Giant Rats Infest Brooklyn!

led to the giant rats tossed fifty
million dying to do since last friday to driving me crazy look at it that way so
they’re giant rats in brooklyn uh… changes fascinated by them there’s a picture pictures somewhat
fascinating hello that night stupid what you’re saying the man the case and as much as what i want the prelude
is like infestations and like eight of them came out of the
same time anyone but launched at children’s playground and the parents of the children freaked
out the word of penicillin warm oversee kind and i think you’ll imagine
my kids on the playground into the losses come out understands them up and run for the
israeli analysts kailash and that’s what raccoons kevin crap and then grand isle
it’s okay they won’t they will kill you they will tell you this summer one let’s
talk about that it really quick books on our promises recognition first of all ob i’d get the guy killed
that were rabbit the pitchfork right which is cool uh… but why is that you did done such a giant rat i wouldn’t such as
that goes on i think millionaire hundred-strong that’s like the basket an
american men rats come on out while you’re on the
other way this guy comes in those pollyanna his when i got for you mister
giant rat of poppin pitchfork wombat his enemies shows either their there is it but when we get more profitable
again literally a monday of the scary to me but imagine of all the rats in new york
which are like in the millions alternate entrants fit with there is a this as a separate
different part of the world some the informers up and what are the others are
also if there is the and in some of the body ministerial broke loose for films and
that’s there’s a broken out of prop it’s known as they can be in pouch trap it has a pouch as a young man who never had a civil war
jitters about smith that you’re not excited by that story the relentless faxes group in my rear accusation been harm
anybody turkey rats are infested with disease ok you know your priorities but
still this limited time he backed off the of you who soon where they give the again became
somewhere else may still takeover of the commanders at the end of
one of those pounds the rats said have a cycle that small rafts with john s
mother begin with makes you know you get when you can like nationale medium size
rats in seattle on out there is anything about it

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100 thoughts on “Giant Rats Infest Brooklyn!

  1. You know when you use the F word you're doing nothing to elevate the national dialog. You just sound like an illiterate in a suite.

  2. I don't know why or how but the guy pisses me off. He's so ignorant its not even funny. Maybe a raccoon could go ahead and show him how harmless they are.

  3. That rat is like a mutant off of steroids from corn . Ever see that old film called Deadly Eyes ?  That could eat an infant and carry it off . That rat is bigger than a big cat . Even some dogs wouldn't mess with that rat . New York subway is full of them .  Gee Ana looks different without her nose job and she was a bit heavier  then .

  4. Don't kill it, capture it and other large ones and breed selectively breed them to eventually create dog sized rats that can then be turned into pets.

  5. That guy with the pitchfork is awesome! 👏 Smh I really dislike hearing about people who bring pets over, can’t/won’t/don’t take care of them, they escape into the wild and start multiplying like crazy and wreaking havoc on the ecosystem!!! Sooo not cool!!! Grrrr!🤬🤬🤬

  6. I’ve seen this numerous times, I thought those were its nails. I didn’t know that was the rake he was stabbed with.

  7. You guys ought to be the ones on the end of that pitchfork. You’re all suck monkeys for the left wing democRATS!

  8. Liberals should love rats, I mean they matter too right? We should at least give them free healthcare!

  9. This was from 2011. I'll bet he'll report that it's all better now because Trump pointed out the rat problem !

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