Fox News Hosts Attack Trump After He Demands Loyalty From The Network

Donald Trump officially admitted on Twitter
that he believes Fox News is supposed to work for him. In a series of tweets. Yesterday,
Donald Trump threw another hissy fit where he was mad about Fox News, hiring some Democrats
occasionally not being as horrible as he thinks they should be to democrats and of course
for mentioning some of the bad things he has done as president of the United States. So
here is a a selection from this multi tweet Tantrum that the president suffered yesterday.
Just watch that Fox News heavily promoting the Democrats through their DNC communications
director spewing out whatever she wanted with zero pushback by anchored at Sandra Smith
Fox. Terrible considering that Fox couldn’t even land a debate. The Dems give them nothing.
CNN and MSNBC are all in for the open border socialists or beyond. Fox hires give Hillary
the questions. Donna Brazil, Juan Williams and low rating, Shep Smith, hopeless and clueless. They should go all the way left and I will
still find a way to win. That’s what I do. I win too bad fox is letting millions of great
people down and we need to start looking for a new news outlet because Fox News isn’t working
for us any more. Now, the president has been going on and on about Fox News for a couple
of weeks now ever since their poll came out showing that, oops, he can’t win the presidential
election if it were held today, but this latest attack that we’ve got to go somewhere else
because they are not working for us anymore. That statement finally sent several Fox News
personalities over the edge and they lashed out back at him on Twitter. Brit Hume tweeted
out, Fox News isn’t supposed to work for you. Guy Benson basically said the same thing.
He said, we don’t work for you. And then, um, you had Howard Kurtz who said, uh, our
job is to cover both sides. So that was a little bit more mild. But I
think it’s a good thing that these Fox News on air personalities are finally willing to
say, listen guy, we don’t work for you if you do something bad. Guess what? We kind
of have to talk about it. If the Democrats do something good. We also kind of have to
talk about that, that that’s our job. Now, some of these hosts did go on and explain
an interview. Is that, yeah. You know, we’ve got the opinion side of Fox News, Your Fox
and friends, your Hannity’s, your Tucker Carlson’s and Laura Ingram’s, and then you’ve got the
actual people who talk about the news, Your Brit Humes, your Shep Smiths, people like
that. And a Trump really hates the people who talk about the news. He only likes the
people who talk about opinion because opinion can be way off the mark, not even based anywhere
near reality. And that’s where you have to be in order to
praise Donald Trump. And that’s why he likes them. When you’re talking about facts and
figures and statistics and polls and what’s really happening in the country. Yeah. Suddenly
all of that’s not very flattering to the president and so he gets angry. And he thinks something
has changed at Fox News. In fact, according to a daily beast report from about a month
or two ago, Trump has been kind of grilling Sean Hannity asking him what the Hell is going
on at Fox News? Well I can go ahead and answer that for you, Mr President. Cause I know Sean
Hannity is not going to give you an honest answer. He never does. The truth is that you’ve
become so horrible and so extreme and so fringe and so crazy that even this network is having
trouble falling in line for you anymore. They’re running out of excuses, they’re running out
of ways to cover for you and it’s only going to get worse. The crazier you get.

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100 thoughts on “Fox News Hosts Attack Trump After He Demands Loyalty From The Network

  1. It's time we take back the word patriot from these fascist loving religious nut jobs. They are not patriots they are parasites.

  2. I used to like him because it seemed like you had a fuck you I'm not a puppet type of attitude and you're not going to tell me what to do type shit cuz I got my own money. But he's pretty out of control, the fact that he's letting loose on a lot of people and calling the media out like no other president ever has. The problem now is he's transcending balance. His true character manifesting each day. It's very obvious now how aggressive and out of control he can be. I Can Only Imagine his behavior during his road to success and then by far worse when he realized he was there. I can imagine there's been more than a few women who have been scared for their lives most likely quite a bit of men threatened and bullied to I guarantee he's had some cronies knock on some bitches doors, all of it now becoming apparent. We've all known for years, some have only speculated, with the minority now still not believing the media's agenda. now, for the first time ever, their agenda and bias is authenticated on air by our president, absolutely undeniable proof validated by again, none other than our president. The operation of the media is no longer speculation, myth, mystery or conspiracy, but actual fact Beyond a doubt oh, good enough to win in court. It's funny how a simple thoughtless pretentious comment unveiled the entire inner workings.

  3. Yes ! Trump con clown take him out of office ! !!!!
    No border ! No wall !! No concentration camps !!!!!!!
    No white nationalists nazi party ! No Massacre
    Moscow Mitch !!! No foreign countries in our election ! !
    No assault gun !!!! Gun control !!!!! Release Trump taxes !

  4. They work for Murdock opps Mudock who was a close friend of Trump,who was a close friend of Epstein who knew Mudock,and there all cutting ties knowing each other,as the toilet lid rises from the sewers,

  5. the president you are right Fox News got too many b***** ass Democrats on their Channel we don't want to hear that s*** from them they can go to CNN on MSNBC

  6. Don’t worry Trump, Lou Dobbs, Jeanine Pirro and Hannity are fighting each other to death to lick your disgusting FAT ASS

  7. Donaldo Trumpito thought Foxpaganda actually worked for him? Where da hell did he get such a preposterous idea?

  8. MSNBC CNN ABC BBC CBC GOOGLE APPLE NYTimes Buzzfeed Snopes etc , and of course ,you , are hardline Democrat supporters . But Trump , the president of the United States must have no voice whatsoever . Blah blah blah

  9. You have to forgive Grandpa Dumbo. He thinks he is the Godfather. Sorry dude. You're a punk, you're a dumbass, and you're stupid. If you were the Godfather, the whole family would be dead.

  10. Thank god someone on Fox News has the balls to remove their lips from drumpf's ass and tells him, "Hey dude. We don't work for you."

  11. Of course Fox is mad Trump the idiot just blurted out what they have being taking pains to cover up. now Trump has blown the whistle on them they have to say they are not just pandering to him.

  12. Fox News or any news are not suppose to be working for him, but he is suppose to work for the American people. Not that he knows how. Now that he proved he can’t do anything right at his job, he should be Fired!

  13. Trump wants loyalty….whereas he's not loyal to AMERICA…proving that has above the law and entire country…
    I think 'may be' Fox news have suddenly realized their soul is being eaten up by trump according to James comey…Trump eats into peoples soul bit by bit…Michael Cohen confessed to that too…

  14. Fox uses a number of leftist personalities on its network as a way of proving it is "fair and balanced" which is the Fox slogan. Most of the leftist personalities who migrate to Fox are people who have been shunned by the Dems and hardcore left for not being radical enough. Today, Fox is the only network that will play both sides of American politics….the Leftist side as well as the Liberal side.

  15. I am gross and perverted
    I'm obsessed and deranged
    I have existed for years
    But very little has changed
    I'm the tool of the government
    And industry too
    For I am destined to rule and regulate you.

    I may be vile and pernicious
    But you can't look away
    I make you think I'm delicious
    With the stuff that I say
    I'm the best you can get
    Have you guessed me yet?
    I'm the slime oozing out
    From your TV set.

  16. Bro can you do a video on Trumps golf. He makes a fortune everytime. 170 million paid out to Trump properties…OBAMAS in 8 year's 95 million personal total. Trumps are at 260 million in less than 3 years. Do a show on this. Melania went to Africa and Toronto. Thats why that lady she had fired. Melania was throwing money out the window….thx

  17. I find it interesting that Fox News starts covering democrats in a positive light the second they start bleeding sponsors.

  18. "-That's what I do, Win. Too Bad!…." Now, I shouldn't be LMAO at this (because its some disturbing shit coming from the American president of course) but I laugh at all the other stupid shit this fool says so… LMAO, again!

  19. I know this sounds like a conspiracy but am I wrong in thinking that the GOP is trying to take down democracy altogether? Have they bought into a new form of govt behind the scenes & Trump is the “transition into communism” guy? I’m just seeing too much chaos to think otherwise.

  20. The night time Fox and Fox and Friends do work for him, and then he works for them. It's a vicious cycle. The crazies at Fox still spin and spew the crazy.

  21. We need the compassion of
    past presidents this #45 has nothing that a president consist of.
    Wish we could turn back the hands of time
    As far as loyalty you earn it you don't demand it i don't care who you are


  23. Those Fox news "personalities" should check in with their Boss, they DO work for Trump, they are just Rats trying to get off a sinking ship!

  24. Fox and Trump have a dysfunctional relationship. In fact there's no other type of relationship with Trump. Those that try to be his friend will always suffer most because there's no level of loyalty that's enough for Trump. No wonder he has become the most hated politician in American history. Don't tell him, he'll find a way to brag about it.

  25. do not praise fox news.. they are just as transactional as the shit head in the WH (he's not my president, i don't have to "respect the office").

  26. I don’t believe trump writes his own tweets, true those are his train of thoughts, but I don’t believe he wrote them, because there are no misspelled words

  27. Is it possible that you are so anti-tRump that you are taking his words out of context to make him sound worse than he is?
    He might have said Fox isn't working for me anymore, in the same way a woman might speak about makeup.
    "I'm going to change color lipstick, this color ISN'T WORKING FOR ME ANYMORE".
    Perhaps you are letting your dislike of tRump cloud your judgement. I'm not defending him, I wouldn't vote for tRump in a fit. But maybe you are ONLY looking for the bad so hard you miss the truth.

  28. I’m constantly amazed at the weird crud that pours from that odd-shaped hole under his nose he calls a mouth.
    God bless America for putting a clown into the Oval Office, thereby placing our entire planet in jeopardy.
    You yanks must share the blame and the shame for that.
    Now, what are you going to do to remedy your mistake?
    Perhaps “Build a Wall” around the chump called Trump!!!

  29. Don't let this "falling out" fool you. They'll go back to kissing his ass and covering up his lies once his nutty groupies start to bombard them with boycott threats.

  30. Awww Trump is upset that FOX news isn't loyal to him anymore. I don't watch it but I saw his tweets. What is going on with his buddy and butt kisser Sean H. ? There is no way that he is still not lying for Trump. So sad that Trump is such a cry baby.

  31. Fox smells the end of the road for Donald Tantrum. So now, they are trying to make a u turn. We know the true color of fox. Its to late suckers.

  32. Can Trump stream Our Dear Leader News from North Korea who exaggerate everything Lil Kim does.This is what Trump wants,lies not truth.But anything that's truthful is the opposite of what Trump is.

  33. Trump has the news shows on Fox confused with the Trump dick rider shows on Fox. Probably because the news side finally stop dick riding too and reported actual unbiased news for a change. They know his shit show of a circus is being cancelled in 2020.

  34. Fox u been bigot main b** from day one.Now u say u don't work for bigot? It's not hard to tell u have like a hoe on the strip

  35. Wow!! American people are realising that your President isn't making America great. It's making America tough and harder to live in!! Times like these should bring everybody together and work together.

  36. Trump's new news network. The Kremlin Report playing 24/7 from Moscow with special commentator Putin Tang. The FOX is no longer red enough for the Orange Lying Wonder. They been mixing up the cool-aide lately. A smidgen of truth spoils the whole dirty glass.

  37. does anyone take a step back and imagine if this was the first thing you had heard from the president of the usa. you would think…what kind of insane child is running that country. it's amazing that we are in this pickle.

  38. Why are Trump people so ugly? I mean, look at 'em : Stephen Miller, Mitch McConnel, Lyndsey Graham, Brett Kavanaugh, William Barr, Kellyanne Conway, or Sarah Mrs Liar Sanders. Would you trust your kids with these people? I fuckin' wouldn't.

  39. I really have to laugh when people say someone at Fox is a lefty. It’s amazing how successful our media has pushed the center to the right. So the latest is Fox doesn’t lie enough for our dictator. We are really getting silly.

  40. Trumpy admits raping Ivanks while Epstein watches and offers pointers. Putin loves watching Melania suck his prick because trumpy’s prick is as small as his hands and the orange face scares her. trumpy wants Greenland so bad, he’ll buy a bridge as a backup. What a white ass fart. LOL.

  41. traitor-trump is CLEARLY mentally ill, and seriously so… Given his rank racism, his blatant never-ending lies, his malignant narcissism, and utter cruelty: cruelty towards Puerto Rico, and Mexican children and families, his insatiable greed and lawlessness, outrageous hypocrisy, his sexual perversion, and complete lack of empathy and sympathy or ANY concerns for others — TRUMP IS ACTUALLY A FULL-BLOWN PSYCHOPATH!

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