Okay Ryan are you ready to turn around? Okay Turn around. It’s Transformer This is Optimus Prime, and this is Optimus Prime Logo, and this is Bumblebee Kids, Let’s crack the egg Welcome to Ryan ToysReview I wonder what’s inside Kids don’t look first, don’t look Wait Don’t look, don’t look It’s Optimus Prime His wings go over here one, two, three, go Optimus fly up look kids, the wheel spins I’m going to transform him I can do this, and this, and this, and this, and this I wonder what else is inside This is Boulder and this is blade and this is Optimus Prime and this is BumbleBee It’s time to transform He’s a bulldozer He’s a car and this is a truck and this is a helicopter Let’s load it up! He has to make him fly Go Optimus Prime go Let see what else is next I feel something It’s Heatwave Let’s transform Look, Twist Lets have a race between Optimus Prime and Heatwave one, two, three, go Lets see what else is inside More Optimus Prime Kids do you see the light Oh, so fast Ah, they’re both fighting Another heatwave Let’s see what else is inside this egg Ah, you’re not a Transformer! You’re Batman This is where Batman goes Batman transform wow wow wow Was that cool? Yea Oh, he’s going to crash Ah, he’s going to crash Oh no, he crashed he’s moving I’m going to get you I’m going to get you I’m going to get you kids I’m going to get you kids Gotcha Bye don’t forget to subscribe, see you later Bye

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