Hanging Spider-Man (Marvel) – Polymer Clay Tutorial

Hey guys and welcome to another Polymer Clay tutorial! Today we are going to create Spider-Man! In today’s tutorial of Spider-man we will not only mix clay, we will also mix sculpting with gameplay. Yes! I’ve been looking forward to a tutorial like this for a long time, and it was made possible and sponsored by the developer of Marvel Puzzle Quest. Thanks a lot! So enjoy the show guys and in a minute I will show you the gameplay where we will also fight with Spider-Man and you can download Marvel Puzzle Quest for free. I’ll include a link in the description. But first let’s focus on building our Spider-Man from clay. I just started with a torso. you’ve seen that I mixed this blue because I wanted it to be very dark and rich, but now we are able to do some crunches, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Yeah, you really should see the Spider-Man’s muscles, especially on the belly, the 6-pack and also on breasts. Here we go for the arms. Try to get a very smooth surface as well and now we will prepare the area where the head will be attached later and also the arms are put right into a position. OK we try to get a very sharp edge when we add some red clay in a minute. And this is why we have to get clean hands, not to ruin the red clay. So, while washing my hands I give you a short look at Marvel Puzzle Quest. You can use many many Marvel characters to fight with and they all have special powers for use in combats. But to unlock these and to charge them you have to collect colorful puzzle icons, at least three in a row. Now let’s bring in some red clay. Later I will take some time and show you the story mode, and we will also fight Juggernaut in New York. I really failed the first time trying this, so maybe we can give it a try and we can fight Juggernaut together. That would be great. For now let’s come back to the creation. You see that we need some very thin layers of red clay. These will be the two shoulder patches. The right shoulder. Looks already pretty fine, so we don’t need that, but just in case. And some more thin layers of red clay for the arm. This is for the outside part, the decoration of his suit and also for the other arm as well. And after we finished this piece, we can now start adding the lower part of the arms! Yes and for that we just chop away some red clay, open it for the wire and put it right in position. The other arm as well. So this is pretty easy. After that it’s getting pretty difficult, because we will focus on the hands. Well first I started with his right hand, with this characteristic shooting pose of the fingers, where he is shooting the spiderwebs. But these fingers turned out to be too thick. I will correct that in a minute. The other hand turned out way better. These fingers are very thin and fine and I like this look way better, and this is why I… …yeah, I restarted and… Yeah, try to get this hand also that thin and tiny and detailed, yeah. And I really like this second attempt way better. Also the thumb. So, here we go! Now the… yeah, this is the throat or the part where we will add the head later. You see some muscles. Yeah, this is the size of the head. You see some muscles. There should be a lot right at the neck because Spider-Man will be hanging down and it’s pretty difficult and it takes a lot of strength to be in this position. So all the muscles right at the shoulder and the neck should be very visible. So these will be the eyes. We need a thin layer of black clay for that. This is the ground layer. Just a tiny detail. And after that some white clay of course. And this is pretty easy. Just place it right onto the black and bring it into shape so that it really looks nice. And I think it looks nice, even the other way around. Okay now while working on the legs, I promised you I will show some more gameplay. I already finished the first mission, the Hammer mission, so let’s jump in Juggernaut. This is the first mission. ‘Juggernaut is in New York and rumor has it he’s trying to track down Thor.’ OK, let’s fight! This is my current team, so I won’t change anything. Spider-Man, Black Widow and Iron Man! This is level eight, so pretty strong. Let’s start! So, let’s fight him! Always when the screen is black, Juggernaut is playing. and while I am playing the background is blue, and we really tried to fill up the super powers of the characters. So blue is for Spider-Man for example, let’s use the Spider-Man power! Here we go! Yeah, stunned! Now I have some more time. Iron Man, come on hit him! 116! No! Yes! 116 damage points. It was awesome! OK. ‘Nice work, big guy.’ Thank you, guys! Yeah, this is the gameplay. At least some scenes. You can play many Marvel characters. Check out the game if you like. I will include the link into the description and yeah I guess that’s it for the game itself. Now we can go on and create our Spider-Man and finish our Spider-Man. The posture by the way is from the game. You will recognize it when we flip Spider-Man upside down. These lines will guide the pen later. We will use a very thin black pen for the pattern on Spider-Man and these cuts will help to keep the pen on track. Now this is a red spider, which is on the back of Spider-Man. We will glue that later, so make it pretty thin. Just working on the legs, the eight legs of the spider, and we are ready to go into the oven! The baked Spider-Man! Now we will take this thin pen, this thin liner, just black and start drawing this characteristic pattern from Spider-Man. And I really have to admit that this was very difficult. It is very difficult to get a straight line on a not smooth surface and especially when the ground is rounded and has various shapes. But you can see with some time and if you spend some more time on painting, you will get it, as well. So, don’t be too frustrated. We will get there together. Now the spider. The logo from Spider-Man from Peter Parker. And it looks great I think! We will glue the red spider onto his back and Spider-Man is finished! We need some wire for his strings, for his spider webs. And I am drilling it to get the thick string and we will even add some more wool. This is just some white wool, your grandma uses for making socks. And drill it around. I’m making some more knots for the details. I really love that. I think I made about four or five knots and then just take some acrylic paint and start painting this string to get a very white spider string. Yeah, after drying we can now assemble the whole creation. Draw a tiny hole. You have seen that there are two aluminium wire hand pieces. Some glue at the string. We will stick one into the hole, the other one right at the front of Spider-Man. This was the last step. I guess… That’s it! Spider-Man! Two more things before the tutorial is over. Number one, please join my alliance in the game itself. It’s called Clay Ninjas and I am Clay Claim. We can play together. It would be very amazing! Second, I found the very first Spider-Man I created from clay. What do you think? ‘Who’s the real Spider-Man now.’ Guys, thanks for watching. I hope to see you next week on Friday. Take care. Bye! ‘We can tell the people that there are two Spider-Mans now.’ ‘That would be great!’

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