Fire Ants vs. My Hand

Oh boy! AC Family, we did it! We finally reached 1 million subscribers on
this channel! You guys are absolutely amazing! Thank you. Because you all have shown the ultimate love
by tuning in each week watching these ant videos, today I too have decided to finally
take up the ultimate challenge. Years ago, I told myself I would never attempt
such a crazy stunt, because I always feared and respected the sheer power of the world
infamous fire ants. Having owned colonies of fire ants for years,
I know all too well that they are aggressive, fearless, hungry, and deliverers of extreme
pain to anything or anyone who has the misfortune of being stung by their potent stingers. Though I love the videos of folks like Coyote
Peterson and RIP Steve Irwin, I’ve always felt there were other creative ways to showcase
the amazing aspects of animals besides endangering myself or allowing them to inflict bodily
harm. But today, I changed my mind. I wanted to try an experiment. Today, I was going to stick my hand into the
Fire Nation, but here’s the catch I was going to do it completely covered in honey. Would the ants simply feed from my hands and
not attack me, or would they riddle me with their potent stingers? Keep on watching until the end to find out,
and also just a note, we will also be giving out some cool prizes including a free complete
ant setup from, so look out for details on that, all at the end of this
video! AC Family, welcome to the 1 Million subscribers
episode of the AntsCanada Ant Channel. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel, and hit the
bell icon. Welcome to the AC Family. Enjoy! Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the Fire
Nation. If you’re new to the channel, this here was
the ant colony that began the world wide explosion of ant love on this channel. This ant colony has been featured on sites
of the likes of National Geographic and Discovery Channel, and rightfully so. This red tropical fire ant colony, named the
Fire Nation, of the species Solenopsis geminata is truly a great force to recokon with! This colony started off as a medium-sized
ant colony of about a couple thousand members, but has now grown to a massive colony that
I estimate to be at over 1 million workers, so I thought for our 1 million subscriber
video, it would be more than appropriate to feature them in their firey glory. The Fire Nation is always on the move, they
never stop working, and are always ready to attack should the situation require it! Now, what’s totally amazing is that hiding
somewhere within this enormous colony is one queen, yes, just one who is laying all the
eggs. Each of these workers live for about a month
or two, but this egg-laying queen whom they protect with their lives, lays somewhere deep
in this nest. She lives for years and years, simply laying
eggs nonstop to keep this entire fire ant colony growing and functioning. Fire ants recently trended online due to the
mass formations of living rafts during the recent Texas Hurricane floodings. On this channel, we’ve seen how adapted fire
ants are to floods, where we watched this colony totally prove to us that in the ant
world fire beats water. But let’s get to this experiment shall we?! Fire ants get their name due to the notorious
firey pain felt from their stings. At the ends of their gasters they possess
long retractable stingers which act like hypodermic needles, capable of injecting a potent dose
of a neurotxin called Solenopsin. This venom is strong enough to completely
immobilize small prey in seconds, and for larger animals, it’s truly an excruciating
experience, one I was willing to undergo, in the name of ant love. And here’s where the ant love part comes in. My relationship with these fire ants has always
been a sort of one way love. I’ve cared for them all this time to the best
of my ability, feeding them, cleaning after them, expanding their home, but my interaction
with them was always met with their natural agression, with me sometimes leaving with
a sting or two while working around them despite wearing gloves. They naturally always treated me like an enemy,
an intruder. This was just expected as they were simply
following their instincts. To them, I was a threat to their colony’s
livelihood, or possibly even potential food for the colony. But then I considered, what if, for once,
I came to them not as an intruder, but rather as a benevolent agent bearing a gift. And what better gift than their favourite
food – honey. It was official, AC Family. I was going to stick my hand into the Fire
Nation covered in the sweetest honey I had. Perhaps this time, I could feel the joy of
having these ravenous and beloved beasts actually feeding from my very hand. This was going to be epic! Now before I proceed I must warn you guys
to NEVER, EVER try this at home! This is very dangerous, and if a recipient
of an ant sting happens to be allergic to their venom, it could lead to a serious reaction
or even death, so this challenge should actually not be called a challenge at all. I don’t want AC Family out there to be trying
this. I know for a fact that I am not allergic to
their stings, because I’ve been working with these ants for years and have been stung by
them before. I was willing to try this as an experiment,
and I also had all medication on hand in case I needed it, as well as after-care products. I am an adult, but if you out there watching
are a kid or a teenager, once again do not attempt this! Actually, even if you’re an adult, don’t try
this at all. Please. So, AC Family, here were my tools. I still needed gloves for this experiment. One for my left hand, and the other was for
my right hand, but I needed to cut it up. This was going to be the smooth surface to
stop the fire ants from climbing up my arm while in contact with the ant nest. My plan was to make it form a sleeve above
my wrist, and it had to sit tightly against my skin so fire ants wouldn’t be able to get
under it. So, I needed to tie it up. Yes, AC Family, you better believe I was sweating
thinking about the craziness I was about to get into. The next step, was to apply copious amounts
of baby powder on this sleeve. This would cause any ants attempting to climb
up my arm to slip off. I needed the dry surface of the glove sleeve
to hold this baby powder because if I were to put it all on just my skin, for sure the
baby powder would soak up all my sweat and render it ineffective at being a slippery
barrier. I did also add baby powder on my skin to keep
my sweat from dripping onto the sleeve. I also had a jug of water ready in case I
needed to wash all honey and ants off my hand. And now it was time to add the honey. Here we go! My heart was racing like crazy. And just like that, I was now ready to stick
my honey-covered hand into the Fire Nation. AC Family, watch what happened. OK here we go. This is going to be the craziest thing I have
ever done ever in my life and I’ve done a lot of crazy stuff. But I am curious to see what an interaction
with these ants is like where it is not an aggressive interaction, because usually it
is an aggressive interaction. So let’s try it. Wish me luck, AC Fam. Here goes nothing. 1 2 3… They aren’t biting me yet. Ahhhh! They are biting me now. Ahh… Ahhh… Ah it’s hurting. Ok, I can’t do this! I can’t do this! Ahh. Ah! Ow! Ahhh! Ahhh! Ow. Ow… Ahh… Ow… Oooohhh…. In the name of ant love! Ouch! That hurts. That’s hurts a lot. Ok so. I’ll show you where they’ve stung me. They’ve stung me here. Over here ah it’s burning. On here. They’ve stung me here. They’ve stung me here. They stung me. Yeah this is really burning here. Where else have they stung me? Mostly here and here. I’m assuming that my sweat combined with the
honey and they knew I was not food, or if ever they knew I was food and they wanted
to eat my hand. Ohhh. That really hurts. And there you have it! I lasted about 23 seconds. The fire ants began to sting me around the
12 second mark. It seems there’s no fooling these ants. Their sense of smell is certainly on point
and I am certain along with the sweet aroma of honey that my hand was presenting to them,
there was also that alarming and oh so familiar human sweaty stench that caused them to go
into attack mode. The ants know me all too well. In all fairness, though, had my hand been
completely bare with no honey, I would have been met with much greater aggression in much
quicker stinging time. I am sure the layer of honey did a good job
at distracting the first barage of fire ant workers that came in contact with me. So it turns out our hypothesis that the ants
wouldn’t attack and simply treat me like a branch offering them food was incorrect. The Fire Nation is not stupid. Silly me for thinking I could fool them. I should know by now that these ants are masters
at life. And I was good with that skin to exoskeletal
interaction with the ants. I didn’t need to step further or upset them
like that any longer. As mentioned, I feel there may be other creative
ways at showcasing their splendor, without having to resort to causing harm to myself
nor being too intrusive. And so far, on this channel, we’ve been achieving
that, wouldn’t you agree? I gave the Fire Nation some cockroaches to
enjoy for being relatively kind to me. Watching them feed, I was reminded what started
this entire channel in the first place. A simple but deep fascination for these creatures
which I felt most of the world didn’t see or think about. I always knew ants were truly one of nature’s
most amazing creations, and experienced this fact the most when I observed them first hand,
doing their every day activities like this. After having my first pro ant farm, I made
the decision that the world needed to see this, needed to see just how awesome and epic
ants really were! Let’s feed the Dark Knights. It’s been a long and amazing journey of discovery
with you guys, and it fills me with such joy every week to see all the love and support
from all of you out there who tune in to watch these ant videos every week. Reading all your comments, and hearing your
collective voice in the results of all the polls we hold in our ant videos, has actually
given me much hope in the future. You know why? Here’s let’s feed the Golden Empire first. Seeing all this ant love gives me hope, because
of all the things, you could be watching on youtube, netflix, TV, or elsewhere, in the
vast sea of videos and content out there, you guys prove to me that this generation
still sees value in learning about nature. I cannot begin to describe how inspired I
am by all of you guys who have watched these ant videos over the years, and given ant love
a chance. For as long as you guys keep watching, I promise
to keep making you these ant videos to discover with you the amazing world of ants. Ant love is truly forever. As I attempted to feed the Titans in their
terrarium, something suddenly caught my eye. I couldn’t believe what I saw. O.M.G! Thanks so much, AC Family for watching and
again thank you guys for 1 million subs. We did this together! And to celebrate this triumphant hallmark
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