where they landed * We’re so hungry * And we’re stranded * Finding food is
quite a mission * Other bugs are competition * Now just one question * How do we find
our way back home (sweeping) (gobbling) – Pa! – Erky, why is it that I always
have to clean up after you? – That’s because I’m good
at being looked after, whereas you’re good
at looking after me. (laughs) – Oh, that’s the reason. – (sighs) Well, if I’m
going to go hungry, I might as well be hot
and happy and hungry. (relaxing music) (snoring) – Typical Erky. Leaving me to clear
up after him… (squishes) (muffled yells) (screams) – Erky? – Perky? (both squeal) You’re enormous! – And you’re so teeny weeny! – Perky, is this a sick
joke you’re playing on me? – Like a teeny weeny baby! – Maybe it was something I ate? Oh this is so embarrassing! – Don’t worry, I’ll
look after you. – Oh that’s just great. Hi I’m Perky and here in my
hand is my little friend Erky. – I’ve always wanted
a little baby brother. – You tell any other bugs
about this and I’ll– – Okay, okay! I won’t tell anyone. (gasps in fear) – What have we here, Perky? – Um, its just a little… – A little what? Gimme a look will ya! – It’s nothing, really. – Stop hiding that. – It’s nothing. – What is it? (babbling) Ohhh. (chuckles) Its a little, widdle,
widdle, widdle wun. Oh, what’s her name? – His name is errr, Herbert. – Is the widdle one hungry? – Oooh! (gobbling) – Oh yes, you are
hungry aren’t you. (babbling) – Woops, no more. (panicked gasp) But there’s plenty
more up in my lair. I’m taking him with me. – But, you can’t! – As the ruler of Kitchen it’s my duty to look
after widdle Herbert. – But that’s my job. I have to clean up after him. (Erky farts) – Urrrgh! – See what I mean? – Yeah, right then, okay. You’re coming too. To clean up any messes. Make your way to my lair. – Sweet! – Don’t worry, Herbert. I’ll save you! (panting) (knocks) – Scram! (door slams) – But Margaret told me to
come and look after the baby. – A support team, great. (laughs) (whimpers) – Watch this, Cecil. It’s so funny. (whining) It’s like it hasn’t
eaten in weeks. – I know how that feels. – Careful, Margaret. Don’t feed him too
much or he’ll– (burps) – Ew! – Someone’s been gobbling
their food too fast. – Best get rid of that
baby now, Margaret. Before it gets too
attached to you. – I’ll take him! (cries) – Stop! He stays here. But do something about
that awful noise. – Would you like me to read
you a story, little Herbert, before you go to sleep? – Perky, what are
you playing at? – Don’t worry, Herbert. I’ll get you out of here. – I’m not Herbert and I don’t
want to get out of here. – Oh yes, you do! – Perky, this is our
meal ticket and you’re… – (laughs) Such a
cranky little buggie. – Will you stop that! (buzzing) (cries) – If you can’t quiet that
thing down then let me. Go to sleep! Go to sleep! Go to sleep! – Ouch! – I’d be careful if I was you. – I’m sure I’ve seen this
little thing somewhere before. (yelps) (laughs) – Sleepy byes. (snoring) – Uh oh! (bed creaking) (shushing) (door slams) (gasps) Herbert! Herbert! Where are you? Herbert! – Well, how’s my little
Herbert this morning? – Good morning, Margaret,
(laughs) sleep well? – Herbert? Herbert? He’s gone!
– What? – If you’ve lost my
Herbert I’m going to… – You were responsible for him. (laughs) – Find him! – Herbert! Where are you? – What are you
waiting for, Cecil? We’ve got to find that baby! – And I thought I
was going to enjoy some peace and quiet today. (relaxing music) – There we go! Back to baby Erky. – There you are! And you look so cute don’t you? Don’t you? – Perky! There’s no bug in sight! – Is that fun? Is it, Is that fun? – Cut it out! – You’re so naughty
running away. – Oh Perky! You’re not going to
start that again. – But now I’ve got to hide
you from Mad Margaret. – Have you lost your bug brain? – Have you found him? (squeals) Oh you widdle wascal. Where did you get to? (babbling) Oh, what’s wrong? You hungry? Well let’s get you
some thing yummy. (blows raspberries) – He’ll be sick again. (cries) – I want to watch him eat again. It’s funny. – And he won’t stop crying! (slaps chest) – Give ’em here! – And he’ll make a
smelly mess everywhere. And you won’t like that. (screaming) Herbert! – Now look what you’ve done. (all gasp) – (panting) And what
are you all staring at? – Erky? – Erky! – Uh Oh. (laughs malevolently) Well, hello, Margaret. (nervous chuckle) Fancy seeing you here. (chuckles) – Oh I’m going to give you
something to cry about. (screams) (Perky and Erky yelling) – This is a bit
cramped, Margaret. – Margaret? Call me mummy little wun. Mummy is here to look after you. – Oh, okay, if
you say so, Mummy. – If it wasn’t for you I’d still be up there
stuffing my tummy. – You’re making a
mess again, Herbert. – Stop calling me that. I’m not a baby! – Are you throwing a tantrum? – Perky, the act is over. And, thanks to you, it
got me nowhere anyway. – But thanks to me, you’re safe. (spits) That was horrible. – [Perky] Temper, temper.

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