Flight of the Butterfly – Episode 1. Russian TV series. StarMedia. Melodrama. English Subtitles

Star Media presents Boris Khvoshnyanskiy Yelena Radevitch Pavel Barshak Victoria Malektorovitch Sophia Stetsenko Konstantin Chernokrilyuk Alexander Kobzar Sergey Strelnikov Stanislav Boklan Larisa Kadochnikova David Babyev-Kalnitskiy in a movie by Nicolay Mikhaylov
THE FLIGHT OF A BUTTERFLY Created by Natalia Pavlovskaya Director of Photography — Vladimir Ivanov Art Director — Yevgeniy Pitenin Music by Oles Korovnichenko Mum, why the hurry? Galya, we agreed to
speak Russian in Moscow. All right, mum, I’ll say that
in Russian — why the hurry? I’m so tired! I don’t like it here! Please don’t whine. Mum, you promised me some
“wonderful Moscow ice-cream”! Executive Producers —
Andrei Bondarenko, Vadim Zhuk Produced by Larisa
Zhuravskaya and Vlad Ryashin Svetlana? Andrei Alexeyevitch! As you see, unseen
forces made us meet again. Let me give you a lift. Andrei Alexeyevitch! I almost stole it! I’m so sorry! Art-deco
is my weak point. You may take this catalogue. No, no! This is too much.
Besides, a taxi is waiting for us. All right. I have nice examples
of your beloved Rulman’s works in my salon. Please come! I’ll be glad. Thank you. Good luck! Good bye! What papers, do you say? From Grabar? It makes the matters a
bit better, of course… ‒  Hi.
‒  Hi. Your favorite chocolate — French. It’s Belgian! Belgian is even better.
Please understand — I may write any certificate myself. But a nobody won’t become
a Polenov after that. Dad! Arsen, hi! Yes. All right. I’ll think of
what to do with it. Bye. Hi, Arsen! Hi, dad. Can you imagine what I found? Homer described real
robots in his Odyssey! So they existed even so long ago! Andrei, I worry for Arseniy. He has been shouting in his sleep again. Ira, I’m telling you
for a hundredth time: we shall escape our crazy city
and go for the country once in a while. Let’s go to Rozhdestveno! I beg you! Can we go there at least once a summer? We’ll have a walk and have rest.
Arsen will run around. He’ll be better. He’ll get worse. You know that
any excitement is prohibited! Ilya Moiseyevitch promises that… Ilya Moiseyevitch is a
doctor and not a prophet! Ilya Moiseyevitch!
I don’t know what to tell you to make you hear me! Ilya Moiseyevitch! Andrei, can we bargain some more?
At least up to 25,000? Zhora, stop it.
You know that this is unreal. This deal is sleazy enough without it.
Twenty is enough. Think about it! 60 mln dollars!
For some rhombs and lines! We sold them too cheap
fifteen years ago, Andrei. Fifteen years ago even
100,000 was a good amount. If you remember… Right. We could have earned 80 mln
for those four Malevich’s works! Zhora, don’t keep me in suspense.
Did you bring it? Take it out. Tea-rose. Tea-rose? Yes. Quince. Try it! This is feijoa. My mum’s classics! Put this into your safe, Andrei. Here we go. Malevich is a bag with
jam! You’re impossible! It’s a habit! Andrei,
I still remember times when a shopping bag was the
safest place to transport money. What do you think
about my mum? She knew! She kept this painting in
her cellar for twenty years without saying anything to me. Oh, mum! All right, Andrei, I understand. Pay attention to this item.
It’s very interesting. I’ll call you. Yes. Good bye. Wait for my call.
Tell my love to your mum. I will. Thanks. If you decide to buy it we’ll
give you a 10 per cent discount. Well… Hello, Svetlana! I’m sorry. Hello, Andrei. I was sure that we’ll see each other again. How do you like it here? It’s impressive. But… you expected something
grander, didn’t you? No, of course not! It’s not the case. Has something happened?
Do you have any problems? Yes. I don’t know anybody here in Moscow. Sveta, if you want we may go to my office. Thank you, but Galya is
waiting for me. You know, I lied to you in the plane.
Galya and I came to Moscow not for the sake of sightseeing.
I ran away from my husband. I want to divorce him.
And he doesn’t want it. “He threatens me; he blackmails
me with our daughter. ” He says that in case of a
divorce Galya will stay with him. But she is everything for me! I understand. I have a son myself. We checked into a hotel.
I went to take some money from my credit card this morning,
but my account was blocked. I think he wants to make
me come back in this way. But it’s impossible. I’m scared of him. He is capable of anything! Sveta, calm down. We’ll think of something! We’ll sort it out for sure! Here we go. She has fallen asleep.
It’s so good here! So calm! All my fears disappeared. Yes. This place is very dear to me.
My granny used to live here. Long ago I used to come here often. I imagined myself to
be a host of the forest. There was a tree with a huge hole
on the other bank of the river. I imagined that it
was fulfilling my dreams. All right, let’s get down
to more prosaic things. The dishes are there.
There is a heater here. Water. A well… I shall go. Thank you, Andrei. Are you sure we won’t be a nuisance? For whom? My wife doesn’t come here. She doesn’t like this place.
I have no time to come here. Therefore… Don’t worry. I’ll find a more
comfortable place for you. And — everything will be fine. You’ll see. Thank you. Good night. Good night. Galya, my dear! We’ll be all right! For sure! You shall just believe in that. Arseniy? One moment, mum. Hello. Who are you? I’m Sveta. What an exhaustive answer! What are you doing here? I’m living here. Even better. For how long? For two days. Andrei
Alexeyevitch brought me… us here. I got in a terrible mess
and I don’t know anybody except for Andrei in Moscow. Have you been with
Kovalevskiy for a long time? No, not for long. No, you got me wrong. Hi. Hi. If I understood you right…
sit down, please. Thank you. You’re interested in a genre
portrait in the Dutch style. Is that so? Yes. But it makes no
difference. Do you want some? Thank you. I’m sorry,
I don’t understand. Let me introduce myself.
I’m from the Federal Security Service. Major Sokolov. Dmitriy Dmitriyevitch. I see. Where can I put it? Give it to me. There was no
need to beat about the bush. There was a need. How can I help you? We want cooperation. I never cooperated with
your respected establishment and I have no plans to do it in future. It only seems to you so! You see, we know whom you visited in Paris. We know that you’re planning
to sell a work of Malevich that once belonged to
one provincial museum. Do you understand? No. I don’t understand. Mr. Kovalevskiy… What if I say that I’ve
never heard of that painting and I am not planning to sell anything? You’re trying to drive me into a corner. Andrei Alexeyevitch, we have
lots of info that compromises you. Selling antiques is a sleazy business.
If we had a wish it would be easy to send you to prison. Time flies, but your
organization’s methods don’t change. What methods do you mean? Blackmailing. I’ll pretend that I didn’t hear it. I’ll tell you this — I have no
intention to cooperate with you. You may threaten me, you
may scare me. As you wish. Who is scaring you, me?
I didn’t do that! Do you want some? Good luck to you! ‒  Good bye.
‒ Be careful. ‒  I beg your pardon.
‒ Ira, Arseniy, hello! Hello, Gustav Fridrikhovitch! You haven’t been here for a while. Yes. Is Kovalevskiy here? I can hear you! Dad, hi! ‒  Hi, Arsen!
‒  Hi! ‒  How are you?
‒  Fine! Arseniy Andreyevitch, let me show you
a very interesting thing! Arseniy Andreyevitch! Has something happened? Arseniy and I went to Rozhdestvenno! I see. Is that all that you can say? Of course not.
She was left without money and roof above her head.
She had to live somewhere. I simply helped them.
Besides her husband… I’ve already heard this story
about a bastard of a husband! What else do you want to hear? Is she your lover? Ira! Why a lover? What are you saying? Your logics used to be better before.
Sit down! I don’t want to sit down!
Don’t make me sit down! All right! My logic prompts me
to the only logical question: for how long will that woman
live in our summer cottage? You’re right! They have
nothing to do in Rozhdestvenno! A flat is being rented out
in our house right above us. Let her live there… if you don’t want her
to be in Rozhdestvenno. Let them live there! Arsen! Hi! Hi. I’ll live in this house now. Very cool! My mum and I… Arseniy, come on. We’re in a hurry. All right. Bye. Bye. We’ll talk later. New residents again! Next week some Misha came. And now… a dragonfly with red wings. A lonely woman with a child. That rich man must be providing for her. How terrible! It used to
be a house with history. Now it’s some kind of a den!
Time changed so much! Hold this. Isn’t it heavy? No, it isn’t. Hello, ladies! Hello. Don’t tell me that I’m
seeing you in my dream! I won’t say so. We live here.
Starting from today. I saw you and realized that
I won’t go to buy any kvass. Kvass? It is… Russian lemonade
made on the basis of bread. Right. Your bags must be heavy.
Let me help you. Thank you very much! One can’t find good
kvass in Moscow nowadays. But I saw a barrel around the corner. Kvass there is very good. I decided that it’ll do
for okroshka perfectly. Okroshka? It’s a kind of a cold soup. Right. I may eat an entire
pot myself! My name is Misha. Galina. Galya. Svetlana, my mum. Mum! Shall we go? Yes, of course. They say that neighbors
are closer than relatives. If you need anything come to me at once. Thank you very much. The third floor. I see. It’s you, Andrei. Hello. Hello, Svetlana. I thought that dad has come! No, he hasn’t come. Mum, why are you so weird today? You didn’t let me talk to Galya!
You’re angry now. Arsen, you have nothing to do with it. You may go and play
with that girl tomorrow. It’s a deal. Very good! Now go. The apartment is very
good — large and light. I’m so grateful to you! I don’t know what I’d be doing without you. How is your divorce going? I have nothing to boast about… I saw my good acquaintance.
He is a lawyer. I described your situation to him.
He wants you to answer a few questions for him
so that he could help you. Thank you. I’ve already
talked to the lawyers. There is a chance, of
course. I’ll have to show proofs of my financial
independence. I must prove that I’ll provide for my daughter here
not worse that he would in Paris. You see! The situation is not desperate! All right, I shall go. Yes, thank you! Don’t plunge in despair! Thank you very much! Hello. Hi, hi! Did you miss me? Of course I did! Are you all right? I think so. Very good! Brace yourself! I love you! I love you too. That’s it! I’ll call you tomorrow. Bye. You know, Andrei, this is weird… What is weird again? This situation is so silly.
That Sveta lives in our house. Arseniy likes her daughter so much… So what? Let them communicate!
Let them play together! I don’t know how he’ll feel after that. What will the doctor say? Ira, Arseniy needs neither pills
nor seances of psychotherapy. All he needs is normal communication. Don’t you understand? He is different!
He is not like other children! And children don’t forgive that.
They are mean! Let’s not talk about children!
Let’s talk about atmosphere in our home! What don’t you like about our home? The atmosphere here is electrified 24/7! Hello, Svetlana. Good afternoon! May I come in? Please do. Aren’t you tired of my Arseniy? Of course not. He is a
very good and well-bred boy. You know, I’ve never seen
him playing with anybody. They like playing together. ‒  Shall we get informal?
‒  We shall. ‒  Ira.
‒ Sveta. Do you want some tea? I do. You are yielding to me! Why? I can count all variants of this
game from the very beginning. Win, then! You won’t play with me in this case. Do you want to play with me? I feel bored with others. Do you have a search
program on your I-pad? No. What is it for? You may always see
where your dad or mum is… or where I am. Look! Here we are! Yes. Your situation is harsh. But I think you shall
think it over, make peace and come back to your husband. No! It’s impossible. I don’t know… I think I’d
do anything to save the family… for Arsen’s sake.
You see, when he is nervous he gets overexcited and
starts to get out of breath. His heart almost stops. It’s very scary. Are you sure that it happens
because of overexcitement? Yes. The doctor says so.
That’s why my husband and I try not to upset our son.
Andrei is always busy but he stills pays much attention to Arsen. Yes. He is a very reliable
and responsible person. Yes, this is true. But don’t worry! My husband and I will help you! Thank you. I shall look for a job now.
I must earn money. You shall look not for a job but for a man. An influential and rich one. Where can I meet such a man? I have one idea. Ira! You can’t imagine
how happy I am to see you! Thank you for your call. You could have called yourself.
You haven’t come for ages. It’s dangerous! What if I
fall in love with you again? Stop it, Borya! Love during the first year
of studies only happens once. But it doesn’t die. Andrei has come! No, it’s not him. Come in. Please meet Svetlana, my new neighbor. Svetlana has lived in Paris for
ten years. And this is Boris, mine and Andrei’s
classmate and close friend! Nice to meet you! Nice to meet you too! Did anyone tell you that you
look like a butterfly, Svetlana? I hope you won’t fly away! I’ll try. I’ll take my wings off. Look, it becomes you! Look! Gustav Fridrikhovitch? Did
you take a file from my table? Andrei Alexeyevitch, a visitor to you! He said you arranged a meeting! Thank you. How can I help you? I came to renew the conversation
that we started last time. I believe we’ve discussed
everything that we could. You’re mistaken, Andrei Alexeyvitch. In any case I have nothing to add. I won’t cooperate with you in any form.
I beg your pardon. You I’d like to remind you
about five Malevich’s paintings that allegedly perished during
a fire about fifteen years ago in one provincial museum that you know. The most unusual thing is that
four out of those five paintings were secretly brought out of our country. Not without your assistance, by the way. I saved those paintings. And later they were stolen from me. You didn’t claim theft. Therefore you’re automatically
considered an accomplice in theft. You’re planning to sell the fifth painting
from those allegedly burnt soon. It’s only a matter of time
before we prove it. Taking into consideration
the value of all five works of Malevich you’ll get a huge term in prison. If your accounts are arrested… How will you treat your son? As I know, Ilya Moiseyevitch Gorovits
is a very expensive doctor. What do you want from me? I’ll tell you when time comes. Good bye! I saw an expensive label
falling off, and under it… How terrible! Like in “The Dowryless Girl”
staged by Karansyshev. By the way, have you already seen
the famous staging of the “Dowryless Girl”? Now, I didn’t have a chance. You shall invite Svetlana. What a good idea! Maybe you and Andrei will join us? You and a thousand people who
will be sitting in the theatre? No, go yourselves. Don’t wait for us.
Andrei is always busy. Ira, who plays piano? Nobody at the moment. Andrei used
to play piano every evening before. But now I’m just dusting it. Hello, honey. Hi. You look special today. Really? Do I? I haven’t heard such
compliments from your fro a while. I’m sorry. Hi, classmate!
You’re still noisy and merry! Hi, hi! You haven’t changed yourself a bit! Where is Arxseniy? He is at Galya’s place.
They’re playing computer games. Let’s drink for the meeting. Maybe later. The customs
office… Loads of works… Svetlana, may I talk to you for a moment? Sure. I’m sorry. Kovalevskiy is like always. Everybody shall act
according to his wishes. I toast you. How are your things going? What is new? Nothing good, I’m afraid. I see. Sit down. Thank you. I was thinking… I could hire you…
You may work in my salon. Then you’ll have arguments
for the French court. How do you like it? Thank you! It would be wonderful! But what do you need it for? It’s logical. You’re a beautiful
woman with European manners. You know foreign languages.
Clients like that. You’re flattering me. Besides there is no greediness
in your eyes. It’s very important. Then I have a mutual offer to you! We could arrange delivery of
vintage bijoux… from Paris. It would be not expensive but exclusive. I have some examples here. Really? I’m afraid this is not
for my salon, Sveta. I’m sorry. How did you manage to
talk Andrei Alexeyevitch into selling this kind
of stuff in our salon? It’s logical! Imagine a collector
who comes to our salon for a cigar case, a fireplace clock
or, say, a bronze chandelier. And you tell him:
“This is a brooch for you wife! It’s not expensive but very spectacular”. He realizes that it’s
his chance to save himself from a huge scandal for little money. His wife won’t ask
what he spent the money for now. If you were talking Mr.
Kovalskiy into it in the same way I can understand why he lost his ground. I beg your pardon. Hello? Hi, my dear. I’m at work now. I can’t talk properly. Is everything going according to the plan? It is, it is. Don’t get upset!
It’ll all end soon! Believe me! I’m kissing my little
princess! I love you! I’ll call you tomorrow. Bye! Bye! Galya? Galya? [You don’t know much about
grannies and mummies.] [Your mummy left you!
My granny told me so…] Mummy… My honey… forgive me please. What for, mum? I want you to have a good and easy life. I know, I know. Mum, dad and
a house, family breakfasts and dinners, walks in the park on weekends… But we’ll have it all, won’t we?
Very soon. Is that so? You just have to believe me.
Even when it’s very hard. I believe you, mum. I believe you. What a good item!
But it has gotten a bit dim. Anything would in 200 years. Tell me, girls… what are these strange
things that appeared in the salon recently? They are medicines from
angry wives’ dissatisfaction. It’s a funny idea! It really is! Thank you, lady. Give the cigar case back! What? I saw you stealing the cigar case! Are you crazy? Do you
understand what you’re saying? I understand that you wanted
to steal an expensive item from a salon by exchanging
it for a counterfeit! Gentlemen, what has happened? Your young employee accuses us of theft! Gentlemen! Alexander Savelyevitch,
Vladimir Kirillovitch! Let me apologize for our
young employee’s mistake! But how… What did you do, Sveta? I don’t know… I saw it! You were mistaken. The scandal will be huge.
Antiques business hates noise! I’m afraid to think about what Andrei
Alexeyevitch will do in such a situation… Andrei Alexeyevitch… Andrei Alexeyevich, let me explain… No need to, Gustav Fridrikhovitch. I’ve just heard the explanation.
Extensive and loud. This is all. Go, go! Yes, sit. How will you explain
that? You’ve just insulted a very respected and serious
man, a client of our salon. How is that? It’s good that you
did it out of good intentions. It justifies you
partially. I was thinking… Shall we have a dinner somewhere? Well? Gustav was staring at me without blinking.
Then he said: “You were mistaken, Svetlana! You were mistaken! This
business hates noise”! I got out of the car. The aluminum
magnate was in front of me. He was livid: “Where did
you find her, Kovalevskiy? Return her where you took her! “What will Andrei Alexeyevitch say?”
And the hands, the hands… What will Andrei Alexeyevitch say? Andrei Alexeyevitch may only
say that you’re incredible. This is true. The clarity of intentions,
bravery in taking decisions… sincerity of feelings…
They make a wonderful combination.

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  1. This heroine wears just the sort of outfit I would wear on a long plane journey from Paris to Moscow with a child in tow and then again for a stay in a forest hut!

  2. Looks like a set up for the Kind Man. Wont watch anymore as I dislike Deceitful People the most. Stopped watching at 25:10.

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