FEC Hobbled By Resignations Going Into 2020 Campaign Season | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “FEC Hobbled By Resignations Going Into 2020 Campaign Season | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

  1. No election security and now no one can do anything . Sounds suspicious . ! And GOP
    Wants to make sure trump gets elected . ! He wont . Americans dont want trump . And trump and his follwers and GOP WILL ALL LOSE IN 2020! .

  2. Let's talk about the campaign violations by MSM for the DNC! Let's talk about how WP's Rubin wants to destroy Republicans and wipe the party from the face of the country! Like that's not Hitleresque.

  3. In life…I find it extremely difficult to fully trust a
    politician, pundit or television journalist that dyes their hair, it seems on
    the surface they are acting in service to another master, and it’s certainly is
    not truth, integrity or honesty on most matters that one would want to expect from
    them in their chosen professions.

  4. President Donald J Trump has embraced Vladimir Putin in every turn to ask for another US general election interference from the Russian government.

  5. Doesn’t matter as long as there’s less Republican traitors inside the FEC we can continue to pass anything we want. This is America we don’t need four people, there’s enough people there. Move along

  6. Trump predicted Obama would start a war before his reelection campaign to get a boost in the polls – because that's what Trump would do?
    His numbers are down – so what's the over / under on war with Iran?

  7. Great! (Sarcasm). This leaves us vulnerable against domestic cheaters and foreign attacks on our election. Since the Republicans benefit from this scenario, they won't lift a finger.

  8. Rachel, have you no shame? I would think you would resign in disgrace for 2+ years of lying about Russia,Russia, Russia.

  9. This is sounds suspicious the Federal Election Commission has been short 2 members for a while now a third member retire so they cannot do anything that means investigations that were already being investigated have to halt
    I don't know with all the publicity about Moscow Mitch blocking any security measures to upgrade the voting machines and now this.
    It looks like the Republican just trying to steal 2020 election

  10. The FEC is somewhat like Fake News. Not getting much done even on the best of days. The sky is falling Rachel, I cannot talk you down because you are a hysterical fool.

  11. Horrific. The FEC is currently a rudderless ship leading into one of the most important elections in American history. Elect a clown, expect a circus. Popcorn, anyone?

  12. This is exactly the same propaganda I heard when I visited Russia, msnbc is a communist propaganda machine full of lies, any one who believes this garbage has a mental disability…WWG1WGA…Trump2020…TrumpJr2024

  13. Will Don the Con fill the seats for the FEC, and bring regulations, investigations, and law into his next Russian supported election? I don't think so, to CORRUPT, so is the Senate! Blue 2020!

  14. So the last time the FEC lost its quorum was during the Bush Jr administration. There seems to be a pattern.

    It's as if the Republikkkans don't want a democracy.

    Spanky McBoneSpurs has the Attorney General and DOJ to help him get re-elected. He also has Moscow Mitch, the Supreme Court, Russia, China, and Saudi Arabia to help him get re-elected. It doesn't seem like a fair fight.

  15. The republican America is endlessly obstructionist. The WTO is in the same position due to the USA's blocking new judges.
    When you can't win in democracy and need to resort to dirty tricks, you must have some seriously unfair policies.
    Vote rigging, election meddling and illegal gerrymandering are now the hallmarks of the republican party.
    No party is immune to wrong ideas, but the republicans have made these evils thier main plank.

  16. The GOP's and traitor evil mentally sick dictator are working so hard that every one want's to quit their job. Do you hear Traitor trump just RESIGN now so unfit for the job.

  17. Hey, MSNBC… see if you can figure out why Bernie is topping the polls right now and Biden is slipping into third place. There's definitely a good reason — and your challenge is to figure out what that reason might be. I'll give you a hint, ready..? The Who had a big hit song back in 1969, the lyrics of which should explain what is actually going on right now among the American electorate.

  18. Jen Rubin: GOP Should Be 'Burned Down' with No 'Survivors'

    MSNB You're the one trying to kick off something in our country.


  19. Mad cow another day another conspiracy theory, you do know mad cow States run their own elections so freaking stupid

  20. Hi Rachel Anne.👋🍺.
    Exceptional reporting, Rachel.👍☺🍺👏👏👏👏👏👏👏.
    Keep on digging, Rachel.👍.
    👉👉Patience democrats, patience.👍.
    Rachel, "rounding up to the nearest sixty." is wrong. 👎.
    Me, "rounding up to the nearest tenth/ten." is correct.👍.
    Numerical scale. e.g ten/0-9, tenth/10-99, hundred/100-999, thousand/1000-9999, ten thousand/10,000-99,999, hundred thousand/100,000-999,999, million/1,000000-9,999999, ten million/10,000000-99,999999, hundred million/100,000000-999,999999, billion/1,000000000-9,999999999, etc, etc.👍.
    Rachel, here's a little rhyme to help you remember how many days are in each month of the year. " thirty days(30) have September, April, June and November. All the other months have thirty-one(31) days, except for February which have twenty-eight days(28) and twenty-nine(29) days every leap-year(four(4) years)." 👍.

  21. Gallop poll says since 2016 support for Dems dropping and for first time ever support for Republicans has surpassed Democrats. Thank-you president Trump

  22. North Carolina voter fraud: New election ordered after Republican operatives ‘illegally collected ballots’ An operative working for the Republican is said to have hired workers to harvest ballots in an illegal door-to-door operation in two counties https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/north-carolina-new-election-voter-fraud-congressional-district-9-house-race-mark-harris-ballots-a8791281.html

  23. Those infected with De-Evolved-Anti-Abortion-Puta-Disease belong to a Suicidal-AGW-Denying-EVILgelical-KKKult. Trumpholes are insane, suicidal, immoral, will cheat, and suppress votes in order to server their master Satan. And destroy our Mother the Earth. Our only hope for survival is My universal free healthcare program called CardozaCare. Once everyone is covered with internet and artificial-intelligence based CardozaCare. Real-Greek democracy where every citizen votes on all issues through their patient care portal. And replaces the present money-corrupted representative government.

  24. I beleive that this was a SET UP by TRUMP AND HIS CRIMINAL THUGS !!!
    He appointed him in the first place to influence and now having him step down to influence !!!


  26. MSNBC should be happy about this considering they lie about Bernie Sanders' policy all the time. Now the DNC can screw Sanders over again and this time the public won't find out. MSNBC can get whatever corporate shill in that they're backing this time.

  27. The Federal Election Commission isn't fully staffed?!?

    What are we going to do?!? lol their aren't many more completely toothless Government agencies than the FEC.

    Even when this so-called, "Watchdog Commission," was FULLY staffed and funded in the run-up to the 2016 election, under a President and administration that actually VALUED their work, they did virtually NOTHING about Trump's many blatant campaign finance violations.

    What's it matter if they, "cannot conduct meetings," or, "issue fines," or, "make new rules," or, "conduct audits," or, "vote on the outcome of investigations," lol when they're essentially a wholly powerless beurocracy ANYWAY?

  28. Just PATHETIC American Givernment! Shame on Congress! Shame, shame , shame for taking tax dollar pay checks for doing dog dung nothing. Trump, the Senate, the House William Lowering the Bar you people are just TRASH. Just TRASH.

  29. Stephen Miller, in touch with Brannon, are deconstructing the government behind the scenes, just like they always planned.

  30. This smells very Trumpy to me. Someone from the Trump camp probably persuaded the guy to quit. All so Trump and McConnell can cheat their back on their reelection bids.

  31. Starving the beast (i.e. government oversight) is a fundamental tactic of fascist regimes. More evidence it is happening here.

  32. Trump won't nominate and Moscow Mitch wouldn't bring to the floor to vote on even if he did. It's giving themselves free-reign to screw the Citizens of this country as much as they want to in the next Elections.

  33. But if you find irregularities you can always use trump methodical ways, make noises , let the press knows what’s going on .

  34. How convenient…a republican drops out just in time to make the FEC unable to launch any new investigations for the 2020 elections.
    I'm so sure trump is going to get right on the job of appointing new members to the FEC, in short order. So they can watch how the republican dirty money is rolling in for trump's reelection.

  35. I hate to admit it but if it wasn't for Trump/Putin trying to destroy our country, I would not know about all these administrations and how essential they are to guarenteeing our elections. I have to applaud the sneaky, conniving, immoral brain located between Trump's ears and like thinkers who encircle him to do what ever it takes to take away our rights and freedoms. It's kinda like learning from your doctor you have cancer. You're given two alternatives go into surgery have it removed then undergo radiation treatment, not a fun thing, but improves your survival rate. Or do nothing and allow the cancer to consume your body and painfully wither up and die.

    We're a young nation with new approaches to governing, we have alot to learn, but we can't let one man and those who have him under their control destroy our accomplishments. We're a strong and determined people, we shall overcome and become a positive Global Peoples. VOTE! www.ourrevolution.com.

  36. The right wing will not relent. They are determined to hold all power by any means necessary in America to destroy all its institutions to enrich themselves and use economic slave against poor Black and Brown Americans. This is about preserving the white aristocracy for many more years to come. They do not believe in fair elections.

  37. Maybe American's should stop paying taxes….Our government has failed us through petty power struggles and greed. DJT the worst decision and best decision for America.

  38. Interesting, Dr. Maddow and TRMS Team. I was vehemently posting on just this topic, this early morning, in public on FB. Are there legal provisions for Ellen Weintraub recalling a Commissioner to serve out her term (2011), if Cynthia L. Bauerly rescinds her resignation?

  39. Like that's gonna happen. trump wants to make sure the FEC has the means to investigate his crooked campaign. Rachel has left the planet.

  40. How many countries love Trump and want him re-elected? One, maybe. How many countries don't want Trump re-elected? Many. We're telling the whole world on you tube that US elections are hackable. Don't assume that foreign hackers will pick DT (Delirium Tremens). Who wants to be bullied?

  41. So… Lemme get this strait:
    Should a foreign power interfere in our elections, the FCC won't be there to stop them????

  42. Campaign finance irregularity??? Trump is financed by himself and millions of small donations from real Americans. I would be more worried about the influence of Big Tech and their handlers, China.

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