Foggers Safety: “First, Read the Label”

Narrator: Meet Joe and Tom. Narrator: They both have a bug problem. Narrator: Joe decides to use
a fogger. Narrator: Looks like Joe didn’t read the instructions. Narrator: Joe’s neighbor Tom reads the instructions. Tom: Label says one can is all we need for
this size room. Tom: Come on Spot lets go for a walk. Narrator: After activating a fogger it needs
time to work. Narrator: Leave your home until time indicated
on the label has passed. Narrator: Remember to lock your door so that
no one can enter while the fogger is working. Narrator: For more information on using foggers
safely visit our website: Narrator: Thinking about using a fogger to
kill bedbugs? You need an effective treatment plan that uses a variety of techniques and
vigilant monitoring. Visit

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