Foggers Safety: Do not use more foggers than necessary

Meet Joe and Tom. They both have a bug problem. Joe thinks that if one fogger is good enough
for his bug problem lots of foggers must be better. Joe used too many foggers. Tom reads the label. Tom: Hmmm. The label tells me exactly how
to use this fogger safely, and that this product will kill these roaches. It says I can thoroughly
and safely treat a large room. Good! That will work and save me money. Always read the label first! Follow all instructions
carefully! Do not use more foggers than necessary. When you return, be sure to open your windows
to thoroughly air out your home. Read the label carefully because some products
require that you stay out of the treated area an additional length of time while it’s airing
out. For more information about using foggers safely,
visit our website:

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