HEXBUG Scarab Robotic Bug Unboxing & Review

hey everybody uncle Ryan’s back with a fun new toy review today we’re gonna review the hex bug scarab let’s open it up and see what’s going on inside all right everybody let’s open this up alright there it is that is the front alright so here’s what it looks like guys this looks really cool really creepy crawly and I’m excited to let this thing run here is the off/on switch back here turn that on oh boy that looks pretty quick guys alright and we’ve got three batteries underneath here that this uses to operate and without further ado coming up next we’re gonna let this thing run alright everybody my recommendation to turn this on is to hold it right here in the middle and then turn on the switch and then you let it go alright guys I hope you enjoyed that quick little test on the bed what you didn’t see in the video footage is that this thing fell off the bed a couple times and it handled it just fine that seems to be in perfect working order so that is good it appears to be durable coming up next is a carpet test alright everybody we are gonna do our carpet test here one thing that I do want you to keep in mind is that when the ground is not perfectly level it will change the course of how this thing goes the bed was not perfectly level it’s with I’ve had it for quite a while so it changed the direction of the way this thing went and this carpet is pretty well worn so that may impact the directions that this thing goes as well so with that being said grip it in the middle alright everybody as you can see this thing is not slow it was ripping across the ground pretty well now it this carpet is probably described as medium length and it did get stuck at little spots here and there but it still kept marching on it just wasn’t quite as quick as it was on the bed or would be on linoleum floor I will say that it definitely got stuck when it got pushed up against the wall the legs would actually stopped moving that may be a built-in safety mechanism I really don’t know for sure but it got stuck there it got stuck at the door a couple times right down in there and it was still fun make sure that when you do this that you’re able to get to it quickly because it’s really not directional it will go whatever direction that it decides to go based on terrain so keep that in mind guys with that being said like comment and subscribe and uncle ryan is signing off

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10 thoughts on “HEXBUG Scarab Robotic Bug Unboxing & Review

  1. Very cool robotic bug👍🏻very fast😀fun to warch👏🏻new subscriber here🐼hope you sub back

  2. Great video. Bought one on these for my son and after a week or so the batteries exploded. Destroyed the toy from the inside.

  3. I already have that in filipines and its a blue color when my cousin is scared it lol but sad thing u need to buy battery and i have the black two i use them to fight with to my child hood but the blue one is getting old the blue is slowy dieing

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