Flight of the Butterfly – Episode 2. Russian TV series. StarMedia. Melodrama. English Subtitles

Star Media Presents Svetlana? Andrey Alekseevich? Some unknown forces
drew us together again. Pavel Barshak Viktoria Malektorovich It’s so nice and calm here.
All me fears faded away… In Nikolay Mikhailov’s movie
Flight of the Butterfly Written by Natalia Pavlovskaya Who are you? You’re wonderful, Svetlana! Purity of thought,
ingenuousness of feelings, courage in decision making —
it’s a very attractive combination. [Only today, only here,
only now — a wonderful show!] [Don’t walk past!] Thank you for a wonderful evening! Thank you. Thank you for this evening. It was great. Yes? Andrey, Arseniy is having an attack. Excuse me. You fooled me? Why? Would you be happier if
he had an attack for real? Are you out of your mind? And you? – Finally… Hello darling.
– Hi. I called you yesterday,
but you were temporary unavailable. Excuse me. It happened so. Okay. What’s going on? Hello? Hello? – How are you getting on?
– Nothing new. I hope you’re kidding. I’m afraid I won’t be able
to do what you asked me for. I hope you understand
that it’s not an asking. I won’t succeed. I can’t do this. Stop fooling around! You know me. Don’t talk to me like that! Till tomorrow, darling! You were absent at work.
Your phone is switched off. Anything happened? Not really. Come in! What happened? Come on,
everything will be fine. I don’t know what to do. I am lost. Everything will be OK. I’m scared. I’m very scared. Don’t be scared, I’m with you. I’m with you. Andrey! Andrey, where are you? Mom, hi! Dad hasn’t come yet. I’m playing with Galya. I’m ready, come out! – Did you hide everything?
– Sure! – Did you use the map?
– Yes. How do you come up with
such interesting games? My daddy taught me. He’s awesome! When we’re together
it’s a party non-stop! He probably loves you very much. Of course! Me and my mother. I wish he came back faster.
I missed him so much! Hi Aunt Ira!
You are so beautiful today. Thank you. You stole my treasure! How could you have
thought that? I love you! You lie to me! You always lie to me! No, no, I’m innocent! That’s enough! No more games! Galya, your mother is waiting for you. Mom, why? It’s not late yet… Because I said so! Let us finish the game, please! Why do I have to repeat the
same thing over and over again? Why, tell me why? Arseniy? Arseniy? Arseniy! What happened, my baby? Arseniy is unwell. Vera? The movie On
the Last Breath starts. It’s Jean…what’s his name? Your favorite French
actor in the lead role. He’s got a broken nose. Belmondo. Calm down, calm down. Where have you been? Everything is fine.
We’re going to a hospital. On my opinion, Arseniy
should stay at the hospital. Unfortunately you can’t foresee
everything that may trigger an attack. What happened today? He recently met a friend of his age. She came with mother from Paris. She’s always coming up
with different crazy games. Didn’t I tell you to avoid this? Tell me please, Ilya Moiseevich, can our
excessive nervousness provoke an attack? Are you talking about my nervousness? Because you’re always
so calm and prudent! Ira! Excuse me, I have to go.
See you tomorrow. Good bye! Excuse us, Ilya Moiseevich. I’ll be waiting in a car. Hi! Excuse me, I was busy. How’s Arseniy? What did the doctor say? Arseniy is getting better.
I don’t want to talk about this now. Sorry. Hello? Yes, I understand. Talk later. – Hi.
– Hello. Why don’t you call me? I told you, we’ve got a problem. I couldn’t care less.
Pull yourself together, my baby. 5 million Euros are at stake. Do it, or your fairy-tales will come true. Serge, what do you mean? I mean, your French father will
part his stupid Russian wife with her daughter. The French court, as you can imagine,
will be on the side of a French citizen. Are you joking? Yes, I am, my darling. Good bye! Are you regretting what
happened between us? Not at all. Do you remember telling me,
“Don’t worry, everything will be fine”? Now we are together, and I
want to repeat your own words. Everything will be fine, for sure. I am by your side. Even if we’re denied the
possibility to be together. It’s a very dull place. You will soon get better
and come back home. And we’ll finish our game
of pirates, all right? Arseniy, I’m afraid they won’t
let us play together anymore. What are you saying? Aunt Ira said it’s our game
that caused your sickness. But you know it’s not true. I know where you’re at the moment. I track you on my pad. OK, bye! – Hi, Arseniy!
– Hi, dad! Thank you for the pad. Are you and mother going
to visit me in turns? Arseniy, I had a free moment
and decided to visit you. Understand? Dad, I’m not a psycho, am I? Of course not. Why do you say so. I read in the Internet
about my symptoms, and learnt about etiology and
pathogenic mechanisms of my illness. Arseniy, don’t be silly.
First, you are not sick. Secondly, I didn’t but this
pad for you to be browsing medical sites day and night. Thirdly, amateur approach to
medicine is very dangerous. Blah, blah, blah! I know all this. Please don’t think I’m using
my attacks to hold you back. I will never leave you. Never. – Hi!
– Hi! How is Arseniy doing? We should take him home. Ilya Moiseevich warns against it. – Ira?
– Yes? Why did you forbid
Arseniy to talk to Galya? Because of her bad influence. It’s stupid! It’s making things worse. It’s not stupid. We all should stay
away from this deceitful family. What are you talking about? Galya told Arseniy about
her wonderful father who loves her and her mother very much,
and who will soon come back. I’d like to know what this story
about despotic husband means. Yes, Dmitriy Dmitrievich? OK, I’m coming. The coffee’s very decent,
isn’t it, Andrey Alexeevich? Dmitriy Dmitrievich,
I’m very limited in terms of time. Let’s talk business, please. You didn’t invite me to
drink some coffee, did you? Yes, you’re right. We’re after a big art dealer,
who is running contraband of art treasures. OK, what’s my business? We have grounds to believe that
this crook is after Malevich now. After your Malevich. What is keeping you from arresting him? It’s complicated. We have to catch him with pants
down, with Malevich on hands. How do you expect my Malevich
to end up in his hands? That’s easy. His sidekick
is already working for you. It’s not so. Let me explain you why. All my employees went through
thorough background check. We’ve been working together for many years.
I know all of them personally. With one exception. Who are you talking about? Svetlana. She’s a recent employee. – Svetlana?
– Yes. Svetlana… I understand that it’s
a painful disillusion. Dmitriy Dmitrievich, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you here. Excuse me. Why? Andrey Alexeevich, help us, please. Your refusal might result
not only in your imprisonment, as I’ve already told you,
but also in her imprisonment. But if you help us we will
disregard her involvement. What do you expect me to do? First of all, don’t worry. Everything is good in its own time.
We will contact you. The subscriber is not
available at the moment. – Hello Galya!
– Hi… Why are you so sullen? Mother is leaving to work, so
I’ll be all alone the whole day. – Why?
– Arseniy is at hospital. – Misha, hi!
– Hi! If you get bored — call me. I wanted to have coffee with you, but… Excuse me, Misha, I’m in a hurry. I see. Do you want me to give you a lift? Thank you. I love you. Don’t let anyone in. – Be careful!
– Thank you, Misha! Anya, do you remember who
moved in first — Misha or Sveta? Didn’t they move in together? You don’t remember anything! Vera, will you watch with
me the Strawberry Meadow? He moved in on the 14th. Gustav Friedrichovich? Good morning! Good morning, Svetlana. Is Andrey Alexeevich around? No. He will be absent for a few days. – Why is that?
– He went fishing. – He went to Rozhdestvenno.
– Rozhdestvenno… Misha, hello again!
I need your help urgently. I need to go out of town.
Yes, I’m coming, thanks! Thank you, Misha! – Should I wait on you?
– No, thanks! Your phone is switched off. I was worried. Excuse me for this visit. I have
to tell you something important. What happened between
us is not just an affair. In this short time you’ve
become very close to my heart. I should have told you this. You’re a good swimmer. I grew up by the river, in a village. I don’t remember my parents.
My grandmother brought me up. She loved me very much. She made me fabulous
dresses out of old rags. She loved to read and count
using tear-off calendars. We had no books. Then the foster care people
took me to a boarding school. There were big gratings on
the windows, and a tall fence. My grandma got sick. I learnt that she died
only a month later. Then there was an orphanage,
amateur performances. I was dancing. A sponsor took me to Paris. I danced in a small vaudeville. Then I escaped and became illegal. I met my ex-husband. He gave me shelter and
helped with the papers. Galya was born. I wish everything was different. Both of us lost our mind, just a bit. But it’s not enough for love. Where is the tree that fulfills wishes? Do you remember telling me
about it when you brought me and Galya here? Borya, excuse me, but I
don’t care about theatre now. Arseniy is at hospital.
I visit him twice a day. My home is empty. It’s very sad. Stop it. I know you, you are different. While you’re young you believe
your life will be different than everyone else’s. Everything will be happier
and more interesting. Then you realize that nothing
special ever happened to you. Now, eat. Okay. Excuse me. It’s tasty. Tell me, how long will
Arseniy stay at the hospital? He’s there for a long time.
Doctor thinks it’s for the best. – I’ve got an idea.
– Tell me. Have you heard of hippotherapy? Here it is. How did you make a wish? I wrote it on a piece of
paper and threw in there. Did it come true? Sometimes. Do you have a wish now? I do, but I have no paper. Make a wish. And then? And make a knot. Now you have to blow. May I do the same? Now throw it in the knothole. What was your wish about? I wished that the loved
ones never betrayed me. I wished for their trust. It’s cold. Let’s go, I’ll drive you home. Thank you so much. I haven’t been to theatre
since a hundred years! The play was wonderful. Didn’t I tell you? – Ira?
– Yes? – Let’s go to my place?
– Where is it? – In far off lands!
– You always speak in riddles. Come on, come on! So what? No, it’s too late. I have
to visit Arseniy tomorrow. Drive me home, please. Galya? Galya, are you sleeping? Galya? – Hello, Misha?
– Yes. Excuse me, is Galya with you? No, why? – Did you see her in the evening?
– No. What happened? Excuse me. – Hello? Hello, are you there?
– Hello? Hello darling. How are you?
Is everything all right? Where’s Galya? Good, you got it right. As you can see I can be rather tough. Where’s Galya? I hope you won’t be telling
me anymore about some unexpected problems? Yes, my dear? Where is Galya?! I hope you understood me.
I’ll keep in touch. Kiss you, love you. Bye! Mom, are you back? Andrey… How are you? We should stay away from each other. Okay. Galya, you made such a mess!
Excuse me for saying this. Why is it my fault? Andrey Alexeevich, everything is ready. Thank you. One moment! Galya, maybe I don’t understand something? Explain to me why she lost
conscience upon seeing you? Misha, it was caused by
an unlucky train of events. Uncle Pier came around… Who is it? You don’t have anyone here. He came here from Paris,
brought me presents from my dad. We went to a cafe. It started to rain. Galya, why didn’t you call mother? I left my phone at home. You didn’t leave? I will leave when you get better. Drink this. Lie back. Turn on your stomach. Come on! My grandmother used to put
mustard plasters over buttercloth. They don’t hurt like this. Calm down. Rest still.
Don’t think about anything. The past and the future don’t matter. What’s important is for you to get better. Right? Arseniy, do you know about hippotherapy? I believe it’s a treatment
with a help of horses. Right? Right. You’re so smart! Uncle Borya suggests we try this. And how about Ilya Moiseevich? He’s against alternative medicine. I will consult Ilya
Moiseevich on this account. Mom, I would like to try this.
Horse riding is great! What does father think about this? I haven’t had a chance to
discuss it with father yet. Mom, don’t worry! I’m with you. You’re my most reliable help! – I’m listening?
– No, I’m listening. Tell me you’re thinking about me.
Tell me you’re missing me. I’m missing you. Why are you so sad?
Don’t you know I don’t like it? – I like when you’re joyful and happy.
– I know. Good. Do you remember
we’ve got little time? I do. Good girl. Kiss you, love you, my darling. Bye. Galya? Mom, where are you going? It’s so languorous in here. I wanted to have a walk
outside while you’re sleeping. I’m not sleeping anymore.
May I come with you? Sure. Is it always so boring here? – In the park?
– No, in Russia. I don’t know, Galya.
I have forgotten already. I understand you. With our father it’s
possible to forget anything. I miss him so much! I think I won’t be able
to live without him. Hey, how about me? Without you… I don’t know! Come here! Come here! Come here! Come here! Okay, go wash yourself!
I will cook breakfast.

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