Gary and Jessie reconcile with each other | Parasite Island (With Eng Subs)

Yes? Brother… I’m sorry that you were also
affected by my own problems when we were children. I know… I know that until now,
you’re still mad at me. But I understand. Both of us lost our father. If only I stayed home
that night… Don’t blame yourself
for Papa’s death. Jessie, I’m the one who’s wrong for blaming you. Jessie, you were just a child. It was that leech woman
who killed Papa, not you. Maybe… Maybe I was just jealous. Because you were
everyone’s favorite. Mama. Papa. Even Janelle. Even now, are you still…? No. Not anymore, not since
I talked to Melba. You’ve always been
my favorite but you’ve always
liked Janelle. It’s okay.
Who wouldn’t like Janelle? She’s beautiful. Melba, that’s not
the only reason why. She was the only one
who understood me. The only one? I never saw her talk to you. She didn’t talk
to me personally but she wrote me letters. She used to give me
letters every week. What’s that? Dear Gary, life is like math. There’s always a problem
that needs solving. Sometimes you’re wrong,
sometimes you’re right. The important thing is,
you learned something. Good luck on your math exam. Dear Gary, smile… … it suits you more. Dear Gary, are you good at puzzles? You’ve just arrived but
you already completed my day. Janelle needs something
from you, Gary. Yes, Janelle? Can I borrow your math book? Sure. Is that yours? Yes, why? Nothing. Because of Janelle’s letters, I felt like I was important. That someone cared for me. If Jessie hadn’t asked her out, I would’ve dated her. Gary… … I sent those letters. I wrote those letters. How? The stationery… … Janelle said it was hers. We both have the same one. Janelle gifted it to me. Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you ask Janelle
about the letters? I was going to ask her once I graduated college. Once I was ready to date her. Once I was ready to
have a relationship with her. But she got together
with Jessie. I thought… … Janelle liked me. And then you stole her from me. I was angry at you, Jessie. You keep stealing the people
I love from me. That’s why I’m so competitive. I want to prove that
I’m better than you. More successful and
happier than you. Melba told me that I had no reason to be angry. And it’s true. My sons… I’m so happy that you’ve
made amends with each other. I’ve been praying for you to get along and care
for one another.

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