Hey guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new to my channel, hi It’s me zeus and don’t forget to subscribe and click that notification bell down below you can get notified every time I upload For today’s video this way. We are here outside because really going to go and try this here it’s a suggestion from verbal and thank you so much for suggesting it if you have much more suggestion or Challenges that you want me to do just comment down below and I will try to do it for you without further ado Let’s start the video. We are going to go and try these Original worn Snacks awesome here, just bring close to you and The Flavor is Mexican spice. Oh my gosh. Wish me luck guys because I’ll just do it for you Mexican Spice warm let’s give it a try. I will stand up so at least you can cater So this is it the warm One oh my God one two three go Well, it’s not bad It’s actually good. It tastes like peanut to be honest. I will try it one more time. You can see here well, it’s not bad, so I will rate this Mexican spice a 5 out of 5 It’s actually good ok so let’s try the next flavor Ok so the next one I have a warm Snacks barbecue flavor I’m going to be here okay, so ridging are warm Snacks Barbeque flavor on this bolt in it and Let’s give it a try. So here it is Okay, let’s give you a char one two three go mmm Blow this actually good, too But it tastes like chocolate ready Now hold it one more Jeez Okay, that’s good. I Will rate this barbecue flavor? For okay, so I’m kinda excited for the next one so the next one is going to be crickets Okay, so to start the first cricket and it’s going to be Sour cream onion, and it’s Gonna be this Yes, it’s a real cricket guy So I’m doing my best for all of you Okay, so sour cream and onion cricket oh My God, it’s kind of disgusting alright. Let’s give it a try and this is going to be it guys Cricket let’s give it a try oh Oh my gosh the taste walk No, no Hello, it’s not the head you Know it’s not bad, but it’s just like weird because you know you can see it’s really um. It’s a real cricket, so I Will write this one probably four isn’t that bad? Just weird, okay And let’s try the other flavor. What’s next is on bacon and cheese cricket So it’s going to be like this one here Okay, let’s open it. Oh My gosh, it’s even much more like gross hmM. All right. Let’s see here Okay, okay, so bacon and cheese cricket. Just give you a char. Oh my gosh one two three go. Oh mmm It’s not bad, but doesn’t taste like bacon and cheese This just like gross Okay No, never I guess well Okay, so I guess I would rate this one as three get you started tasting it Now it’s disgusting. Oh okay, so for the last one we will try the salt and vinegar cricket I’m going to take this Okay, so salt and vinegar cricket. Let’s give it a try. Let’s open it Yeah, so dork Come on looks like Okay, okay. I’m going to be this here Or one two three here one two three go Hmm. Oh wow oh the object is Now this one actually act like it. I do you like it. It’s tasty but the Program I Will read just want to supply. I think it’s the best one actually All right guys. That’s me trying insects Thank you for watching the whole video if you like this video don’t forget to click like and also comment down below if you have much more suggestion or Challenges that you wanted to do and also subscribe to my channel because I upload every Monday and see you in my next video bye guys pizza

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