GRcade Twitchcast Episode 14 – Arnie-mal Crossing!

hello hello hello everyone hopefully we
are properly live it’s Benson doom it’s the pace of doom
show today we have no special guests are you doing doom
I am very good thank you how are you doing pegs I am all right
I’m calling to the pets and doom show because that’s what has become really we’ve already got two people in what’s
all this about know is shocking they must really love our sexy Welsh accents
well maybe my singing on twitch the other day just roll the crowd up to come
a mystery talk some more inspired shots their pets and doom show sounds bear
because it’s like it makes you sound like it’s a paid show but because it’s a
paid show it’s full of doom because it’s so by sea whereas the doom impaired show
makes it not sound as bad sound like it’s full of pets this is full of it’s
full of me I’m I’m all up in – oh yeah oh okay
anyway today we gonna talk about some news site’ sat and over the last couple
of as we lasted it yeah I don’t know how long we’ve talked about each subject
that is a couple but we also wanted to try and get a podcast done for
preparation for e3 we want to throw some random shout-out they and then you all
pointed this and laugh about how wrong we are that’s gonna be fun
also I’ll mention it now get some get a plug in that meet me in peds were
talking about it and what we’re thinking of doing is on the potentially
Saturday night Sunday night Monday night and Tuesday night we might do a live
show recapping what’s happened to d3 for the day and talking about it yeah so
that that might be like a 9 p.m. on those on those three or four days just
to keep everyone in the loop if it happens then yeah there’s there’s the
plug for it if it doesn’t happen we might have some disappointed faces but
as we don’t see them we’ll never know your face is mean nothing to us but your
words can be very harsh as I found out yesterday when someone called me an
idiot for not pressing the Save button in a video game no it wasn’t some guy in this room it’s
like I don’t want to say that actually I explained I don’t want to save the game
I want to save it right now I actually want to not save it specifically because
the guy who said save I said he said to me save a because you know there’s these
consequences to which which thing you take like don’t say ever that so once I
finish the game I can then go back from an not from not saving it and then pick
the other choice yeah simple easy there you go anyway we were first going to
talk about if my memories are correct if it you came remonster yes which is
there’s my stairs yes right I was wondering yes have you actually
played Ghostbusters I have not played remember this is a remaster of the nez
game no I started star star at the star game it’s a remaster of the 360
Playstation 3 and PC game from last gen sure if it was on like the Wii or Wii U
or whatever but basically you’re you start the game as a rookie who’s just
joining the team okay and you there enough to help them take down costs is
it conscious mission based or I play their little bits a little bit I cut my
memories not great on they from what I remember it’s kind of like an action
game II shoot did some gorse and try and suck I mean with you you prompt a canola
cool but it seemed fine and it seemed quite funny
but yeah I don’t know if the thing that bothers me is is we keep caring
remasters of games that are from last gen and it’s like we don’t really need
them and the thing that bugs me even more is is when they do it for full
price and the gamer like some games of lip should be now for a couple I came
out at the end of the generation yeah and then a year or two later like I use
a remaster yeah give me all your money’s I think the
word remaster gets used a little too little too much as well you know like
these are on it there is a difference between of remaster a remake isn’t it
like I’m sure there’s more to it than just this but essentially a remaster is
just bumping the resolution of the previous game where a remake is a front
like a reboot a total rebuild from the ground up yeah ream a remaster to me
would be something like Dark Souls where they added DSX I then send it out to the
wild where as a remaster remake would be the Spyro trilogy crash trilogy crash
nitro racing that kind of thing so there’s a lot it’s
a lot more involved and that is a lot more interesting to me than just a
slight bump in resolution yeah we’ve gone silent I have gone silent my
apologies my mic somehow muted what did you say I can i I did not say anything I
stopped because I couldn’t hear you yeah no it’s a this obviously like a lot more
in a remastered remake of it’ll remaster but I guess it’s just a quick Cashion
little effort yeah and I don’t mean now I know are they lazy they don’t do that
I’m just saying this it’s a low cost quick fix of me it’s a money like and I
can understand why some people don’t mind that because this is then they the
money there could be fun in other games yeah but in my opinion it’s just going
in the developers body the Broads pockets like what’s your limit on
remasters in terms of how what’s the most recent games or most recent
generation do you think he’s acceptable to read be remastered I don’t know I
don’t know it also like if you go for one game then I’m not sure I’m not like
a GameCube game say Fire Emblem path or radiance that one game just a bit of
uprising would be alright but yeah for me to buy that we’d have to be low-cost
as well yeah but on top of that you’re then looking
at games way there’s multiple in the pack so like crash is a really good
really good example of value for or you care so I really don’t know they I’d
rather know buy games from last generation I have got some from last
generation where they’ve been remastered for this gen so because they’ve either
been in bundles or their own game pass or they’re in gold or they’re in Plus or
something like that but I actively don’t bother is
real reasons right I think one of my favorite remakes over remasters I’ve
played in the last euro saw maybe a bit longer is probably
wonder boy in the Dragons trap okay I got on the piece see visually we switch
as well we yeah make the Sega Master System version might be on the way but
no like it’s the exact same game and you can switch between the old-school
visuals old-school music and the new stuff yeah on the fly which is great as
well as that you have this fantastic art style to the game yeah and yes it’s
mighty impressive and I know that a halo 2 did the hula with a massive collection
that did the whole you could switch between halo 2 og visuals and payload –
remastered visuals which I actually think that’s a good way to take it’s
like oh this is what it looked like before now this is well but I can
understand you can’t do that with every game but no with that I guess as well
again that that’s a remaster worth doing because when you can when they give you
the option to swap between the two it’s you could see there’s significant
there’s some significant work that’s been put in it because they’ve had to
they’ve had to read they vati they’ve had essentially remake the textures for
the whole game so it’s built in I don’t know how much of a game that’ll take
about say a fair amount of that’s a good third of a games worth of remaking – to
get it to where you need it you know yeah like a view as a favorite remaster
like what does that fit sorry maybe I should word that better have you got a
game that you preferred the remaster even though it’s almost as England is
there a game that you prefer the remaster to to the original North atop in my head I probably would
say monster body would be one like that simply because of the art
style but the gameplay in everything is the Outland sip and there’s also
widescreen whereas before I wasn’t but other than that I can’t really think of
any off the top my head cuz I don’t buy a lot of remasters No yeah what about
yourself I know a lot of people so I know a lot of people rate Omega Ruby and
alpha sapphire because they didn’t like those but they actually much preferred
an a lot of people I’ve actually seen say made the games actually good I mean
for me it’s not I’m not I’m not a fan of the of that of that whole generation so
even the remakes I’ve played I’ve played the original and
I’ve played the remake and there’s it’s still not enjoyable for me I the only
one I think the only remake that I’d say sorry master nah even that’s more of a
remake I was gonna say firered and leafgreen
upon me that’s what’s that remaster a remake is a remake because it’s all art
everything about is yeah could you could say the same about Omega Ruby and
Sapphire though can you that’s the remake essentially cuz you’re
not just your building you’re building a brand you have to build the game from
the ground up again do you not I mean yeah but yeah I okay Jenny we can’t think of
like the best tree McGorry master and it’s a shame that I can’t like cuz it be
cool to come up with something you know in dress then yeah yeah we’re gonna say
in fire is agreeing they are remix I know a lot of people actually disliked silver and gold or silver and gold the
remastered silver and gold yeah I think a lot of people didn’t like the sprites
in them games more than I guess re was arguable but maybe no because they would
pokemon yellow be technically a remake on red and blue no stretch yeah it did
add some story elements to it from like with the Team Rocket Jason James and I
don’t know but yeah yeah I suppose I suppose the closest you get to a remake
of Pokemon firered and pokemon red is pokemon let’s go
yeah that’s C even though that’s a remake really isn’t it yeah so it’s a
tricky one for sure but that’s kind of also like a pseudo sequel as well pseudo
sequels remake master yeah I was gonna say Creek Creek and I think over time
3ds is a good one based based on that then went Wind Waker HD that’s a
remaster yes a remaster but I find actually a lot of people not myself
because I’m not really sure on it a lot of people are very divisive on that
divided on it I don’t believe that game needs a remaster I’ve played it recently
on okay I’ve got a slight advantage but I’ve played it again on the Gamecube
with my HDMI adapter in it and okay so I’m I’m playing it like four 576p or I
or wherever it is either way like and not one point did I feel like
that I I could have done with with the remake like you know there’s no reason
for a HD remake on that one III think the game’s lovely that I think the
problem that people had with ours it makes it look less sell she I think that
the terms I view it is it doesn’t look cel-shaded it looks more plastic or
something but I don’t yeah in the remaster yeah
the thing is though is with the remaster they did add the better sale so for sale
I think it’s called cheats sale that could have been with going in there yeah I I’d say should we move on I think I
was I was gonna say you to move on because simply because I haven’t got
much to say youth at all interested in giving it a try the Costas game it is a
fun game not know if it’s full price and there’s no release date just 2019 yeah
if it’s like honestly maybe if it comes out on game pass I’ll give it a try then
honestly if he came to remaster in Wind Waker cuz I quickens agreeing with
though the problem you have is fuse to play on a 1080p TV through the game coop
normally you wouldn’t look as wouldn’t look as nice as what it does on a CRT
and for other people who were playing on a 4k TV again it’s gonna look even Boris
I think oh yeah all they needed to do was oppressive in some way too and then
keep the other aspects the same cuz that’s all it look on the same exact
look to it it just looks better autofocus Eevee and another thing is is
another thing about remasters is it’s like some remaster not as good as the
mods you get with people do mods for stuff like this SS grand nor ever is
called as a gun yes our GN GN that maids Final Fantasies
looks really really nice yeah like also say like okay you know you need the you
need a PC to do it but like again for Wind Waker you could get the the
GameCube quality is in the texture quality and just put it through dolphin
and and bump the bump the rest of that way and so you still get the the
original yeah textures I mean what’s the point for me how what I’m a writing said
that we you was only doing 720p anyway I believe some games were 1080 not many
and then someone 900 and then some were 720 I think it would really vary like
the switch as lurid games have labs that I don’t know were score but it scales
with rigor with which these 1080p content the thing is with dolphin
someone posted pictures of dolphin on G Arcade Wind Waker in Dolphin and wind
waker GameCube image and wind week remaster and the dolphin version looked
by far the nicest yeah yeah anyway we shall move on now because we’ve talked
enough about remasters when we really don’t bother with them well I don’t
anyway know about doom maybe dooms a remaster man find out let’s find out by
clicking my image it is my Omega I already wanted to bring this up haven’t
been a director or anything since the last time I spoke about it and I can t
remember if you spoke very last time I just wanted to mention that Super
Mario maker 2 has online multiplayer right but what you cannot you cut that
one hello do you sound like a Dalek but even harder
to understand man hello car back you back well for fun Hey
right what I was gonna say is is Samar omega2 is online the problem with it
being online is am i sounding round you are cut yeah he cut no hello why do we
all have these technical issues sometimes have these technical issues well I guess I’ll just okay doom was
gone do his back hello there we go I don’t
know what the hell happened then it was my connection to the to the service
seemed to it was going all over the place was going down to the red back up
the green down to red and then I just couldn’t hear anything so yeah how Dave
it anyway what I was gonna say is is that Super Mario maker 2 has online play
just like a lot of switch games that now we pay for a Nintendo very strange like
in a lot of older games you can’t talk you can’t talk to people you don’t talk
to friends you’d only had people who only play with friends but Super Mario
maker to does the opposite you could only play with random people the reason
being the reason that actually came from I believe the the this came from
Nintendo PR or Nintendo at all his leaderboards one friends she’d no
leaderboards well just just oh if you have a private Matt they’re like a
private game just it just don’t include it as part of the leaderboard but it’s
easy to fix also you can play as a group say you
meet you and I’m like I know quicken and Graham were you all in the same room we
could play and do the multiplayer stuff and our schools will be uploaded to
leaderboards yeah oh my gosh nice shocking it is ridiculous and I am very
unimpressed with intend or and if they want to they just need to pull the
fingers out of their arses because it’s caring ridiculous no like I’m not be
funny but like Mario maker it’s not okay it’s not like upon me it’s not the
biggest poll that they’ve got in their arsenal but it’s a fairly big poll cause
Mario maker was very popular Mario maker was
some of the biggest streams now on Twitter’s are America yes its massive
like I’m not being funny but like they are shooting themselves in the foot what
I do not understand what the problem is like could you imagine when it comes to
twitch or if you’re swimming on even mixer when twitch adds the ability
like mixer has to do the cold streams yeah you have you three friends all
playing Super Mario maker all competing on the same stuff or even working
together and you’ve got the four streams together I know this restream Florrie
stream twit the thing that jasm values for racing but that’s not the same
because the chats are not combined and so on and so forth where is all mixer so
at the end of the day it’s it’s a massive disappointment of the nahji star
it’s really really made just I’m not gonna play a line no I’m not because I
don’t want to play with random people because I don’t like down them people
random people smell it’s the stupidest idea I think they’ve come up with so
fights and bearing in mind the last episode me and kill was speaking fairly
negatively on Mario maker – anyway I was I was I was disappointed without because
there’s so much added to our game is relook at the trick if we love them but
directs this announcement could really like kill off a lot of people for
wanting to play because how many people want to play this game with friends only
friends like might be a group of people that they could be like four or five of
you who are really into Mario maker and you love competing with each other now
the only way to compete with each other is get the the highest position on a
leaderboard and then text your friend and brag about it and that’s literally
all you can do this this bracket oh good it’s an for me it inconceivable I do not
understand where that like where that logic comes from at all
I think it’s idiotic I think Nintendo’s problem in general with online is is
they don’t get it no I think I think I think they’ve they’ve moved on a lot
since the we in some respects but they still lagging behind and I think I don’t
know if it’s because cuz they’re a Japanese company and in Japan for them
at least local multiplayer is a lot better so much more yeah I think people
willing to go over other people’s houses and stuff I got to be honest I love that
idea I like if if given the option I’d host
like game nights and I’ve got I’ve got no issues we do that I I’m not really in
the position to do that at the moment but we’re looking to buy a house soon
and if if we buy a place and it’s it’s it’s and I’m in a position to do it I
probably will want to start hosting game nights do not I mean but not everyone
wants to do that it’s not something everyone wants to do anyway right I need
to ask you if you do get your own play when you do get your own place are you
gonna be doing roof to parties with barbecues ah first thing I’ll do it
rooftop party with switches from barbecues and barbecues or you’re barely
on creaking you will be doing rooftop eyes with barbecues and you’re all
invited think about it because it’s the thing is
though is the PlayStation is also a sore knee company so Nico it’s also a
Japanese company but their online is way better is it no I was gonna say Nintendo
I’ve had the Intendant of America for a while I was gonna say it’s nothing to do
with that I wouldn’t sure a Nintendo America been around since like the
eighties nineties yeah I don’t get it like I said I didn’t
want to talk a lot about Super Mario maker to because we discussed it quite a
bit last week but I did want to raise that issue and say Nintendo pull your
fucking fingers out you dirty dirty silly bastards
oh I the dirty they’re just stupid yeah I think it is gonna cost some sale I
don’t know how much of an impact it will have because a lot of people enjoy
playing Super Mario maker one without there but when you know this online
multiplayer competitive and cooperative yeah people are then who like playing
online with friends I can be like oh this is this is cool and then nope nope
we take him out then we take the hell away from you guys who want to play with
your friends because we don’t like friendship we’re all about yeah what
they used to do back in the day sex houses as I said personally when I’m
when I’m in the position to do it I will be I’m gonna try and do like a monthly
game night thing and try and get some people around and that’d be cool and
make a thing of it you know and get a few TV set up and you know do it
properly but as I said you know that that that doesn’t change the fact that
intended idiots want this thing is though is they make really really stupid
decisions on this and yet they’re still one of the most successful like game
companies of all time it shows you can you imagine can you imagine how well
they could do if they stopped making these weird decisions and they Jer and
all of a sudden they become sad but then again is it the quirkiness of Nintendo
which keeps them going and what’s the quickness in like they make yes they
make these weird decisions sometimes but then look at the other side of their
quirkiness like no other company thought about making a switch no other company
thought about making a we like they it’s that quark which is making them so
successful so I guess you know I don’t know I think it’s for me
Nintendo the reasons I said I am is because the games are fucking great
yeah the games they make a great don’t get me wrong I enjoy the other companies
stuff and I have that stuff for multiplayer multiplayer multi-platform
stuff I’m not gonna really buy on the switch well I can get it on a console
that is likely to play a bow or pcs which will play a better don’t but the
Nintendo games themselves a top notch and they do get they do get exclusives
on that not just in ten domain that are also yeah good so I think it all comes
down for me personally it comes down to their games if they Akane’s started
having these stupid issues in general I don’t mean like can’t play home online
with your friends but they just Anya come in bad game makers then I wouldn’t
bother with that at all but then who would a stupid thing to say really cuz
no one’s gonna want to except for the die-hard idiots
I mean fans fans sorry I loved in tender like a friend anyway next up it is
Pokemon did you watch the direct I was a direct you did watch it I did did you
instantly walk your interaction when you saw the free Pokemon I was so excited
Idol wet myself yeah you filthy boy anyway I am liking the look of it myself
it looks like it’s got open areas to do some stuff in so the wild game sold well
what else could we could we design a game around like that oh yeah bang
honestly it’s probably the best but if they were gonna breath of the wild
again Pokemon is the game to do it it’s the right even the aesthetic is similar
they got the right aesthetic for breath of the wild as they do for Pokemon this
there’s a definite life you look at some of them sword and shield and then look
at breath while there’s a definite similarity in the in the visually you
know there’s a lot of inspiration there they’ve picked the right game to do it
for sure yes it looks very very pretty mmm looks dynamic looks like there’s
lots of open areas one thing guests say now they showed a couple of important
one right I think it was like four yes five most
okay Oh disappointed with a lot of the amounts I was taught it’s not so much
the aegis I would like to have seen the evolutions of the star popcorn I was
thinking yeah I was thinking they should have been that because what I tend to do
is I tend to avoid final they look like after that before so I see what they
look like at start it is the base form and then I don’t bother check-in and
after the amount of times I’ve been stunned by caring a fire-type and
because I use I usually prefer the look of the star fire types so I tend to go
for them more often than not and then every time I do so like oh this this
looks cool this pop one looks cool and then it evolved into this yeah I end up
with shit in my face by the time we’re evolved so it’s like at this time I’m
actually wanting to see what they look like if I make a decision it’s like the
situation that in Sun Moon is by far the best of the three final forms in my
opinion and I didn’t really like Rowlett so I didn’t go for it no well but
looking at it now but looking at the final thing is like I wish I’d gone for
that I didn’t mind what was the final form of
the fire type called it’s in the role incinerator
I didn’t mind that look I feel like it was I did feel lose maybe
a little too human like me you know a little too human-like but I liked it
mainly cuz it was very like Macho Man Randy Savage so it was a bit ridiculous
and that’s why I liked it thing is I think it’s a fired archetype
but you can clearly see it was designed to be a firefighting type they probably
look better right fire fire I fucked in 514 firefight different shit
we’ve designed another firefighter let’s just pretend this dark and Fire yeah
we’ll do that I guarantee you 100% the final evolution of scorer bunny is a
fire fighting type I guarantee it I just put I’ll put everything on the
lines to say that like I if it’s not I’m gonna eat my GameCube collection just
just by the look of it like it looks straight away it looks like a Pokemon
that’s gonna get physical it’s gonna be a fire fighting type oh hey like all
three starters no myself I usually call fire type but I you I go I don’t keep up
they type in I came all about while they look like I make party in pokémon I
don’t play competitively at all in any way shape or form I let you play the
game to the end and I go for whatever I cat and I like the look of the moth I’ll
keep an ass of for more spark like I want to have like oh these six psychic
port Morlock the best I’ll have all six psychic pokémon my team will smash
anything it’s not gonna get in psychic tapes I wouldn’t do that no but like you
know it’s like anything for me I was really really happy with the look of the
game I think it looked really nice the wild areas yeah but but with the
wild areas you actually go roam in Pokemon which people have wanted for
years I know in let’s go and I’m glad they’ve kept
that for the main series I still hate the fact I do not understand what the
problem with this is like they did it for peak pokemon yellow they did it for
firered and leafgreen and then they’ve done it for let’s go not fire red and
leaf green sorry hearts gold and soul silver and then and they’ve done it for
let’s go with it why like why can’t you have your own
partner pokemon follow you around what is the problem with putting it in and
you don’t understand only thing I think of is time animations and that kind of
thing like they’d have to animate every pot mum walking around I know they did
it for let’s go but in there is 150 ish Pokemon I say ish because you’ve got
your lowland forms in this you’re gonna have like a thousand Pokemon yeah so I
think that will be a big thing of our it because I’ll have to animate every
single one walking on different terrain there’s a Lapras in Pokemon because you’ve or egoriy Loch Ness monster style
Pokemon for like this Scotland region you know what I mean you’re not gonna
have a lot response that unless they do another similar call maybe and they give
give her a some kind of evolution that you’d only do in that area somehow oh
yeah daft only in the lock what we could is they do like a Welsh dragon star
Pokemon the Welsh dry screws fuck look where anyone set
but it would be cool if they did basically like Charizard on all-fours no
great dragon type like this there’s no dragon types that are red
no orange these there’s an image on Twitter that I saw I see if I can see
you no way Lee it was a person in in one of the join one of the stadium fights
it shows the crowd and in this crowd it shows this weird let’s see if I can put
it in discord for you to see a will be in general if it works that he should
people are a suspect it’s a new Pokemon for those who obviously can’t see my
discord right now I will put it in chat you can click the link and check it out
Pachirisu Pachirisu i don’t know but this is people are suspecting this a new
pokemon it’d be funny if it is ah you know well that I reckon I know about it
that’s a squirrel type that’s a squirrel Pokemon guaranteed 100% what what’s a
very British thing squirrels we got a lot oh please tell me conquers gonna be
in the new Pokemon game it’s a squirrel I guarantee you that is a squirrel
whatever whatever it is it’s baseless girl this t-shirt mom yeah no but it
could be yeah last thing now people are gonna look through those videos see if
there’s any hints on the Pokemon you don’t see in there yeah but what do you
think about the new China Maxine I need some kind of sound effect for doing
things I got I have got a sound effect board on my PC have I don’t know I don’t want to
comment too early on it but I’m not overly impressed with what I’ve seen so
far to me on yes honestly it looks a little bit lame it literally kind of
looks like they’ve gone shit we need a gimmick but we can’t think one oh I had
no problems with mega revolutions they were cool as shit
zedd type moves i didn’t mind them either i thought they were pretty cool
and then we had is there anything else you say I just kind of feel like they
went right we need a gimmick we’ve already done mega move those words and
said we need something else and it let’s just make the Pokemon I and like to me
that that kind of says to me like they’ve run out of gimmick ideas and
they just went well let’s just make the Pokemon massive like I just don’t it’s a
bit but especially because mega evolutions really set I firstly think
they really set the bar because they designed like I can’t remember
is it 20-something Pokemon is similar and it twenty odd Pokemon that can use
the mega evolution stones yeah and you know so they designed whole new
character in evolutions essentially for those Pokemon and they looked and they
look really cool like they’ve done a lot working personally and the Zedd moves
they’re pretty cool but I would have preferred more mega riveters personally
I don’t understand why big they just stuck with mega evolutions and added to
them instead of doing Zed moves and instead of doing Dino maxing just why
couldn’t they just add more mega evolutions is the point that they don’t
want too many mega evolution Pokemon we know it everything will be mega
evolution I don’t know but it seems different in it it’s like in with mega
evolution you can evolve your Pokemon and I’ll stay evolve mega evolve for our
battles so if you chain take it out and put it back take it in to a ball and put
back at Steve’s mega revolt doesn’t yeah so you’ve constantly got that like
if it starts to get is asked if you could drag it back in she lit up but
something else has taken a beat in and then tuck it back out where as Z moves
or Zed rules you have to be strategic and when you use extreme only use it
once I believe you might be wrong and with this it seems to be again a more
tactical way of doing a to of use in the unlike the Zed moves
unlike the mega evolutions way you use a only one Pokemon can use in a bow and it
only asks for three turns yeah so I think it was a way to introduce something that is different but also easy to do but also
give it a more strategical edge yes more strategy than just using the Magnum no
let me wrong using the mega evolution on the right time with the right port Mon
but when I think I when I was playing through when I played through X&Y and I
got mega evolution now just mega of all my pokémon and smash whatever was in my
way yeah I mean I don’t know I just I think the problem I’ve got with it is
ironically it’s the opposite to the mega evolution thing where personally I I
would like to have thought that they could have added to the mega evolution
so and also in every Pokemon needed a mega evolution but I think they could
have added even if they just add like four or five every generation
I wouldn’t say note about no but I think the problem with the diner maxing is any
Pokemon could be Dyna maxed and I think so it’s the opposite problem I’ve got
the opposite problem with Dinah maxing is I don’t think you should be able to
was a grue key the new grass starter which is a tiny little chimp can grow to
the size of of like a bit of building I just think it it looks it looks wrong
like I think they should be certain for like like with a griever Lucian’s they
should be certain pokémon that have that ability its Dynomax they don’t have to
be big Pokemon anyway but that you I just don’t like the fact that you’re
gonna have if you by the looks of it any Pokemon can die no matter if its group
yeah dynamaxx anything dynamaxx it and then it’s that gimmick then will be
overused well yeah at least at least with mega evolutions you only have a
select one of twenty three or four whatever it is Pokemon that can do it
Zedd moves it doesn’t matter any I don’t you anyone can use his head moving but
that does matter cuz it’s a one it’s a one hit what it’s a one hit thing and
that’s it it’s over and done with this time to maxing thing I just think any
that’s the problem for me anything can use it and I don’t like that you know
why can they do the same thing maybe you have to like certain Pokemon have but
because then they there’s a back story behind it then like with a mega
revolution the mega stones they’ve developed a whole backstory for where
they’ve come from and why only certain Pokemon can use them at the moment and
stuff and they could have done like a whole a whole backstory about in that
was like an extra part of the game where yeah if they’re going into detail about
why only x y&z Pokemon can have have so have developed the ability to Dynomax
they they were able to expend all the energy rather than just have a Pidgey
are not being funny you’re gonna be able to Dynomax RPG Rattata and that and that
just kills it for me cuz it’s just like it’s not special then mega evolutions
feel special this doesn’t I go you saying the one
thing I think it said in the tree the direct is when they were about gems with
Dynomax I said the gyms a stadium yeah have been built on certain places where
Pokemon could Dynomax so I wondering if there’s gonna be it is gonna be a back
story as to why or Pokemon could Dynomax in these areas but it does sound like
that you can only Dynomax in certain areas so I guess because if you could
Dynomax every fight then again like I said for me you die using mega
evolutions it wouldn’t matter I could soon as I could use mega evolutions I
would mega evolve straightaway fuck everything up and it was no problem
but that’s fine because the thing I liked about the mega evolutions for
instance and even with his Edmunds because not every Pokemon could have a
Zed move was you’d be fighting a random trainer and all of a sudden they they
whip out a mega evolution Pokemon in your life and and it’s a genuine like
whoa I wasn’t expecting that moment where if every Pokemon like I mean like
you said I assume they’ll only certain areas but join me that the
reason why Zed moves and mega evolutions work is because not every Pokemon has it
and so therefore when you’re fighting a random trainer yes you can make
revolution every time you can Zed move every time because you know what Pokemon
God but it’s kind of cool when you come across a random trainer and you’re like
you’re kind of taking him on and you’re easily beating him and all of a sudden
he pulls out a Blastoise that’s the first one I could think of and it and
before you and you’re using a mega evolution Charizard or something and you
and all of a sudden then he mega evolves him and you’re just and all of a sudden
there’s that moment when you kind of go okay this this suddenly isn’t gonna be
so easy and it was a good thing I told my chars on thunderpunch you you see
what I mean is it it’s that unexpected thing where if you know no every gym
battle then again I had a mega evolutions in there yeah thanks I don’t
know I don’t know I think that Zeb’s I thought about mega village I think it’d
come quite late into the game even though I don’t think you could use mega
evolutions until like you beat the last but one jmo loss game or something yeah
there might be that so for the most part you couldn’t use for most of the game
you couldn’t use it anyway it was an in-game thing I think while so what’s
the smallest Pokemon available I’m trying to think what it is kind of P o
Kappa P or a Grove into something in it alright that’s first thing I’m doing I’m
gonna Dynomax a copy because I can I would
dynamaxx stealing yeah what happens when you’ve
Dynomax of Wailord which is the biggest pokemon in the Kin
in all games what happens it fills the stadium if you want dice everyone dies
yeah you run outside quickly dynabox and instead want to be a champion I said I
wanted every will of Arnold but they all they can do is you rule England because
on seems to be the only place in the world that you can
dynamaxx so as long as they come to you you could rule them yeah yeah as long as
in if it is in certain places you have to somehow trick them to go into a
stadium every time what you think of the must play reads I like I think and I
think you can do with your friends as well yes I think you’re right that’s
gonna I think that could be quite really cool I gotta be honest is there could you say there might be a slight
issue later on down the line I I doubt it because it’s a very it could be a
very popular game but is it a case of they’ll only match make you to people to
other people who are attempting that particular rate which is fine but for
the first few months you won’t have a problem but maybe a year down the line
when most people have played it are you gonna get I think you might have I think
you’ll have trouble to jump in with random people but the good thing is is
you can ask your friends also I do believe I do believe you can
do with AI partners as well so you don’t have to do it online only okay make
sense yeah the thing is with the raids as well is if the like they said that
some port one you only get in the rains yeah that’s fair enough but if you if
there’s no other reason to the rate other than catching these specific
Pokemon even if six months down the line no one will play the game for some
reason ever and you can’t gain with adjoining video some reason even the AI
partners like I don’t want to play with you and you’re like oh bugger I can’t do
the raids I can’t get his pokémon then you just go on to the trade thing and
just say can you trade me this Pokemon yeah so I don’t think you’re gonna lose
out now say you lose out in the experience of doing a no XP wise I mean
the actual oh I done this it was fun you lose out on that but I don’t think you
will lose out on any Pokemon I think you could use the grow bot global trade net
to recover is called yeah there is that yeah yeah Yeah right okay which one you buy in
sort of shield shield why I I’m I’m like that person who likes to try and buy the
opposite or most people will only from the perspective of it’s easier to trade
with people if if you get the one that everyone’s getting it’s a bit difficult
it’s a bit more difficult to find where if if you get the one that’s gonna be
less popular and I say less popular they still vote very popular I just feel like
you’ve got a little more leverage on trades so you know I got gold over
silver I went gold was more popular than silver
no no silver was more popular I believe now I retinas gold I reckon is gonna be
gold I thought people wanted that stupid food out of the first anime episode to
say that but more people from what I know more people wanted lugia because
they released the movie not long after and it featured lugia and i want to say
more people wanted lugia than they did hoho
I I might be wrong though but either way I’ve always tried to go for the I went
for pokemon pearl instead of diamonds white instead of black do not I mean is
it and also honestly I kind of prefer the design of the legendary Pokemon
really all four it looks really really bad I actually called it poor cache it
because it looks a fucking it looks I genuinely hated it
it doesn’t it doesn’t sit the houl it’s like if it was to look if it was to try
and have a drink his head shield thing would get stuck in the floor and then he
would die of dehydration maybe a shield goes soft when it’s not being used it
looks it looks like a shield but it’s soft and malleable but then as soon as
the heat of battle kicks in he get it gets hard and he goes for it it’s the
adrenaline the adrenaline gets him hard and then he goes laughs that’s my theory
anyway I’m saying the legendary Pokemon in
shield acara member whose name it’s a tall could name I’m saying he gets hard
with but during a battle that’s not I don’t like it at all see I think it
looks really really bad if you if you have a look at it again have a look at
the like wait it’s just standing there with shield glowing it just looks really
daft that’s my opinion but I genuinely think it looks fucking awful whereas the
shield one looks better at the sword one looks best and because it was a stupid
shield stuck to his head the sword one looks sleeker but I I would like and I
assume they’ll tell us why like why it’s carrying a sword in its mouth
it seems because they thought Dark Souls was cool let’s get a wolf for the sword
in its mouth which is why I’m called a pork a stiff and poker shit it’ll be
interesting to see yeah the thing is it’s a shame because actually it’s no
shame all about wow what it like what is the relevance with the walls with
Pokemon and the UK no I should be pigeons squirrels yeah I’d like to see a
pigeon with a sword and a pigeon with the shield
yeah the shield the shield the weird its wings its weight yeah exactly and then
the sword can be as beak yeah I was tailing we’ve just we just fixed the
chicks the new legendaries like the only thing I can think of is someone was
saying before wasps Wolves got to with the UK other than the English people the
English acting and stuff in Game of Thrones with some of the carrots of
wolves is that war is that water I’m Game Freak looked and thought you know
what England like wolves clearly England are all about wolves the dragons are
from a different country wee bugger am we loved wolves after Game of Thrones I
want to know what types I am assuming they’re gonna be steel types steel
fighting steel fairy steel won’t be still dragon still ferry still
to Cabo still cou Cooper still fighting I’m
trying to find while I’m talking to you the game sales of the pokemon games but
I just can’t offer gold the silver walk among gold versus silver sales let me
tell you the the overall sales that I could see but I couldn’t see a
individual thing how did matters not I was trying to lock it up mall in general
the thing is I actually was going to get or come on shield and then I saw the
ladders like I’m going sword also I I was a pokémon blue guy so sword is blue
shield is red I’m going for blue yeah and the thing is is I can understand
what you were saying about the whole trading thing if you go back about four
generations with their online now everyone’s gonna have all the Pokemon
within about a week it’s true it’s not hard to come across but you know I guess
I was thinking more for friends for people that I’ll see regularly I don’t
know what they are what do you think of the 3d 360 camera that we finally have
camera controls well I think it’s very cool to finally have a full 360 camera
it’ll make for exploring and just looking around a lot better because it’s
always fixed camera in the pokémon games it I don’t mind fixed camera and stuff
but having the flexibility to just North route and look around see like there’s a
portal back and go catch whereas you couldn’t do that before really but it’s
a shame that it’s only in the wild areas I think
like in the cities and stuff you’re stuck with fixed cameras again which I
guess isn’t too bad because you don’t need to look around as much as where you
would out in the wild no and maybe their dupe they’ve done it as a design choice
for the system because if you the built up areas and notorious for for reefs
using up resources when you’re moving around so what they probably wanted to
do is build up the the towns and cities more but they don’t want but it would
take I would say there would be a quite a big performance here if you had a 360
camera because normally these big built-up areas you start spinning the
camera around in those and the switch isn’t those powerful a system it might
struggle in my resolution might start dropping quite heavily or framerate or
whatever they they’re focusing on I’m I’m thinking it was a design choice for
that I think they were thinking we want to build up the cities we want to make
them with plenty of detail but about 360 camera is going to cause problems with
things constantly like people are gonna be moving it moving that camera around a
lot they’re gonna have to have things spawn in and out all the time to make it
work and I just think the system is a little limited to be doing that so I
think they’ve sacrificed the camera for a more detailed town and city yeah the
thing is is for me personally if I was to be looking around and the resolution
dropped from 1080p to to 900p yeah and that would be fine it’s not as
noticeable as something like your game is running lovely at 60 frames per
second and it drops to 12 yeah yeah or even drops to 30 you’re gonna notice
something like that so I think that would be okay but I think the simple
fact that cuz it’s in any wild a a big area where you have Portman walking
around it makes most I think even looking it from just a sensical if
that’s even a word point of vou you have like in the town’s gonna
be like walking around in specific paths it’s not they know the towns and cities
don’t look like they’re gonna be just like a big area with houses dotted
fucking miles around it’s gonna be like the streets you walk through so you’re
not gonna really need to that whole 3d cam whereas when you know in the field just walking around you’re like well
let’s see what port moron you’re gonna like look around and you’re like oh look
there’s a hole over there it’s not like there’s a Pikachu over there and then
you run and if Nick was here you would describe what he would do to said
Pikachu and it would not be very nice I’ll say first nothing for me though
this stuff he says Oh awful very nasty it’s there anything else you would like
to say about Pokemon guys before we move on to e3 chat which will also contain a
little bit of stadia even though it’s not technically III but I kind of is
just before I was anything pre through yeah is there anything you would like to
say about the Pokemon direct or any of the other stuff we talked about and even
if it’s like asking a question of something you noticed and you might like
to see if we agree or disagree like everyone obviously agrees that the
shield pokémon is shit compared to the sword Pokemon just wanted to reiterate
on the shield’s legendary well that is shit but I actually don’t mind the rest
of the zine it’s the actual shield on his face that looks awful am I the only
one who thinks it looks cool somebody mentioned it on the G arcade forum that
he looks like a power range of body and that made me like it even more like I
know it doesn’t Luis Luis D is wrong it doesn’t look like a bloody power ranger
body its know any other cool powering two bodies were the best ya
know if it wasn’t for that big stupid shield on I would think it’d be really
cool it’s literally that shield on it it just it looks stupid because of it try
think what else did they what else did they they bring up from the Pokemon
thing obviously we saw a couple of the Pokemon so obviously there was work what
was it called wool whoo Lou Rulin winner that was the Sheep Pokemon we had we had
big bird thing yeah ask overnight that looks really cool yeah score the night
is as big as a dragon night seven yeah seven odd foot yeah really here so
that’s gonna be pretty quite and it’s all this it’s all black and it’s really
cool I think that could be that could be really cool this thing caribou is called
dread dread treble claw tread claw so any ads no
right guys here you go look here is a drawn image of them come on now which
ones bear that that would look cool if that was not a big shield like that
let’s be honest with that with their they this shield here he looks terrible
III think looks really cool that actually now that I’ve seen it again
reminds me of the Green Rangers gold armor thing he has remember the Green
Ranger had that gold thing on yeah to be fair he did have a gold thing on
but it was stuck to his chest if that was stuck to his chest I went underneath
there it might actually look a bit better than this big stupid metal
looking thing hanging from his face I would love to see some way an animal
actually walk around with something that probably weighs 10 stone stucked was
necked craning craning off his neck yet although what I did notice was these
side bits there flare out they as far as I’m aware they they kind of fold down to
the side so they cover that just the sides of his legs his front legs they
fold inwards so they kind of so he looks a bit sleeker and then when he gets into
his battle form which I guess is that they kind of like pop out was like a
cobras you know it kind of flicks out so maybe maybe maybe I don’t like you
sorry I don’t I think it looks fucking ugly it is it’s just literally made me
it’s literally made me buy the other version of the game
I was going to buy shield now I’m not yeah but the shield Pokemon looks funny
sword one looks cool tricking is crooked it’s true looks funny as in stupid
hasn’t saw one looks cool focus f I bet you any money 90% of the people who play
who’s played Dark Souls and is gonna play this is gonna name the legendary
with a sword safe even those little dice who is safe is that if SIF is in a is in
Dark Souls I will show you no SIF Dark Souls it’s funny you type in SIF for
Dark Souls and like put the Pokemon stuff comes up this is safe because this
image is bad bad image so yeah anyway with SIF you’ve got this really cool
fucking wall for the giganto sold in his face hey oh look it’s like yeah switch
there so you’ve got one back and then SIF oh yeah I see that’s cool interesting that yes so yeah we are
gonna move on for a port Mon then because as everyone says Pokemon sword
has the better legendary but one thing I will say though it which is interesting
about the trailer when he showed them is like wind flicked up in here like leaves
or something shot up and then they kind of prepaid for bowels by looking at the
air so is there gonna be some kind of use I I hope not but it could be a thing
cuz doesn’t don’t they do that in black and white to the to legendaries day wake
away I reckon we’re going full Megazord on this one
we’re going full on digimon are we full Megazord Power Ranger Megazords I I can
see it it’s gonna happen well if Tommy pops up and starts playing his floating
nigga and then they food and then a dragon Zord comes in and then they all
fight and Godzilla somehow comes along and I was I was a child when Power
Rangers was out so I grew up for there and oh my god
it was amazing dragon Zord was the coolest thing in the world yeah I even remember the the thing you
gotta play I don’t been a long time those are Power
Rangers right we shall now move on to talking about snack sorry but we will
mention stadia first I’m just going to change because I couldn’t be bothered to
add a new source for an image because javis G arcade podcast twitch cast what
everyone call it has literally more sources than I have bad cook dinners so
we’re gonna be talked about III in a second but first we dimensions DD air
and what I would like to know is doom yes you watched a video yes
after watching the video did you think actually I would I’m willing to give
this a try I yes but not based on what they’ve announced for release so I don’t
think oh no boulders gave look pretty cool hmm remember that is the third one in the
series yeah based on the launch lineup no because we
don’t know what else is gonna be added to it do we know and I’ve got I’ve got
the perfect connection to run it you know I’m on download speeds I’m I’m
running at 380 make download speed so 4k HDR 60 frames is is I’ll it’ll piss that
which is fine I don’t have a 4k TV yet but I don’t hope to get one anyway but
before that comes out but I just I like the idea I like what I could potentially
do see I’m personally willing to give it a bash simple reason is if you think
about it this way you’re basically paying it’s like I don’t really like the
idea of stream and I thought like the idea of game rentals but it’s basically
going on to your computer slap in your browser on I use Chrome and then
basically having Y amounts to Xbox game pass yeah especially if you go for the
was a stadium pro whatever it’s called where do you process like ninety-nine a
month well that’s dollars so that’ll probably be $8.99 yeah and they said they’ll give you games
every month which are added to your library and stuff like that so if they
haven’t said what games but then you know it could be could be quite good I
mean $9.99 is a good price I mean eight sorry that’s a good price bet I can pass think his thing though are they gonna be
able to do what Microsoft can do bearing in my Microsoft are literally giving us
exclusive games are free we’re getting like you get any future Halo you get any
gears of wars you’re getting your forces they all you don’t like they’re all
brand new games Co thieves like they all come on release you don’t have to pay
for him like I’ll Google don’t have that that pull they don’t have exclusive
games they can all that is true the one thing they do have is money to pay other
people fall our privilege yeah yeah so if they if they suddenly stay like if
you go with stadia Pro you’re getting call of duty on release day like Joe’s
you fly their games at that caliber but realistically to make me really
interested that’s what they’re gonna have to provide because like
otherwise at the moment all I see stage arises is a port beast that’s all it is
it’s kind of it’s just ports of games that can be run at four case francs
that’s kind of that’s all I see it as there’s nothing it is cool but I
guarantee here’s the thing right so here’s the thing it’s if you want the
pro version the way they worded it tells me something as well so they said that
with the if you pay for stadium pro you’re getting the full 4k 60 frames a
second experience that tells me he would only get 4k if you pay for the pro which
it kind of makes sense I guess because of the the amount of resources you using
to push that I get it but I was gonna say yeah so you were saying about the 4k
in the pro well it’s gone again they’re basically saying stages fruity take free
to use in terms of you you don’t have to pay buying a control and a chromecast if
if you need a chromecast of ultra that’s all you need to buy you’re not paying
for X you’re not you don’t need to pay for Xbox Live service you like it’s all
included like yeah just so that all the same ease you either do you can pay for
pro and get some games included or don’t pay for pro and I’ll probably limit you
to 1080p I would have thought 60 frames 1080p I would have thought that’s what
they’re gonna do but but you can just pay for any games you want and they’re
yours to own as they said the yours to own even though they’re not really and
just play them so and that would include the online and everything to them here’s
the thing though that’s fine but I guarantee you they will charge more for
the game then you would be able to get on an Xbox
because because you’re not paying for system because you’re not paying for
like the Xbox Live and the online capabilities and state stadia is going
to be expensive to run they can’t I don’t think they’ll survive off stadia
Pro because not enough people will provide that I guarantee you the price
of gains are going to be expensive I know I almost guarantee it because every
streaming service that has tried to launch from on live and everything all
the games like five to ten pound more because they have to pay to the upkeep
of their system your honor I mean almost guaranteed it will be they will be more
expensive five to ten pound more would that put you off buying a game on stadia
over the Xbox or ps4 or Morse which MIT well yeah yeah definitely um the problem
of the thing with me is is I don’t like buying digital anyway so if the price is
the same on stadia or on Xbox digitally it literally makes no difference I don’t
actually own anything like for example there is a game called minecraft story
mode and I do believe that it is being delisted that’s fine but what’s
happening is is if you have purchased the game but you haven’t got it
downloaded after a certain date which is coming soon you will not be able to
download it from anywhere again so digital is bollocks whatever platform is
on where there’s streaming or digital thrown yes still cool you’ve basically
if you bought the season pass when it was like 35 quid if you lost a corner 35
quid $50 what’s the fucking point if I went and bought a physical copy of the
game which I think only comes with with most telltale games you get a first
episode the rest of the digital but if I was a full game on a desk I wouldn’t
have that problem that fair shoe so at the end a for me buy-in digitally is a
fucking bowling anyway so if the prices are the same to be honest I’m not
bothered war would get on I would get her whatever’s
the cheapest of the Xbox one x pc yea or stadia which would likely be meat for me
pc simply because it would likely be the cheapest yeah yeah PC PC will be the
cheapest but mummy for me personally I I i would rather pay for a system that i
owned by games for it digitally or whatever like physically or digitally
but at least i personally had a problem with not owning the system as well like
i dunno why but but this is a good thing about this is the best thing about
stadia to be fair is you don’t need a box literally if your TV somehow is
chrome built into it you could just stick it on your TV you can go you can
go on your browser on your computer you could think i’ll shit right I’m gonna
what I can carry on on by I need to go to the up to bed but I’ll take much for
me and carry on with it a little bit so it is a lot more versatile like for me
now if I wanted to play on my xbox one I’d have to stick it on the TV that’s
enough follow the link I own my game I’d have to either get another Xbox 360 or
if I went at the bed or disconnect my Xbox resource one sorry I’m talking
about and then plug it all in upstairs so so it has it has its benefits of not
actually having a box and the thing is is if you can have a box that just does
everything digitally what’s the point of having a box true I can understand I’m
in a box where you put stuff into it to play things but if you go everything
digitally then I don’t to the post like buying stuff from Amazon buy an ad like
digital like films or watching Netflix you don’t most people don’t say well I’m
go to be deep I had to put my Netflix on yeah you know it’s the same kind of
thing here’s the thing not that literally the other day a
carnivore day was for a good few hours Google basically I say Google was
offline YouTube pretty much went offline as well as something else from Google a
Congress I don’t know if it’s Google themselves or what either way YouTube
and that was down for I think it was a couple of hours if that happens then
that’s what I don’t like at least at least even if you own the games
digitally on an Xbox or a switch or a Playstation unless that online games at
least you can still play your games if anything goes wrong if you’re inter but
if I’ve got fiber-optic broadband so I’m fine but if somebody if somebody out in
the streets doing some work and they cut through my wire that is it I could be in
the middle of a game I’m stuffed I’m dies it on bollocks and I’m bollocks
until they fixed it and so you know I’m not being funny sometimes you know what
Internet service providers like they can take up to two weeks to fix something oh
yeah and it’s just I just I get your reliance I personally think it stayed
yeah I like the idea and I want to like it I kind of liked the idea of it I just
I just don’t want to be so dependent on on the system one second I also shared
dooms concern you barely on and I agree with what he is saying but for me for
example if I was in the middle of playing an xbox game on my xbox one as I
game share if I was to if with the Xbox one for me if I was playing through
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey or Assassin’s Creed origins and the internet was to
cut out the game would end because I’m game sharing that game I didn’t purchase
it so if you if you played on a game that you haven’t haven’t bought yourself
that you’re sharing that can still happen which means isn’t a problem you
still have access to your your games the point is if you still play in a game
that is game shade like most of my xbox games are apart from game paths and
stuff I would actually stuck not being able to play a lot of them yeah I came
share with my best friend and which is legendary slam funny them so we take it
in turns to play games so I would lose half of my catalog if anything goes
wrong but like you said you’ve still got your own games to play and I’ve got so
many things to play like I’ve got would I think anyone who’s seen my streams
recently they’ve seen my game room I’ve got so much stuff to play it wouldn’t
matter I just like we’re so I guess you could say well that’d be the safest ad
if that goes down a lot so much to play that could do but is I could I’d still
have games on my own xbox I could still play I just
the my main thing is I don’t want to be so reliant on like I don’t want to be so
reliant on them are on a company a corporation what everyone call them
providing me with my gaming service I just I like to have a bit more control
in terms of I go you saying I’m not saying you’re you’re in the wrong at the
end of the day I have the same concerns I am going to give stager try it does
sound interesting to me it really does and I have I very rarely in the last its
while had issues a baddie in that cow in Cowell me the other day at like 1
o’clock in the morning when I was dreaming that wasn’t too bad but
normally it has been fine yeah I don’t know if I’d be able to stream and stream
stadia anyway so I think because they’re building in
they’re essentially building YouTube into it it’s Rhyno for a fine oh yeah I
know yeah I wonder if it’d be different though because the cloud thing would
somehow be me a thing without using your internet but I don’t know if that would
work with twitch as they don’t have owned twitch so that’s the problem they
um the other concern like I completely
agree with also concern I think it’d be worthwhile trying out
and you know for the most part most people are gonna be fine to play about
many problems I would say yeah and also it you can try it even if you don’t want
to buy a permanently you could try like some of the cheaper games on there to
give them a bash on the free service the pro services just to get some free games
I’d have 4k HDR 60 frames a second free you still get 1080p 60 frames per second
which to be fair a lot of games even on Xbox and Playstation 4 don’t hate 1080p
60 frames per second so for free you get a bear
if the latency isn’t too bad and it all does run well like they’re planning
you’re gonna have a better experience playing them if the Internet is fine for
you obviously I you know I’m not saying this is the future this is the way but
didn’t they at the same time it kind of is leaning towards the future of the
stuff because look how many people watch Amazon Prime now TV is Netflix and no
one says well I’m not getting that but not many people that I know of say I’m
not getting that just kissing it cuts up and I can’t watch my film I’m in the
whale watching I think the thing you so weak games is you much more you
definitely put a lot more into a game personally obviously there’s some people
never play games and they put they put everything into watching a TV series and
movies and that’s what yeah but but if you took a pair the to a film you watch
in a couple of hours a game you play over potentially 80 90 hundred hours II
you know a plus easier game I’m gonna say is around eight hours how many about
eight 10 most most games are short single play game you can have your big
massive RPGs no I agree I agree that is more than a film but then you look at
your 24 episode Phil TV shows they’re gonna be about the same a time anyway
it’s true it’s true so I’m not saying any any like who’s right or wrong but
what I’m saying is people are willing to get Netflix to watch all these stuff but
then say well gaming I wouldn’t we are just Kasich the internet cuts out
there must have diffused to water and stuff still using a streaming service
yeah like personally I don’t want to use a streaming service I don’t want to go
digital I want my game to come out on the day of
fucking release no need nanny parties and be perfect but
I put in my console so I don’t need the internet at all I mean what would you what what do you think about the the
founders Edition they’ve announced it looks like really good value for money
to me it does look honestly as much as I’ve said I’m not that interested yeah
I’m kind of interested in that because you problem is I’m a sucker for
collecting things as anyone’s noticed if they see my game room yeah the fact that
you get that limited edition controller has suckered me in a little bit because
I do like blue and I do like orange and they’re together and it doesn’t look
very nice and you do get but at least you get something tangible out of it
you’re getting a nice looking controller you get in a Chrome ultra which is
pretty cool because you can use that for anything anyway so it’s not like it’s a
justice system and more to the point is you’re getting three months of pro and a
buddy pass to give someone else which I really think that suddenly makes things
interesting yeah 120 quid you know yeah yeah it’s definitely something
interested in the pad is pretty nice if I ask me well the pad controller yes I
liked it I thought it looks really nice it’s like a really nice dark sexy blue
yeah it’s interesting and honestly it it’s difficult I I might I might invest
in that but it would be very counterproductive if I do because I
probably I would I just I just think I just wouldn’t play it I still think I
wouldn’t play it thing is is the good thing is is you could gather I gave
three months to you gave you three months trial and then after that if you
don’t decide on by eight GamePro but they do get some really good exclusive
games you could then potentially garum on that console on that platform sorry
like it could be a backup thing for sure it could be one of those things that
like a lot of people like to think if it’s think about it now say you you you
you gather and you stick on your controller you got your chromecast
Ultra will have you and then your favorite game series that is not
exclusive to like Microsoft at Sony on in ten your favorite franchise goes to
chromecast only you don’t have to get pro but you can still buy that one game
and you’ve already got the chromecast thing and on all that readiness they for
you things are realistically 120-pound you’re getting three hundred pounds
worth of stuff for engine twenty quid and yes pound I mean realistically
that’s like a buckets ultra edition of the game it’s not it’s not crazy money
to to pay for and even if you only use it for the odd game or take advantage of
the three months and get the free games because as far as I’m aware I might be
wrong but I don’t think I am the way they worded it it sounds like with your
with your probe you keep the games like you keep the get yeah you keep the game
it’s not like a game pass where you’ve stopped playing you stop playing the
game pass you lose the games it looks like they give you the gains so even if
you stop you still have those games to play so yeah that’s that’s a big plus
but then again are they gonna give you shit
is it gonna like I’m not being funny if they gave you like it they’re never
going to do it gave you call of duty on release so many
people would do it for a month and then bugger off I know for a fact they will
so they’re not going to but you know that’d be amazing but are they gonna you
know but then again we are talking about Google who literally have money to burn
they they could they could pay some you know it’s not against the realms of
impossibility to get maybe one of these big games on release maybe maybe not
Call of Duty but a battlefield meaning me you know one that’s a big game very
popular but it’s not it’s not the market leader no no I know you say well the
thing is if EA are able to buy out most bloody thing and epic story able to
steal stuff off steam I don’t see why this is able to steal stuff off of other
companies I last thing I think I don’t like I said I don’t think this is it
would be my main way of playing games but I’m very very tempted in going in
that into that founders edition before it sells ox is only limited numbers I
means I’ll have the controller the ultra my name and stuff like that yes set up
to go then aren’t you when you get three months for free and you’re gonna have a
friend you can go age wanna play these gives me and the good thing is is people
like Graham yourself Matt all have computers but they aren’t able to play
something like yes see a thieves or state of decay to the best they can be
played yeah whereas obviously you never be able to
play those games on your computers but this chromecast is Chrome Google stadia
like but you’ll be able to play games like those kind of games then yeah on
PCs that wouldn’t normally be able to run them yeah yeah that’s why I says
you’ll be able to play games that you PC wouldn’t normally be able to play I like
the idea of doing with the chromecast which is why I’m thinking to do in the
founders addition because the pay the chrome Caston and the controller
together would be more than I think it’s more than engine 20 quid anyway so I
leave that I I like the idea because straightaway I could just you could just
plug that cone chromecast into any TV as long as you can get Internet and the
thing I do like is yeah internet speeds don’t have to be crazy we’re not talking
like like I said I’ve got a three hundred eighty three hundred eighty five
Meg download speeds so that’s ridiculous I’m aware of how ridiculous that is and
I hit that number every time but to get 4k HDR 60 frames a second with 5.1
surround sounds you only need 35 Meg I know there are a lot of people that
can’t reach that if I may but I would say they I’d say I would say there are
more people in the UK that can get more than 35 make the can’t
I personally even on a non fiber connection you can kind of hit yeah yeah
35 now so I some people are very unlucky I gotta be a star some people are very
lucky and the one thing that is a bit annoying is I say my friend Phil
legendary slam his Internet is beyond shocking I mean that’s more that’s a
problem with the service provider though he is sought in it but they’re really
dragging their heels and he’s been he’s been there he’s been at the place where
he lives now for a year and a half and they still haven’t sorted it and I would
like to give him the buddy pass because he’s the perfect person to give it to
but I can’t because he would struggle to run the games at five at the minimum
requirement because that’s how bad is internet so it is a little bit annoying
that you you would have to be biased to friends who have a decent internet
connection which yeah I think’s a bit mean cuz I I’ve got like Lord Aten I
give it to him cuz he’s got good internet connection but but isn’t that
and and he’s just as good a friend as Slammys but yeah that makes it too beefy
that that’s actually fairer in a way because if if they are equal
friends and you had a pass but you could only give it to one of them then isn’t
it easier for you to go you go I’ll give it to you who can actually use it and I
don’t want to choose between my friends it is but at the same time I would
rather honestly I’d rather choose between them rather than I’d rather I’d
rather say no slam slam I like you more at and fuck off I would rather you know
I just I just rather than be equal peg in there then if I have to choose I have
to choose it’s not yet a 12-time thing I I don’t know maybe I’ve got a weird way
of looking at things but strange I was gonna say is is I’ve put in the general
chat of my discord ping for Azur Center and stadia for everyone who’s tried it
on G arcade Zafar stayed here google’s computer cloud thing is much is not as
fast as a lower latency than Azur i’ve also burned to chat for everyone else if
you want to compare but my ping on the Google thing was around 15 m/s and was
higher now how do you check this stricka– click click of a link in chat
in the pic on the top click the top one okay and then lord the regions and then
you’ve got London at the top will be the closest one mine’s 15 m/s median and then the second
one you choose them which I just chose all European thingies and my card if one
is 24 were math 27 m/s London is 23 so you’re gonna have faster response times
with the games the stadia than at the moment Microsoft’s cloud based stuff
simply because as he was slower that makes sense yeah there you go
anyway I was wondering if you wanted to talk about like some III stuff before
it’s too late and I honestly don’t ask your job yeah
you you’ve all been there witnessing me fall asleep I’m aware of that cover some
e3 so before we do is there any one chat that wants to say anything about the
stadia well ask us questions about it or is anyone interested in getting the
founders Edition or odd the only issue for me was status with
that is it comes out the same month as Pokemon and I was planning to get the
double pack of Pokemon so that’s like two hundred and forty quid right there
then it would pay Pokemon and stadium why’d you on the double pack because I
can yeah but why why waste the money I genuinely think
Nintendo need a pulley fingers up their fucking asses or Game Freak or the port
one company I just roost one game now it’s fucking
ridiculous like Tom Thomas in on G Ark he’d said if this was any other company
if you be soft came out now a released a game and now it’s a game at e3 with two
versions of the game people would be kicking up a fucking right facet Ubisoft
Nintendo is still doing it and everyone waves to dick around going yeah I got
buy two copies are the same game I don’t get it I agree with it yeah I genuinely
think they should do one copy it is literally no need for two it doesn’t do
anything other than oh nothing it made sense early on up until the
didn’t really make sense then it didn’t excite it only made sense in the set
sense of is like well we can sell the stuff to people and then they could
trade and then they’ll get more people buy import once stuff because they all
go dicted to it up until the yes before the so before you had a decent internet
connection I could see the point of having to because the only way to trade
is to meet up with people anyway and it made sense to have the two because he it
encouraged to meet up with people and trade with other people before before
the internet was a real big thing from the DSR woods where Internet become much
more available that’s when I think it it makes sense in a certain vu in a certain
way but it also makes sense to released pokemon red or blue and then have all
the port one on this you don’t need to trade you can still bowel with people
yeah the literally I think the reason why they had a splitter the way they did
was because they wanted more money it has worked but I still think that now is
the time to stop and really you know everyone goodbye the like if one person
in the world buys shield and everyone else by sword if one person trades with
one other person and if and then that person trades like breeds a couple poor
one shoves them online they’re more people gonna breed the port Mon and
shove them online and so on and so on and so on
you know but for me that’s the only thing is even if I don’t get the double
pack and I got the single game it’s still like fifty you know I know agree
the only reason why I would be tempted together double Pat myself is I wasn’t
get really care for me my kids all what might I for my children three of them on
Pokemon yeah and they were their own copies on
their own switches so for me it would make sense if I to Double Packs I get
sold and then they can fight over sword and shields themselves yeah what of all
one sword now yeah yeah well then again I don’t know how the pre-order works do
you pay for up front or do they take the money when you dispatch it or does
anyone know with wha no what we do know is I don’t know
I would assume as do Google itself they probably just take me there and then I
would imagine that’s another thing actually talking about pre-ordering
amazon recently doing you have to pay up front for pre-orders which now means i
am gonna be buying a fuck ton less of stuff on Amazon
yes it’s stupid because the amount of things that I’d stick on a pre-order and
I’d sit on it and then maybe counsellor and order something else and doing that
you know I always knew it was there in the bag ready to go you know I got it
ready they it changes things now because you know it I I would with Amazon I
would take a punt on games now I’m like honestly I might as well just go to game
and stick my pre-order down with them for a fiver and if I don’t want that
game I can move that fiver around to any other game or watch another meaning yeah
you know okay there might be cheaper but you know I don’t know then again I know
there were a lot of people who were against pre-ordering are they yeah yeah hmm it’s I reckon he’ll drive a lot more
people to my website as I shop to they seem to always have really good shot who
used to be really good I don’t find much goods they used to be I also find it
like that was a play used to be really good back in the day game play you were
really really good even though they were owned by game they
were ten times cheaper than game not much cheaper than game and then also no
crap and I don’t even think it exists anymore right we’re gonna should we list
all the conference’s and see what we’re gonna expect from them or should we go
one by one like yeas up first I’ll say should we talk about war over me eight
and then what the x1 or just go yeah the name of all and then just say boy what
in general let’s start no I want them to make it technically speaking EAS and
part of III it’s it’s own thing that happens several hours before e3 because
yeh I gotta a I don’t usually intend on Nintendo but I’m they’re doing the a
gonna yeah personally I find that the conferences I can’t think of much that
I’d want from an e3 conference other than I would like it for once not to
make me fall asleep figuratively speak out do you remember how awkward phase 1
last year was when the guys or to the the guy who wasn’t a natural presenter
his autocue died while he was in the middle of presenting need
beat ya do you remember how awkward that girl that was oh it was it was beautiful
yeah deliciously awkward it was amazing so more of that please more of people
who aren’t trained announces like trained trained speakers just four or
five but more turn the floor look you halfway through the present in clean way
I don’t mind what game it you’re doing it for just do it I just I liked
watching people cringe I’d be like the turn off Craig I know they’ve turned off
the other kill me if you see the spread need need for speed of shit is that what
I was supposed to say Need for Speed is shit
go play Brno – on the Gamecube or revenge on the Xbox 360 Oh dudes yawning
do is your anyone belonging to be stupid I’ll try to think what can we there’s no
battlefield this year because that’ll be next year as you mentioned battlefield I
have heared that battlefield fives on in the vault on EA access I was a ok that’s
disappointing if it goes in the vault it usually means
they want a big game isn’t they they’ve they’ve it’s that last-ditch attempt to
get people to play it basic which was a shame because he hasn’t even been out a
year anyway there’s not going to be a battlefield this year because there’s
every – obviously with this FIFA we’re gonna get FIFA there’s no news on the
news Need for Speed game we’re not expecting that apparently what happened
to that dice game that was like you can be any vehicle and do anything with ice
cubes and that’s a couple years back it was very early in development remember it was like a shoulder off in
various different states of the caleche stuff I’m sure one point yeah extreme
sports or someone yeah okay Jedi fallen order Star Wars well it’d be
nice to see something a bit more interesting than more we did see what we
saw last gameplay exactly didn’t see any gameplay no I want I want so from EA I’m
really struggling here but the only thing I want from them is fallen order
gameplay proper gameplay none of this bull crap that they pulled
with anthem where they said it was gameplay it clearly wasn’t gameplay it
was actually a CGI render may look like a game because then when the actual game
came out someone compared that seemed to what actually is in the game and it is
far different and that was a guy playing on the PC version like full res and it
just it was crap compared like they’ve fluffed that game up beyond belief
atrophy I don’t think I think all the company’s fucking do it by Ubisoft at
all for for doing it I think that the problem is I don’t care why they do
because people realize they people complain about right to just show us
what the game looks like without any it’s not gonna detract from the game all
it’s doing is making people go oh I don’t believe it’s gonna look like and
then they don’t bother getting the game because they find out it doesn’t look as
good as it did some people do k that are much more visuals strangely yes a weird
one but yes honestly from EA the only thing I can think of right now is full
and order I don’t think there’s anything else I’m interested in by them
I saw on the Xbox one version with some with a load of DLC stuff going on CD
easier like 17 quid I was like tempted to grab it but I thought I’m not gonna
play with anyone so didn’t bother to be honest the the player base for that is
reduced so badly that it’s you you wouldn’t even get anyone to play with
anyway it’s it’s pretty it’s pretty appalling really ya know it’s not worth
it yeah so is there anything else from EA that you think or you’d like to see
yes nothing nothing specific in our sense
but the one interesting part of III of EA’s conference is the little indie
section half at last year was unravel to the year before it was the jailer game
prison game yeah I come in bored I was cold birds of a feather or something and
then the year before that I think was like unravel and the year before I was a
way out that’s the one cheers you failure and the year before that I think
was it wasn’t a year before it was the last three years they’ve done it so I
think that is the thing that was supposed to mean a lost year I also like
the section where they pat themselves on the back for the charity work yeah like
don’t get me wrong it’s great that they doing stuff for charity but it’s like it
comes across if we doing this so we can brag about her you know when they’d
really like this big on France I’m not saying that is the money it comes across
flowery to me yeah I’m not being funny it doesn’t make me want to buy their
games more just because they’re doing some good work for charity no all
companies if they’re making enough money should be doing stuff for charities
regardless they should it’s not it shouldn’t be a big deal that they’re
helping people out it just should it should be just something that they’re
expected to do personally but that’s a that’s a very political thing that we
could go into but it’s not it’s not it’s not not the right podcast for them
you know that said the other podcast to manpads do politics that will be every
Saturday at never o’clock so yeah we’ll move on from me aid and as we really
have nothing much to say what about the next which Microsoft now Microsoft it is
a figure is it Microsoft uber says that because this on this one it says my
affairs at their Microsoft amiss it shows it basically it’s caller I’m in
the wrong order so yeah Microsoft anything from
Microsoft you actually really want to see not that I can think of not nothing
that I’m super excited about I’ve never been like us I’m not a massive Halo fan
but I will be interested to see a little bit more about halo infinite which I’m
assuming they’re gonna talk about I will you know I’m I’m kind of keeping my ears
on my ears my eyes here’s a nice on on that but I’m not like looking for it’s
not like a game we must I must play game for me I’m expecting to assume we we’re
gonna hear something about Gears of War 5 hmm again I like the key is a war
series but I’m not a massive fan so you know I I’ll be interesting to see if
they say anything about it but I’m not I’m not like it’s not gonna change
I actually really like it’s dumb fun is actually something which I never thought
I’d enjoy because it’s just is but is because the stories are exactly that
great the gameplay at the time while not the best at the time I think it was the
best in that particular style yeah Bible which is founded dumb fun it’s like a
summer blockbuster that you go and watch where it’s just dumb entertainment like
these yeah yeah yeah you know it’s ridiculous and
but that’s why you watch it because it is ridiculous and it’s fun and like you
say you can you can play it and just kind of switch off to the rest of the
world and you just enjoy yeah mindless locust slaughtering you know are we
going to see you okay I guess elephant in the room there’s gonna be a lot of
focus on the new Xbox system Mars will say that yeah I reckon they’ll be I
reckon this could be a very large to be honest I hope there’s not a lot of folks
on here because I reckon I read the problem you have is I know III E is
about sales and stuff but I think that talking about it too much now is a t3 if
they spend like half a time talking about the Xbox next then people are just
gonna be poor off yeah you know I’d rather than just talking games I reckon
if they go talk about the net in the next Xbox you should be quite short
because you know what moral they really gonna do unless they start going into
specs and everything else well then if they go into specs and now it does it
mean that like haunama got R so I suspect Sony have already released what
specs they use it for yeah they’ve already said what GPU CPU
how much RAM it’s gonna have its having a solid-state drive
they’ve already announced everything so it was actually the officer other way
around Microsoft are gonna be like I think PlayStation Sony announced in like
last month so Microsoft is something to play off now yes so I reckon we’re going
to get into specs and they’re gonna talk about and I don’t want to talk about new
system I just want them to talk about features that I care about like
don’t like remember when the Xbox one came out and they kept talking about
Cortana and getting her to like Xbox record Xboxes I don’t want to know any
of that I just want to I want to see how how good they can make the you know how
much bear can they make what I already like I buy a xbox Janome how can they
improve Xbox Live anymore are they gonna what what new features are actually
worth like I know they can improve Xbox Live make it free make you free
honestly Xbox Live isn’t as good as playing online on PC and is free on what
sorry but online on PCs better fair enough you need to get your apps and
stuff from different places but it’s free and it’s barren on PC
most things are dedicated servers and so on and so forth it just it is you know but yeah going back to games what I
think we’re gonna hear about we’re gonna see more about Halo infinite we’re gonna
see something about Gears or five we might see something about Forza
Motorsport seven eight but I know for a fact that’s not coming
out this year it’s expected it was expected come out but they hold him back
end of the year because they wanted to be one of the release titles for the new
Xbox and so they they’re adding an extra year on I’ve known Ally I would I would
personally rather they bring up the new one now for so eight now and bring up
Forza horizon 5 next gen yes to be honest it’s a little to me it would seem
like it would be a lot more of an impressive game to bring out you have
like no you’re right really lots of different landscapes and from I remember
of motorsport you just go driving on a fuckin track for 20 minutes tracks digitally oh I was appealing as
something like the open-world Forza horizon games no that’s my yes honestly
I Microsoft have bought a lot of Studios recently they’ve they have put that they
for money they pay for the hands in their pockets and they’ve bought a lot
of Studios so I don’t know what any of those food rules will have anything to
show any of them any well show I reckon a fair few of them are gonna have a lot
to show for the next Xbox I think that’s what they’ve been bought for but I am
hoping that we’re gonna see some Xbox woman releases as well from they’ve
bought a fair few they’ve bought a good one
fourteen fifteen studios and they’re like some of them are big studios so I would I would like to say that we’re
going to see some we’re gonna see some new exclusives for Microsoft and Xbox in
general that will be released for the Xbox one and then you know I’m assuming
they’ll be available to play on the next-gen Xbox as well so there is that
as well but again this kind of kind of a Microsoft it’s the same as the a like
there’s nothing super force it’s specific I’m kind of just gonna I’m
gonna watch it and hope that we get something good out of it but I’m
expecting anything for me I want to see something on Battletoads
because dab was announced like last year so I want to see some bow towards
gameplay I would also like I know it’s not gonna happen right like I want to
hear more about what they don’t do see if thieves now I’ve done all the tall
tales I want our male because I’ve spoke about
this to Matt’s and Graham and various other people who’ve watched the streams
but the stuff they did in tall tales while it was pretty much you’re doing
the same kind were very much similar to why you were
doing in the the traditional voyages where you draw sailing for treasure but
the way they went about was sort like they were source more variety and so
many more interesting things to it and I to be honest if they can improve upon
their get rid of the briggsie style fights because there’s like three of
them and that kind of and I improve a little tweak things a little bit here
and there like the tall tales season to then it’s gonna be fucking brilliant and
also I think they need to be some better rewards because you go through it
there’s about I think it’s like a flag shaped skin some clothes
yeah hat and and I think through each tall tale you get three grand at the end
you get like an extra ten for sale in something and that’s it and I gather
that’s not the point of it but if I was if I wanted to like actually earn
somebody to buy some of the things or in wrap I’d be better off doing like four
forts and I’d earned probably more money than I did in the last three hours I
spent doing the last hole tale do you know I mean sure I’m not criticizing the
genre I’m just saying a few tweaks sure and they would have elevated it again
and I like I like I said I find see if these vary it’s quite repetitive in more
you do buy it’s fun to do it and then with with the with the tall tales then you
literally have actual like really interesting ways to go about the tales
yeah yeah I yeah I’m expecting that we’re gonna see some see a thief’s stuff
trying but you know as I said again with with with Microsoft I reckon it’s gonna
be very next-gen focused we’re gonna see they got to talk about some updates they
I reckon they’re gonna talk about what studios are making games for that
thought for that Xbox for that next-gen Xbox we’re gonna see something about
halo infinite so many well gears 5 maybe something about multiple eight while I’m
not personally that keen to get it would be could see a new banjo game just just
as he banned refer back or conquer or something
ah fuckin Congress bad five days one of the best games I’ve ever played so I
would know what to call it cuz like first third day dance come
seven to Thursday so I’d know bonkers Erie our stay sounds similar to Monday
yeah but there’s nothing specific I think over Microsoft and there’s no
franchise off the top my head other than the only game I would like to
see a sequel to that is a microsoft exclusive part from pc which was made by
microsoft or one of these studios is sunset overdrive I’d like to see second
a lot of people said it’s the it’s like the modern-day Jet Set Radio no no no
you only played a pair of jets at and I didn’t really care for her but I just
adored sunset overdrive I just probably fun and the traversal again on the city
and everything was great and insomniac made spider-man and again
the traversal and everything was brilliant in math aw that’s cool yeah
yeah further than that no I think again it’s very much a watch this space kind
of situation with them with Xbox so shall we move on to Bethesda yes the Fez
de who comes for Fallout 76 they making it free to play they won’t in this
actually gone up in price inside in some places but what at one point or in in
Australia or something they were selling the game and it gave the game you get a
free copy of the game you buy a pad you get hard glass how he was just given
away very basically like yeah it was pretty crazy
Oh first question oh you barely knows expression I was gonna leave their
questions till at the end so do everything will the audience all receive
duffle bag three duffel bags yeah that was do you remember
fallout 76 if you bought the special edition you were meant to get a duffel
bag with it yeah and it came back with something silly like carrier bag yeah it
was like a carrier bag or something stupid like that yeah yeah so it’d be
interesting to see ya know again the fester might see something about fallout
76 I mean I don’t know if they’ve got plans for it but maybe I don’t think
they’ll touch on it much though no I think we’re gonna see new Elder Scrolls
cuz they announced last year they gave us they said old else crew of six is
coming so I reckon I don’t think I I I’m pretty sure Elder Scrolls will not be
coming out this year and honestly I don’t think it’s coming out next year
either but I think we’re gonna see they’re gonna talk about what they’d be
like a bit more about it I would have thought but professor of funny company are they
because they like they produce some massive games but I can’t think of I got
I don’t think we’ll see how the scrolls for wine you barely Americans it’s not
the next five years I don’t think they gonna be I don’t think they started
working myself until recently because the trailer they showed was literally I
think it was some clouds and I’ve been alive yeah and then L scrolls sex now
was that I think that was that was the T’s are akin to metal prime fall yeah
and when they tease me extra prime for there was no there was pretty much
nothing done on Metro pine floor they thought they were willing me again
no that’s being Mitchell Pro for yeah let’s just tell everyone I meet Brett
mentor prime for it’s like no no no no make some of the stuff and then do it Jeff said they they will be working on
Dinah maxing dragons in elderscrolls guys I don’t know what I don’t think we
any fallout stuff I don’t think you’ll be any Elder Scrolls star something star
field I feel I again don’t think anything’s gonna come from now I diet
now that you’ve said it now that you said it I’m I record stuff and we’re
gonna see star field stuff I think we’re gonna see some stuff from the other
developers I think we’ll see little bits of crap from Bethesda I don’t mean crabs
and crap stuff I mean a little bit of crap buzzing like some shit you know I
think we’ll see some from our King stood yours
we might see some stuff from Eid and they’d rather stood yours you know yeah
personally I’d obviously can’t say either way but I just have this feeling
that we’re gonna see little from Bethesda this year and it’s gonna mainly
come from like little side things like doom yeah I do maturity awesome stuff it’ll be cool what’s the next one on the
list applaud VR I’m assuming it’s I do with Justin while I have no interest in
upload VR specifically VR is fucking amazing and if you can try like Astro
bot there’s certain games that will make you really think wow and and Astro
Bhakthi I tried one thing there’s pretense being attacked by a shark in VR
but Astro bots I can blew my mind I was like oh my god that’s amazing I was like
play in the game and I would like lean forward slightly and I could like turn
and just look around corners away like retractable ‘he’s on the level oh sorry
Geoff just said I’m gonna be the big headliner for Bethesda only do colonel
doom spoon next up is the PC gaming show the PC gaming show tends to last several
hours and they do show some interesting stuff but it’s very different to the
other conferences there are bits of hardware it’s not a lot of hardware
laura is mainly kilims but it’s different in that they’ll show the game
like they would in normal conference then the guy host it will sit down with
some other people and they’ll chat more like a ninja boo so it’s not like a
conference in that sense it’s like an interview with some adverts kind of
thing it’s actually all right it’s very different and it’s a bit stiff but bit
like jazz penis but you know it’s right after that we have Ubisoft or something
Ubisoft I say Ubisoft because I prefer the sound of it that is on and obviously
there has been a leak and I don’t mean I peed my pants I mean there was a leak in
Jeff’s Dynomax immunity well at least he’ll be bigger than zero inches
finally Jeff visible penis right basically with
Ubisoft there’s been a leak in that is watchdogs three come in supposedly you
can be any NPC so people are wondering is gonna be kind of like driver where
you’re driving around and then you just could switch to another person like
another car and that kind of thing which just seems weird I
I haven’t played watchdogs one or two but I think I was talking to jar WA
juror on a stream and he highly recommended I played them he was like
they’re really good games rights and I would personally not bother with
watchdogs watch dogs is pretty shit okay yeah watch dogs is it’s like don’t get
me wrong Assassin’s Creed the first one most people think is shit I really
enjoyed the first in Saturn’s Creed the watchdogs seems to be the same as
Assassin’s Creed Sasa’s Creed was like the prototype game and the second game
is a story to his where the game really found his foot in and and took off and
started to win really good stuff which a lot of stuff they’ve then removed to
slimline the game and it just isn’t as good no well a later games at about the
new response sorry sorry I’m rambling a bit and then with
watchdogs it’s the same supposedly the same thing the first game is a bit yeah
which I would agree with for watchdog to as you barely said his magnificent and
like all the trailers and everything and it was all shown you three I needed me
at the castle and just shit characters but from the sounds where the characters
are all really cool and error as well and everything I’ve heard about our game
is amazed and I think of garaged haven’t played her I was gonna say I I am
tempted they’re not story driven are they are they so they are story driven
in watchdogs one has a story or more stocks to as a story but they’re not
turning up I’m aware of yeah because what I have seen the leak for watchdog 3
and it does look very good and I kind of tempted to go out dicker
watchdogs too yeah I would recommend I am plate to
where I’ve played one and I would recommend not bother him mother I know
Joey likes it but Gower does like sonic boom on the Wii you saw I wouldn’t trust
his opinion but the thing is is I personally would avoid BOTS Fox one I
fear so much good things about watchdogs to that I would say Gary you’re you’re
likely to enjoy the game yeah I want to play myself I just just haven’t got
around to it so the problem is now is there is so many games and so many of
them where whether it’s triple-a or indie games or anything like that there
are so many games that are recommended by people it’s just you just can’t keep
up now like when you were younger was bad you down a couple of games bought
for you and you were just you would just be happy with what you had no it’s like
I you know I’ve there’s so many things you want to play and so many games
nowadays give rated well said no yen but at the same time is good because you
know like I got one game to play for the next year yeah so is anything you would
like to see from Ubisoft do you think it’s gonna be any more collaborative
efforts with Ubisoft another company for example Mario Plus rabbits and the DLC
with Donkey Kong pigs could be anything anything else like that with another
company or Nintendo I think Nintendo have definitely been impressed by
Ubisoft and I think you know what have you played it
have you played Mario cross rabbits I have played it I did not I played it for
a bit and I actually rather enjoyed it it seems like a kind of Mario Rabbids
version of extra XCOM and I was enjoying it I just edged some stairs a game I was
playing my stream I finished that game and I loved it I was just like that was
so good I was like what I never finished game so the fact that I finished it says
it says a lot for me I really do I think Mike I think Nintendo were kind of I
think we might see something else Ivan you can’t I don’t think we’re gonna
see Mario rabbits – I don’t think that but I think but you also have Ubisoft I
know StarLink was on all the consoles but it had exclusive starfox stuff which
has recently added new starfox DLC milliamperes pabbie falco and Grum and it is more the rest of team wolf in the
game and more story stuff based on starfox stuff so you know what if the
next game they announce is I know maybe they work on another StarLink game it’s
just for Nintendo switch way you go to the lylat system yeah you know or worth
they you know what are the what are the franchise do you think they could take
and kind of blend with one of their game styles that they play was a good
question I’ve tried anything now I think it 1 in 10 towards what could they do
with Zelda oh I’d probably be Assassin’s Creed you
wouldn’t it but with Zelda with Lincoln instead of well maybe a Zelda that
actually be kind of cool it would be kind of cool but at the same time breath
of the wild kind of does the same kind of thing yeah there’s no point in
changing up again oh oh hang on what if you basalt doing something with f-zero
could do this someone should own again I would like honestly if if that’s the
case if someone was to be doing it I would like Sega to do it again because
GX was wonderful if a bit hard for me am I also in there also us
yeah but I’ve just treated because you’ve got the rabbits Mario crossover
you’ve got a Star Fox in the other thing so yeah what else what other franchise
like you could have killed a kid icarus so I’ve just went on games website to
have a look at how much what watchdogs to is they’ve got a special offer on
that’s got to be wrong I don’t want to say I don’t I made myself look like an
idiot so let me just click on it to make sure that seems awfully cheap remember
is pre old and the new game is coming out and probably like next year end of
the year yes so they’ve got watchdogs to delicious
brand-new 7-pound oh by myself no more console the Xbox one is the Xbox one
enhanced I’ll get it for this only because pre-owned it’s 13-pound yeah yes
Robin then and there for seven quid the only reason why I with Ubisoft games I
look at again them on the Xbox one even though my PC could run it better is I
know a lot of the time Ubisoft games have problems on PCs they don’t have
consoles a lot of the times you have to wait on like modern community to fix
their game I just can’t be asked with her
they’ve got I’ve just checked the stock they’ve got like load they’ve got loads
of them in the game in Barry so I’m gonna go I’m gonna go pick that up
tomorrow oh yeah he’s all is all over Barry far
ease ball bag so yeah yeah I can’t think of anything
specific Ubisoft franchises off the type-ahead
I’d like skullenbones I like the look of but from where I’ve here is basically
this ship combat from Assassin’s Creed honestly
I think a lot of people were like oh c3 like I think a lot of people when see if
these came out well I oh my god this is so shit we can’t wait for Skull and
Bones to come out now now that see thieves has been out and
they think they’ve really like they they put the bells and whistles I think a lot
of like I’m not being funny I would really really struggle to go like to go
and play another pirate game because I just feel like well I’ve you and knows
anyone who spent five minutes listening to any of my strings or this string will
will know how much I love Co thieves yeah I’m not gonna keep harping on about
it so I but personally I think they’ve got it so right now it’s just so so
right that they I just I I don’t think skullenbones is the big deal anymore cuz
I just think it’s never gonna be for me its net it’s never gonna be as good as
CA fees it’s never gonna happen you know so I I’ve lost the interest for
it now that’s fair enough the when we were talking last week to
kill he mentioned another pirate game I think I may have our LPC and that he’s
meant to have really good like naval combat and again like cities have to
work as a team and that’s meant to be very fucking good also that there was
that sea of thieves looking like guys like me a cat something but I’ll link
you to and said wouldn’t see a thieves he was like it was like a free in alpha
or something she should have played it just our luck and then you would have
been like I don’t want please see if these anyway this is bad I get to dress
up my cat or me a cat or monkey your Chinp Chinese baboon baboon panda panda fuck
about a baboon they felt like Africa I know I have no
idea where they from but no I’m not very good with my animals yeah maybe it’s a
crazy suggestion do they maybe we should get back to e3 no no my people talk
about honey moths yes exactly anything then obviously this is
Assassin’s Creed I don’t like they still working on an odyssey with DLC so that
that isn’t gonna pop up I did hear that there was a leak not about us as
watchdogs but some roller derby looking game i told her what it is exactly i’m
seen it you brought up Splinter Cell Splinter Cell oh yes I never never
really played Splinter Cell I’m not a massive I am NOT a massive how would you
say a stealth game kind of person one I tend to struggle with South because I
get bored I want to just punch things or stab things or shoot things as
spider-man said earlier in my stream when I attacked something I would be a
terrible ninja we forgot about that Ubisoft they’re gonna be really pushing
hard new Ghost Recon yeah yeah that’s that’s already been announced and stuff
far so I mentioned but it will be shot I think they’ve got the guy from
Punisher and Walking Dead as the villain I’ve got a name if you look in the
general games chat art of my discord you will see the just an image of the roller
to everything for those in chats who don’t know what I’m talking about
there is the link if you want to just quickly have a look at the sexy picture
and you can read the text if you would like I am NOT but there’s that as well
it kind of got it says they fought like a static to her and it kind of does but
yeah I I can’t I can’t think of anything Ubisoft wise other like you mentioned
Splinter Cell it’s not something I’ve really played myself I did briefly play
one on the 360 and I done a little bear now just like yeah I just I’m not really
a stealth kind of guy know which which if you ever watch any of my games with
involving stealth I’ll either do badly or just get bored so have you played
this series um I haven’t I have no no because I have no idea
I’ve got him though I think I’ve got all of them how many games are there for the
original Xbox I think there’s three and then one on the Xbox 360 don’t quote me
on it so I’ve just I’ve got a small Xbox collection here’s like Xbox original
connection so I’ve got Splinter Cell I’ve which is the first one I’ve got
chaos theory and I’ve got Pandora’s Pandora tomorrow so I assume they’re the
three that we’re out for the original Xbox I think Oh like I couldn’t tell him
to be honest we move on then as we’re on to Square Enix ask away an X or screen X
or square X so it’s first things first Final Fantasy 15 is no good no Final
Fantasy 7 is all they’re gonna talk about I reckon
those things first if I tuned in to watch their especially live at 2:00 a.m.
and all they show is Final Fantasy seven I will hunt them down and I will get
cloud sword and shove it up every single one of their asses I literally couldn’t
give two fucks upon but seven over 50% of their presentation is going to be
Final Fantasy 7 probably because that’s the one that everyone every I say
everyone other and me because I I’m not bothered about 574 but that’s the one
that everyone’s been clambering for or for years and everyone it’s been like I agree with you barely an Avengers is
definitely gonna be shown they’ve tweeted about where and everything that
they’re gonna be showing the Avengers game which they announced a while back I
think the trait the trailer they announced it was live it was literally a
teaser just showed like Thor’s hammer on the floor iron man’s hand on the floor
back and the Captain America shield I think yeah it was the Devon of the
definition of a teaser whereas nowadays a teasers like over a minute long and
your trailers over two minutes long you know and then they spoil all the
interest in bets and you may as well not bother granddaughter said about to watch
I’m a lot my films now but it’s a game teaser yeah so I’m interested in seeing
what they do with Avengers only because while it was a different company I did
enjoy spider-man and it would be cool to see some all super games that are
genuinely good as long as no Superman 64 styled gameplay or anything like I think
would be okay yeah file fancy see I’m like they’re gonna
talk about her I I don’t know if it’s out or do out is Final Fantasy 14 s
expansion if that is due out they may talk a little bit about it but I think
they do like live yeah like twitch stream style things every so
often to talk about Final Fantasy 14 so I don’t know a walleye will come up but
as with Square Enix they also own companies like Crystal Dynamics tomb
raider company and other companies so I think we’re gonna see like a couple of
games from square themselves and I think there’s gonna be yeah I think it’s gonna
be some stuff from the other other companies what though I don’t know
because oh my ears thank you for the oh wow thank you Jeff
is subscribing to the channel man it is really appreciated G arcade thanks you I
am NOT your kid I am speaking on behalf of them right now I the problem I’ve got
with this III like Sony and are tuning up because it’s so close to nature it is
basically so close to next the next gen stuff they are ramping down on e3
because they say in basically we haven’t really got much to show for the rest the
rest of this generation so snow fighters coming in and showing the same old shit
yeah so I think this is the problem I have is is our people going to be like
all the old everyone they apart from Nintendo because of the switch is
different are they going to be talking about stuff that’s come in in the next
year or so or are they are they going to be talking about games for the next
generation I thank you for all the subs man I was
gonna say yeah he’s like an you have a servant you have a Serb and you have us no not that I’m not that I’m bitter in
any way shape or form at all but I think I’m the only one that didn’t get gifted
I’m bitter that I can’t afford to give people subs thank you very much man
seriously yeah that’s that’s crazy yeah yeah thank you thank you for acuity
survey it’s cool thank you for the support though it means it does mean a
lot you know when we’re when when you’ve got only like one or two people kind of
keeping the channel going which you know to be fair to paired te streams
do you still stream it I do stream to jacket I last streamed some Final
Fantasy 9 I know we’ve got a bit off topic but for those listening if you’re
interested in the twitch channel because so you might listen live or you have
other interest in the channel I bring it back retro Mondays on Monday next week
which would be the one day 10th 11th forever 10th so on the 10th I’ll be
bringing back retro Monday probably I think it ybarra now if he threes honored
don’t know we’ll be there but I should be back Monday with that for those who
were interested that’ll be an hour-long session of a retro gamer it’s picked by
people from G arcade and then I will do some multiply stuff and we probably do
stuff like chat box until I got a bad maybe maybe even twitch sings nor we not
to touch things it’s all good but yeah either way Jeff it’s really
appreciated so thanks for that you know it’s it’s it means a lot so it’s cool
yeah yes I was saying no we were told by scorn it’s Ani we were taught about
square enix and then I went to Sony not being me my my thoughts are thank you
for gifting a sub to do that’s funny so it’s like all these companies are gonna
be there I don’t know how long the conference’s gonna be I think Microsoft
cement is meant to be literally like an hour to hour something stupid ah but
it’s like what are they showing us are they showing us stuff that’s a couple of
years away for next gen are there still loads of games still in development for
this gen are those games that are currently in the middle of being worked
on also got a remastered version working at the same time so they can go a year
later give me more money for the same game at
a slightly higher resolution yeah see this is the thing it’s like I I don’t
know what it’s like in the middle of the generation the beginning of the
generation or they could do this they could do that at the end the generous
like but would they do that with next gen looming so close ya know what while
we’re on that subject I think we’re at a stage now where generations are gonna be
different now I I don’t believe that there’s gonna be a gap I don’t think
this generation gaps anymore I think it’s just a case of oh this is where I’m
kind of going with it is I just don’t think this generation gaps now so I kind
of just think they just we’ll release games and it’ll run on it
will run on the Xbox run one but it will just run better on thee on whatever the
next-gen console is I I don’t think this because I before it was like the jump
was big because it literally you it cut you off from your current gen and you
had to start buying new stuff because there was no you know it was very like
be only the issue have with there is is if they make sure these games run on all
the platforms as well it’s gonna hold back it will the console the next gen
stuff anyway so what was there’s not much on upgrading like no or maybe I’ll
just work in the sense that when I say the generation gaps not so big in terms
of all Xbox one games it’s kind of like a backwards compatible thing but not in
the same way like stuff like backwards compatibility usually means that you the
the system that needs to be emulated to play so like if you play original Xbox
it emulates the acts of the original Xbox and the same of the 360 emulates
them in order for you to play those games like I think it’s more gonna work
like kind of just like a quiz you do an intensive what’s that I said that we you
didn’t do that a we build basically built in there yeah same with the ps3
and PS too until they decide to remove yeah they yeah I’m saying is I think now
it’s just a case of it’s kind of like a PC like you upgrade your PC but you just
but your old games still work they just probably work a little bit better they
just work better and then because you’ve got that upgraded PC you could buy the
newer games and that’s I reckon what’s gonna happen so when I said it’s not
like backwards compatible that you literally just it’s just you move your
current library over and it’s all still like it’s really weird it’s like
backwards compatible but I don’t class it’s backwards compatible if you know
what I mean yeah games are forwards forwards compatible II planned or
something Xbox one games could be played like fine it’s
not emulated is literally just you can just played them better on a better
console yeah and then from that point onwards as well you new games coming
because I hate to think like next year because that’s essentially when these
consoles coming out next year would mean that I would be able to place or see if
you’ve suddenly become stopped playing it but it does I’d hate to think like
that’s it then it’s done there’s nothing that’s gonna happen for it well I know
for a fact that’s not the case I know for a fact it’s it’s a games with the
service it’s going on it’s a multi it it’s they’ve already said it’s the kind
of game that’s going on for like six seven eight nine ten years that’s the
kind of plan they’ve got in their head so that the only way that’s gonna work
is if they if they if the game just keeps up with was what consoles with the
generation jarana me yeah no I know he’s saying the thing is though is when you
say you know they plan on the game for ten years they said the same with
destiny and then they release destiny to it sorta they mean do they mean the game
tell yours I mean the franchise they got ten your franchise the game now will not
look anything like it does in six or seven years time as the game was evolved
but they did about this specific game I will bear back one moment nature is
calling and I can’t seem to make it stop sir wait that mean he’s peeing himself
yes I’m sitting here in a pool of silly to see this is the thing though it’s
like with the upgrading hard way you have diminishing returns with the
visuals and I think what you’re getting now is advanced
you’re gonna get like better lighting much better physics much better like
facial animations and stuff of that I think the AIE is gonna be a big cook could be a
thing that will have a big leap in generation in the next generations
because ice like I said in a previous podcast if you look at an image of like
ps1 game ps2 game ps3 and ps4 game it wasn’t specifically those games but it
was a face rendered with the polygon you polygon come used for each generations
you can see the massively from 1 to 2 the pretty big leap from 2 to 3 and the
very small hop from ps3 ps4 generation polygons so I think the the big leaps
now are gonna come from 1 the various art styles that may be easier to do with
different with more powerful attack so you might get nice-looking games in now
regard which are which may be way more noticeable you can also like I said
you’ll have the AI to the physics stuff like that so you know where they’re
gonna go in next year and I don’t know I don’t think there’s gonna be a massive
but the thing is though to be honest with you right a lot of games I’m like
I’ll play them like like a year or so after the
generation comes out and I think well it doesn’t look that much better than the
last game that was on the last plat console and then you put it on and you
you play in it and you’re like the difference is a lot bigger than I
realized so you guys ever care like that you
always do ever think like oh yeah this game this sequel no I thought you talked
about when your penis goes from flaccid – yeah no I don’t talk about our on this
podcast that is on the doing peds – sex talk which is on a Saturday yeah the
other ones on it the politics is on a Friday and the sex talk was on a
Saturday game I well you do it on pornhub I do it on Chad a bit cuz you
know mo a helicopter while I’m talking I hope no children are listening to this
because one we swear in a lot – now we mentioned in porn sites and I’d rather
they not know about them but what I was saying is it’s like when I’ve spoke
about it before is the visuals the pay was a pay a ps1 style game up to ps4
style game and the polygon count used in the face and the the big leap from 1 to
2 2 to 3 which was last but still a big leap then 3 to 4 which is very minimal
in comparison but I say like I think the big advancements now are going to be
things like a light in physics AI maybe you have much nicer visuals in a
artistic sense that will be more on a bump in frame rate as well yeah yeah
yeah exactly and I was just saying to the the guys do
you ever think like see I can’t think of a specific game right now but say you
were playing gears for you know well it doesn’t really look that how much better
than what gives the three looked like to me no and then you decide up stick on
your xbox three-sixty stick Gears of War 3 on your
like there is a big leap you you don’t know as soon as much when you go from
the one to the next is when you go back you realized how much it’s changed yeah
yeah I’ll just mean done sounds like he’s eating something I’m
jealous I want ice cream me I mean mother light greek-style skinny latte
flavor yogurt that’s disgusting where’s my ice cream sorry if I brought you
somebody to bring all of chat some as well and I didn’t want to feel left out
well you didn’t have to tell I’m gonna just give it to me and they wouldn’t
know anything else we’d like to say about square at all no no well we’ll
move on to the last one in a second I would like to say that I know this was
meant to be like a big chair but like a predictions and various other things but
I think we’ve kind of gone off talk topic quite a bit i I know that some
people may not enjoy that I hope everyone here was listening so far has
enjoyed that simply because we try me and do when we were taught about dunya
initially we were considering the way you’ve gone about our and we thought the
most informal way of doing it maybe the best for the style of podcasts doing its
live chatting to the people in chat on occasion all the time like when they’re
asking questions and things like that so I think while it has been very on and
off topic I’m hoping it makes very more interest in chat than just being on
point sticking into the the nitty-gritty of these specific topics and not
diverging at all so hopefully you’ve enjoyed it guys but we’re gonna move on
to Nintendo now yeah and the only thing I want from Nintendo is
I’ve said this before it’s majora’s mask of the wild basically I want them to
take Hyrule make a real dark it doesn’t need to have the three-day thing but
like some of the stories in in majora’s mask like the the wedding stuff by that
was a really good story between like the the boyfriend girlfriend / husband and
wife and i do think that if they can take hyrule it doesn’t have to be it
doesn’t have to be hyrule with her like a different like you know make to a
meaner again basically yeah and then you go around they even if they do the moon
thing again you know that would be cool I wouldn’t complain but I would love to
see them announce something I know they’re not going to do it because there
is linked to Link’s Awakening come in yeah but it would be something I would
love them to see I would I would like to see a new f-zero even though I’m awful
at f-zero yeah I’m happy with them not talking a lot about Pokemon I wanted to
get mentioned only saw they can say this is the fire stars evolution path this is
the water this is the grass heads you can pick which one you like now and also anything else that comes from Pokemon I
would like it to be in the tree house yeah yeah that’s what I’m saying is like
a little bit about put if they bring up for my because there was a direct in the
day if it’s like just a little like minute about some new Pokemon and that’s
it and then boom that’s it to a tree house I would like to see Animal
Crossing ah Goris the Animal Crossing course you
gonna see I’m not crossing I’ve been dying for an animal cross and the
problem is is I told my missus you’re not going to be able to play on my data
and how to get your own switch I said the good thing is that I said the
good thing is is you because I want to play Animal Crossing on the TV she likes
to play Animal Crossing on the handheld consoles does it’ll be perfect on the
switch one said II know I could play almighty on the TV and you know you can
start off but yeah I’m trying to think like Mario it would be nice to see like
a sequel to Mario Odyssey but at the same time I’m in no rush if I take a lot
of time making Bo one thing ah ah I know people clamor for it I’m like all
right we need a remake slash remastered of Paper Mario thousand-year door no I
want a third Paper Mario game in the same vein of pit Mario thousand-year
door and Paper Mario where they have varying characters everyone’s are told and it hasn’t good a stupid like
mechanic and non mechanics but like in Color Splash and stuff you can avoid
fights you’ll really need to do with them and I know people have said that
with with breath of the wild and you can avoid fights now but people marry oh it
was an RPG where you you build up on your stats by gaining levels and so on
and so forth and I would love a third game yeah not like the DS games
personally it is wishful thinking well that’s your point dinero and this is
what we want this is no we think is gonna come well I think I’m gonna get
from Nintendo is nothing interests in new massive disappointment that’s why I
expect I think I think we’re gonna get Bayonetta 3 oh yeah three that
everyone’s been a bit like radio silence on that so I reckon we’re gonna get a
little bit I’m not I’m not super interested in bayonetta but it’d be nice
to at least know what they’re doing with it I think we’re gonna get i’d like the
one game of interest really interested in his town the Game Boy Game Freak oh
yeah I’m really looking forward to that and I love all right I’m convinced we’re
gonna see more and I’m convinced we’re gonna see a release date
they’re gonna announce the release date for it I I really looking forward to
that trying to think what else is there that I’m looking forward to would I be
know who would probably a big ask but would you do you think there’s a chance
they might bring any more Zelda / ifas Lee they’re gonna talk about Link’s
Awakening more is it these things away I don’t think they’ll bring up another
Zelda until about maybe next e3 at the earliest yeah you barely said he
personally prefer Mario luge game I’ve played a few of them I really like the
first one I thought the second was okay I food I would Gary and tendo’s bar
Royale rocket rocket League 99 gather more people Mario is a game I preferred
to Mario and Luigi what I would love to have is we people like oh yeah we’d like
to have people Mario thousand-year door remastered what I would like is paper
Luigi that was new door side story that he tells you about I would like to
actually play through that so you play through the story that Luigi Stalin has
told you about in in them Paper Mario if I was in your door yeah we cool would be where you where I’d like a warrior way
but the last ones I played weren’t as good as the Gamecube one in my opinion
which i think was pretty much the GBA one wasn’t it a few more things added on
earth yeah possibly a new metroid prime 4 or Metroid 4
I’m actually prideful sorry I meant uh this being gonna see anything about ah
don’t you reckon oh god no the restarted development
oh they get it yeah it’s the only reason why we offer ray rape retro who was
doing it originally was it themselves ever officially announced the people
assumed it was like what are the teams in Japan or Namco no one knew I believe
yeah either way they couldn’t get it right
could they so they yeah maybe they wouldn’t be I’m in no rush for a new
Kirby game I’ll I said something like Powell paintbrush a warioland game would be cooler Mario
would be cool and I would say maybe they do like a like a Super Mario 3d switch
as in 3d World 3d Land 3d switch 3d swirled it’s where you am you play as
Mario and you have to flash people’s heads down the toilet yeah exactly but
no you only do two Cooper’s who bully the princess so you’re protecting us
still so yeah there’s definitely a lot of games I’d like but table lists would
definitely be a new Zelda way you have like termina with breath of the wild
styled game with a few improvements like proper dungeons like I know some people
don’t care about them but I really fucking do yeah I’m sorry the shrines
were not knowing near me did not anywhere near make up for a fucking
dungeon it didn’t you just walk in solve a puzzle walk out that wasn’t what a
dungeon was it was more to within the dungeons of
real test of skill hmm yeah switch things yeah I once which sings I
could sing in public anyway I do it all the time I’m amazing
is there anything specific you would really love them to just just announce don’t in the style of first one come on
Stadium we got a pointless the whole Italy
Pokemon snap not poke Moffat we’re not playing haha Pokemon snap yeah I don’t
want to remaster and I don’t want to remake I want a new one a brand new one
a brand new Pokemon snap sure I’d like to see I know it’s all gonna happen by
like cap caught somewhere I’m captain come on go and and just got beautiful
Joe and then it’ll be beautiful Joe Surrey beautiful Joe why that is in
anyway he says ur like really emphasizes each syllable there’s anything else I can think of
poor come on pap as in Pokemon paparazzi yeah definitely definitely go get
something about smash it’s gonna be the new character which I reckon is going to
be Barry Burton i well we I don’t know if there’s anyone in this current chat
that was there when I talked about who I think is gonna be in the next one cuz it
it’s the it’s the same same person I mentioned for pretty much any potential
DLC Nintendo or for now so we’re gonna get full on Armageddon and the termini
is gonna get our knee in everything I told you I’m telling you now at some
point we’re gonna get like Animal Crossing Terminator style like you’ve
got like all these animals like skulls like on the floor and then you just
crush gets crushed under a foot like the opening scene of Terminator 2 and it
just Scrolls up and you’ve got your villager your Animal Crossing villager
like that’s like all like metal skeleton Nemo Crossin that’s beautiful that I
think is the title of our stream yeah leave won the grand prize the stream in
your honor yeah I was gonna say I’ll find the gift
that with the person who says say look here and then the hands and says it’s
fucking nothing and that’s what I was gonna give you but I can’t be bothered
please tell you what else could you like DLC character wise genuinely I obviously
don’t think it’s gonna be anything like a comic book character or film kikes
they’re always game based you’ve got pac-man you’ve got Sonic you got Mario
they could add a Bomberman character in as in Bomberman or they could add in
something like I think you’ve got Belmont stragglers a boss so they know
our Dracula a loo card is an assist trophy this is the card what about the
monkey from Super Monkey Ball III that would be cool
I would know it work though I don’t know I’m looking at my GameCube collection
figure it out what Tony Hawk Tony Hawk’s swinging a skateboard Tony Hawk I had
the ball from Super Monkey Ball just an empty bobbin or monkey Anna the good
thing is with the skins Oz you could change the skin from III to Gan Gan to
baby and the other one old II don’t I don’t think they would have known
certain intend or if anything could be Microsoft PC X piece or gaming PC or
microwave no I think I think crisis runs is it crisis register or was it deep
silver not deep silver come on silver dynamaxx Dynomax joshan dosh in the
giant see what happens then no we don’t we don’t want him a game very good was
more fun in Cuba yeah got a monster that would kill things here it was great
though in dodging the giant you could grab things and throw them yeah the
thing is with that game there was I played the Japanese version of it
because that’s what I had I had to dig panasonic a when I had that game with
her I didn’t actually have it in English I think what else what else I’m trying
to think of other Nintendo franchises it’s like they could add in some more
characters from yes Doge in the giant I know the they could add some more cows
in from f-zero because it’s not really with his only one character in the game
as a playable character for anyone corrects me but is actually
representative of the seat of the franchise they could add someone in
there somebody for killer instinct maybe there
is rumor as the ban in Joel’s that would be cool bad joke
there’s rumors the these rumors go rather bubs if bubsy was in there I
would always pick bubsy if I ever was in a game with Jassim I think jaws would
always pick Bugsy yeah we all have to pick bubsy every time otherwise he would
probably cry yes you know he loves bubsy more than anything
yeah individual life you know this Dominique ugly could all they could if
they was to take like from someone from Donkey Kong we could add in Dixie Dixie
oh yeah they could add in one of the gummi bears yeah yeah I don’t know because joker was for
me really not something I would have thought they would have picked because
persona proper has not been on a Nintendo console
yeah and persona 5 still isn’t come into the Nintendo console there’s some weird
spin-off thing yeah so I don’t even know what that is
that is weird but yeah I can’t think of many know who they were that they could
add like I’m only seeing a carries of the Goron now many Capcom of the
carnac’s they’ve got some conquered as they could add in someone from like
Resident Evil like Barry Burd I was talking but they could all that on
Kennedy like but they don’t add guns I know Joker have got a gun but he’s
actually a bead and Gunny Dante’s a good show yep another anime
swordsman but I would like it these dollars anime is Fire Emblem characters
he’s more not anime duck Duff McQuillan from mx-5 I wouldn’t
mind a further Megaman X character than the problem you’ve core is is with Mega
Man I’m exposed sense to have him in there as in Mega Man or Mega Man X or
Mega Man fraud dot exe because the absorb powers they can then use various
abilities whereas if you take one of the robot masters or Mavericks they
literally have like two or three moves and kylie minogue from neighbors could
be in it silver for if silver from Sonic oh six comes a playable character in
Smash Brothers I think I’ll sell my copy Dexter should be in there from Dexter’s
Lab but no I I J Jenny I don’t know
I am I literally have no clue as to why they’re gonna put in there you like
Sakurai he said himself it wasn’t his decision on the game on the characters
yeah I believe so it’s not like we can think try and grow
heads together and imagine what Sakurai would think because it’s not hot down to
him anyway moving on from smash is there anything else you’d like to see at
Nintendo’s show you know I know I think I’ve covered why I wanted to cover my
main thing is Majora’s Mask style wind waker game and like a paper mario i
wouldn’t say no to mario luigi because I do really enjoy those games but I prefer
hip Mario I would as much as we talked about not liking remasters I would
forgive them if they put Wind Waker on the switch I would buy that but that’s
you know I didn’t I didn’t buy the remaster for no it’s more the fact that
I could play it portably as well that’s pretty cool the only other thing I wish
that would happen and I know it’s not gonna happen because of EA but I’d love
to have a rogue squadron to remaster that’s the one dream a story would buy all I do the collection do one two and
three remastered and stick it on a stick it on a I remember Star Wars Rogue
Squadron the first one on the Death Star you unlock I believe you unlock the
trench run I got an extra thing it’s not like to park the main game
I think be honest but I dunno egg remember he’s right that the trench
run is not straight as I don’t know exactly worries but they just couldn’t
do it on the n64 so there are actual toons you like go
forward for better than you to know like a 90-degree angle uncle for a basement
squeeze yeah that’s how they had to do with yeah but I’d love to see like a
triple pack like every mastered triple pack it’s not gonna happen because Lucas
Gaines is no longer a thing anymore and yeah as the rights of Star Wars and
it’s just after that but that’s one that I really wish could see the thing is
gamecube gamecube game and an n64 game a pack of three thirty quid I would
consider Garen a remaster of but a game that’s a couple of year old
yeah like the one game I I’ve I wouldn’t mind grabbing it’s captain toad treasure
tracker I had run Wii U and it’s out on sweat strict I totally want to buy a
remaster which I’d be honest I end up ine why did I buy it because they made
like a lot of new levels I thought how many raise I thought well they’ve
actually made brand new stuff for the game and that’s the problem he’s like
will I add more to him I’d want to be something that new stuff I don’t want it
for the other stuff also a little hypocritical but it’s because of the new
stuff is why I’ve grabbed it whereas if they was to add like Wind Waker on it
the only thing is they did was make the tingle thing easier make the game look a
little bit worse and give you the Swift’s tail or whatever the fuck is
called it’s like is nothing substantial to it yeah and that’s my biggest problem
with most remasters is literally the upscale stuff and sad at you for a
practically the same price yeah shocking you peers said what’s the status on this
supposed it falls a game for switch I think I don’t honestly I think there
isn’t one I think Forza are releasing a of whoever’s making a turn internal
they’re releasing an Android game I’m not sure if it’s out yet its if not
coming out very soon and if so if anything comes to the switch they’ll
pour I record they’ll pull that over because they’ve done it with driveclub I
think it is so the game yeah which again original Android game they ported over
at a cost so you pay 30 40 quid whatever it is but you get like all the stuff
that you would pay for on the Android version it’s all included you know so
you are getting like a full game with everything like unlocks you know you’re
not being held back that’s the only time I’ve ever I think we’ll see a Forza game
on the switch personally but if they could do a folder on the switch and make
it good I’d be all over that because I am dying for like a I’ve got cart races
like you know Mario Kart that but I want to own a proper recent game so if they
could do that I’d be all over that I’m in no rush for a racing game on switch
so I’m okay and our massive racing game fan I did enjoy drive club on the
PlayStation 4 where’d we used to do drive club Sundays and I did fucking it
really loved test drive unlimited on the Xbox 360 but I’m not a massive racing
game fan and I think the most fun I have is usually when it’s a couple of people
a group of from G arcade or friends playing them and just having a laugh but
I think it’s the gameplay isn’t the big folks for me days it’s just the home off yeah Asheville teen year a selenium is
is out soon and I’ve also got pre-ordered so I got a purely from I
come him away but they were doing an offer where if you pure certain games
you get money off and I think I end up reordering Mary Omega to a national
chain from there what’s the Mac came that’s coming out caramel that’s called
I thought I was out fairly soon astral chain the Mac game is called
demon Mecca narrow something that’s a demon ex machina there will probably I’m
not I’m not that interested in I don’t actually like the aesthetic to the game
through what I’ve seen so far but that that game will be talked about a fair
amount as well as astral chain I would have thought at e3 so expect that yeah I
do think so as well I know a lot of people when they first saw I thought oh
my god it’s like a new Xenoblade Chronicles X game cuz the max reminded
people of them but obviously it wasn’t astral train I thought of fucking all
some last year when I was shown I come in when he was shown it was the order
autumn one direct or something but that I really like look up which is why i
pre-ordered a saw yeah I there’s a lot from Nintendo more than other companies
that I’m looking forward to it the more month and I think yeah that’s because it
sounds stupid but for other companies now I really talked about Sony because
they know they like there’s obviously games I want from Sony’s my like Last of
Us 2 and will have you but I think the main reason why I could say more about
Nintendo right now compared to the other company is because Nintendo showing of
showing quite a lot of stuff and also for them they not at the end of the
generation or as if the PlayStation 4 and Xbox one kind of ramping down and
then ready for next gen so it’s kind of hard to really have any
predictions or any kind of like wants knowing that well if I uh I really want
this game but I know it’s not when it comes there’s no point mentioning
because you know I want it within the next year no more than the next five
yeah if you figure I mean so like I think
next year’s e3 if we still doing this podcast save like I say if we still
doing this podcast cuz I don’t know what’s gonna happen like my plan is to
continue this podcast for as long as possible I enjoy doing it it’s a lot of
fun but if we do this again exactly the same way next year there and this like
concrete stuff coming about when the consoles coming out and summer and stuff
like that I think we could have a lot more to discuss when it comes to EA Sony
Microsoft Square UB and so on I think the problem we have now is is we’re at
the at the crossroads like yeah so it’s me a little bit awkward for us in that
regard like I personally think that next year’s e3 is gonna be quite interesting
and the year after we’ll probably by far the most interest in and yeah from this
year till then but the problem we have now is is III is also becoming less less
of a spectacle for people because they like Nintendo doing the direct all
through the year Sonya doing a state of plays and trust me they’re a state Microsoft start to do their own indie
direct style things now you’ve got the Sony the other Sony
conferences so there’s a lot of thing and Microsoft do the same again so it’s
it’s like what what is the state of e3 gonna be like in a few years time you
know more are we gonna be able to do this same kind of conversation I hope so
III is uh one of the big biggest times in the year for any fan of video games
and for me personally like I I got into e3 back when I was quite but I was quite
a bit younger and I would why I would do is I would go to my friend’s house
me and him would watch the Nintendo e3 Pro conferences and then it went through
then we would watch them all like a couple years there we started watching
them all four years that would be a thing I’d go to his house we’d watch the
conferences I have some food watch some films play some games and then he moved
away so I’ve just been doing it on my own and then like then with grk devlins
I do in the the the post morton’s so if you want to listen to them from previous
years they are on the G arcade YouTube channel which i think is you G arcade
video it says up top so you could see yeah the the official podcast pales in
comparison to our much more superior twitch cast oh definitely definitely but
but the post one was to be fair would a part of the podcast they were separating
well it goes yeah we’ll see especially we do some of them live but my point is
is they’ve always been like a like half my life they’ve been a big part of my
life if that makes sense even though it’s just basically me
watching people saying this is what I’m gonna sell you you give me money you get
this this is my advert for you lovely shiny advert but it’s just something
that I’ve always been like something to look forward to and
I’m hoping that the directs and why have a Sony and Microsoft continue to do
don’t impact III I’m not saying this going to but it’s just seem in that way
especially Sony pulling out this year is it gonna be a thing way more people
stopping like EE like even though EA a doing it the day before we three starts
they also aren’t part of e3 I don’t think Microsoft the class is part of e3
anymore because they do their own thing in the Microsoft Stadium or whatever
it’s called yeah it’s a weird one isn’t it but but the point is they’re still
doing it around e3 in terms of like it’s still similar date so I I still think
III has a big poll and even though then not doing it at the actual event they’re
still doing these announcements around all the time because that’s when they
know their interest is at its highest so I think yeah I think III is evolving and
say that’s the best way to describe it just obviously we’re running quite late
now what I would like to say the intent was the last one was there
yeah and in general is the last one just the last thing on Nintendo do you think
we’re gonna see a switch revision announced maybe not shown maybe not a
thing this year do you think they’re gonna renounce that they are making a
switch revision maybe a switch light or something I don’t know I don’t the the
thing I see is is is not that they want to a revision it’s is it too early to do
a revision well I say are they gonna talk about it and announce that there
will be one but it won’t come out till next year I don’t think they would
announce a whether your gap especially if they’ve
got nothing really to show yeah so I’m hoping no and if they do do a revision
hopefully it’s for a way to improve it on my TV nor make it smaller because I
don’t care about that if they do a revision it’s gonna be smaller more
cost-effective and they’re gonna try and get it to the sub 200 mark they need to
really yeah you know the the DS the DS Lite came out about two years after the
D s fad did and the 3ds XL not the new one just the standard 3d XXL came out of
eighteen months to two years after the original 3ds came out so we are actually
do a hardware revision by if you look at it that that way
no yeah gary saying and I’m not saying that 18 months or so maybe two years
after the new 3ds came out so they we are kind of do one not I’m saying we
need one but we are do one so yeah I don’t I don’t know and I and I bothered
if they don’t to be honest and that be as it is and if they make a and if the
announcer oh use a smaller one then that’s even less of an appeal for me I
totally fair for my TVs anyway it’s 23 minutes past twelve we’ve been live for
all the three hours this is the longest one we’ve done I don’t know how we will
go next week what wait well I think as long as what we’ve ever done because we
wanna do some stuff live so we probably have like a little picture in the corner
of the conference while we watching it and stuff yeah the thing is then is if
we do some live we may also end up doing some after the fact for that I wouldn’t
know if we would do the usual Sunday night
yeah episode if you know what I mean so we have to think about that means we
will discuss a see if anyone else on the forums interested see where we call
anyway I need to say good night do need to say good night
I assume you might know water you might just go and just like not say anything
who knows what I would say just before we go is there anyone in chat that has
any questions or statement they’d like to say before we go we’re open to some
questions yeah I got a thank Jeff again for his massive wallet – will you marry
me Wow Jeff community I can only imagine how much how generous you are as a lover
so yes I will marry you what would your wife say whether she’s
ok ok ok said she’s watching the stream I’m in trouble I do withheld well it depends because
you asking in an American sense because they both mean the same thing in America
I believe smacked up on dope I think sound sounds
like you’re gonna have a better time than doped up on smack yeah yes I agree
anyway guys is it anything else you would genuinely like to ask us about
what we’ve talked about I don’t mind you asking other questions
either I just wonder if it is actually anything about what we’ve talked about
like or you could just tell us how wrong we are and then we can block you I wouldn’t do that solid 2006 or 2006 Sonics well I would
have 2006 Sonics if they are Sonic 1 2 3 era Sonic’s sonic 2006 can go fuck in
die in a fire it’s an awful game made by awful people
who wanted the world to burn but yeah it will be good to see how III turns out I
know we deviate a lot from the cob topics at times but I still think about
duty life you know we not trying to be professional we just trying out a bit of
fun while you lot do whatever you do yes anyway I need to say good night now good
night guys thank you for tuning in for those who are listening afterwards thank
you so much for listening it is always a pleasure to do these I love doing them
they’re great fun and I also enjoy dooms company sometimes on peds what do you
want Twitter and this pegs underscore I think something like that I’m not really
sure I don’t in here also for arcade for those who have obviously you’re
listening who can’t see it Jia Jia key video on YouTube at G arcade
on Twitter Facebook I think is okay today I think it’s a Jia Jia kid UK
obviously for those who were listening who would like to tune into the twitch
cast live and berate us with comments about how idiotic we are as G arcade UK
again don’t forget to check out Chiaki Dakota Takei is a lovely little forum
with lots of lovely people who aren’t as stupid as me so you’ll get a lot more
sense of other people they well yeah yeah just above goodnight bye thank you

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