Foolish Bed Bug – Panchatantra In English – Moral Stories for Kids – Children’s Fairy Tales

The Guest. Once upon a time, there lived a King who ruled over a kingdom. From the time he gets up till he goes to bed, he was busy in listening and solving the problems of his people. How can a King be without palace. The King had a huge cot with beautiful wood work on it. The bed was covered with an expensive mattress and bed cover. At the end of the day the King used to have his dinner and go bed. Always there were two guards outside his bedroom. Where nothing could be enter, a lice somehow entered the King’s mattress. When the King was fast asleep the lice lived by sucking his blood. Suddenly, one day, a bedbug stood in front of the parasite, And gave him a shock. Hey… Who are you? How did you come here? I am a bedbug. By mistake, I came along with the Kings laundry clothes, and entered the bedroom. It is suitable for me and family… to live in this bed and mattress. I simply love this place. Enough… Stop it. Don’t talk too much. It’s not an ordinary place. It’s palace, our King’s bedroom Allowing you inside is a big mistake. Get out immediately. Brother, Don’t get angry. If you permit me, I will live in a corner. I have tasted many kinds of blood. But not even once have I tasted the King’s blood. I don’t know the taste of it. So allow me to stay just for today And I leave. Please don’t refuse brother. Okay.. Okay.. I pity you. But on one condition. You satisfy your hunger only when the King is fast asleep. But if you wish earlier. It will be very dangerous for both of us. Do you understand? Believe me brother, I will not do that like that. Only after you satisfy your hunger, I will start my job Will you not go back on your words? Definitely I will not. How can I trouble you who has been kind enough to permit me to stay here. After this conversation, they both waited anxiously for the King’s arrival. The King came and sat on the bed. He was immersed in deep thought. The lice waited patiently, but the bedbug could not control his happiness Since it was filled with excitement, he ran and bit the King. Who is there something has bitten me… Look whether it is a lice or a bedbug. Two guards came inside with sticks On seeing them the lies started shivering with fear. While the bedbug hid himself in the corner of the cot. The guards killed it. Moral : Thus we have learned that we should understand… the person’s nature before helping him. Or else the helper himself will have to face the difficulties. So children you too should be very careful Will you? Come on little bunnies… Give thumbs up for the video, Share with your friends, and subscribe to our channel for more awesome videos.

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