okay Sharer’s I’m gonna go deeper we got
to explore this cave I want to know what’s back there Oh be careful Carter
this is crazy what are we doing I want to see what’s down in this hole I hear
something harder definitely here so sure is apparently
not everything on this Hawaiian island is all tropical and awesome yeah that’s
right shares when the volcanoes erupted here thousands of years ago the monsters
needed a place to hide so they ran to the caves and shares that’s exactly
where we’re heading check out this wall right here it is so tall is the king
what’s gonna be inside I don’t know Oh Stephen I’m so scared I gotta find out
what’s in there Liz once we cross this street there’s no turning back once we
get in that cave it looks pretty bright in the front but as you go deeper it
gets super super dark there’s some people in there
it’s definitely dark Hey look doesn’t look like it goes that deep though I
don’t know Stephen I heard that it goes really deep in there monsters back there
monsters are people which one monsters Oh shares we’re about to find out what’s
back in that cave all right let’s cross the street let’s
go go go go go sign number one falling rocks watch above your head oh not only
is your falling rocks there’s water falling in everything it’s literally
raining underneath this cave oh it’s raining it’s raining it’s raining come
on come on come on whoa this is crazy Carter come on I’m coming you got to go
quick I don’t want to get away oh my goodness look at this cave this is so
cool all this writing on the wall yeah I don’t know what it says but you can see
the letters over there oh you’re right sure is come right now if you know what
this stuff says oh this is probably old ancient hieroglyphics or something whoa
oh and there’s like ancient abandoned coconuts whoa they’re so old they’re
like skull completely rotted and Hollow that’s so crazy
yeah sure this is cool but the really cool stuff is way back down there deep
inside yeah it goes really really far back oh wow sure is it is getting far back
here whoa it gets big here but then it gets smaller as we go back this is gonna
be crazy it’s getting dark back here let’s turn on the flashlight yeah this
cave is so big I can’t even touch the ceiling but as you get further back the
ceiling gets lower and lower we’re gonna have to get smaller and smaller as we go
back oh I think we found our second clue I can touch the ceiling now look how low
it’s getting look quarter of second clue is back here there’s more writing back
here come check this out whoa it is getting dark back here okay
here’s their second clue ch G what do you think that stands for I don’t know
but there’s a tunnel that goes all the way up in there maybe Selene that’s big
enough for some of the climb into it probably leads to something core do you
want to go up in there uh no not really but I’m gonna go anyways let’s go check
this out shares let’s see what is back here gotta climb up this what is that
there there might be bad – be careful whoa shares you see anything whoa that
is crazy Steve I don’t see anything back there daya I wouldn’t go any farther
alright sure I guess we’ll keep going this way yeah let’s keep exploring this
cave is so awesome Carter looks like the cave just ends right here is this it
yeah I don’t know it’s true Oh check it out let’s see if there’s like a secret
passage there’s more writing on the wall over here what is this this is our next
clue 310 2036 this is written in the future I think it says living something
I don’t know what this is but this is our next clue does it keep going farther
back no way even Carter I think I found a secret
passage there’s another some more writing there ad
huh all these clues have got to lead to something yeah I think we’re at the
point of no return keep going yeah we gotta check it out we
gotta do some Explorer this is so cool past this point don’t make it back it’ll
make it back but what’s back there nobody knows that’s the scary part who
shares but I really want to know what’s back there
hey let’s go I can really see it’s getting so dark back here yeah I can’t
see very far no Liz you got to come I hear something Carter
definite here’s something okay shares of Liz’s incoming card and I are going
Carter let’s keep exploring I can barely see it getting so dark I don’t know what that was look at the
ceiling look at that that looks so weird that is the weirdest I touch it whoa
it’s hard let’s keep going back yeah Laurie goes back careful oh it goes far
back whoa apparently this section is called spiders Cove car why you think
it’s called spiders Cove well I think there’s probably gonna be some giant
spiders back in there okay let’s go come on Carter we gotta explore this oh it’s
getting smaller it’s going deep that’s like crowds just to stay under afraid
there’s gonna be spiders everywhere oh okay shares will Stephen and Carter going
down into spiders coat I’m gonna stay back here just in case they don’t make
it back and I need to call help Oh check this out you can’t see anything I don’t
even know where they are Steven go keep going Carter we got this
well it’s getting really shallow I can’t even stand I know I’m like crouching
like crazy right now oh it’s so how careful my back oh it’s very tight back
in here whoa it keeps going so far it just keeps going and going and going
okay come on Carter we can do this oh why is there pink on that rock right
there what was a lot of pink on there I wonder what that is kind of looks like a
skull oh there’s a big hole up there that’s probably where a spider lives you
see that hole whoo right in there it’s probably a spider that lives back in
there it keeps going way back Steve and it keeps getting smaller and smaller
sheriff’s I am now crawling on my hands and knees it is so small back here whoa
this is like an old fun pet or something oh there is there is
I think there is a mouse! Okay, Sharers I’m gonna go deeper we got to explore this cave I
want to know what’s back there Oh be careful it gets even smaller as we
go down car this is crazy what are we doing okay here we go it’s so tight whoa
sure is what is this thing it kind of looks like an egg or something
ah there’s writing on that wall right there
let’s see what it says kya yes yeah what do you think that means I
have no idea come on see we got to go further back it’s getting so small I’m
like stuck I can’t get this small that’s crazy
I can’t see anything it’s so dark back here Carter yeah I think there’s spiders
everywhere yeah sure this is crazy we’re way back
deep in spiders cave right now I don’t know what we’re gonna find but it goes
even further back all the way back there whoa okay come on we got to keep going
sharing see if we’re going so far back this is wild I know Carter is getting
really small back here but we gotta find out what this message says the last
message we got to get Carter what does that say it is so crazy small back here
yeah it’s so full whoa what is this place bill and I
cuddle it keeps going farther what’s in that tunnel Steve I don’t know Carter I
feel like there’s bats there’s a whole bunch of spiders back you know that
tunnel goes so deep I can hear like a bunch of you I think it’s your spider
it’s huge you see something yeah I’m not going
back in there Carter can you this is probably a warning that says MKB 85 I
don’t know what that means but that tunnel looks creepy whoa what’s going on
it smells really bad back here yeah what is that smell
no Carter it smells really bad but I want to see what’s down in this hole and
see what’s back there it just keeps going and going oh I gotta get out of here I don’t know
what that is I don’t know what happened Stephen Sharer but I gotta get out oh my gosh
come on let’s get out of here I don’t know oh my gosh that was I don’t know
what happened Stephen Sharer we gotta find him okay listen we got to go find Steven I’m
thinking maybe the cave has I go back to her exit let’s go let’s see we can find
him let’s go up this way whoa watch out it’s like raining off this mountain
oh sure this is absolutely crazy back in here we’re gonna have to work our way
around the back side to the back door the cave hopefully gonna find him back
there whoa let’s keep going through the jungle whoa careful who shares this is
so hard to like the cave let’s see Steven are you back here Steven
whoa I don’t know what’s in there but I don’t think Stevens back there Liz
Phoebe come on let’s keep going Steven okay let’s go this way let’s go
this way come on Steven Steven oh my gosh here’s I don’t know if we’re gonna
find him I don’t know
it says keep out sure those so scared we thought we lost even though it have been
so bad oh my gosh and so glad we made it out of there to
the beach that was something I am NOT gonna do
again well that was like the last cave I’m ever going you know I was so scared
what happened to you Stephen I don’t even know her do something drug
me down and I got shot out down the river that was the craziest thing ever
I was so scared I’m so glad we found you yes you know we were so scared who
shares I don’t know what happened back there but if you made it this far a
common hashtag spider and what you think happened back in that cave what do you
think all this writing was what do you think it meant we’re gonna be in Hawaii
for a little bit longer so if you have any awesome ideas that we can do that
don’t involve caves let us know a comment them below or maybe we should go
and find an even scarier oh no no no no pictures I’m ending this vlog right now
okay until next time you know what to do, Stay Awesome, and Share the Love, Peace!

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