Hennes första bubbla – Her first beetle

The building proposal for next week, I think it’ll be damned good. How is she doing? Will there be anything today? Don’t know. I made it! Yes, yes, yes! You did? Yes! Rock ’n roll! Julia… If you don’t bring this with you, then you might as well forget about driving. What? You must have it in the car. He didn’t say anything about that. Oh really? Mhm. Congratulations! I knew you would make it. Congratulations honey! Party tonight, you drive. What the hell? How can they know? I pressed ”send” as soon as I heard you shout. You’ve got a driving license. What are these for? Never mind. This is my uncle’s old beetle, he fiddles with it all the time. Just put them in the backseat. Ok. Why does he fiddle with it? It won’t break will it? No, he did lend it to me. Okay… rear-view mirror… mhm. Emma, could you angle your rear-view mirror a bit? Mhm. In, down a bit… There! Good! Seatbelt on, mhm. There! Let’s drive out and away! Okay… mhm. You know, it’s okay to use the reverse gear. It’s totally okay. Swimmingly. Is everything good back there? Yeah it’s party, can’t you feel it? Where shall we go? Downtown. No, Kista. The city. The city! Yeah! Shit! No! It’s my Uncles car! Hurry, paper! Don’t just sit there, do something! What am I supposed to do? Paper! Well I can’t find any. Do something! Okay then! I said I needed paper! Yes, but there is no paper. Julia… I’m sorry. What now? Hell do I know. It sounded as if a wire detached. Can you fix it? I’ve fixed it several times on my dad’s SAAB. Where is it? Maybe it doesn’t have a engine? Are you completely dumb? Found it. How nice, then we can keep driving now then. Are you going to push the car? You said you could fix it. It should have been changed 100km ago. Don’t think so! Funny. Being like that won’t help, we all have to help eachother to push. There is surely someone at the filling station who can help us. Don’t be such a bitch, bitch. Well done girls, environmental friendly and all. Go to hell! Damned freak! Can you go in and ask for help? Do it yourself Do you think that I’ll go in like this, there? What’s the matter? Are you kidding me right now? Okay, Ella, get someone. Never going to happen, you can do it. You’re the best looking so you’ll have to do it. Could you be so kind and stop whining all the time? Well that’s a hell of a lot of nagging. Just go in, how hard can it be? Doesn’t want to push the car… Julia! It’s your car. Ella, for how long have Julia had her driving license? You’re completely daft, aren’t you? She took it today! I see. Julia! Is that the one? Yes it is. Oops, uhm, sorry but your… well your… So, what seems to be the matter? We can’t find the engine. This fell out of the car. Ah… ah, okay. In a 70’s beetle, the engine is located… Under the tailboard. Shit, how embarrassing. You… Could I have your shirt? Subtitles by Christopher Lidbäck

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