Honey Bee Manufacturing

Honeybee Manufacturing is an
agricultural manufacturing company based out of Frontier, Saskatchewan. The start of our business was in 1979 on a family farm about 30 kilometers away from our
current location. Two brothers, Greg and Glen Honey needed to develop a tractor
for their family farm. They didn’t have the funds for it at the time but they
both figured they could build it, so they built that tractor and used it. Naturally,
the neighbors grabbed a hold of it, some of the area representatives grabbed a hold of it and the honey brothers became famous through building that tractor. From there, they got into headers and
swathers for most large field crops: pulses, grains, wheat, etc. and that’s what
our focus is today here at Honeybee. Honeybee today is a global company. I
think that the company has grown along with the ownership over time. So
initially, the Honey brothers sold their product to their neighbors, to their
friends and to interested people. That grew to an area as people saw how well
their product work, it grew to the province of Saskatchewan, then the
prairie provinces, then into the Midwestern states and today it’s a
global company throughout. I would say that innovation and Saskatchewan, those
two words go hand-in-hand, particularly in agriculture. If you look at the way
that the province was settled it was people who wanted to go out on an
adventure, who were willing to take a risk and be a part of it, and if you think
about the generations that have been developed from there, those are the
people that we have here in Saskatchewan today. A lot of the very best innovation
that’s going on in the entire world is going on in our own province here in
Saskatchewan and I believe that our governments and the people that have
settled here, have created that environment that only has the
opportunity to grow as the years go on. Outside of farming itself, agricultural
manufacturing has had a profound effect on the small towns in Saskatchewan. It’s
very important to the places that house these manufacturing facilities because
it’s a big economic driver for the area Saskatchewan is an excellent place to
start a business. One of the reasons that it’s so good is just the people itself.
If you look at the heritage of these people, it’s people who wanted to take a risk, who wanted an opportunity, who wanted a chance to grow and that’s what
business is and what innovation is all about today. The government has looked at
how to support those businesses, how to grow those businesses and works as a
partner with those businesses to move it forward.

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