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Hey, zuko.
I got a surprise for you. Oh, yeah? Yeah. Sandy! Danny? (stammering)
what are you doing here? I thought you were going
back to australia. We had a change of plan. I can’t… That’s cool, baby.
I mean, you know how it is. Rocking and rolling
and whatnot. Danny?
That’s my name,
don’t wear it out. What’s the matter with you? What’s the matter with me,
baby? What’s the matter with you? (boys chuckling) What happened
to the danny zuko
I met at the beach? Well, I do not know.
I mean, maybe–maybe
there’s two of us, right? Why–why don’t you take out
a missing-persons ad, Or try the yellow pages?
I don’t know. You’re a fake and a phoney
and I wish I’d never laid
eyes on you. (all exclaiming) I wonder
if she carries silver bullets.
Doody: Yeah. Putzie: So she laid her eyes
on you, huh, zuko? Sonny: Hey,
I bet that’s not
she’s laid on him. Yeah, right.
Hey, zuk! I got a car,
remember? Come on, danny.
All right,
who’s got beer money? Well, I swiped
my brother’s id.
I got $2.50. All right, give me that. (boys chattering)

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100 thoughts on “Grease (1978) – Phony Danny Scene (3/10) | Movieclips

  1. I don’t get why she got so mad at him in the first place. He was just tryna be cool in front of his friends. Why is she acting like he disrespected her or something. The fact that he laughed at her after she was obviously upset kinda does show his true colors though

  2. Rizzo and Danny got together at some point in their time, before Sandy came along, and none of the Pink Ladies or T-Birds knew about it. I think Rizzo was the "town bicycle" and none of they guys (including Danny) would admit to being with her. I think Rizzo was jealous of Sandy, and of Danny's affections towards Sandy. Eventually she moves onto Kinnicki, then believes that she falls pregnant with his child, however he continues to show care and concern for Rizzo. Even after Rizzo realises she is not pregnant, she sticks to Kinnicki, learns a thing or two about herself and is no longer attached to Danny or being patronizing to Sandy.

  3. I didnt understand this part. Danny tried to act "cool" I think. Then Sandy leaves him for another guy and Danny tries out in athletics to be like that guy and then sees Sandy again who says "you're joking". I love this movie but the connection between Danny and Sandy dont make sense

  4. So Danny hooked up with Rizzo in the past and then later he seemed to have also hooked up with Cha Cha Degregorio?

  5. Your a fake and a phony and I wish I never laid eyes on you kenickire I wonder if she carries silver bullets ha I didn’t get the 15 minute joke though

  6. I adore this movie but man why did u have to be that way? Showing off like that she would never do that to u

  7. Laughing my little all car won't be coming in today Airline Island or why not she has a little bit of a flu and stomach bug the stomach bug is flying around amen I know she's going to be here for 5 weeks and whenever she comes back I will send her a doctor note so you can have it can you like drop it by the high school office I can I have all of my couch she puked whenever I took her into the bath

  8. Ugh it’s so annoying when boys act rude in front of their friends just to act cool it’s so stupid I hate it and it’s so annoying

  9. I hate when boys try to act cool in front of the their friends. It doesn’t make them look cool it makes them looking like a stupid jerk

  10. Yeah this is really believable, just act rude to the hottest girl at the school to impress some grease-balls behind you who will follow you no matter what anyway…

  11. the kids at my school do the exact same thing when they see their old friends

  12. Sorry but regardless, I wouldn’t have played her out like that in front of his friends, but hey they’re suppose to be teenagers.

  13. I dont understand why Sandy was so upset.
    Clearly he was just trying to look cool on front of his friends

  14. I understand Danny was a greaser and there were certain social barriers but how would his reputation possibly be hurt by him dating a super hot girl??

  15. He looked like a fool when she said you’re a fake and a phony….Sandy acknowledging his two alter egos. What a punk!

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