FUNNY SLiP-N-SLiDE GYMNASTiCS CHALLENGE! (ft. Hayley & Annie LeBlanc from Bratayley)

(upbeat music) (cheering) – [Bailey] Woah, oh my
gosh, she like bounced. – [Annie] Dude, did that hurt? – [Brooklyn And Bailey] Hey guys, – It’s Brooklyn and Bailey and
today’s video is going to be the Slip ‘N Slide gymnastics challenge. – We have some special
guests who are going to join us for this challenge today. – Come hither guys. – Hey!
– Hi! – It is Hayley and Annie! – The blog from the Bratayley show. We couldn’t do gymnastics without these guys in the video with us. – Oh wait, but before the video, we have a challenge for you guys. Make sure you subscribe to
this channel in five seconds: five, four, three, two, one. (excited screaming) – Yeah, you guys did it! – Yes, we also filmed a
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her channel right now. – Basically, how this
challenge works is we found a giant, blow-up gymnastics
mat, we wet it down, and sprayed tons of soap
on it, so you literally can’t even stand on it without slipping. And we are going to challenge ourselves to try and do some gymnastics moves like, handstands, backbends, stuff like that, and we’re gonna try and do them to the best of our
abilities without slipping. But the funny part of it is, we most likely will slip like crazy. So, we’re gonna see who can do the best tricks without slipping, and whoever does, I
guess, wins the challenge. – Weeee! – Vote for me! – Come on Hayley!
– Let’s go, Hayley, go! (giggling) – So professional. – [All] Woah! – Ah, she can barely stand. (giggling) – Thank you, thank you.
– Oh my. (laughing) – Before you go, before you go, I’m just gonna give you a nice, big hug. – Aw, thank you. Okay, I’m gonna do the little,
cute little gymnastics thing. – You should run and do it. Run and do it.
– Run, run. – Yes! – Isn’t it fun? – I’m so soaked already. (laughing) (cheering) – First trick’s done, check. – Check you. ♫ I move with the sounds – Oh, yeah. ♫ I move with the sounds – All right!
– Yeah! – Do a little spin for us.
– Fall! – Fall, fall, fall, fall. – That was pretty good. – It was better than what I could do. Woo, ballerina in the house. – Go Annie, go!
– Go Annie. – Okay, here I go. – Yeah. – That was like an ice skater
turn. She was like that. – You got it. Don’t fall. – This is so scary. (cheering) – You didn’t fall. – Okay, right to the middle. – Go Brooklyn! – Oh my gosh, you like bounced. Dude, did that hurt? – I’m breakable. (“La Gioconda: Dance of the Hours”) – All right, cartwheel. (pop music) – It’s way harder on here. – I know, right? (laughing) ♫ I’m gonna party hard ♫ until the sun comes up ♫ The music feels so good ♫ Dancing is what I love – One more. – Here we go. – Ah, she did so good.
– Wow. – Oh wait, I need to do this. Okay. Ready? Y’all. – Come on, let’s go. – Yay!
– Oh my God, half a cartwheel. – Thank you. – It’s like bubble soap
and getting a high five. – Oh no. – Go Brooklyn!
– She’s not even wet. – Oh, that was pretty good.
– Yeah! (rock music) – Yeah, okay, yeah, I
got this right. Yeah. – Bend! – You’re not even gonna be able to bend. – It’s gonna be like a flop. It’s scary. – Just go, oh nope, not a split. – Just go for it, go! Just go. – You can try it. One, two, three, go.
One, two, three, go. One, two, three, go. Wha? (crowd applauding) – All you’re gonna do is slip. – You got this. – Come on, what?
– Oh my God. – That was actually pretty good. – That was pretty good actually. It was like halfway down. – Oh, nope, it’s not, it’s not happening (cheering) – Okay, I’m not that bendy, so we’re gonna start from the ground. – Yeah, maybe you should. – Oh no, oh no. – I’m not even gonna be able to get up. – Ready? Set. Go. – One, two, three, go, go, go! – See, you can’t reach your hands. – I can’t get my hands on it so well. – It’s like, it’s like. – Ta dah (crowd cheering) – I don’t think I, I don’t
even think I want to try. (laughing) – That’s what I did. – Ugh. – It was beautiful
– Impressive skills (“La Gioconda: Dance of the Hours”) – All right! Come on Hayley! – Oh, hey, you’re pretty
good. Pretty good. – Again, the first one was bad. – The first one was good. – Yeah – Oh yes, yes. – Oh, What?! – What? Why did we choose to go after them? – In the air. – Thank you. – All right guys, I’m just gonna slide. – Yeah!
– That was good. – All right, ready? (laughing) – My legs, literally, will not go over, no matter how hard I try. (energetic music) – All right run. (laughing) And go. – Go. Splits – [Hayley] Why am I the
only one who can’t do it? – Splits (cheering) – Let’s go! Come on, do the split jump. – Aw, what was that? – I can do a split jump. (crowd applauding) – That was good. Nice. Hey, that was not bad.
It wasn’t bad. – Oh, that’s just fun. – Oh, that was pretty good. – Try one standing. (cheering) – Now try one standing. That was good. – Yeah
– Yay, that was good – Oh, let’s see it. Let’s see it. – Oh, fancy – Da, da, da da, I put music to it. – That was good. (crowd applauding) – Oh, she’s swimming. Don’t kill yourself. – What? – You’ve got this. (crowd applauding) – What the heck? – I’m just gonna roll off – I gotta give it to her, that was good. – You got it? You got it? – And then I gotta finish out with my – Forward roll – She loves this. (crowd applauding) – [Hayley] I wanna try that. (techno music) – I’m crab walking. I can’t get off. – [Brooklyn] Oh yes, try to run. Good one. – [Brooklyn] Oh my word, ready? – [Hayley] Oh, I got something. – [Bailey] Oh gosh.
– [Brooklyn] Oh my gosh. – Thank you (bowling pins crashing) – [Hayley] Ready, Annie? (laughing) – Hurry
– Hurry – Break dancing (screaming) – [Hayley] God bless. – Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoy us
completely fail at gymnastics – Yes – And freeze cause it was a cold morning – It was a cold morning, are you cold? You can tell she’s cold
and I’m warming her up. – We need body heat. – We also did a video on Annie’s channel, so if you want to go watch that, click the button right over here, and if you want to subscribe
to Annie’s channel, click the button right below that. Definitely want to go
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– Yeah So see you guys next week. – Bye y’all!

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