Good Bug Bad Bug Episode 6: Ticks

Welcome to Good Bug Bad Bug. I’m David
Lock with Modern Pest Services and this is a series about the bugs and critters you may find in and around your home. Have you noticed ticks on you or your
pets? Even one tick can not only be painful and annoying but can also
transmit a lifelong disease. In today’s episode of Good Bug Bad Bug, we will be discussing the three most common ticks and how to minimize their population on
your property. American dog ticks, brown dog ticks, and
black legged deer ticks are the most common species found in New England. Populations have been on the rise in recent years, which is a concern for pest control professionals and home owners alike. Ticks not only cause discomfort and irritation, they’re carriers of disease such as Lyme disease the Powassan virus and Anaplasmosis. Ticks cannot jump or fly and must latch on to their targets from elevated surfaces
such as tall grass and overgrown vegetation. This makes the areas on the exterior of
your home susceptible to infestation. Modern’s HomeCare tick protection program is designed to treat the perimeter of your property, creating a protective barrier. During the initial treatment, your service professional will also help you identify problem areas that can lead to increased tick activity. With these tools combined, you will see a meaningful tick reduction, throughout the season. To reduce your risk of tick exposure, Call Modern Pest Services today. Thank you for watching today’s episode and don’t forget to like share or comment below.

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