GUESS WHO GOT SICK? ⎮ Weekly Vlog #2

Hey everybody! I’m so sorry I wanted to
add this in. I’m using a computer so the quality might not be great, but I wanted to add in… I’m gonna provide a link down below. We don’t typically ask for donations of money in that way, but right now we’re having an issue with one of our cats… our white cat Falkor, who’s over here. Um yes, so he has… I think it’s called hyperthyroidism. I’m sorry if that’s the wrong spelling, but he was diagnosed a couple weeks ago and he needs to have quite an expensive treatment to cure that. Unfortunately being pregnant with the baby, it’s a little bit too expensive for us right now. We’re trying to save money for lots of things related to the baby. Time off because I don’t have the same maternity leave and
whatever. Um so we do have a GoFundMe that had been started. If any of you are interested in donating we would really appreciate it and if you can’t donate, could you please just share it. I mean something really simple is just sharing it on your social media. Whether that’s through Facebook, Instagram, whatever. We’d really, really appreciate it. Again, link will be down below in the description and we really appreciate all of your help and if not, enjoy the vlog! Thanks bye! Hello, good morning. Happy Monday.. yeah. So that was our library. It looks like
right now and then that bed is from… let me show you this room. So we are switching the rooms around. Our library, which like I said was gonna be in there. That’s Mikko’s room. So I’m right there.
Um…. that used to be a library. So we just had
a few bookshelves and the cat litter was in there and such. So now that is gonna become the guest bedroom because this which was the guest bedroom is now going to become the next nursery. I just figured Mikko’s room is there, as you can see and hi… and I figure that room… they’re about the same size. I figured it’d be better to give our future you know child the
same size room. I think that room is pretty small for a guest bedroom. I don’t really care. We don’t really have many guests come and I think small is just fine. So now I’m just gonna be moving things around. Oh and hopefully this week.. um maybe in this video, we’ll do a pregnancy update.
Um, you know we’ll see what happens, but… yeah. *gentle music* Oh good morning! Happy Wednesday. Um I’m starting the vlog very late. It’s Wednesday… oopsie. But as you can see here, you can see what happens. This is when you have a toddler and you’re playing with post-it notes. Oh lovely. Wait a minute. Better? Yeah. Mikko is playing with this table and food… breakfast.. I don’t know. Yeah I probably should check on him. We’ll see if… see if the post office is
open. Yay! Yay, post office was open. Yes, look at that! Yes, my mom’s been harping on me, saying they have Sesame Street stamps at the post office. But as you can see, this big part here , that’s just like a regular sticker. So I can give that to Mikko. Woo! I mean, maybe we can put it on his little helper or something. Yeah. There’s one thing. It cost $8.80 and you only get 16 stamps. I think instead of like 20. So it’s a little bit more expensive, but it’s cute. So now I need to go get some food and then head off to work. I wanted to discuss a few things with you maybe in here… we’ll see. Maybe on the way. Okay, should I be eating cookies at 11 o’clock at night? NO I should not. However, I’m done with work and I’m home and Jenna so graciously and sweetly made me cookies. See you tomorrow bye! Bye! Hello… he’s like where did that come from? Good morning. Yes it is Thursday and my
mom informed me that like I told you, said they had a Sesame Street stamps
yesterday and I gave him the big sticker part. But he’s real excited about it. He said who is that from? Yeah Jenna’s home because she’s sick again.
Yeah she’s definitely sick today. Uh, I did take the car and I don’t want to do that. So we’ll see. I’m probably gonna have to get four new tires. Which we’ll see. Hopefully not. That’s pretty bad, but I will let you know once we’re there. FUN! Yes we are making some good food. Um it just so happened that we had about four or five apples that not the brand, but the type of apples were just a little bit soft for us. They weren’t our favorite so I thought we better go ahead and use them before they you know expire or rot or whatever. Um yeah so I peeled them, I chopped them up this morning and Mikko ate some and then now we’re making this which is like a crisp. It’s a really good idea. It’s really simple. I will put the recipe down below. It’s from Pinterest. So like I said it’s really simple to make and it’s vegan. You can make it easily vegan. I think it’s just the butter. Obviously you have to make sure your sugar and everything else is vegan if you want to do that. But yeah, real simple. So yeah we’ll see if it works out Mikko: HI! and yes Jenna is home again. She is still sick, poor thing. But it’s
good that she’s resting on the couch right now. Miko’s going to see mommy. So cute. I’ll let you know if it tastes
good. Um yeah I have to go to work soon, but someone is trying to get some more apple crisp that I made. We really liked it. Alright we’ll talk more in the car. Brown Blue Brown Brown So good morning. Um it’s almost 11:00 but we are coloring right now. We can’t go outside cause it’s raining. Yeah blech! We have a lot of things that we need to vacuum and our vacuum got clogged. So I had to use this curtain rod and she is baby distracting. Got it! Yeah it’s cause it’s got a lot of cat litter.

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4 thoughts on “GUESS WHO GOT SICK? ⎮ Weekly Vlog #2

  1. Jenna, get well quickly & hoping u are feeling better today? Jill, you are doing great 👍 to keep u busy with Mikko & looking forward to see ur new baby room soon❣️ How exciting for Mikko to be a big brother to ur new 👶 next year earlier Spring💕 I think I guess ur baby will be born around March to early April 2020? Take care & Happy 🎃 to you all❣️

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